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An Essay On The Origin Of Populist Kings
By © Anton Wendamench, 2017

Baba Yaga and The Mother of Jesus

Most people recreate life in the image of their environment. For most people the image is created by their immediate forebears and then transmitted through parents and grandparents to themselves. This is how it was from the beginning of time. However, in our day there has been a reversal. The author knows this from the fact that when after 50 years in Martian occupied United States of America, he returned to the country of his birth, there was hardly anybody around who understood the country as it had been fifty years before. Everyone looked at the country with Soviet eyes. The Soviet Union (occupied by a second wave of Martian invaders), having occupied Latvija, had proved itself a more efficient killer of the past than the Romanov tsars.

The idea that “...God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:27) is a hyper egotistic statement. Except for “male and female he created them”, the statement about man being created in the image of God has not been substantiated. Nevertheless, symbolically speaking, the idea is as true as Orson Welles broadcast of the invasion of the United States of America by Martians in 1938. The denial of either ‘facts’ is by none other than the creators of said facts. In the first instance, the creators of the God in their image and, in the second instance, the creators of the Martians in their image, were none other than certain oppressors of human beings.

The notion that Jesus was God Who had come among humankind is a concoction of an ecclesiastical bureaucrascy, one thought up by the Council of Nicea. As we see from the reaction of the man who is asked to comment on this in above link, he has no answer but a concoction of words that are evasive and by so being mean to confuse. Indeed, the notion is as contrary to fact as is the United States of America or any other nation that claims itself to be an ‘exceptionalist nation’.

Why and how Jesus came to be God is buried in a history of long ago, and can no longer be associated with any specific event. As illustrated by America, history (aside from actual event) is an invention of the ruling establishment. This is why every so often we need to reconstruct history as new facts or perspectives come to light and become acceptable. As pointed out in the previous chapter, the initiator of the new perspective for time is a Russian mathematician.

One of the first things to note about Fomenko’s NewChronology is that as NeoChristianity looses ground to Muslims who are currently replacing neoChristian disbelief and materialist culture is that it makes no sense to pretend that Christianity arose in Bethlehem as a spontaneous creation. Indeed, one has to presume that it existed well before the birth of Jesus, who was but one of many Populist Kings. This is proven by the presence of Muslim artifacts in Sweden in the days of non-Christian Vikings.

Incidentally, the designation ‘Populist King’ is what this author uses for what used to be called the Sacred King. Neither a Sacred or Populist King survives in our day, but they exist as composite figures in mythology. Mythology is contemporary with a time when people practiced what may be called a self-sustaining economy or autarky. While the link speaks of autarky as a political system, it may also be a system that has no need of government and knows nothing of politics as we know it today.

The Populist King was the King of a population of autarks that had no need of government, but a population that nevertheless liked to be bonded as a community for reasons of security. The Populist King was the Sacred King of a stateless community. He gained the title ‘Sacred’ by offering his life as a ‘live’ sacrifice at the end of his reign. Jesus, like  King Arthur, is such a composite or mythological figure, and was the leader of a community sans government.

Autarks were Populists, though in their own day they never imagined themselves in political terms of our day. A Populist King, too, was an autark, one who had never heard himself so called. The mystery for our day is: How did the Sacred and Populist King come into being?

The answer points to Baba Taiga, the Mother of the Taiga, and the Healer of the People of the Wood. It also points to the beehive.

Though the Queen of bees, bears no outward resemblance to Baba Yaga, Baba Yaga bears resemblance to the Queen Bee in that she is the medicine woman, the indispensible shamaness of a wood dwelling People. The wood is, so to speak, the hive; and the working bees are the people who live in the wood. As a medicine woman, Baba Yaga not only gathers herbs and tests them for their medicinal value, she also gathers the Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, which she eats to gain powers as a seeress. When illness reaches a stage where herbal teas no longer help, Baba Yaga offers the ill person her urine. The urine contains the healing substances of the mushroom. Because the juice has been diluted by having been filtered by the body of the shamaness, its weakened form is deemed of value as medicine. This medicated urine leaves the patient with immediate experiential affect, which, among other things, makes it a ‘powerful’ placebo.

Because a healer is as essential for a human community as an egg laying queen is to the beehive, by extension Baba Yaga is the Queen Bee of a community of humans. Her role increases exponentially when the community experiences disease in the form of an attack by marauders and their like. It is then that Baba Yaga’s son Ivashka, aka Ivan or John the Herder, comes into the picture. Also by extention, John has absorbed some of his mother’s charisma, enough so that he becomes an effective leader of the men of the community who gather to repel the invaders. Ivashka, Ivan, John, Joshua, or Jezhu are one and the same figure; all are associated with healing.

Martian occupied Unites States of America

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An Essay On The Origin Of Populist Kings
By © Anton Wendamensh, 2017

Baba Yaga and Red Riding Hood

Baba Yaga is not a witch with iron teeth as some stories tell (which would place her origin in the Iron Age, not to say the age of knives), but when properly analyzed and understood, She is the Mother of Jesus. As the readers of this author know, he believes that that Jesus represents the Sacred God of the wood come to the city, where He is killed by virtual men (see previous blogs)

The name ‘Baba’ (when applying Grimm’s Law of consonant shift) may also be pronounced as Vava or Dada. Both pronunciations correspond to sounds a baby may make when responding to his-her mother.

The name Yaga—sometimes written Iaga, a name that puzzles orthodox etymologists, is really nothing other than the slavic name for the wood, taiga, the forest that once upon a time stretched from England to Kamchatka and on to Alaska. The reason ‘taiga’ came to be pronounced ‘yaga’ is that Baba Yaga is easier for a baby to say than Baba Taiga.

The taiga is also the home of the sacred mushroom Fly Agaric, also known as Amanita Muscaria. The Fly Agaric, sometimes called Red Riding Hood was popularized in our days by the biblical scholar John Allegro in his book The Sacred Muhroom and The Cross. The book scandalized the orthodox neoChristian and moronic neoChristian fundamentsalist world, and Allegro’s career as a biblical scholar was cruelly ruined. Nevertheless, Allegro’s thesis took root. One who the book influenced was this writer.

As per numerous past blogs, this writer is of the belief that history as it is known today was deliberately falsified. One who initiated the falsification theses in our day is the Russian mathematician (topography his specialty) Anatoly Fomenko through his seven volume series ”History: Fiction or Science”. Fomenko propounds and proves that Western history is much more recent than historians present it, which is why the crucifiction of Jesus (perhaps an execution by auto-da-fe, the executioners being the infamous Inquisition) may have occured as recently as the 11th or 12th centuries.

The rise of the Catholic (globalist) Inquisition is necessarily tied to the rise of individualism (over community), private property (over communal property), virtual reality (over reality of Nature), the city (over the countryside), and not least concrete over wood and grass.

Contemporary humankind, is altogether a creature of the city, which extends its influence over the countryside through the ubiquitous and inescapable presence of television and other media. While pretending intelligence, the tentacles are Virtual Intelligence at its worst if only because real intelligence comes to mime it at several removes.

As for the story of Baba Yaga and her shack in the wood that stands on one leg (or two) of a chicken, the first thing we ought to note is that the door of the shack always faces the wood. The shack turns around whenever it receives a visitor. The symbology of this is plain: Baba Yaga is a creature of the wood, but her visitors come from the virtual world ‘outside’ the wood, wherever the outside may be. In the story at above link, the object of the story is to scare city children of the wood and the Wild Things made cute that live there..

As for the story of Little Red Riding Hood, the object of it, too, is to make the wood and the world of nature scary. Little Red Riding Hood comes to visit her grandmother who lives in the wood—and (oh Dear!) awful things happen. In short, the purpose of the stoy of Baba Yaga and Red Riding Hood is to make us percieve the Natural world as dangerous and scary

It is unlikely that the original intention of the stories of Baba Yaga and Red Riding Hood, both so very similar, was to entertain. We can deduce this if we are a little sceptical and note that the food the witch and grandmother eat is not ‘cake’ and dainties, but the Amarita Muscaria, the pretty looking mushroom so ubigitous in the forest, that is so unpredictable in its effects to the Christian city folk who happen to eat it.

When in the conventional version of the story Red Riding Hood tells the wolf: „Grandmother what big eyes you have”, and the wolf replies „The better to see you, dear,” the answer of the wolf is clearly a lie. In the real or wild world the answer is: „So that I can better see the nice mushrooms you bring me, dear. I so love to eat them”. So, in another version of the fairytale, the wolf eats the mushrooms before he eats Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. In such a sequence, the wolf steals from Red Riding Hood her mushrooms and brings them to her grandmother before Red Riding Hood arrives. This is how the wolf persuades grandmother that he is Red Riding Hood. After grandmother eats the Amanita Muscarias, the wolf eats the mushrooms by eating grandmother. The grandmother then screams in the wolve’s stomach as loudly as she can, which screams the wolf hides by burping loudly as Red Riding Hood comes up to the bed.

The hunter, he who rescues grandmother and Red Riding Hood from the wolf’s stomach, is a new addition to the story. In the story of Baba Yaga, the black smith who forges Baba Yaga her iron teeth, is still part of her forest community, where his main job is to make hooves for horses. But by the time the story becomes that of Little Red Riding Hood, the blacksmith has been turned into a hunter, the lord of the manor, the bored man from the city come to the bosom of Nature all the better to kill her. The alien nature of the hunter is never noted by psychologists who interpret the story. This is because the psychologists, too, are men and women of the city who take a stand against Nature. Their role is not to restore the mentally disturbed to nature, but to restore them as functioning wheels in the engine of the city. Instead of sending their patients off to the wood in a ‘vision quest’, the psychologists precribe pills that render the patient a zombie.

The psychologists are not the only witches and warlocks of our times. In so many city originated stories one can hear the nature alienated anthropologists (so called professors) continue issuing the mantra that humankind originates with ”hunters-gatherers”, rather than herders-gatherers”. There is no shortage of examples for the latter. Indeed, a herder is a near perfect example of one who practices the economy of self-sufficiency of our ancestors. Humankind’s alienation from Nature expresses itself in the desire of so many of humankind to kill animals. Nevertheless, the blame for our sick civilization goes to the mushroom. Why? Because the good news is, so the NeoChristian chaplains tell the soldiers, Jesus came to forgive you your sins (1 John 1:7).

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How They Shut Down Populist Latvijans by © E. Antons Benjaminysh, 2017

Vox Populi, Vox Dei. A coutryside Populist is employed by Nature and God all day long; an urban Populist chokes and enslaves Nature and God until Nature and God die.

A Second Coming?

The so-called ‘democratic’ governments have been tested for over two hundred years and have been found wanting and failing their people. In fact, ‘democracy’ has proven itself a fraud and a victim of advertising, whether by corporate or government powers. The most spectacular failure of ‘democracy’ is the United States of America.

The main problem with American ‘democracy’ is that its repression has had the support of its intellectuals and, unbeknownst to them, the People themselves. Neither the one or the other has been able to comprehend that virtual ‘democracy’ is not an embodiment of democracy, which can only be the result of a long period of evolution, i.e., Nature. Among the short sighted intellectuals one of the best current examples is one Chris Hedges*, a Christian minister by education, a former war correspondent for the New York Times, turned leftist. Hedges appears not to realize that Socialism along with Capitalism gains its authority from the victories gained by fantasy during the Age of Enlightenment, a time when intelectuals dismissed the notion that Life may have a divine purpose. It is not a new problem. The evidence that it has plagued philosophers in the past is best illustrated by the story of Job.

*Chris Hedges—an interesting thinker from the political Left spectrum, but like Stalin, completely clueless of the fact that humankind has so completely left the Natural world that it has become an alien to itself and the Natural world. Though this author identifies with much that Hedges says, when the chips are down, he allows himself to become a zombie and adentifies with the Antifa movement, a bizarre Stalinist Street Theatre troupe playing out its violent emotions among the living.

The main problem for American democracy is greed (a major motivation for a People who have abandoned the countryside and have moved to live in the city). Greed is easily influenced by money and undisciplined consciousness (creativity for its own sake) and dominated by militarist and wealthy classes. It is the latter that ‘locks Americans in’to a box, from which confined space they demand ‘regime change’ for other nations, but refuse to see that a ‘regime change’ is necessary for themselves and its pretentious cities. America is in need of rethinking itself, which will not come about until its cities bankrupt themselves and turn into the deserts of dust they are.

There appears no way for America to avoid a Dead End. This is because all arguments over ‘what should be done?’ gyrate around geopolitical arguments. Geopolitics—as it is understood in America today—is entirely about how to use military power. The wealth of American cities derives from thievery by taxation and manufacture of ammunition and military hardware, a tax on the tax, as it were. Even so, America’s military power has no future, because its future spells but DEATH. Moreover, America’s fortune was based on a future that evolved (like that of Western Europe) from the destruction of the lands of Intermarium (an Empire-in-waiting that was bordered by five seas: the Baltic, the Black, the Aegean, the Mediterranean, and the Adriatic).

However, before geopolitical and military power implodes (and we are at the beginning of such an implosion), we must wait for the collapse of the ideology of the age of Enlightenment and death of cityfolk if they will not leave the cities and move back to the countryside and cultivate, as in times past, the wood as their domicile. The use of military power (as Enlightenment enlightened Bolsheviks used it) to enforce virtual reality is nothing short of suicide by murder of Vox Deus, vox Populi: This is why an Act of God is being awaited by one ( ‘Dead End Dawkins’) and all atheists.

This ACT of God is in the offing. As is often the case with God, it begins with a seemingly innocuous event: President Trump’s challenge to the NFL football players to stand when the American National Anthem is sung before the beginning of a football game. In an oppositional response to Trump, the football players are choosing to kneel or stay in their locker rooms and justify thei departure from tradition, by claiming that President Trump represents Populists, who the  NFL football players and their supporters imply represent Right Wing America. Indeed, President Trump was elected to the office of President through support of Populists.

This puts the outcome of the dispute between President Trump and the NFL football players before the American People, the latter which, when the fight is over, will likely stand for American Populists. Will they vote for Trump or for the highly paid football players who (like it or not) represent American corporate powers? Or will the owners of the NFL football clubs give in when football attendance and viewer audiences decrease and cut revenues? True, if President Trump wins this fight, it does not mean he has won the war. It is but a flag for the contest to begin.

Mundane stuff that. But it may be the spark for bigger things. Dangerous and deadly times are ahead.


This raga or book has been inspired, if you will, by the whisper of God that came by way of having experienced man-made violence. As a raga (a musical composition without end), much of what the author has written is raw, which is to say, as things came to mind. Some years back, trapped in what was essentially the same book and the same arguments and unable to find a way out, the author came across Anatoly Fomenko’s daring suggestion that for the most part ‘history’ was fiction. It was love at first sight. Like Immanuel Velikovsky and his book “Worlds in Collision” (1950), Fomenko was put down by academic historians as some kind of a nut. It was like the same being said about me, when I suggested that the famouns saw of anthropologists that our predecessors were “hunters and gatherers” should really read “herders and gatherers”, that our horses used to be raindeer (watch 11+), that meat and pelts were but incidental to a young or old animal dying. Generally nomads kill an animal only to feast a stranger (as my aunt Emma feasted both the Russian and German soldiers) to avoid harm that might result if one did not do so. Wide spread hunting is the result of taxation, of governments on a ‘maraud’. Let us not forget: the first taxes were of animal skins.

This is the last installment of a raga. A rewriting and reinstalment of chapters (EC611 - 629) will follow.The author thanks his followers for their patience and tolerance of ‘raw’ blogs—not only for this series but others past. For all the author knows, this may be the last installment of a serial raga. Such contributions to Eso’sChronicles (a venture that began in the 1970s at The Boston Ledger, and after a hiatus of many years was resumed in Latvija, first, on the platform of Latvians Online under the authorship of one Jaņdžs, then as an independent blog under its resumed and current name) as may appear in the future may only be occasional. Once more, thank you, readers, one and all.

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