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Eso’s Chronicles 395
War Against Byzantium
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2 Of Kings of Jews and/or Luhds?

The people who suffered most in the violent contest between Rex Sacer Obscenus and Rex Sacer Ludi were the Ludi who were renamed Jews.

As we know the demonization of the Ludi/Jews was expressed over the centuries by many pogroms, which reached their apex in the concentration camps of Hitler, whose origin in the Ludi made him no less a Jew than any of us.

Still, to the extent that the Jews struggled to retain their former communal status, which they grounded in the Torah, the Pentateuch, which is to say to define their identity as a religious community, suffered attacks not only from malefactors such as Westernized and Catholic Christianity, but also from benefactors, such as call themselves Jews by identifying themselves as Zionists.

This raises the question: “What is Zionism?” I find the best answer embedded in the analysis by Thierry Meyssan at the following link . That is to say, the Zionists are not Jews, or the People, or Luhds, but a privileged cabal (not a community) of extremely violent mercenaries formed by Empyreal Western financial interests, which repress what remains of the Jewish people or ludis on behalf of their ‘drang nach Osten’ (storming the East).

To put it another way, the financial interests (banks owned by oligarchs) seek to seize by way of globalization for themselves (by whatever means it takes) what was once known as Holy Roman Empire.

As such, the Project begun by the Goths [Franks or proto French and proto-Germans] is ongoing. The Project was began immediately after the Goths arrived from Byzantium in the Benelux of Europe, where it  regrouped, and rewrote what little text of the ludi sourced Bible there was as the New Testament (which accepted taxation as a God inspired phenomenon), and determined to return whence they were driven from by a revolt of the ludi, and capture Byzantium for themselves.

The First War, aka Crusade, against Byzantium took place in 1204. It was organized on behalf of Jesus Christ, with whom the Goths had managed to replace John Basil of the Bogomils. At the time, the Goths had also managed to create the fiction that Jerusalem, the capital of Byzantium or Israel (which included Khazaria) was located on the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean. This dislocation of the real Jerusalem from Byzantium to the East, gives us a major hint, that the conspirators of the day, the Goths, cast their questing eye as far as India—as indeed the Greek conqueror Alexander had done.

This is not to deny that there may have been a village or small town known as Jerusalem located somewhere midway between Egypt and Khazaria, But if so, the function of the town as a religious center was not grounded in it being the destination of religious pilgrimages, but as a center that mummified bodies of dead Kings from the North on their way to the burial grounds in the Egyptian desert.

It is not simply a tall tale that the three Wise men from the East came to Bethlehem to offer gold, frankincense and myrrh  to the [newly created] Jesus. All the gifts are items (surely along with bees’ wax for candles) extensively used in the preservation, beautification and sacralization of bodies of Rex Sacer which like all human bodies were subject to corruption and decay. In short, Jerusalem in those days was a stop-over point for caravans moving from the north to south and functioned as centers for mummification of deceased human Kings (human Gods by the grace of God).
Orthodox historians to this day wonder why that (First) Crusade never reached its advertised destination, but went on to sack Byzantium, now Istanbul, then known by the ludi of the wood also as Jerusalem.

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