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EC 466 GoveRment is an aLien People
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The ‘Yankee’ Declaw Machine / 3

In the previous blog, I wrote: the “‘second birth’ refers to the goal of maturation and overcoming of fear of death, which (spiritual birth) is the aim of humankind tending toward the realization of a Kingdom Under God.”

Like most ‘educated’ people, I do not feel all that comfortable using the word ‘God’ in the sense that He/She/It is real and owns, in Afterlife, a garden known as Paradise. When I was yet a child, I disliked clerics because of their black garb and morbid solemnity, which I could not associate with reality as I then knew it, but was exclusively associated with funerals. As I grew older, and had navigated my way through Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, I began to be put off by the poet’s fantasy, which clearly was fantasy and, again, did not match what I saw or had learned of and about reality.

Then came a few real-life episodes which I survived by the skin of my teeth: the Soviet Cheka sent most of my extended family to the Gulags, but somehow did not find the time to get to my mother and her brood; a German airplane bombed the highway close to the house, rocked the very foundations of the house, which shattered all the windows, but I was saved simply by turning the color green; and sheer luck caused me to escape from under a cargo of bombs dropped by several B29s. As many people who have had similar close escapes have told, this somehow made me feel select if not by God, then perhaps an angel. So, when hence I told people that I did not believe in God, I said so with reservations.

No doubt, I have my reservations still. On the other hand, I no longer say that I do not believe in God, but rather assert my affirmation with an explanation. My explanation goes something like this:

When a doctor tells that he/she declares a patient dead, my brain resets to the arguments of such doctors, who tell of ‘near death experiences’ of patients, many of which experiences occur while the patients are officially dead. Of course, this does not confirm the existence of God, but it is something that the doctors cannot at this time explain, even as the veracity of the doctors who tell us of this phenomenon is not in doubt.

There is yet another explanation why ‘God exists’ or ‘must exist’. It has to do with politics, and gives an explanation why at the bottom of currently spreading atheism is politics and such scientists of limited wit as biologist Dawkins.

My personal perspective on the chaos that has gripped the world is moved along not only by direct experiences during wartime, but by the perception that the under education of young people as to the nature of politics is deliberate and serves a political caste system ruled by priests of another name. As I have observed in other blogs, the beginning of the political system goes back to the institutionalization of taxation, but also by its own inner logic—necessarily—to western forms of Christianity. All these forms assert ‘resurrection’ from death, none teach of the necessity of sacrifice by those who possess human consciousness and identify themselves as builders of ‘a better world’.

Current or ‘exceptional’ matter—in spite of many denials —is ascribed to animal consciousness; thus, becoming one of the chief sources of the doctrine of ‘individual (i.e., human) rights’. Another doctrine (of atonement) endlessly repeats the assertion that “Jesus died for our sins” and “Jesus saves”.


Is this not a doctrine that allows thieves, murderers, lawyers lawyers, and bankers to escape criminal trials, because the promises come from politicians and their handymen in high places?


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