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EC 460 GoveRment is an aLien People
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How Ivan Became Peter 2

Historian R.I. Moore points out in his book “The Formation of a Persecuting Society”, that Europe had not “exhibited the habit of persecution to anything like the same degree before the eleventh century, but that it continued to do so thereafter for the rest of its history, at least until the middle of the twentieth century ”. I go professor Moore a step further: that the persecution continues still, and as per blog 459, threatens the world, and seeks its violent denouement in 2014 or 2015.

If I am correct, and I dare say that I am at least in general outline*, it is because the lie or ‘false flag’ raised to its nth in 1118 with the execution of John Basil by Byzantine Emperor Alexis I, which western or Frankish Christianity rewrote and claimed to have happened in the year 1 with the crucifixion of Jesus, whose death roughly mirrors that of John.

While the death of John differs in the given link from the death ascribed to him by Anna Comnena (in a pit of fire)  in her biography of her father Emperor Alexis I, from the death in Matthew 14, where he is beheaded by Herod, all descriptions are agreed that it was an event recorded for times to come. Such a consensus could only be arrived at if the immediate centuries that followed John’s death did indeed see the event as one where the sages (in W.B, Yeats words) “perned in the gyre” and “consumed the hearts away” of long established earlier generations.

It is possible that John’s death by being thrust in the pit of fire is reflected in the Aztec myth of their God Nanauatzin jumping into the fire to start the Sun moving.  While the historians of today are not likely to ascribe it plausibility, it is not impossible to imagine that early eastern Christians fled the system of taxation imposed on them by the Franks across the ocean to Mexico. This would explain the Jesuit say that the devil had implanted Christian resemblances in Mayan culture, where the God Quetzalcoatl was said to have been born of a Virgin and was believed he would return. In the legend of Jesus, the death by fire is nearly lost, except for the fire in the court of Herod likely kindled with the broken chairs of the Last Supper**. As the text reads now (Mark14:53-65), it is Peter “who followed him (Jesus) far off” who sits by the fire, but if we remove the words “far off”, it is both Jesus and Peter who sit by the fire where the high court and police interrogate Jesus, but failing to find fault with him, turn and interrogate also Peter.

But the story which seems to me a relatively straight forward one has been complicated beyond belief by those who serve the government caste and the events that have evolved out of its lies.

What is worse is that the majority of humankind has come to believe the government version of history and has become as if welded to it by many tragic turns in the story.

The first major tragedy is, of course, the gradual introduction of taxation and rejection of the idea that human society is able to live well without it. While the mature adult generations suffered great tragedies resisting the encroachments of the elitist classes, the young have taken to it with irresponsible glee of which ‘human rights’ is but the latest pop-elixir and black flag.

The list of tragedies begins with the death of John Basil and reaches its mature stage with Peter (so-called) tGrt, who sets the stage for the Revolution of those ignorant of their history, which is led by Lenin and consummated by Stalin. The last even confused the meaning of tragedy, because while instigated to violence by the resentments against the West by his early Christian orthodox teachers in Georgia, Stalin was misled by western educated Marx, who had no idea that at the root of the problem was taxation and the civilization it wrought, but believed that the fault lay with capitalism, which accumulated wealth at the expense of those who were repressed and remained forever poor. The slaughter that resulted from Stalin’s  simplistic notions, edged on by no less simplistic notions of capitalism promoted by Germany’s Hitler, brought into being the present catastrophe at the end of ‘Dead End Street’ (where a U.S. Secretary of Defense, no less ignorant of history than the ‘gay’ Defense Secretary of Latvia) do what they can to promote WW3.

*As far as I know, critics (myself including) of catholic or globalist history are calling for a General Council of World Historians under the auspices of the United Nations to reexamine historical records and other relevant materials to create a universally acceptable permanent or temporary record of the history to supersede the present chronology and interpretation given it.

**The name ‘Cathar’, name of early eastern Christians in prehistoric France, relates to ‘cathedra’, chair, which along with weaving was the means of livelihood of said caste of artisans. The name ‘caste’ as referring to social stratification in India is a western invention in the same manner as some Harvard and MIT professors belittle the average Americans as ‘stupid’.

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