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EC 409 / God’s War
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God’s War = Christian Civil War
The Peace Treaty of Westphalia (1648) ended religious wars in Europe . While Protestants, Lutherans specifically, were the obvious benefactors or the peace treaty, the ‘peace’ engendered new wars, of which the War of the Industrial Age, which began about the year 1800 and is ending about now, devastated the nature-at-large on our planet by unleashing secularized Capitalism (accumulation of anything) on a global scale.
The treaty also engendered and maintained many falsehoods. For example, my own country of Latvia, which was engendered by the Bohemian religious sect of Herrnhuters, were ultimately denied their accomplishment, because Lutherans were able to point to the treaty, which not only established sovereignty of nations, but created Lutheranism as a de jure revolutionary religious power. As a consequence of having established the middle class as the prevailing class, the treaty denied equal rights to the ludi, who were the ‘common people’, and who exuded an unpleasant ‘smell’ when coming in contact with the inhabitants of the city, where middle class Lutherans were largely residing.
In spite of such kudos, the peace treaty introduced a new calamity: it unleashed Capitalism and secularist Christianity (communism).
While we know that Capitalism and Communism fought among themselves a civil war known as the Cold War, and that this war was ‘won’ by Capitalism, the latter began an expansion toward the East, of which the current undeclared war in the Ukraine is the beginning of a much larger and more extensive war than presently imagined.
Under the rubric of ‘more extensive’ comes recognition of a new history, which is what my blogs are proposing a story for. Such a history will be necessary for the powers to the East of West to create the moral ground necessary to justify the devastation the war (likely to be a prolonged one) is likely to unleash.
The war will also release heretofore repressed religious forces as my previous blog (408) argues. By repressing religious wars, the Treaty of Westphalia left unresolved the nature of westernized history, which the defeat of Byzantium in an earlier age allowed the Catholic Church to introduce. The revised story of history resulted in many misinterpretations. For example, it may be argued that Lenin introduced communism, a secular and Christianized form capitalism, which, to use a current phrase, was to bear ‘a human face’. As we know, the ‘human face’ as interpreted by Stalin continued the war of revisionism (Marx and Engels) against the ludi. The immediate forebears of present-day Ukrainians bore much of the brunt of Stalin’s terror, which created irrational angst that supports Ukrainian nazism which is exploited by the federal government of the U.S.
The renowned ‘terrorists’ of our day, who claim the religion of the Islam as their own, are in large part a consequence of the Treaty of Westphalia. Prophet Mohammed created a ‘new’ religion out of his disappointment over the defeat of the early Christians (turned over to the Greek-Russian Orthodox Church) by the Gothic Christians of the West. While the Russian Orthodox Church has retained many ritualistic aspects of the early Christian congregations, it accepted the revised ‘New Testament’, written by those who favored forms of government created by the system of ‘new wealth’. Contrary to their wishful thinking, after the consolidation of taxation as ‘the new order’, the brunt of ‘the order of the eye of the pyramid’ was borne by the ludi.
The war in the Middle East, of which the war in the Ukraine is part, is a war arising from the repression of an extended map of Transcaucasian ludi , who—as I have been arguing—coincide, more or less, with the former people of the wood exercising their right to their interpretation of longue durée history. It is they who give rise to the warriors, aka ‘terrorists’, and in due course deliver their inheritance as proto-communist warriors to Lenin and Stalin. If the same, now become Muslim ‘terrorists’ (of whom the Ukrainian Banderists are, not surprisingly, close cousins), gain the upper hand over the West (or East), where populations are largely neo-Christian in orientation, they will not hesitate to kill a large number of them in an irrational frenzy of anti-Stalinist revenge—though they will not know whence the motivation
The above ought to give sufficient reasons to do further research on the chronology of history as proposed by the Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko. A new chronology and a new story will go hand in hand, and will inform us of what we will at a later time perceive as obvious. Last, but not least: Orthodox Christianity and Russia need to come clean on the nature of history—if either has the will to survive the attack of the Goths.

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