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Eso’s Chronicles 152
The Thumbsucker’s War for Human Rights (1)
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Spring is not yet acumen in...
A few blogs back, I criticized Yoko Ono for bringing to the attention of the public the blood spattered eye glasses of her husband of forty-four years ago, John Lennon, the lead singer of a famous British singing group known as the “Beatles”. John was killed (1980) at the age of forty by 25- year-old Mark David Chapman (b. 1955), who insisted that the novel “The Catcher in the Rye” (1951) by J.D. Salinger was his ‘statement’ and presumably ‘excuse’ for the murder.

At a later time, Chapman also stated that he killed to gain fame, which is the media’s way of depoliticizing a possibly political act.

I personally view the ‘murder’ of Lennon as a political assassination by a Christian  of a neoliberal capitalist tilt, though Chapman was unlikely to have been aware that he was acting on behalf of a misinterpretation of a Christian God of Acts, who stands at the opposite pole from its faked substitute (theologically indefensible) God of Words.

As my own thought centers on God (the big Other or whatever) who Acts through self-sacrifice, I view killing on behalf of God to be a terrible misinterpretation of the virtual world to create which God Acts. My personal sympathies go to the Tibetans who immolate themselves in protesting the ceremonial cabal of the Stalinist Chinese government. May Anonymous keep a list of the names of the sacrifices and send governments frequent reminders of it. May the Chinese political clique slip on the burnt Tibetan flesh at their feet.

While murder is the killing of a human being by another human being for whatever reason, an ‘assassination’ realizes a murder through political motivation in an antiquated Christian setting.

“The Catcher in the Rye” is a novel considered to be among the 20 best 20th century stories written, and still sells a few hundred thousand copies annually. Its hero is seventeen year old Holden Caulfield, who as the novel’s hero enacts the alienation and angst of an adolescent and teenage America to this day . While I do not recall when I read the novel, 1951 was the year when at the age of eighteen I graduated from high school. I may have read the book soon after its publication. I remember it as emotive and disturbing, especially to a young person who had not yet embarked on a career, or who sees his-her career in terms of ‘fate’, or even from the point of view of an abnormally normal Doris Day singing in an Alfred Hitchcock film “The Man Who Knew Too Much” (1956)  ce sera sera, what ever will be will be.’ It was also a time when “The Outsider” (1956), by Colin Wilson  attracted great attention. It was also a time when many Americans felt themselves ‘frozen in time’; alienation from the mainstream was expressed in movies like Rebel Without a Cause, The Wild One, and Blackboard Jungle. The films depicted the young generation as directionless, and unhappy. Chapman was a baby of the time.

Yoko Ono brings John Lennon’s glasses to the attention of the public in the context of a government campaign to abrogate the right of Americans to purchase guns and because she supports the gun control campaign in the context of President Obama’s “open to considerations (of repression)” policies.

This is not to say that I am against gun control. However, as such a campaign usually puts the issue in terms of ‘all’ or ‘none’, and in this instance also in the context of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution which allows American citizens to bear arms , I do not sign on to the campaign. The gun control campaign, which—given, both, the corruption of the American government (surrender to private interests) and its neoliberal aggressiveness (fueled by banks with little collateral) at home and abroad—give pause for reflection. While such a stance may seem contradictory to my advocacy of self-sacrifice, the example of the Tibetans illustrates that only ‘by example’ (a certain spiritual elitism with cultural breadth) can overcome the Darwinist “survival of the fittest” doctrine  embedded in the Thousand Year Reich theology of Wordy Christianity.

As I have written before, my concerns tend to cluster about the casualness of violence by governments. I am concerned over the fact that government abrogates the right to do violence for itself, and refuse to ask sacrifice of its own elite unless it is of a soldier specifically recruited for the purpose of killing (the terrorist-enemy) and dying in the process if chance and the enemy wills it. While today governments recruit for its military from among young people who feel lost and expendable, in times of an all out war and general mobilization, such recruitment does not differ significantly from the Politburo issuing arrest warrants for the young and sending them off into an uncertain future identified with the gulags north of the Polar circle.

According to Wikipedia 1971 [at the age of sixteen…] Chapman became a born again Christian …” As a reborn man, Chapman “…is said to have been angered at Lennon's claim that The Beatles were "more popular than Jesus.” While at that young age, Chapman worked with young people as a camp counselor, aided in the resettlement of Vietnamese refugees, and was an entertainer (he played the guitar) at church gatherings, he in some ways bore a resemblance to Holden Caulfield, the hero of J.D. Salinger’s novel, “Catcher in the Rye”.

In 1976, Chapman entered as “…a student Covenant College, an evangelical Presbyterian liberal arts college in Lookout Mountain, Georgia”. He entered the college together with his then girlfriend, but had a sexual affair outside the relationship, and succumbed to profound feelings of guilt, which led to thoughts of suicide. In 1977, Chapman does attempt a suicide by carbon asphyxiation in his car, but fails.

In previous blogs, I have pointed out that Western Christianity (originally Catholic, and sponsored by French kings and princes) was designed to act as an agent-pacifier of the general populace against the accumulation of wealth by elites. A tactical tool used by Catholic Christianity and meant to distract the populace from the stealing of its wealth by elites was the fostering of anti-sexual phobias of all kinds. The American fundamentalist movement, most of its recruitment done among the poor and uneducated, has taken over the phobia, by allowing the preaching of wealth accumulation from the pulpit. Many 19th century Americans preached it. Among them was Russel Conwell, Horation Alger, Andrew  Carnegee, . In America, its natural resources unexploited, the ploy worked, provided jobs for many ‘media people’, fostered magazines, and did indeed make some people wealthy.

This soup of criss-cross ideas, sometimes contradictory, worked its wonders by confusing the mind of Chapman as it had confused millions of others before him. By 1980, Chapman had transferred his internal suicidal tendencies to considering murder of ‘happenstance’ others, which included “…Johnny Carson, Elizabeth Taylor, George C. Scott, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis,” (see Wikipedia) and John Lennon.  All of the mentioned were not only in the public eye, but were in one way or another ‘Moneyed’. However, of them only John Lennon proved to be an outright ‘peacenik’ (a non-Christian vociferously preaching peace, taking the ‘Word’ away from traditionalist Christians, and in every way playing the role of one holier than Thou), yet brazenly self-confident and unguarded.

Following his failed suicide (1977), Chapman turned from being a victim of his own will to becoming the victim of the Law by murdering another. With his sexuality blocked and denied with the help of a Christian tradition many centuries old, Chapman unwittingly rediscovered the true enemy of sexuality, i.e., Money. Whether Chapman knew of the story as told by the Daily Mail , I do not know, but it appears Lennon was aware that he was letting himself be used as a front man for capitalism: When Lennon was grumbling about business expenses, an aide reminded him by quoting from his song ‘Imagine’: “Imagine no possessions”…. Lennon shot back: ‘It’s only a bloody song!’”

In short, being taught to have a guilt feeling about lust means to be taught to be free from guilt feelings about accumulating lute. This is not to say, that Chapman had suddenly turned into a political scientist, but had become such with the help of the unseen side of his brain. When he surprised his lawyers by changing his plea from “guilty” to “it was the will of God”, he was consistent with his habit of letting another source than himself dictate his actions. When given the opportunity to speak for himself, Chapman quoted from Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye”:

“Anyway, I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobody's around – nobody big, I mean – except me. And I'm standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff – I mean if they're running and they don't look where they're going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That's all I do all day. I'd just be the catcher in the rye and all.”

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Eso’s Chronicles 151
The Wing-Ding of Crash, Bang, and Doom (10)
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Teeth of a Crocodile
The premise of almost ALL commentators who write about today’s global financial, business, social, and war crises is from a neoliberal capitalist point of view. This goes also for the populist BRICS countries.

Many admit that the current crises is severe, perhaps of catastrophic proportions, but the underlying presumption among most remains that: ours is a civilization of enormous achievements, our science has discovered unimaginable (Higgs boson?) things, our cities are megalopolises, our satellites circle the planet and search for ancient civilizations from five hundred miles above; who knows, maybe our brain is like a pocket radio, not a thinking machine, but a transmitter; that transmits not God’s orders, but whatever comes from the degree of ‘free will’ that is enabled by the virtual environment we unwittingly create by our chicken head mentality. The chicken head becomes operational once it sees a new white line (drawn with a Apple mobile phone?) and cannot get its eyes off it.

One of the forces that keep us focused on dysfunctional modern traditions is that in creating our bric-a-brac culture, we have sacrificed millions of human and billions of animal lives (if we count them), and plants in the process. A sense of guilt whispers in our ear that the results, no matter how unsustainable, cannot be let die with no one to remember it; therefore it must be kept going.

It is as if our ‘free will’ does not allow us to exit the trap of ‘creativity’ which our get-rich-quick ‘achievers’ have set for us. At the same time, the ‘poor’ and neglected lack the communication skills to break free from the mud at the bottom of our globamare civilization.

Along with such optimism, comes a pessimism whose holders say they are expecting a total wipeout of humankind. Unfortunately, the DOOM people do not move their fantasy projectors further than visualizing a temporary surge in the rat population feasting on our corpses and whatever stuff is left in abandoned warehouses.

As correct as such visions may be, it has not occurred to the DOOM people that besides being DOOM promoters, they may also be Revolutionaries.

So, how to we get from doom promoters and conspiracy theorists to revolutionaries? What is the line of progression?

It is not as complicated as it may seem.

First, the doom promoter may no more than intuit something as not being quite right with the way our society functions.

Second, after receiving criticism for being a negativist, the doom promoter notes that the reflection of society in the media mirror is one sided, and that this is the result of the media being owned by the wealthy and governing class.

Third, we note that the poor or have-nots have no say in the way society is being created by the ‘creative people’. Moreover, the creative people are creating things not for the betterment of society, but to make Money.

Fourth, it appears that the so-called ‘democracy’ is not a democracy in the full meaning of the term, but excludes the have-nots. It is also noted that ‘democratic government’ is controlled by the banks, which are controlled by the ‘haves’. The recent example of Cyprus, coming under a ‘by-proxy’ control of fascist serving German banks, is proof of this.

Fifth, some of the ‘haves’ and most of the ‘have-nots’ note that of the many anthropologists with PhDs none has volunteered or is being recruited to live out his-her life in, say, Calcutta slums. Some of us may voluntarily live among guerillas and chimpanzees in the jungle, but—unless by an unfortunate accident such as struck Robinson Crusoe, no one has volunteered to spend their adult lives as a non-missionary Mother Theresas in Calcutta’s slums .

No academic has been told that such a service may earn him-her a Doctors Emeritus and a pension that guarantees life in an upper middle class retirement village.

Sixth, we see that the great majority of humankind, which incidentally belongs to the have-nots, is almost totally ignored by the media. What the media presents of the have-nots are superficial glimpses, photographs of shanty towns, dirty faced children, stories of ill health, sexual abuse, all of which scenes and stories blend in with the tent camps of refugees from wars waged by the haves against the have-nots.

When DOOM prognosticators are viewed from the point of view of the majority of humankind, we begin to see that the story of he FALL of Adam and Eve is as much a False Flag as the story of King Oedipus . The reason God chased Adam and Eve (or did he actually chase Eve in the same sense that he chased Adam?) from the Garden of Eden has nothing to do with God’s anger or disappointment in his creation, but with a violent king or prince (standing in for God) who for economic reasons wanted the Garden (a wood in reality) for himself..

Once we look at the story of Adam and Eve from such a perspective, we see that Adam as well as Eve are happy to remain in the wood for ever. They like to work, but only in the sense of a subsistence economy. All additional work over and above subsistence may be viewed as taxation.) Yet in Western civilization, we have been raised to believe that God expelled Adam and Eve from the garden because they (or was it Adam who made God jealous?) overindulged in sex as some chimps (bonobos) are still .

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Eso’s Chronicles 150
Unprecedented Phenomenon:
Dead Men Who Breathe (9)
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My Crocodile
One of the myths being propagated by neoliberal capitalist ilk is that ‘quantitative easing’ (QE), printing money and passing it to banks, will restart the economy. A no less pretentious opinion is being pushed by the public media by presenting society as being as hedonistic today as it was in 2008, when the zenith of capitalist plunder reached the zone of zero gravitation, and could for a short period do the ‘six impossible things before breakfast’ as the White Queen claimed she did in Alice in Wonderland.

Unfortunately for the White Queen, she turned into a sheep with spectacles and went on grazing as if she knew nothing. The White Queen as a sheep with glasses reminded herself to me, when I recently read that Yoko Ono had tweeted the photograph of blood spattered eye glasses of her husband of forty-four years ago, John Lennon . No doubt, the blood on the glasses of the White Queen is the blood of innocence no less innocent today than yesterday, except that the Queen is proving to be Yoko Ono caught up in an obscene orgy of naïveté getting its comeuppance. David Bowie at least questions: “Where are we now?” , and nostalgically discovers himself with his companion in a garage in Berlin (or is it Birmingham?), which he judged to be among the better moments of his life. On the other hand, Yoko Ono is right up there with Madonna fighting for “Pussy Rights”, fucking the ‘essentially dead’ of the rest of the ‘living’ world with a program of passionate intensity.
The recent financial destruction by the European Central Bank (ECB) of the Cypriot government sends echoes around the world. People are slowly waking up from their long dream about Money and discovering that they have no government but banks, and that the latter can take Money from their wallets anytime they can concoct a ‘good’ reason, and the government gives the ‘go ahead’ to the motorcycle police to escort the bank president’s motorcade.
As I wrote in the previous blog (149) “…governments have become ‘symbol deficient’….” and exist in a ‘void’. Governments are now effectively become interim institutions, useful to produce laws, and when necessary, to support the banks and their shareholders’ ability to make more Money—if necessary by waging war. As far as the rest of human kind is concerned—on behalf of who governments were once said to have come into existence—“They are essentially dead men who just happen to breathe…” as Lt. Col. Barry Wingard, a US military attorney who advocates for Guantanamo detainees, recently said .

While this is not openly admitted as applying to the rest of humankind, the actions (and inactions) of governments give ample evidence that though the people are dead, they are still breathing. As Glenn Greenwald, a familiar name among bloggers, now a columnist for the Guardian, writes: :

The polices adopted by the Obama administration just over the last couple of years leave no doubt that they are accelerating, not winding down, the war apparatus that has been relentlessly strengthened over the last decade. In the name of the War on Terror, the current president has diluted decades-old Miranda warnings; codified a new scheme of indefinite detention on US soil; plotted to relocate Guantanamo to Illinois; increased secrecy, repression and release-restrictions at the camp; minted a new theory of presidential assassination powers even for US citizens; renewed the Bush/Cheney warrantless eavesdropping framework for another five years, as well as the Patriot Act, without a single reform; and just signed into law all new restrictions on the release of indefinitely held detainees.

Two points emerge from the above: 1) ‘indefinite war on terror’ creates force majeure conditions, defines the present as a continuous line of ‘exceptional conditions’, and imposes martial law ;  2) it destroys the community by divorcing it from the living, to the degree that respect for ‘unwritten’ laws that were embedded in inherited discipline and traditions that made communities ‘symbol efficient’ have evaporated.

As this link  tells it: UPDATE: It appears the 'deal' to default/restructure the banks has been designed to bypass the need for parliamentary votes, since it is theoretically not a tax.” Be sure to listen to the web cast embedded in the link and note the ‘cool’ manner government is transferred from government to banks, and how banks are to become governments and former government is to become a militant policing institution serving banks.

As the speakers in the link repeat over and over again, not only are governments kept from interceding on behalf of the people they were to represent, but ‘problem’ banks of the old order are to be “run down over time.” Apparently, it is believed, that this will leave a clear playing field for the banks and enable them to start using the tools that governments have written into law for some time, even as preparing their police and military as per Glenn Greenwald’s comments (above).

If the boards of the banks are indeed to become de jure governments of the world, and the population of the world is not to be the people who are living on planet Earth de facto, and the citizens of the banks are graded as to their privileges by the size of their banking accounts, the importance of the events now taking place are a series of False Flag events of no lesser significance than auto de fe-ing Basil The Bogomil (coinciding with the installment of Jesus Christ), the plunder of Constantinople, and the many slow motion tsunamis set into motion since the deaths of both Hitler and Stalin failed to leave behind them a people (and leaders) inspired by the symbolic efficiency of their leadership.

Apparently the transition to a ‘globalized’ culture cannot be achieved without eliminating all or most of the current governments in office and substituting them with Money and bankers-ushers as priesthood.

No doubt, what is happening is a disaster of momentous proportions. Few people, even among the experts, understand it. The clear winners are, of course, the oligarchs who hold billions in currency. They are the new Princes—even with fiat money at risk. The new barons and boyars are the multi millionaires driving in carriages known as Sport Lexus . The rest of humankind is either going to be bottled up in cities or sent to turn the remainder of our planet’s woods into shrubbery and tend in zoos animals sent into exile thereby.

Death is unleashed and comes with a scythe the size of the horizon. As usual, the hope in such cases is the seed of the dandelion that relies on the graces of the wind and chance landings to make its fortune.

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Eso’s Chronicles 149
Banks Rob Governments of ‘Efficiency’… (8)
© Eso A.B.
Not a Paper Poppy
…’symbolic efficiency’ that is. One of the main reasons why government politicians praise ‘democracy’ is the consequence of their loss of believability and trust. Praising ‘democracy’ excuses one for being stupid and yet knowing it works among bullies of roughly equal strength.

As I began to write this blog, I was thinking of Haisenberg’s ‘uncertainty principle’ and that it involves what is known as‘quantum jumps’, the latter, in lay language, being something like a jump or a slide off the top of a tomato into a pool of tomato juice. The tricky thing is whether—while I am falling or sliding through the air—the tomato will turn into tomato juice deep enough for me to dive into and swim.

I was soon diverted from such thoughts by an economic force majeure propelling a tsunamis wave across the ocean from the shores of Cyprus. The message embedded in the pulse was a negative one, and kept repeating itself over and over: “’The Symbolic efficiency of governments’ is basta, dead for good!”

In the past, I have described ‘symbolic efficiency’ as ‘charisma’, which is a term from (hot) mythology rather than the ‘cool’ language from scientism (Žizek). In this case, however, for certain political reasons the preferences of cool and emotionless scientism win out. Besides, the words do not cease to be synonyms.

Be that as it may, financial tsunamis are waves straight out of ‘quantum mechanics’, a miraculous transformation of abstract physics into ‘symbolic efficiency’  under the control of Western banks at the expense of government credibility, making the latter uncertain and subordinate entities.

The collapse of the ‘symbolic efficiency’ or ‘charisma’ of governments was caused—interestingly!—by the demands made by the secularized populations of one of Europe’s most workaholic and disciplined countries—Germany.

The German people and Germany have an interesting history that began with life in the wood and a mountainous landscape combined. While the wood harbored the ordinary German ‘folk’, the castle provided a focus for their fantasy (most of the fairy-tales of Brothers Grimm serve as an example). In the East, the great expanse of Tartary (now mostly Russia) was wooded flatland, and the focus of the people was by way of fairy-tales on a far away king or tsar. If I lived in Novgorod and wanted to visit the king’s castle at Tsargrad or Byzantium, I could either try walk or paddle a boat there, or have my shack in the wood grow a chicken leg and make a hop there with every dream. By contrast, in Germany the king, the princes and princesses, were relatively close by: a sack of peas or beans with a hole in it sufficed to mark the path to the Schloss and back.

The proximity of the German ‘folk’ to their leaders made for an efficient relationship. The ‘folk’, wise about the best hiding places (the swamp) offered by the wood, expected their kings to lead by example. They understood that leadership by example is inseparable from leadership by courage and self-sacrifice. If the example was not forthcoming, it was realized by staging a successful rebellion. Thus, the Germans people and their leaders had an enduring tradition of a symbiotic and mutually advantageous relationship.

Unfortunately, the coming of so-called ‘modern times’ destroyed the cultural space of an empire with many small kingdoms. The bonds established by the charisma of ‘symbolic efficiency’ were weakened when ‘they’ and ‘we’ went their separate ways.

Nevertheless, the ‘they’ of German leadership maintained their charismatic ties with the ‘folk’ by successfully replacing the self-sacrifice of their woe-tans [physicians, known among the Baltic tribes as ‘vaide-loshi’ (vaide=wound, moan), healers by sympathetic magic] with the practice of war. It is possible that this was achieved with the help of the Vikings, who replaced self-sacrifice with especially gory sacrifices of their prisoners. One favorite method was known as the ‘spread eagle’, which entailed slicing open the victim’s breast cage, then spreading it open to expose the inner organs. The peasants or pajans long remembered this by thus spreading the owls that made nests in their barns by nailing them by their wings to the barn doors as a warning to passers by. Since the owl was also a very ancient symbol of wisdom, its cruel death warned that no stranger should think themselves ‘clever’ enough to plot harm.

In other words, the tradition of self-sacrifice as essential to the mechanics of maintaining a community was replaced by provocations that led to war. Self-sacrifice was forced upon people by their leadership through a ‘timely’ engineered conflict. The deaths caused by the war served to cement all who suffered from it into a close knit community. Though a lie and a deliberate misconstruing of God (the big Other) as an Act of Love, death of innocent loved ones brought by ‘demons’ made the symbols of the community sacred and efficient nevertheless.

The death of old and sacred traditions did not happen in the bat of an eye of a get-rich-quick Prince. In fact, it took many centuries. Though the most extreme example is taking place only now, indeed, just last week, a radical weakening of government charisma as a necessary and an ‘efficient symbol’ was brought about by Germany. One may argue that the failure of Stalin to self-sacrifice himself after his bloody rule was the direct cause for the failure of the Soviet Union to survive. It is no different with Hitler’s Germany. Though Hitler is said to have shot himself, there is no proof that he actually did so. [General Rommel took a cyanide pill with two generals as witnesses, and was dead in five seconds.] Not surprisingly, the governments of ‘democratic’ rulers who believe that it is their ‘human right’ not to die often manifest uncertainty about the ability of the nations they lead to endure.

In our own days, the Germans, the ‘folk’ have clearly voted in favor of their banks and Money as replacements of their big Other. One is tempted to compare the last (and weak) Soviet leader Gorbachev with the German leader Merkel Though Merkel may last, it will only be because Merkel supports and maintains the German people’s Money as an ‘efficient symbol’. After the trauma (catastrophic inflation) forced upon Germans after WW1 by the violence of the Great Powers, and the resolution of that trauma through Nazism, Nazism has not gone away, but portrays itself as naïve and blitzes Cypriots instead of Jews.

The dead-end of governments that have become ‘deficient symbols’ has backed our 'globalized' society into something of a void. Just a few days ago, the leaders of the European Union, most of them unelected and obliged for their power to heredity or wallets of oligarchs, gathered over the body of Cyprus and cried “Victory!” The cry came as the banks of the West (their princely swords turned into Law that writes laws for thieving Snakes, i.e. government and its undying bureaucracy) imposed on the people of the tiny island of Cyprus a ‘penalty’ for being alive and wishing to live according to the example set by the life-style of Germany. As the link shows, the European Central Bank (ECB) is ready by an act of legalized blackmail to starve the Cyprians, one and all. Of course, hunan rights will be observed, and no one’s rib cage will be turned into bloody wings .

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Eso’s Chronicles 148
Shareholders of the Government Pocketbook
Sole Representatives of Humankind (7)
© Eso A.B.
Black Sheep
As I wrote in my previous blog: “The claim of the discovery of the Higgs boson will prove to be a scientific hoax, an overreach of scientific authority, and likely signals the beginning of the end for science.” Still, I should make one reservation, one also made by the RT makes, i.e., that: “…one cannot expect anything more sensational from the LHC team in the coming two years, as the 27-kilometer collider has been shut down for maintenance until the early 2015.  In other words, for the coming two years governmets may do with God as they will.

It is interesting that the crisis in science coincides with yet another crisis in religion.

The election of the Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the new Pope Francis I , a religious leader complicit in keeping silent about the atrocities committed against the populace during the military dictatorship led by General Jorge Videla (1976-1983), confirms that the nature of the Catholic Christian God continues to be the muted ‘word’, i.e., a word backed by no action. For Western Christians, God as an Act is like the fog rising above a river in the valley in the evening, which fog the pajans* used to call the ghosts of the dead.

The above crises occur at a time of an acute third crisis: that of the economy and financial world. All these events are closely connected and originate from the top down, from government attempting to present itself as the ‘first estate’, that is, as the only representative of humankind. This makes the rest of human kind a no less defiled human being than a Hindu ‘untoucheable’ in India  .

While most crises manifest themselves in ways that either try to mask chaos and/or sow confusion among those who suspect something untoward is happening, the crisis that occurred a few days ago in Cyprus, presents the colors of Reality in the real . As Elvis used to sing: “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog….  “….cryin all the time.”

The adlib “….cryin all the time”, originally meant to evoke an unrequited lover, is today proving to be a dangerous entity: a rock throwing youth, who resents what he believes to be an injustice that affects him and his community. However, his actions have been so persistent and therefore onerous to whoever he throws the rocks at, they— usually a body of ‘top estaters’**--are recommending that the youth(s) be shot .

While the recommendations of Avigdor Liberman, the Chairman of an Israeli political party and former Israeli Foreign Minister, may at this time seem as only that of an extremist and one berserkt by government office, the possibility that among the rock throwing youth will soon be found most people with a bank account (while the oligarchs will have converted their cash into gold), make the social consequences of exercising government power unilaterally as obviously disastrous and intolerable. In short, government is in the throes of making itself intolerable.

The exercise of violence by the Israeli government in settling its differences with the people whose land they have occupied, has been a long-term pain for the people who have to practice “The ceremony of innocence” (W.B. Yeats “The Second Coming”, 1920). The former Israeli Foreign Minister has just given another hammer blow on the jaws of those who oppose the ways of his ilk.

“[The] …symbolic order, in which the symbolic mask-mandate matters more than the direct reality of the individual who wears this mask and/or assumes this mandate” (S. Zizek, ‘The Universal Exception’, Continuum, p. 304) is being demolished; which is to say that though we know that things are not always as they seem “…I nonetheless treat [the judge] respectfully, because he wears the insignia of a judge, so that when he speaks, it is the Law itself which speaks through him” (Ibid.). That is to say, I bite my tongue before I say that the Law sucks; no longer, however.

It took Western Christianity an act of force majeure (the killing of Basil the Bogomil physician in 1118) followed by many of years of repressive violence by its ‘top estaters’ to impose on the public an unquestioning belief in the correctness and justness of its practices and interpretation of Christianity. It survived many rebellions—of which that of the Cathars and Jan Hus (1371-1410) stand out as among the most effective—and disseminated many lies on behalf of the ruling economic ‘top estaters’ to keep them and itself in power. It also supported by silence a number of outright financial coup d’états, for example, by going off the gold standard and substituting value with fiat money.

Nevertheless, it has never in its nearly thousand years of its existence dared to unilaterally confiscate the savings of over a million people and threaten by that action many hundreds of millions by the precedent. Yet again, a wanton Pope says nary a word, but mocks God as Act.

As necessary as the observation of the “ceremony of innocence” may be for the maintenance of the community, it ceases to be valid when the cynic becomes nearly everyone. It is at this moment when a new force majeure (one that essentially reinstates Basil The Bogomil physician) is enabled, and Jesus Christ becomes the anti-Christ Western Christianity designed him to be from its start.
The supports that buttress the stage and enable the “ceremony of innocence” to continue have collapsed today. The bank (and the government and Vatican) have stolen my wallet. I have every right therefore to address the banks and governments as ‘thieves’. We are within the quantum space that enables us to travel back in time, to return to day one.
*Pajan–from misspelled ‘pagan’. Pa = a prefix’; Jan = a prehistoric name for ‘man’, originally identified as a migratory herder. The change of the word from pajan to pagan was the Catholic Christian way of casting aspersion on the spiritual realm of humankind’s forest dwelling forebears.

**’Top estaters’: a collective of first (clergy) and second (nobility) estaters, i.e. rulers, the government.


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Eso’s Chronicles 147
God Now in Government Pocket’, a Force Majeure
by Government sponsored Scientist (6)
© Eso A.B.
An Acorn Bird

The scientific community has, at last, reached the point where it presents itself as a collective of The Dead, that is, as a group of people making significant salaries (as compared to taxi drivers) who have come to a wall with small holes punched in it at eye ball level. The holes are just big enough for scientists to stick their scientific noses into.
There is a small white label glued to the wall above every hole with this legend: “Behind this hole is the Higgs Boson or so-called God Particle . Put your nose into the hole and twist your head clockwise! You will know you have succeeded in getting to the bottom of the Truth when you see a tomato.”

It is true that most scientists have been shy and humble about calling God God. Some do  not say the word at all. However, some have made a compromise, and have agreed to call God a “Higgs boson”, which these ‘some’ now claim to have discovered and call “a God particle”. The reader is strongly urged to read the links to be certain that I am not making anything up. Here is one of the more important paragraphs from the text  by CBC News of Friday, March 15, 2013:.

Scientists said Thursday that they believe they have discovered the elusive Higgs boson particle, sometimes called "the God particle," that is theorized to be a crucial building block of the universe....”

There are several things worth noticing about this paragraph.

Scientists have been reluctant to call God God (because most of them do not believe that God exists), and, therefore, not to appear to the public completely ‘uncertain’ of what they believe is or is not true, they renamed God for a ‘Higgs boson’, which some have dubbed to be ‘a God particle’. Yet even with this qualification, scientists are unable to get any closer to science, because to this latest discovery, some lay scientist, a science writer, has added the word ‘elusive’.  From the same news release:

“….According to a release from the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, determining whether the discovery was in fact the Higgs boson depends on its quantum properties and how it interacts with other particles. After going through their entire data set from 2012, the results "strongly indicate" they have found the elusive particle….

Or have they?

Up to now, scientific proof was believed to be proof beyond a doubt. However, when it comes to the discovery of the Higgs Boson, all that CERN scientists will admit to is  that there is a “strong indication” that they have. Unfortunately, a “strong indication” is not something one is advised to bet on. One may not say that a nuclear bomb has been invented until it is exploded. God knows what the government will do with ‘a God particle’ in their military arsenal.

Which fact makes this reader turn into an unbeliever and believe that Higgs Boson is not a particle of God, and that God will not discover itself any more readily for scientists than it discovered itself for saints. In short, no matter how many billions of  Euros are spent on building a ‘God discovery’ machine [Large Hadron Collider (LHC)], the machine does not justify sacrificing the lives that 10 billion Euros invested in medications can save. Even if there is a “strong indication” that scientists have discovered a Higgs Boson, whatever it is they have discovered, is not God. Maybe scientists are claiming the discovery because the secular government, their sponsor, an institution continually losing authority in the public eye, is urging them to make such a claim for reasons of its own.

It would mean a theological and secular Revolution, both,  if God came in parts and particles.

My skepticisms gains some support from the secular world of the Russians. According to a write up given at the internet site of ‘RT’ (Russian Times) :

“Latest analysis of data from the Large Hadron Collider proves that the Higgs boson actually exists.”

In other words, for the Russian secularists (surely the Russian media is secularist) a ‘strong indication’ equals ‘proof’. The Russians see in the words of CERN physicist Joe Incandela a strong indication that he speaks as an apostle of God. Says the physicist:

“The preliminary results with the full 2012 data set are magnificent and to me it is clear that we are dealing with a Higgs boson, though we still have a long way to go to know what kind of Higgs boson it is,” said physicist Joe Incandela, the spokesperson for CERN’s Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) team.

RT concludes: Although it might take years for the discovery to be fully confirmed and fleshed out, one cannot expect anything more sensational from the LHC team in the coming two years, as the 27-kilometer collider has been shut down for maintenance until the early 2015.

In short, among the things being “fleshed out” will be a government claim on God. While the God machine is located in Switzerland, a country that has played a neutral political role, so far,  the governments of the U.S., Russia, China, North Korea, Israel, and others, will claim to have the authority of God. The claim to the discovery of the Higgs boson will prove to be a scientific lie, an overreach of scientific authority, and likely a beginning of the end for science.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Eso’s Chronicles 146
The False Flag Is Raised by Fascists (5)
© Eso A.B.
A Self-portrait at 79, 2012
What is fascism?

I have to begin my answer by revealing something of my family’s background. Though as a child, I was at the age of eight years, a witness to Hitler’s war efforts and occupation of Latvia (1941), my home country, I was also under a constant exposure to two opinions and evaluations of what was taking place.
On the one hand, there was the Soviet propaganda machine drumming the message that the Germans were all fascists and the German-Latvian Administrative Government drumming that Stalin was a monster killer. I could personally confirm both messages as true. Coming from a family that made its living from publishing a newspaper, I was an avid reader of newspapers and a listener to radio news from about the age of five. I, thus, had an elementary sense of what the political stance of the two opposing sides were about at a young age. Of course, I had no knowledge of history, which, along with later reflections on some of the events I had personally witnessed, began to play a role only years later.

The Soviets arrested and deported many members of my extended family. Among the deported were my father (1941), maternal grandfather (1940), grandmother, and aunt (1941). On my father’s side, besides my father, among the deported were one of his sisters, her husband, and my niece (1941). Among the victims were also family friends and acquaintances.

After the Germans arrived (1941) and ‘saved’ us from deportation (my mother and her three children, were also on the ‘to be deported’ list as we later discovered), and our joy over being ‘saved’ by outbreak of war was a paradox that did not pass unnoticed. It also soon became clear that the property nationalized by the Soviets would remain, fait accompli, nationalized and would not be returned by the Germans. After the fortunes of war began to turn against the Germans, the brother of my godfather was arrested for his activities to have the Germans recognize and restore independence to Latvia. He was sent to a concentration camp in Germany where he died (1945).

On my father’s side, I had always assumed my family ethnicity to originate in Latvia, even though it was well known in the family that my great-great-great-grandfather had been a Herrnhuter. The Herrnhuters were brought into Latvia through the offices of the German Graf Zinzendorf after the Great Northern War (between Russia and Sweden, in which war Russia was the winner). The war, which had devastated large areas of Latvia’s northern region, ended in 1710. The German barons, who ruled over Latvians under contract to Russians, were fearful that the countryside may remain an economically depressed area. This would, of course, affect the fortunes of the German barons as well.

I was greatly surprised that after I took the opportunity to have my DNA analyzed, I was to discover that the greatest number of genes that matched mine were centered in the region of the northern Balkans, in and about Croatia. After making some rough approximations, I accepted the results of the analysis as proof that my forebears in Latvia had come from this region about the year 1740, which is one of the first years that Herrnhuters began to enter Latvia. Of course, this does not mean, that these Herrnhuters, necessarily came directly from the northern Balkans. They may well have for reasons known only to them, domiciled in Bohemia, or Moravia, or Germany. It was in German Saxony that Graf Zinzendorf established a Herrnhut community . What I find even more interesting about these origins is that the northern Balkans played a significant role in offering the Bogomils a safe haven during the time of their persecution in the 13th and 14th centuries . For me an associacion of the Bogomils with the Herrnhuters is as obvious as inevitable—even if significant theological changes had taken place between the demise of the one and rise of the other.

One of the unique elements of the Herrnhuter Christian brotherhood, Unitas Fratrum, is that its origins reach back to the times and movement of Jan Hus (burnt at the stake in 1415) in Moravia. Jan Hus opposed the interposition of Catholic priests between humankind and God. He regarded himself and his followers as a remnant people of an earlier form of Christianity. The Catholic persecution of the Hussites in Bohemia and Moravia (the Catholic Franciscans had persecuted the Bogomils in the northern Balcans), made these proto-Protestant Christians think of themselves as living in permanent exile. The latter fact made them perfect missionaries, because they came to their new homes not as ordained preachers, but as laymen and craftsmen, who embedded themselves in the local population .

In Latvia, the call for Herrnhuter help came from German circles, specifically General and Countess Hallert of Wolmar (Valmiera, about 30 km from my present countryside home), the Countess happened to be a good friend of Graf Zinzendorf’s wife, and she traveled to Dresden to make a personal solicitation. On the other hand, the German barons, fearing a successful spiritual recovery of the demoralized countryside, were not necessary either helpful or friendly. They were anxious, not only because the successors of Hans Hus were known as ‘trouble makers’. Indeed, my Third step Great Grandfather was married to a woman (first name unrecorded) who was known as “the daughter of Liberts (Free = a free man)”.

Then “a funny thing happened on the way to the forum”: my great grandfather’s second wife (I am a descendant of this second marriage) is said to have accidentally burnt down his inn while making tallow candles over a hot stove. Before the death of my great grandfather’s first wife, my grandmother helped take care of the children of great grandfather’s first marriage. She also cleaned the hall in the inn where the Herrnhuters met on Sundays. Be that as it may, I have always been suspicious that the story was a False Flag deliberately spun by grandfather to cover up some fact not convenient to his career.

For one, Herrnhuters (my forebears including) often worked in Latvia not only as managers or bookkeepers for German barons, but as was the wont of Herrnhuters, they built (with the barrons’ permission) themselves inns. These inns served not only as meeting places for the Brethren on Sundays, but earned enough money to keep the movement going and perhaps even pay the baron something in taxes. In short, I credit the notion that the inn was burnt down by none other than the Latvians, whom the Herrnhuters had helped get back on their feet.

After the Herrnhuters had revived the Latvian countryside population and it began to reassert itself with a spirit of its own, the German dominated Lutheran Church became concerned about losing its dominant position. In order to advance its fortunes, the largely German barons and clergy became open to compromise; i.e., the Germans were ready to replace the German clergy with a Latvian one, provided it agitated for its position by pointing out to the locals the close connection of the Herrnhuters with the Germans and their culture. This association was undeniable. As it happened, the agitation against Herrnhuters coincided with the rising nationalist movement among Latvians, which fact created a conflict within the Herrnhuter movement itself, perhaps even a kind of minor civil war within its ranks. As best as I can figure it, the Germanic element among the Herrnhuters, after suffering some minor violence from their Latvian brethren (burning down an inn), swallowed hard, made peace with the Lutherans [I was even baptized by a Latvian Lutheran bishop (Terins)] and let the movement lapse. Sadly, my great grandfather’s death (1868) coincided with the end of Herrnhuter movement in Latvia.
My grandfather went on to become a choir director and school teacher with ambitions to compensate for his father’s humiliation and loss of status by becoming wealthy. The latter ambition caused him to go bankrupt after the failure of two hardware stores, which financial condition at that time did not protect him from his creditors, which prevented him from starting new commercial ventures on his own. Thus, while he is known to have become one of Latvia’s first millionaires, this was true in a technical sense only, because the legal rights of ownership, in order to escape the wrath of his creditors, necessarily went to his second wife, and the newspaper he nursed to great prominence the current crop of Latvian media folk no longer associate with him. Unfortunately, the current political forces in Latvia favor the neglect of history across a broad spectrum in order to better misrepresent it.

The above ought to suffice in identifying the Germanic influences from the paternal side of my life. My maternal background is no less interesting, but has had a lesser influence on my intellectual development for the simple reason that I never learned to speak the Russian language.

Briefly, when a young man, my maternal grandfather, an ambitious farm boy, from an activist and intellectually aware Latvian region (Vecpiebalga), worked as a surveyor for the Transsiberian railroad near Ufa in Russia; this is where he met my maternal grandmother, who upon finishing her education in Petrograd, had returned to the region to help administer the estate of her maternal uncle, Knyaz Kugushev. She herself was born Ral, another Russian Knyaz, whose daughter married into the  Kugushev clan. Knyaz is the Russian approximation of the English name for a Prince. Because it was unheard of—in those days--that a woman of nobility marries a commoner (and no Russian Orthodox Priest would dare do so), the young lovers eloped to Riga, where in Juhrmala, a suburb of Riga, a priest too old to care about sanctions, married the couple.

Not that this is the end of wonders.

Another provocative ethnic admixture (as yet untested by DNA analysis) comes from my paternal grandmother’s side. When a child, I had always been fascinated by the curly black hair at her temples and a similar attraction at the hairline of at least one of her daughters. Subsequently, I discovered that such curls were a characteristic of people from the Middle East region, often from Iran. By chance, I then discovered that at the southern end of the Caspian Sea there is a city named Gurgan. Since the G sound may in another language be pronounced as a J or a Y, such a name change coincided perfectly with my grandmother’s maiden name, re Jurjans. It comes to mind that one of my family lines arrived in proto-Latvia by towing (as slaves?) a boat up the Volga River and by portaging the boat to the Duna (Yuna or Juna) River, and after drifting downriver a considerable distance, hence oared upriver of Ogre and arrived at Ērgļi (Eagle Town) at the foothills of Latvia’s highest mountain Gaiziņkalns (Gaze or View Mountain).

The rest of my maternal past is wrapped in a colorful braid of legends, which have left their influence on my interests in the sense that they have encouraged me not to neglect these areas in intellectual terms, even though my personal circumstances never gave me the opportunity to develop any of them to the degree that they would contribute to a career. Thus, while one Kugushev was said to have conquered Bashkiria for the Russian Tsar, another became a survivor in Bolshevik Russia; and because my maternal grandmother’s best childhood friend was the wife of Bolshevik Russia’s first Finance Minister Tsurupa (who had served imprisonment in Siberia with knyaz Kugushev (he did not lift his hat to the Tsar), this connection helped my maternal grandfather, to become Latvia’s first ambassador to Soviet Russia. It is said that this friendship also cost him an appointment as Latvia’s Foreign Minister, or maybe it was because Stalin expelled him from the Soviet Union and accused him of stealing Russian antiques, said to include Faberge eggs.

In any event, these rather colorful strands of family history helped prevent my joining what I consider an obscene form of nationalism cultivated by latter-day (today’s) Latvian Parliament. This is despite of considering myself a Latvian nationalist also, but on the other side of a nationalist government as a self-help welfare group making a fascist government enclosure its home.

So, to return to the topic of fascism; what is fascism?

I think it depends on how one defines it. And, alas, the definitions are more than one.

Online Wikepedia has an extensive list of definitions and descriptions for fascism: . It is interesting that Wikepedia ends its list by reminding that ‘fascist’ is often used as an epithet. Indeed, this is how most Russian media sources use it and why Israeli political leaders sneer when so described.

One of my favorite authors (though I do not always agree with him), Slavoy Žižek, describes fascism as “…the longing for authentic community and social solidarity….” What to Žižek’s mind destroys this longing for community, is the “ideological dream-work” (I describe the dream-work as a matter of using women in advertising as images and symbols that stimulate a society to become a consumer of masturbatory sex) of obscene capitalism re-represented with an ever anew orgasm in every advertising image containing sexual innuendo.

Strange as it may be, the False Flag is not only the Flag (the Curtain) that was rent at the death of Basil in Constantinople, but the red Flag waved by toreadors before a bull. While the bull is the victim and the obvious symbol of a justly enraged humankind, the passive spectators of this cruel show of dominance are not only the victims of it, but also its fools .

Monday, March 11, 2013

Eso’s Chronicles 145
Rending the False Flag Asunder
A Force Majeure Project of theFuture (4)
© Eso A.B.

A Painted Grasshopper / Copyright Cynthia Roderick
What was once whole has now been rent asunder, and the cloth of the flag that once showed a landscape whole, may now show that same canvas back to back (one behind the other), or one right side up, the other right side down. The source for the image (written by this author) comes from the New Testament (Matthew 21:51), where it is written that at the time of death of Jesus, “Suddenly, the curtain (a flag) in the sanctuary was torn in two from top to bottom, the earth shook, rocks were split open….

Dramatic as the image may be, it follows after the fact, after the death of Jesus. The rending of the false flag does not precede Jesus’ death or initiate further events.

Why the rending of the curtain after the death, why not the rending of it before? If the rending had occurred before the death, it could then and now be interpreted as a warning to desist from going ahead with whatever plans may have been afoot at the time. With the rending of the curtain following the death, it becomes an aftershock at best, and a tragicomic confirmation at worst, and nothing more.

To put it yet another way: if an event occurs after a notably significant event, it is a mere spectacle and a fantasized addition, just as the death of Jesus is a fantasized and rewrite of the deaths of Basil the Physician  and Polycarp of Smyrna kaleidoscoped into one story.

While Judas betrays Jesus for reasons that one has to imagine (and many have tried), Polycarp is betrayed by a servant of his own household under torture by the Romans. Everyone understands that torture is used to extract information that will betray an individual or an activity. Also, while the name of Judas is an invention to associate the betrayer with Jews, the man who tells the police of Polycarp’s hiding place is a young slave from “his (Polycarp’s) own house”. There is no suggestion that the slave is or has connection with Jews.
The story of Bishop Polycarp (as told at the link) is told as if it happens many years after the crucifixion. This is to be expected, especially when the story is a post factum story. At the same time the story of Polycarp shows signs of being edited after the original has been used as material for a fantasized story. If we go to “The Alexiad” (Penguin Books, p. 496 ff) by Anna Comnena, daughter of the Byzantine king Alexius I, and reread the story of Basil, which in my opinion is the original event on which the Passion of Jesus is based, we discover that the instrument of death is not a cross, but a fiercely burning fire in a large pit. In the retold story of Polycarp, the pit reappears in a dream as a burning pillow, which Polycarp interprets as predicting that he will suffer death by burning, In the New Testament the same fire appears as a bonfire in the courtyard of the high priest.
The above version of the story radically differs from the story told in the West. The princes of the West will not acknowledge that the story told by the princes of the church is of force majeure proportions, though they go along with the redefinition of it as a Passion Story, behind which is hid the death of the Savior of Humankind.
What is interesting about the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament is that in ways it differs very little from the teachings of Basil the Bogomil (, but that the real difference lies in subtle insertions of words or parables that turn the emphasis from Jesus’ life as an Act, into Jesus’s  life as not going beyond talk or the Word. Moreover, while there are long passages where one can discern little difference between the Words of Jesus and that of Basil (the main difference is of course the change in name from John Basil to Jesus), it is left to the ‘apostles’ to suggest a ‘different’ meaning in their premeditated letters. These reveal that the story is being shifted in favor of secular powers: government and Caesar. The most distinct shift appears in the Letter of Paul to the Romans (Romans 13 ). Another shift occurs in the parable that emphasizes the importance of “money” or “coin”, re: “the parable about bags of gold (Matthew 25:14-30)”.
Thus, it came about that the life of humankind in wood and field, where it practiced subsistence economies, its life became a race in the hamster  cage , and an example of futile resistance against obviously evil men, who even manage the describe the resistance as “evil” and intimate that a bite or two on their skin by a brutalized hamster is akin to a “terrorist attack” .
The murder of Basil, a force majeure event, was followed by many centuries of official attempts to erase the story. The erasure of the teachings of Basil The Bogomil and the replacement of the same with the teachings of Jesus Christ is what turns the story into a False Flag hid behind the name of a “Passion Story”.
In the West, the Passion Story is described as a story of The Savior or The Shepherd saving a herd of sheep lost in a wood filled with snakes tempting to lead aimlessly Wandering Pilgrims to honeypots of “lust”.  John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” (1678)'s_Progress  is a marvelous depiction of what 560 years Christians who had forgot or hid the force majeure moment believed the story to be.

The censure of “lust” continues to our day, because lust is ubiquitous to all men and women, and by censuring and condemning it, one may pretend to be morally righteous (denial of sexual lust results in sexual possessiveness), while being financially greedy and exploitative of others is something that is swept under the rug. The censure against lust is well illustrated by the fact that one will be hard put to discover on Google the story (perhaps apocryphal) of Mary Nightingale (or was it Mary Seacole), who offered their breasts to one or more wounded soldier at the hospitals they served as nurses. Surely one will never discover the hush-hush story of a Nursing Home Aide fondling genitals of Seniors in order to bring home a better wage.

It was through a force majeure 560 years before Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” that the early leaders of proto-urban communities the world over,  lost control to individuals who presumed that gathering in communities was as natural to humankind as it was for bees and ants to spontaneously hive into new communities.

The liberal and unhesitating application of violence forced a community to abandon an ancient belief that a community may happen and survive only through an act of self-sacrifice. The belief was abandoned and condemned as a theory of community formation by murder. The new theory that was forced upon the community and its “old leaders” by the “new leaders” killed the old self-sacrificial kings, and replaced them with a leadership of princes and boyars presumed to have been born of a natural community (which, nevertheless, continued to hold to the theory that leadership became one as a hereditary inheritance). Some stated the new belief in terms of natural selection and “Survival of the fittest”, and blamed scientist Charles Darwin if questioned about the simple mindedness of the theory.

The “good news” (you may now make money as a human right!) communities—no longer subjected to the charisma of bonding by self-sacrificial death—no longer felt any restraints when it came to accumulating commodities. It unleashed what we know today as ‘liberal capitalism’ and a political system described as ‘democracy’ born of an inherent (God given) Promise (as Bunyan’s Pilgrim called it) of Utopia . Today, 895 years after the death of Basil The Bogomil, with the consequences of the evolution of ‘liberal capitalism’ clear, we see communities the world over breaking down.
The Utopian ‘new leaders’, who refuse to self-sacrifice themselves, gather their various tribes into gangs of warriors against humankind at large, and prepare the ground for a caste system similar to the one that  prevailed in ‘old’ India. In spite of the obviousness of social break-down, the leading intellectuals continue to propound communities as a ‘natural’ outcome of being born human. Thus, Stonehenge, the ancient temple in Britain is proposed even today (2013-3-09) to have started as a conventional burial ground, albeit for elites, in ancient times . Behold the community as a gathering of the dead.
One objection raised to my interpretation of Western or Catholic Christianity as a False Flag operation initiated by Western Princes is that the False Flag has taken nearly a thousand years to capture the world. As I mentioned in the previous blog (143), the fall of the sacred king was not immediate, and even today there are many nations where the office of ‘king’ and ‘queen’ remain in a ceremonial sense.
The last mention of the king as a sacred king in the West is from Roman times, where the last emperor considered to be a God was Romulus Augustus, who was deposed in +476 by a German king Odoacer . However, I follow Anatoly Fomenko and am in agreement with him that the Roman Empire never existed, but was stolen from the Byzantines (along with Christianity), and was set up as a fictional False Flag history. This causes me to reflect on any objections to such an interpretation as a denial that a reconsideration of chronology as told in the West must be one of the major intellectual projects of the future.

The contesting of wills with the Western windmills fanning up a dust storm of lies is, no doubt, a quixotic endeavor. I find it interesting, however, and engaging. The lies of the academic blowhards, too, are entertaining—if only because history always comes with unexpected political twists and turns and causes us to think of the twists and turns in our own lives. My personal interest in breaking a spear or propeller or two is that I like to think of ‘life’ making at least ‘some sense’.

Having been forced to accept the coup d’état against the rule of Basil The Bogomil (or Physician) by Western secular and spiritual princes as their founding platform, and having spun there from an incredible and ever evolving canvas of stories, which present history as one continuous catastrophe, the Dead End is all too obvious in the wish that the smoke blowing out of the chimney at the Sistine Chapel in Rome be always black. Whether the ‘new’ Pope comes from Argentina or is a local clown from Italy, or an Italian Berlusconi with its crankshaft being oiled by a young prostitute, the coup d’état is ending with in a spectacle that entertains with death upon death the world over, and the ‘new’ Pope presenting God as a never ending Word, but never daring to Act as Basil did.