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EC 467 GoveRment is an aLien People
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The ‘Yankee’ Declaw Machine / 4

As I have written previously: God is necessary in a ‘materialist’ ruled world for reasons of politics. We see this clearly in an age when the public is forced to give politics 10x the attention it ever did God.

Notwithstanding the ridicule of atheists bred by a materialist world, which have built their fortreses on cityscapes, it is obvious to anyone that resistance to the philosophy of ‘desertification’ meets with defeat, because the great majority of human kind cannot ‘screw up’ the courage to die when tought that it is born only once, and that death is as final an event as birth, because one is helpless to refuse to be born.

The failure to gather up courage becomes inevitable, when those in leadership positions refuse to recognize their responsibility to exhibit consciousness and fail to lead by example. This practice of leaders is attested to by ancient governments, where the king almost without exception dies a sacrificial death—either by his own will or as a sacrificial lamb at the hands of the High Priest of the community. The community justifies the High Priest to act as the Executioner of a cowardly King. If the High Priest must act, the act makes him or her responsible for the atonement of the act through his her own sacrificial death.

The cowardice of modern govRmnt is not only made clear by its obvious lack of sacrifice even as thousands of ordinary men are sent by its ‘authority’ to their deaths at some irrationally drawn ‘red’ line, but the clearness becomes distilled, when even a casual look at the methods of govRnance show ‘conscious’ evasion by the ‘authorities’ to bear similar sacrifice to ‘good government’ by all members of a community. In our day, irresponsible chaos by govRment (first discovered in my “Oedipus Rex Rewritten” is the avant-garde to the globalized civilization it proposes for tomorrow.

That humankind would come to this was prophesied a long time ago by John Basil (substituted by Jesus Christ), when he allegedly told his listeners (Matthew 10:34) that:

 Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword….” He even suggested that the Kingdom of God would come only when we gave our lives over to the ‘poor’, which is where he evidently saw as the greatest of problem for consciousness to achieve. The rich had evidently already made being ‘poor’ inevitable.

The decay of self-sacrifice and the support of such decay offered by western Christianity is illustrated by so-called ‘Crusades’ or ‘just wars’ perpetrated in the name of humankind by a combination of secular and religious authorities. The western Christian community, led by the Christian Right in the U.S., is not only especially war mongering in this respect, but perverts the very core of Christianity which (whether led by John Basil or Jesus Christ) is self-sacrificial by example of its founder.

The fact that the message of self-sacrifice has left a residue in the New Testament, testifies to the fact that its writers were conflicted by the lies they were recruited and/or forced to offer to the greater public. This is why an ultimate reconciliation between the future rewriters of the NT and its original presenters is still possible, and why the name of the founder need not be John Basil or Jesus Christ, but suffice it to be God.

This leaves us with the question of which leader, nation, or community will declaw or defang the machine that was set into motion by the Byzantine Franks and is now being thrust forward by the exceptionalist govRment machine of America? Will it be the current Globalist Pope? Are there somewhere yet another 47 samurai?

Monday, December 29, 2014

EC 466 GoveRment is an aLien People
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The ‘Yankee’ Declaw Machine / 3

In the previous blog, I wrote: the “‘second birth’ refers to the goal of maturation and overcoming of fear of death, which (spiritual birth) is the aim of humankind tending toward the realization of a Kingdom Under God.”

Like most ‘educated’ people, I do not feel all that comfortable using the word ‘God’ in the sense that He/She/It is real and owns, in Afterlife, a garden known as Paradise. When I was yet a child, I disliked clerics because of their black garb and morbid solemnity, which I could not associate with reality as I then knew it, but was exclusively associated with funerals. As I grew older, and had navigated my way through Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, I began to be put off by the poet’s fantasy, which clearly was fantasy and, again, did not match what I saw or had learned of and about reality.

Then came a few real-life episodes which I survived by the skin of my teeth: the Soviet Cheka sent most of my extended family to the Gulags, but somehow did not find the time to get to my mother and her brood; a German airplane bombed the highway close to the house, rocked the very foundations of the house, which shattered all the windows, but I was saved simply by turning the color green; and sheer luck caused me to escape from under a cargo of bombs dropped by several B29s. As many people who have had similar close escapes have told, this somehow made me feel select if not by God, then perhaps an angel. So, when hence I told people that I did not believe in God, I said so with reservations.

No doubt, I have my reservations still. On the other hand, I no longer say that I do not believe in God, but rather assert my affirmation with an explanation. My explanation goes something like this:

When a doctor tells that he/she declares a patient dead, my brain resets to the arguments of such doctors, who tell of ‘near death experiences’ of patients, many of which experiences occur while the patients are officially dead. Of course, this does not confirm the existence of God, but it is something that the doctors cannot at this time explain, even as the veracity of the doctors who tell us of this phenomenon is not in doubt.

There is yet another explanation why ‘God exists’ or ‘must exist’. It has to do with politics, and gives an explanation why at the bottom of currently spreading atheism is politics and such scientists of limited wit as biologist Dawkins.

My personal perspective on the chaos that has gripped the world is moved along not only by direct experiences during wartime, but by the perception that the under education of young people as to the nature of politics is deliberate and serves a political caste system ruled by priests of another name. As I have observed in other blogs, the beginning of the political system goes back to the institutionalization of taxation, but also by its own inner logic—necessarily—to western forms of Christianity. All these forms assert ‘resurrection’ from death, none teach of the necessity of sacrifice by those who possess human consciousness and identify themselves as builders of ‘a better world’.

Current or ‘exceptional’ matter—in spite of many denials —is ascribed to animal consciousness; thus, becoming one of the chief sources of the doctrine of ‘individual (i.e., human) rights’. Another doctrine (of atonement) endlessly repeats the assertion that “Jesus died for our sins” and “Jesus saves”.


Is this not a doctrine that allows thieves, murderers, lawyers lawyers, and bankers to escape criminal trials, because the promises come from politicians and their handymen in high places?


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EC 465 GoveRment is an aLien People
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The ‘Yankee’ Declaw Machine / 2

I don't write about what I know: I write to find out how I put to use what I know, which lets me know what I think.

Take that one fake word borrowed from the days of the American Wild West as portrayed in novels and movies: “freedom”. The word almost instantly summons to our minds Indians and cowboys, all shooting at each other for all its worth, but with the Indians always losing, because they deserve to lose, because, well, they scalp cowboys and federals alike. Still, I never saw a western movie with a real scalp dangling from an Indian’s belt or saddle.

This is not to say that some artists did not picture scalping scenes that made the blood of the western European invaders of America boil. It is not surprising that today ‘scalping’ has been replaced by scenes of ‘decapitation’ by a unique mutation of Eastern Christians, who we now call Islamists, who are followers of one called Mohammed, but whose name is likely but a misspoken version of Johanman, which is but another name for John, who was the holyman who was substituted by Jesus, a creation of by the frankish Germans of the Holy Roman Empire.

If we think it through a little, it is rather amazing that humankind could be made to forget the name John, which originally was a word with two meanings: 1. a human, a herder of animals (the feminine version is still retained in the Russian language by a word that means ‘young woman’: Zhenchina, of which Joan as in Joan of Ark; and 2. a holy man. Yet we are living witnesses to the method of how the forgetting is done: First, you take John, a holy man, decapitate him, and/or burn him at a stake, or stretch him on a T; second, you replace John with a name that closely resembles the original (re: John < Jesus); and third, you tell a story about Jesus that subtly yet significantly differs from that about John. As we know, Jesus made friends with tax collectors, whereas John most likely cursed them. There is evidence that the followers of John knew what their elites were up to, but though they offered resistance, they did not prevail. The violent atmosphere in which we live today is evidence that government umbrage over taxation remains a total one.

The word ‘freedom’ is now expressed through the dictum: “individual liberty”, whereas a long time ago ‘freedom’ was perceived not as a right, but the responsibility of an individual to be ‘second’ born. The chief difference is that ‘individual liberty’ refers to the development of individual caprice which is of a great advantage to a consumer based civilization and careerism (encapsulation of mind), while ‘second birth’ refers to the goal of maturation and overcoming of the fear of death, which (spiritual birth) is the aim of a humankind tending toward the realization of a Kingdom Under God.

The desire for a Kingdom Under God was what the early Americans, the Pilgrims, brought with them to America. Their dream is captured in the painting called the “Peacable Kingdom” by Edward Hicks, a Quaker from Pennsylvania. Though the animals portrayed in the painting are presented in unlikely relationships, and the figures seem better described as human beings clothed by diverse animal appearances, a sense of interdependence among these life forms projects itself unmistakably and with inspirational force.

What happened that today all of this should be is lost? Did we become bored with it? Is it not fashionable enough for urban life, which is a desert of dissatisfactions? Or is the question really why did urban life come about in the first place? Is it because the federal government of America began to centralize wealth, used violence to centralize it, broke treaties with the Indians and its own constitution, and now our paradises are hanging gardens of science with atheists and slum artists as gardeners?

Thursday, December 25, 2014

EC 464 GoveRment is an aLien People
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The Yankee Declaw Machine
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Russia’s academic circles are long familiar with the fact that many Russian intellectuals, some of academic rank, do not support the Western version of either Western or Russian history.

Not a few Russians would like to see the western claims about history investigated by a politically unbiased scholarly body, say, by the United Nations. The fact is that the claims by the West as to its history are at a sophomoric level and simplistic to lend itself as government propaganda.

One need go no further than the 9/11 event or WW2, the latter which was won through the sacrifices of millions of lives of Russian people, granted supported by western lend lease, behind which for all its value in troucing Hitler hid the desire of western leaders to see Russia weakened to such a degree that it would be nearly impossible for it to recover from the damages of war.

What most people of the West do not understand is that the mind set of its people or, if you will, the mindset created common for all humans by Nature, differs radically from the mindset being projected by corporate executives, who owe their station not to  achievements as business men, but to the ambition of, first, bandits, who desire to expand power based on an ever increasing pile of loot, second, the same elevated to princes and, thusly, just a quantum jump away becoming part of proto-government, the taxes base of which is borne by the common people, who ever keep the name of Sancha and Sancho Panza.

The privileges of government granted to arms manufacturing corporations are not based on the business expertise of the executives of these companies, but on the strength of taxable income, which ages ago created an authoritarian government.  Secured in its place by persecutions (often called defensive violence) and the Inquisition, taxpayers--intimidated over many centuries by the violence of Inquisition and police--swim through life as if it were jellied water and they tortoises. While the American people can be proud that their government may at one time have been ‘a government of the people’, this contention became questionable during and following WW2. Some readers may remember Arthur Millers play, written in 1945 “All My Sons ”, while most have heard President Eisenhower’s warning (1961) of “the military industrial complex ”.

Nowhere has the West or the East seriously examined the history of taxation, or questioned the role of taxation in the creation of authooritarian governments.

The public has, for the most part, accepted taxation as a God given law and as intrinsic to Nature as is color green. However, the liability for $303 trillions dollars which has just been passed to the American public to pay off a debt of derivatives created by banks may come as a shock and may start another Tea Party uprising demanding the liquidation of central banks and their replacement with local banks of the credit union variety, where church congregations started to saved enough money to guarantee ourselves a burial other than in the potter’s ground. It would not hurt Russia to pass the news to the American taxpayer.

The current confrontation between the East and the West, while presenting the West as an armed Goliath, while the East is being presented as David without a slingshot, is, as the government itself proclaims, the shiny side of hubris—American exceptionalism. Still, David need not have a rock in his sling, but in its stead, a ‘curve’, a surprise, perhaps a banana peel.

Little do the American people know that their Civil War was waged to accomplish their own local kind of ‘globalization’, so the industrial north could the better annex the south to its trade network.

Globalization (a form of government sponsored ‘civil war’) has no other aim than for government elite to repress the base on which it stands, today no longer the southern states, but the East, that is to say, Russia followed by China, India, Brazil, you name it. Indeed, the ‘near East’ of Europe (the Baltics, Poland, western Ukraine, East Germany) have already been successfully annexed (with American help) by what was once known as West Germany. What the Germans failed to accomplish by the arms of the Teutonic Knights in the 13th century, and landed gentry through successive centuries, or WW1 or WW2, in the 20th century, they accomplished by the lie of  globalizing ‘individual liberties’, which protects the Balts from the claws of ‘totalitarian’ President Putin choking the living breath out of the Middle East of Europe ever so ensnared by Presidernt Obama advertising yet another movie scenario from the days when movies were but clouds rising from the swamps along the delta of the Potomac River.

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EC 463 GoveRment is an aLien People
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Ivan and John Become Cognates Again / 2
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It is an old tactic to fight an attacker by retreating, but at the same time the retreat is used to lead the enemy deeper into the wood, an environment that he is not familiar with and the swing of his sword is checked by the branches of the brush. This tactic was used by the Russians against both Napoleon and Hitler. But this is a conventional tactic, and does not suit the present situation, because what the Russians need to do is not only retreat and fool the U.S. and NATO to come deeper into its territory, but in order to be able to turn the tide, Russia has to be able to throw a curve ball that whizzes past Goliath’s nose guard, knocks out his eye, and confuses his bearings.

This is where the government of Russia may ask assistance from and offer assistance to the Russian Orthodox Church—if the same issues Goliath a challenge: “Look behind you! You have no credible history backing you!”

True, the Moscow Patriarchate will have to admit that fearing ridicule of western Catholic (including Protestant) institutions, and coveting peace, it cowered for centuries behind a wall of silence. Nevertheless, if it can master throwing a curve ball (not withstanding unrelenting Catholic bluster), this is the occasion to throw it, just as David dared throw the stone in his sling at Goliath. Initially the Patriarchate may wish to endorse Anatoly Fomenko’s studies, then request a UN sponsored international body of historians to form a Council of Historians to renew the study of world history.

Do you, dear reader, think that the West will laugh, shrug shoulders, and proceed with the plan of attack unchanged? This possibility cannot be rejected. However, the curve ball comes from an unexpected direction: the attack is not a militarily one, but one that makes a claim on Malta as an alternate See for the Russian Patriarchate in Moscow. After all, the Vatican reserves a claim to a similar See.

As a link to the Order of St. John explains:

The “…. modern Order of St. John is an ecumenical, international, Christian organization directly descended from the close collaboration of Crusader Knights with the Hospitaller activities at the Hospice founded before the turn of the 12th Century by Amalfi merchants for pilgrims in Jerusalem.

The resultant Knight Hospitaller Organization was recognized as an Order of Chivalry by Pope Pascal II in a Papal Bull dated February 15, 1113. The Order strongly influenced history in the Holy Land, Rhodes and Malta over the next six tumultuous centuries, and established itself in its hospitaller role as well. Our modern  Order of St. John descends from the Russian Priories established by Grand Master Tsar Paul I of all the Russias who, following the conquest of Malta by Napoleon in 1798, welcomed the Order.” That is to say, many of the Knights of Malta were given refuge from the French on Russian ships at harbor in Valetta, Malta, and hence came to St. Peterburg, and thereafter elected Tsar Paul I as their Grand Master.

As the last paragraph in the link and apologists for the Catholic point of view explain, the order is not unified, but since 2010 is actively seeking to accomplish such a unification, re:

There has since been a relentless search for a way to unify these branches and a first step was achieved in 2010, when during the Sovereign Council held in Budapest, Hungary, a document of unification was signed by four of these Orders.  That document was not seen, however, as a final destination, and endeavors are still in progress in an earnest effort to reach out and unify with these other branches of the Orders that have as a common root their belief in the legal and valid continuity of the Order headed by Tsar Paul I.

With the West beating loudly the drums of war and ready to oppress humankind by burdening it with criminal misuse of tax moneys by its banks, it should be in the interest of the Moscow Patriarchate or close ally to call for the unification of the Order of St. John, convene a meeting of the Sovereign Council or the Order, and if necessary question the validity of the history as told in the West today. It may also request in the Republic of Malta a See for the Moscow Patriarchate.

This may produce a thunder clap loud enough for the world to hear, pay heed, and produce a dialogue over values other than oil. Indeed, we may hear that John Basil is the real name of Jesus, and that Jesus was created to follow John, who died fighting a government of aliens destroying the potential of life with taxes, which have, so far, wrought more death than life.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

EC 462 GoveRment is an aLien People
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Ivan and John Become Cognates Again / 1
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In blog 459, basing myself on the research of the late Lithuanian anthropologist Marija Gimbutas, I suggested that former Balts—who according to Gimbutas had once lived along the shores of the Dnieper River in what is now the Ukraine—following the arrival of taxation (perhaps introduced by Kievan Rus )  had been dispersed (or led by their greedy boyars had been led hence into diasporas now forgotten)—segmenting into Belorussians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles, and Western Ukrainians. The balkanization of the Balts was significantly contributed to by the Slav and German elites, the former succumbing to the first-come-first-served success of the Franks whom now forgotten rebellions of natives had driven from Byzantium to the northwest of Europe.

Because the Great Schism failed to separate the East from the West physically and could not prevent violent attempts at rapprochement by the expelled Franks, the boyars and clerics of the Slavs were forced by the West (with an eye to the distant future) to adopt its version of Christianity, which accepted taxation of the ludi (people) by the rurics* as a God given law.

Nevertheless, in spite being compelled to accept the Western version of the Holy Script, the Eastern Christian Churches stubbornly retained many of the rituals prevalent at the time of the Schism, through which the people remained bound to the democratic ways of people living off the gifts of the wood and land. Many years later Tsar Peter tGrt found these habits ‘’backward’ and subjected the Russian people to further abandonment of their traditions.

Perceiving Tsar Peter’s ‘reforms’ as a last opportunity (before they took effect and it was too late), the last of the Vikings, the Swedes (backed by the French) attacked Russia and wrought great havoc through vast stretches of the land. The Swedish King Gustav X was followed by Napoleon. Gustav X and Napoleon were both defeated by Russia. However, the ‘reforms’ (actually disruption of native traditions) of Tsar Peter continued to work well enough to provoke among the Russian people great unease and, if you will, disturbance of soul.

The disturbance was taken advantage of by Lenin, who along with Marx assigned the success of the West to capitalist industrialization rather than taxation and the graft of a lie to the Holy Writ through persecution and terror of the Inquisition. Facing defeat by the West, where government by taxation had become part of the warp and waft of society, the Bolshevik ‘revolutionaries’ had little choice but increase violence against their own. Merciless and excessive violence brought Lenin and Stalin ‘victory’, but it did not reveal the causes of the Great Schism, which was forcing all of Eurasia to live as we know today, a history under a false flag hung in a tree with its insatiably thirsty roots soaking up groundwater fertilized by Murti Bing Juice fracked into the ground by the CIA.  

The West today faces collapse brought on by its very success. To survive, it needs to seal the coffin of Eurasia’s contaminated past in a sarcofagus no anthropologist will be able to unseal. To do this successfully, it is attempting to dismember and balkanize Russia. To cover up its intentions the West is putting up a smoke screen it calls ‘globalization’. Globalization is served up with a puree called ‘human rights’, which ‘freedom’ Janis Jopplin once defined as “nothing left to lose”. So far, ‘human rights’ have silenced community protests until the community is past saving itself.

The secretive ways of the West may not fool all, but it does fool many of the ‘younger generation’, which knows nothing of the freedoms enjoyed by those facing the challenges of the natural world. Many such alienated youths live in Russia, where not a few worship the likes of Pussy Riot as their heroines. Still, the ‘backward’ narod keeps its distance from these cosmonauts.

Having failed to provoke a ‘popular’ revolt against Russian President Putin in Moscow, the West continues to prepare the ground for more violent confrontations while Russia’s Foreign Minister may be taking a defensive role for a little too long.

What to do?

* As I have explained in some previous blogs, the peasantish consonant ‘L’ was in some instances replaced by the royal consonant ‘R’. This may also be the case with the words ‘narod’ or ‘nalud’ versus ‘ruric’, which at one time may have been pronounced ‘ludic’ or ‘luvic’, a word which once stood for oarsman.

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EC 461 GoveRment is an aLien People
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How Ivan Became Peter 3
© Translation Eso A.B.

The self-righteousness of the United States of America, which it calls ‘’exceptionalism’, justifies itself by telescoping itself over and over again  to top the desperate resistance offered its aggressions by those it humiliates and destroys. Blithe monsters such as Dick Chaney and Joe Biden, and former President Bush Jr., ‘happily’ seconded by the entire U.S. government bureaucracy orchestrate weaponized maelstroms of terror and torture, which, apparently, no one in government can tell one from the other as to our short-term, and only a life-long  present, it all seems the same\ (Click 11:24: “War crimes are defined by the winners,” and, so far, so is history.)

While Karl Marx describes workers in the capitalist system as alienated from their work due to the monotony of work in factories, the opposite view prevailed under the artisan caste system, which existed before the institutionalization ot taxation and government as a mashine. To be a worker in a caste of cart makers was not only a matter of pride in one’s skills, but an adventure. Artisans in the days when humankind lived in the wood and field often were ‘traveling servicemen’. Distant memories of these artisans may be found in stories, for example, the traveling actors in Ingmar Bergman’s movie “Seventh Seal” (see 1:22), and such names as ‘Johnny Appleseed’ (a traveling seed salesman in Pensylvania), or tailors, or barbers, the latter now making house calls for well to do clients.

While the word ‘caste’ is now almost exclusively interpreted to refer to social stratification, the original meaning is still remembered in such words as German “Kunst” (Art), which profession continues to retain elements  of an informal association.

Yet when man was not burdened with having to keep a shop, an account book, and a cash register, the castes or kunsts were many: musicians, knife sharpeners, rope makers, healers, fortune telling gypsies, wood cutters, carpenters, and many who traveled with knights or samurai, such as weapons’ carriers and comfort women. To say the least, such a life was ‘on the move’, always challenging, with few dull moments, and blessed by not having to trouble itself with taxes.

It appears that as the next to the last caste, came bands of hunters, who were created by barons, boyars, princes, various lords, and not least kings, whose authority gave them special protection. This is where begins the story of the evolution of government bureaucracy. After the hunters had collected great wealth for their Lords by means of the slaughter of animals to collect the fur tax, the repetitiousness and sameness of the task (whether in Kamchatka or South Dakota) facilitated the development of factory methods (slaughter houses were the among the first factories). This also facilitated the introduction of money as a universal tool of exchange. Thereafter, the only castes that remained were the tax collectors and ‘comfort women’. Interestingly, the last often escaped taxation due to the privacy of the transaction and its secretive back alley location.

While there are many disputes of just who the ‘tax collectors’ were (today they are likely to be a nameless bureaucrat, lawyers and the police), it appears their origin is to be sought among a caste of loggers, who at one time were recruited in great numbers by princes building forts and castles of wood. Because the loggers were indispensible and often transported logs from far upstream along river routes, and were familiar with territories far away from their immediate homes, they were in a position to be hired as the first hunters, and fur-tax collectors, which earned them considerable resentment (along with secreted wealth). Because the tax collectors had not created themselves (unless their origin is to be sought abong bands of robbers), but were brought into being by an elite, their business of killing and depriving the herders of many of their beloved reindeer, they were much resented. This is why the same princely elite, in order to deflect blame from themselves, transferred the blame for taxation on the hunters and tax collectors.

As it happened, many of these came from Khazaria, once a heavily wooded land, which wood is the source of the famouns black soil of the Ukraine. In short, this is the land that was the home of a people who today we know as Hebrews, a proto-Germanic people, possibly once herders of reindeer as the rest of their neighbors. Perhaps their fate did noot much differ from the Frankish Vikings, who were trapped in the tundras and swamps of Scandinavia prior to the Storrega landslide off the coast of Norway, that swamped Doggerland and separated the north of Europe from its southern mainland.

This writer suggests that it is sometime during the recovery period (from approximately 8000 BC forward) that followed the catastrophe, as he reindeer herders from Khazaria and other Black and Caspitan seas areas gradually found their way back to the lands of their origin that hardships unknwn in earlier times created great changes in what had earlier been a relatively peaceful life style. The innovation was the introduction of casual violence against the animal herds, which previously had served mostly as milking animals, with only older and dying animals providing the pelts for a personal wardrobe and lining of tents in winter.

The Khazarian Yiddish and the Baltic Zhids had for a long time intermingled with the Germans, the Slavs, and the Mongolian people of the East. Nevertheless, these same people were held together by the longue duree effects of history enhanced by the bonds of the artisan caste systems. This is how the Lithuanians, under attack by the knights of Teuton (T=Tau), recognized their former self in the Polish people, and the Livonians heard familiar echoes in the Herrnhuters, who brought with them a renewed interest in the secrets of the Hebrew Kabala.

Not least, the calamity experienced by the khazarians, who were forced to become a caste of tax collectors, was likely recognized early on, when the earliest parts of the Bible were written by the woodsmen as they whiled away the long winter nights in log shelters in the wood (Genesis 4): “ Cain* said to the Lord, “My punishment** is more than I can bear. Today you are driving me from the land, and I will be hidden from your presence; I will be a restless wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me…. But the Lord said to him, “Not so[e]; anyone who kills Cain will suffer vengeance seven times over.” Then the Lord put a mark [?T=stretching rack for skin] on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him.* So Cain went out from the Lord’s presence and lived in the land of Nod,[f] east of Eden….”***

*Is Cain’s life to be spared 7x because he is a tax collector for the King?
**Could it be that Cain did not slay Abel, but that Abel stands for Cain’s slaughter of reindeer and other wild life? Why is the serpent replacing the traditional reindeer or guardian lions in the Biblical scene by the Apple Tree? Is the Serpent the last wild creature left alive?
***If Marija Gimbutas, the late Lithuanian anthropologist is right in identifying the shores of the Dnieper River as former lands of the Balts, it is possible that the Garden of Eden stands for a Garden of Plenty, re: ‘ēdene in Latvian to this day means an ‘eating place’.







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EC 460 GoveRment is an aLien People
© Eso A.
How Ivan Became Peter 2

Historian R.I. Moore points out in his book “The Formation of a Persecuting Society”, that Europe had not “exhibited the habit of persecution to anything like the same degree before the eleventh century, but that it continued to do so thereafter for the rest of its history, at least until the middle of the twentieth century ”. I go professor Moore a step further: that the persecution continues still, and as per blog 459, threatens the world, and seeks its violent denouement in 2014 or 2015.

If I am correct, and I dare say that I am at least in general outline*, it is because the lie or ‘false flag’ raised to its nth in 1118 with the execution of John Basil by Byzantine Emperor Alexis I, which western or Frankish Christianity rewrote and claimed to have happened in the year 1 with the crucifixion of Jesus, whose death roughly mirrors that of John.

While the death of John differs in the given link from the death ascribed to him by Anna Comnena (in a pit of fire)  in her biography of her father Emperor Alexis I, from the death in Matthew 14, where he is beheaded by Herod, all descriptions are agreed that it was an event recorded for times to come. Such a consensus could only be arrived at if the immediate centuries that followed John’s death did indeed see the event as one where the sages (in W.B, Yeats words) “perned in the gyre” and “consumed the hearts away” of long established earlier generations.

It is possible that John’s death by being thrust in the pit of fire is reflected in the Aztec myth of their God Nanauatzin jumping into the fire to start the Sun moving.  While the historians of today are not likely to ascribe it plausibility, it is not impossible to imagine that early eastern Christians fled the system of taxation imposed on them by the Franks across the ocean to Mexico. This would explain the Jesuit say that the devil had implanted Christian resemblances in Mayan culture, where the God Quetzalcoatl was said to have been born of a Virgin and was believed he would return. In the legend of Jesus, the death by fire is nearly lost, except for the fire in the court of Herod likely kindled with the broken chairs of the Last Supper**. As the text reads now (Mark14:53-65), it is Peter “who followed him (Jesus) far off” who sits by the fire, but if we remove the words “far off”, it is both Jesus and Peter who sit by the fire where the high court and police interrogate Jesus, but failing to find fault with him, turn and interrogate also Peter.

But the story which seems to me a relatively straight forward one has been complicated beyond belief by those who serve the government caste and the events that have evolved out of its lies.

What is worse is that the majority of humankind has come to believe the government version of history and has become as if welded to it by many tragic turns in the story.

The first major tragedy is, of course, the gradual introduction of taxation and rejection of the idea that human society is able to live well without it. While the mature adult generations suffered great tragedies resisting the encroachments of the elitist classes, the young have taken to it with irresponsible glee of which ‘human rights’ is but the latest pop-elixir and black flag.

The list of tragedies begins with the death of John Basil and reaches its mature stage with Peter (so-called) tGrt, who sets the stage for the Revolution of those ignorant of their history, which is led by Lenin and consummated by Stalin. The last even confused the meaning of tragedy, because while instigated to violence by the resentments against the West by his early Christian orthodox teachers in Georgia, Stalin was misled by western educated Marx, who had no idea that at the root of the problem was taxation and the civilization it wrought, but believed that the fault lay with capitalism, which accumulated wealth at the expense of those who were repressed and remained forever poor. The slaughter that resulted from Stalin’s  simplistic notions, edged on by no less simplistic notions of capitalism promoted by Germany’s Hitler, brought into being the present catastrophe at the end of ‘Dead End Street’ (where a U.S. Secretary of Defense, no less ignorant of history than the ‘gay’ Defense Secretary of Latvia) do what they can to promote WW3.

*As far as I know, critics (myself including) of catholic or globalist history are calling for a General Council of World Historians under the auspices of the United Nations to reexamine historical records and other relevant materials to create a universally acceptable permanent or temporary record of the history to supersede the present chronology and interpretation given it.

**The name ‘Cathar’, name of early eastern Christians in prehistoric France, relates to ‘cathedra’, chair, which along with weaving was the means of livelihood of said caste of artisans. The name ‘caste’ as referring to social stratification in India is a western invention in the same manner as some Harvard and MIT professors belittle the average Americans as ‘stupid’.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

EC 459 GoveRment is an aLien People
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How Ivan Became Peter 1
© Translation Eso A.B.

Sergey Ivanov the head of Russian Presidential Administration believes that he knows best what ails religion and the world, both.  In a recent statement to the media, see link , he blames the West for the religious intolerance shown by the violent ‘muslim’ factions known as or associated with so-called IS (Islamic State).

To those of us who follow the alternate chronology of history opposed to that promoted by the West (and by the Russian establishment) and most recently promoted by the Russian mathematician turned historian Anatoly Fomenko (he decisively proved that the Russian novel “Quiet Flows the Don” was not authored by Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov., but Fyodor Kryukov , a Cossak and anti-Bolshevik, who died in 1920 of typhoid fever), Mr. Ivanov is misstating the case. Though minimally correct, Mr. Ivanov stretches the truth to accommodate the views of the post-Soviet orthodox elite of the Russian government, thus accommodating the Soviet (largely Western) view of Russian history.

Russian history (so far as History before the 16th century can be called history) was equal to being the history of the world until the ‘Great Schism’, which (according to ‘history’ subject to western catholitization and/or globalization processes) occurred in 1054. As the link explains, the Great Schism initiates a history that has both an Eastern and Western perspective. This perspective becomes wholy a Western perspective following the reign of Peter (so-called) The Great.

It was at the time of Tsar Peter that the East was compelled to recognize the methods of violence practiced by the West (Holy Roman Empire et al) as superior to the opposition offered it by the yet prehistoric culture predominant in the East. While violence was not unknown in the East, by comparison to the West, it was still under the influence of restraints offered by the relatively nonviolent culture practiced by the nomadic reindeer herders who once defined the life style of Europe and Asia, but which life style was increasingly pushed by the West to the East, and which border at Peter’s time was defined by what we today know as the East of the EU as defined by NATO, re: Finland, the Baltics, Poland, western half of the Ukraine, and Belarus. Indeed, it is for this reason why Ukraine today is still remembered as meaning “border land” and why the Ashkenazy Jews until recently spoke ‘Yiddish’, a vernacular of German, a language with roots in the Frankish people living at the time in the areas around the Black Sea. This is also whence the so-called ‘Volga Germans’, who at a later date were concocted by Tsarina Catherine tGrt (1762) to be German peasant immigrants, an unbelievable number of who (15 million) were said to have been sent to the Gulags by Stalin.

The event known as the Great Schism was a proto-World War, which separated the East and from West, the latter arising from the Germanic Franks, who were driven from Byzantium westward, and left the area about the Danube, Dniepr,  Don, and Volga deltas for the deltas of the Elbe and Rhine in the northwest of what is known as Europe. In other words, Yiddish did not arise from German, but the German language arose from its proto-language—Yiddish.

The Great Schism resulted in a great confusion of peoples. What had once been an area of the Balts (now Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles, Western Ukrainians, Belarusians) were contended over by the Franks and the Slavs. All, except the Belarusians came decisively under the control of western Catholicism, which was spearheaded by the Holy Roman Empire, made up of proto-Germanic states and princi[paliies or baronies.

For all that, the post-Soviet era, offers the same have a chance to reincorporate themselves into their ‘prehistoric’ entity. Unfortunately, the very idea is blocked by the superior methods of verbal and physical violence now become the legacy of the U.S., which it returns to Europe under the false flag of NATO. One need only mention the recent revival of Swedish Imperialism and total vacuity with regards to history by the current Latvian Foreign Minister Rinkevics (Latvia soon to chair the Presidency of the Council of the European Union)  and Lituanian President Gribauskaite.

Still, not all hope is lost, as the imminent bankruptcy and non-repayable debt of the world’s corporate capitalist economies (said to be 303 trillion dollars by the U.S. alone) suggest that the only way out of their dead-end creationism (by way of elitist and ‘scientist’  governments) is a return to life in the wood where non-payment of taxes recreates the religion and civilization stolen from the Balts over a thousand years ago.

The institutionalization of taxation, which I contend, brought about the Great Schism in Christianity—dividing it in an eastern anti-taxation vs a western pro-taxation branch, squeezed and decimated the in-between Baltic region, which came under the influence if not in all cases under the occupation of the Holy Roman Empire.

We can trace the Fourth Crusade (1204), the Swedish led Great Northern War (1700-1721), the Napoleonic  invasion of Russia (1812), Hitler’s Nazi attack (1941-1945), and the current NATO aggression  (2014-..) to the above described geopolitical reality Unfortunately the burial of historical events by western Christian persecution of historical truth continues to this day, and prevents the post-Baltic people of taking advantage of a unique historical opportunity of uniting,  and presenting to the East and West and effective geopolitical barrier to a conflict now more than eight hundred years in duration.



Thursday, December 11, 2014

EC 458 GoveRment is an aLien People
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The Mints of the Crumbling Cookie
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The following is a video of a young MIT economics professor-‘priest’ of the order of PhD being forced into a corner by a politician doing little more than repeating back to the priest his own words .

I am not known for looking favourably on that group of men and women who presume themselves to step in between the individual and his-her God (or Eternity) in order to enable yet another group of men in the business of politics to become newly minted Gods as it were.

My perspective is influenced by my spiritual inheritance, which comes through an old and labyrinthine line issuing from a long line of ancestors of which I can trace a) five generations through church records; b) another five generations or more through the analysis of my dna; and c) ten more generations through what I know of religious history, specifically as it effects eastern and western Christian theology. True, much of this ancestry is shrouded in fog and lacks detail, and such pathways as I have reconstructed are through pareidolia that comes naturally to a poetically inclined mind. The poet necessarily tests and plays with words—whether they be of grasses or trees or whether they be form clusters of thoughts—a practice which allows words and word clusters to combine in such ways as to provide the poet and his audience with new insights into the nature of things.

The word clusters that issue from the young MIT economic professor damn him as a representative example of a ‘priesthood’ of atheists that presumes to rule in our time in no less audacious manner than once upon a time the Dominicans and the Franciscans presumed to impose their rule through violence over 12th century Europe.*

Incidentally, the Franciscans named themselves after the Franks, who had settled in the Benelux after being forced to flee from Byzantium herders of reindeer, while the Dominicans originate from the environs of the battle fields of a crusade in Languedoc.

As if to do professor Gruber’s arrogance one better, biologist Richard Dawkins, attacks the very nature of human beings who perceive their consciousness to be more than imprisonment in matter that makes up the materialist and behaviourist body politic and is limited to the brain mass in their heads. The discussion at the link is designed to project biologist Dawkin’s views, not to test or analyze the views of the participants or the presumptions of Dawkins himself. My view is that the discussion is at a third remove from the events that motivate their remembrance—if we give credence to the concerns that question the validity of the Catholic version of history, which arose  from the priests of Western Christianity siding with governments which founded themselves on the repression of people through the imposition of taxation and removal of the 11th Commandment from the Bible. While there is no direct evidence that there ever was an 11th Commandment, we may deduce its existence through the fact that no one in the West of yesterday or the World of today questions taxation or doubts that it is an evolutionary by product of Nature once it is factored into the social fabric.

It is worth remembering that the form of government known as ‘democracy’ has no attraction for the majority of people (except perhaps at the time of the overthrow of a king explicitly opposed to his self-sacrificing predecessors). While today kings are no longer facts of life, we have massive state propaganda aimed against ‘communism’, which defines as common ownership of everything (or as: “a socioeconomic system structured upon common ownership of the means of production and characterized by the absence of social classes, money,[3][4] and the state”. What is generally omitted from the last definition is the fact that elitist leadership has forced humankind from the wood into the desert and rubbish pile of the fort-castle-city, where the beneficiaries of the desert of concrete is the elite, while the commons is forced to abandoned the ‘gifts of nature’ which accompanied humanity as it rose to consciousness.

What differentiates Marx’s communism from Nature’s communism is “ownership of the means of production”. Production in our time is no longer in the hands of the bourgeois, but pseudo-state corporatism. It was clear from the beginning of the Industrial age that state corporatism was in no way equivalent to Nature’s communism. Today, we have additional proof of the non-equivalence between the production methods of nature and corporations in the exhaustion of natural resources and energy needed for their extraction—as the following podcast makes clear

The question that confronts us today is: How are we going to survive? The answer: not by ‘democracy’; but by the self-sacrifice of that God who affects our imagination.

*St. Dominic presumed Western Christianity to be superior to Eastern Christianity, which prevailed in Albigensia (now part of southern France), and helped wage war against the Cathars, eastern Christians who had gained the loyalty of the local populace by their self-sacrificial ways. Western and Frank led Catholic Christianity devised various ways to dismiss the Cathars as undesirables, not least by proclaiming that they were a recently arisen heretical=Manichean sect, in spite of the fact that evidence leads to the conclusion that the Cathars (artisans who likely specialized in weaving and making chairs) were the true followers of King John, whereas Jesus Christ was an invention of the tax imposing Franks.



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EC 457 GoveRment is an aLien People
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Death as Autodictat
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NO HISTORIAN has pointed out that so-called ‘Revolutions’, for the most to have been the French, Russian, and Chinese REVOLUTIONS. did not change anything, though they did for a brief time redistribute the old wealth patterns. A real Revolution is more like a miracle as it is achieved by non-violent and not-violent means and leads to a democracy as a God given government, not in the city, but in the wood and field.

Such a Revolution necessarily takes us back to Nature, where creation occurs gradually and is tested every inch along the way. Though today ‘reformers’ shift their dreams from a gasoline driven car to a car powered by electric batteries, a civilization that lives in Nature would have few engines more powerful than the bicycle and the horse drawn wagon. These have the benefit of slowing down the factory-like pace  of life. Such a civilization will have no armies, except perhaps wild pigs in the wood coming to raid unprotected potato fields.

Nice though Nature is, the question is”: How are we to return to it on a permanent basis?

I am inclined to reply that we cannot return by an act of will, but only through the collapse of the will that presently drives us toward a global civilization of liberal (exploitative) capitalism. This may in fact be happening as I write, though we will only be sure of this when life in the city cannot go on as presently, but realities demand it be dismantled and the people let exit its gates. To put it bluntly: let us leave a famine drive the buddhas in our cities through the gates and force them to see what lies beyond their Castle of Thieves. The sheeple buddhas may experiencee enlightenment and realize that Nirvana is not found in the deserts of our cities,

To those who criticize our contemporary society as intolerable, the ‘humane way to shed the oversupply of zombies is through narco-hypnosis as Aldous Huxley suggested. In effect, our money-bound and demoralized society ought not be fought against or demonized, but let go its way of least resistance by legalizing drugs, and leaving the policing of their use to individuals. In this way, the people in the cellars and alleys who shoot themselves up with H or meditate themselves out of stress by accepting the capitalist is as IS, either reach for an overdose or return to Buddha as singulars, so that those destined to survive may become horse owners again.

If narco-hypnosis is fought by governments as it does it today, no miracle is possible except at an enormous cost of violence and lives; and no way out of the closing in chaos. Such a scenario guarantees an almost certain death not only of individuals beyond repair, but those who have a chance to survive and create viable tomorrows.

One of the tools to lead us out of dead-end Industrial Revolution will be the King or Queen reinstated by a  reverse Revolutionary act.

I support an imaginary monarchy, because if the reinstated King fulfils a real function and is taught the history of his=her office by a learned anthropologist, he=she  will eventually become full blown imaginary figure through the fact that, he=she committs to taking his=her life just as God did after he had created the world. No, God did not ‘rest’. After He resurrected himself, He made statues of Himself as He was when dead or, to put it another way==as the state he is in today .

Jesus and John Basil become the ‘objects petit a’ ("objects little a") of their own desire. While this sounds contemporary and Lacanian, it was a perspective shared by the ancient Egyptians through their Gods Atum and Ptah, who masturbated to create the world. While the phallus of our time is manifest as a computer guided rocket, the Egyptian king always held in his hand the ‘djed’ or, if you will, the vertebra of his spine.

What our time has forgotten is that there is a difference between an actual object and a visualized object. The visualized or painted object can never be an actual object, and is, therefore, always part of a vision. What distinguishes a photograph from the actual and visionary is that it straddles both worlds by the fact, that our mind has prior knowledge that the object in the photograph is actual. What a photographer as an artist learns to do is obfuscate the actual in such a way as it tends to become a vision of somewhat unreal object(s), which forces the viewer to look at the photograph not only as a graphic, but as the act of an object in the process of becoming something more.

In this way the creative masturbator or masturbatrix exits from his-her inner imagination into a world of objects. This happens in the act of Isis  resurrecting Osiris. As we of today know, human creators have created a world that is a desert, while the Goddess Isis-Hathor rose our of Herself as the Sun introduces no taxes, but receives from us gifts, which are our prayers.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

EC 456 GoveRment is an aLien People
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The Ought of Revolution: To The End of Reconstitution of Viable Community
© Translation Eso A.B.

A chorus is a group of singers or speakers, which the longer the group exists becomes ever more like that of a single body or a community.

This was something well known by my forebears who reconstructed the war torn social fabric of what was once known as Livonia. Indeed, their restitution and healing was so successful that out of their effort, there emerged in the course of time two separate countries: Estonia and Latvia.

Today, however, the two states are falling apart and crumbling, and no one seems to be able to put Humpty Dumpty together again. Why? What has changed? The 18th and 19th centuries were after all still horse and buggy days, whereas today we live not only in the machine age, but the machine rules almost over everything, and is being superseded by the electron and talk goes of a coming age of quantum computers.

The answer is a simple one: Today the states are so centralized and powerful that they cannot envisage ‘running’ a country any other than from the top or from the top down as we say.

If so, did not the Herrnhuters (my forebears) do something wrong? Well, yes, they did. They passed their power and authority to the Lutherans, a ‘reformed’ branch of globalizing Catholic theology. Because they did not believe in violent opposition, but were willing to submit like lambs. The latter according to the teaching of Matthew 10:16 : “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves….” When the Lutheran clergy pressed the Herrnhuters to vacate their places for the orthodox church, the Herrnhuters withdrew. Of course, some did act shrewdly. My grandfather was one of them. He withdrew from teaching and went into newspapering and hit it big. By way of England, America, and then Russia, they brought to Latvia the penny newspaper concept, which necessarily made the newspaper the vehicle of advertising.

But such individual successes did not manage to keep the values of my grandfather’s predecessors intact. In a few words, the old values argued that there should not stand some other between man, woman and God. An absolute and non-thinking dogma of non-violence retreated meekly when it should have found ways to repell the orthodox attacks. Unfortunately, the means were not discovered.

Yet such means of non=violence exist, as I have argued some hundred blogs or more in the past, where I translate ‘non-violence’ to really carry the meaning of ‘not-violence’. What distinguishes the two words is that ‘not-violence’ defines violence as non-violence against others, but reserves it for itself as a tool of self-sacrifice on behalf of one’s own. Indeed, one Latvian historian, Kaspars Klavins has argued in his book “apSTĀVĒŠANA” that the descendants of Latvian Herrnhuters were noted for their ability to sacrifice themselves for their fellows, when they participated in rebellions against their German overlords.

The concept of not-violence was removed from the values of the Catholic Christian Church, probably due to pressures from secular rulers, just as same had forced some early Eastern  Christians to reject community practices when coming face to face with taxation.  This resulted in power and authority passing to secular parties, who then founded a separate Western tax supporting Church.

Examples of not-violent Gods begin with the Christian God Jesus (and/or John Basil) and reach far far back in time, among the latter which is the Aztec God Nanahuatzin (see previous blog), who due to his self-sacrifice not only came from the ranks of the humblest of gods to become the Sun Itself. In any case, while the doctrine of not-violence existed implicitly in the Herrnhuter teachings, they failed to remember the act of their founders (John and/or Jesus) as they died in a fire pit or on the cross.

The Catholic and Globalist teachings against violence are a matter of dogma today, and are reflected in most Western liberal countries rejecting the death sentence. Given that the elites and government leaders today do not sacrifice themselves, but have been effectively removed from the ranks of common soldiers who must die on orders of their orders, I concur with reservations. That reservation states that it is the leadership that must exercise obligatory self-sacrifice if humankind is to achieve for non-violence a place in the Sun.

My reversal of government imposed values follows ancient theology found in many myths, where it is not only the King who dies, but also where God sacrifices Himself, when he rejects his own prayer by responding to it with an autodictat: "My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass me by. Nevertheless, let it be as you, not I, would have it."