Saturday, December 30, 2017

Afterthoughts and Fillers
By © Anton Vendamencsh, 2017

A Prediction for 2018

The Moby Dick of history destroyed by those who wrote the Bible will breach the surface of the waters again.

Just like the mind between our ears dictates the affairs of our pseudo or Virtual reality, so the mind (of its own) that manifests between our legs dictates the reality of life in the wood. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear know there was no Jesus in the manger this Christmas (2017). Instead, Joseph and Mary used the idled festival to make love in the loft.

It is Jerusalem that is the most virtual of historical realities of our time, which is why it will not root in Israel as a capital city of either Zionist, Muslim*, or Papist** secular theocratists. Instead, the ship’s carpenter—of the very ship ‘Magdalena’ on which Jesus Krist sailed for Occitania, now in southern France--will refit the mast to the ship torn from it by the storms of endless fake Crusades, and the vessel adrift for a thousand+ years will resume its journey for the stars long obscured.

*The essential difference between Christianity and Islam is that Jesus Christ was a live self-sacrifice to the end of creating a community of forest dwellers bound by transcendental love such self-sacrifice inspires; whereas Islam is a precursor to a Lenin and Stalin, one Mohammed, a military leader of desert bound city and town dwellers, who in no way transcends himself. No doubt, today’s Christianity has become cowardly and has lost its edge, which is leadership by example. The self-evident collapse of Western Civilization and the invasion of former Christian lands by Muslims ought inspire a revival of sacrificial Christianity that has long been repressed by western militarists.

**Paradoxically, a resurrection of Christianity could result from a Muslim seizure of the Batichan. Such a seizure would have for its immediate objective a search of its archives for the real history of Jerusalem. The seizure would also serve a number of Christian purposes: a) to prove the history of today’s Israel a fake; b) reveal the history of Christianity no less a fake; c) bring about “the end of times” or history as we know it; d) end the Papacy; e) end ‘religion’—from religio, bringing together—as a divisive phenomenon by f) giving the present Pope the opportunity to salvage his and the Church’s reputation by resuming the role of God incarnate, which was interrupted by the greatest of lies:  the denial of God by refusing to act as if He is real.

Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture
My most favored images at 0:59 un 14:19
My ear responds most to the track 0 to 2:42
Which I title: ”God, here is your Garden”
Then from 13:25 until 14:55
Which I title: ”God, watch your Garden being burnt”
the rockets that follow 14:55 are government propaganda. 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Afterthoughts and Fillers
By © Anton Vendamenc, 2017

A New Year (2018) Prediction:
Women Will Continue To Stress Men

I was watching President Trump’s speech at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, and becoming increasingly concerned over Trump’s uncritical praise of the police. To me Trump’s speech gave clear evidence that Trump has little understanding of the state the American Empire and the catastrophic situation its militarism has placed the world in. No less grating was the applause the president received from the audience. Apparently, the police, too, perceived itself as entitled to be equipped with military type vehicles so best to circumscribe human freedom, when self-circumscription, taught in government supported genderless kindergartens, failed. The ‘laws’ of government-run Paradise were strict and were enforced with incarcerations at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp or even the death penalty. It did not seem to occur to anyone that when law is set against human nature, God, if there is One, will judge it to be illegal and give license to kill the lawmakers.

As I was listening to the speech, I could not help wondering if President Trump had not accepted the invitation to speak, because he knew that the FBI was participating in a quiet coup d’etat  (it had done so with President Nixon) to remove him from the presidential office by impeachment, and that by uncritically flattering the police, he could gain their sympathy and support, when the situation became critical.

As stated in my previous blog (EC639), “Many [have] wondered and asked “Why are so many millenials becoming communists?” The making of a communist in our pseudo Populist-communist empire gained momentum with the election of President Obama, a democrat, who as a black man came to power largely because he attracted the votes of black city Populists. Those who have read my blogs will know that my answer to the question of communism in our time is that a) we live in a Virtual and not Real world; b) the Virtual world has been, for the most part, made in the city; and c) democracy, which is real among the Populists of the wood and countryside is a fantasy among the people when they transfer themselves from the environment of the wood to that of the city. Unfortunately, while the Populists of the city differ radically from the Populists of the countryside, the difference is perceived only superficially. The blame for the failure to perceive Reality goes to Marx, Lenin, and Stalin, who mistook the unrest of the peasants for the unrest of the workers of the cities. The Marxists were of the city environment, and identified themselves with it the most.

The failure of the intellectual elites to perceive who is most trespassed against affected the evolution of the historical  process in an apocalyptic manner. Beginning with Marx, born in 1818 on the heels of the French Revolution (1789-1799), and continuing through the American Civil War, the turning of family farms into factories (plantations in the Caribbean and American South were predecessors to the Soviet kolkhozes), the industrialists and traders turned the Age of Enlightenment into an Age of Hell on Earth. A further result was an extreme polarization of society into Haves and Have Nots. The Have Nots were ‘collateral damage’ of a bank run economy. When in 1929 the graspishness of the elites caused the United States to suffer an economic collapse, Virtualism suffered its first serious defeat in modern times. In order to avoid a Soviet style bloodbath in America, President Roosevelt pushed through legislation for a New Deal—even as the American prison system to this day incarcerates more people than any other nation in the world.

Events tumbled and see-sawed from year to year, with the military-industrial complex making huge advances against the interests of Populists, whether these lived in the city or the countryside. As countryside farmers were replaced by foreign laborers and automation, and the unemployed were replaced by Food Stamps and various government support programs, the notion of a paid for and ‘free’ existence gained nigh universal acceptance. City Populists developed the notion that science and technology was the worm that could live by processing through its body raw dirt. In effect, the social body conceived itself as a worm on the dole. When the recent presidential election put Trump in the president’s office, he interrupted a long storied fantasy of city dwellers, who reacted vociferously to the notion of having to return to work or reorganize society along very different premises than those operating in the time of their parents. Misled by years of prosperity and having been led to believe that the U.S. had somehow escaped Reality by calling itself ‘exceptionalist’, the Virtualists began a ‘last stand’ attack on what was left of Reality. The goal of the attack is to unseat Trump from the presidency and replace him with ‘crooked’ Hillary, who was the losing candidate.

While attacks on President Trump came from every whichway, the most noteworthy and disturbing came from citified women, who perceive Nature as a ‘right wing’ and fascist enterprise, and wish to use the occasion of chaos in government to push their cause against perceived male sexual aggression. Though President Trump escaped the accusations of being a sexual predator, it is not for lack of Virtual women trying. Of course, Trump was not the only target of women indoctrinated by Virtualism. Virtually everyone who associated him- or herself with Nature was being attacked. So far, one legislator has been driven to committed suicide. One would not be surprised if more follow. Males born of Mother Nature were to get their comeuppance from women raised on dreams of Virtual Utopia.

Given the predominance of Virtual Reality and fake history over Reality and real life events continues for the most part unquestioned, and seeing that fakery has not yet broken below its support lines, one can expect that the odd rebel, one real estate tycoon become President, will—come 2018--be impeached. Though from this author’s perspective this seems absurt, we have endured an absurd Age for several centuries, and the momentum may be with the clowns yet*. Moreover, since no one in America (or Europe, or Asia, or Australia,or India, or the Middle East for that matter) is ready to rethink the premises of ‘the good life’ in Virtual reality, an unforeseen and anti-matter ‘accident’ may activate itself again and again side track history. Which is to say, that a second coup d’etat by the FBI will be realized and bring the Klingons to power again.

*As the speculative fever in Bitcoin and anticipated rise in the price of gold and silver attests, neither the Haves nor city Populists are ready to give up on the fantasy of the coming collapse being anything other than a temporary interruption of our Virtual Empire. In fact, all the mentioned will be totally worthless if Nature wins the war. Since the military let the FBI humiliate one of its own, the sacrifice of Lt. General Flynn may be a hint of where the real sympathies of the military lie.

 Trump’s speech at the FBI National Academy
Pseudo Populist-communisty empire

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Afterthoughts and Fillers
By © Anton Vendamenc, 2017

4 A Populist Revolt in Virtual ‘Paradise’

The premise of this book has been that all men and women are born populists when they are born to Nature in the wood, where they sustain themselves by means of an autarchic (self-sustaining) form of economy. The languages of these populists reflect a religious tendency, which religious feeling best expresses itself through various poetic devices. For reasons only casually researched so far, there then occurs a shift toward feelings that reflect violence. As best as can be discovered, the violent feelings have to do with the arrival of warrior princes, who build themselves forts, which in the course of time become cities that become removed from reality and assert virtual reality as superior to the reality introduced by Nature.

In an effort to protect Nature from the cancers of violence brought by a violence prone ruling class, the populists of Nature discover God, who originates in and emeges out of the circle of populist healers or shamans. Instead of offering the populists of the wood herbal teas as medicine, the healers offers them their lives. The offering awes the populace and holds its attention. The charisma mobilizes the people’s spiritual resources and enables them to resist the warrior princes. Needless to say, the latter try to kill God*. This is what is behind the story of Jesus and early Christianity.

*The theology of the neoChristian Catholic Church, the theology of which is accepted by all neoChristian denominations, kills God by removing him from Nature, by equating Nature with the ‘material world’ here and now, and by placing God in a realm reachable only after death.

After the killing of the populist God—aka Christ—the princes of the city rewrite the story of the Savior Christ in such a way that their story effectively neuters and makes God irrelevant. Henceforth, Christ becomes a secular being and friend of tax collectors, whose tax collections help enlarge the forts into cities. A surplus of booty (which includes teeth made of gold) enables cities to offer its inhabitants various advantages, now known as ‘social’ services. These services attract the Populists of the disappearing wood to the cities. The transition from wood and field to the city is wrought with many catastrophies, but after a period of experimentation, the ways of the wood become (through so-called ‘democracy’) the ways of the city, i.e., the natural democracy practiced by the Populists of the Wood becomes the virtual democracy practiced by the city. Democracy as practiced in the environment of the wood is replaced by a parliamentary democracy which sits in the city. Through radio, television, computers, and telephones, the virtual democracy of the city sends an echo to the countryside, where the people (having lost their minds along with their mules) for all purposes agree to believe that Nature is a creation of the city.

The capture of Reality by virtual reality progresses willy nilly for centuries. As long as ‘social services’ are provided and enable city Populists to live a more comfortable life than that offered by the countryside, the cities are everyone’s envy. However, there comes a time, when the cities exhaust the resources of the wood and countryside. This happens when the destruction of Nature reaches such proportions that cities become unnaturally wealthy, and their ‘social services’ attract people from all over the world, especially from so-called ‘third world’ countries. Imigrant men’s sexual organs* take control over their owners minds at the sight of city-women in miniskirts and rapes become commonplace. The imigrants soon overwhelm the cities, and their economies turn into shambles. The collapse creates mass hysteria and eventually (not yet) a mass exodus from cities. The cost in lives (several billion) spells doom.

*The sexual organ (whether male or female) is sometimes called an organ with a mind o its own. The disregard of the truisms of Nature are common to our ‘we know better’ Virtual civilization.

The first to perceive the coming collapse of cities are its elites, the 1% that today own more than 50% of the wealth of their countries. The antennae of the elites receive many rumours of shortages and coming disasters. In an effort to prevent the inevitable, the elites make an attempt to reverse past trends, by trying to persuade the people to desert the city. To this end in 2001 in New York City, the elites create a spectacular event known as 9/11. What with underground nuclear devices exploding, and airplanes flying into buildings, and real people jumping out of broken skyrise windows its one of a kind spectacle. However, the spectacle is botched and backfires, when the elites ‘discover’ the culprits, and name them foreign terrorists. The elites then attack Afghanistan and fake an assassination of the alleged leader of the terrorists one Osama bin Laden (he actually died years earlier of cancer). For all the spectacular nature of the theatrics, the elites fail to break the hypnotic success of the propaganda that has endured for centuries and has persuaded the populace of the superiority of virtual reality over that of Nature. Not only do the Populists of the city not leave the city, but the military activity of the government against foreign terrorists strengthens the inhabitans of the city in their ‘belief’ in the superiority of city life.

When after seventeen years of war in Afghanistan, the United States of America fails to reverse the process of collapse of Virtual reality*, both the government and city populists are seized by a panick that is subliminaly sourced. Cities experience seizures of full-tard hysterics. The hysterics break through the social veneer during the 2016 presidential elections in the United States of America, where an outsider to the entrenched government—a billionaire real estate mogul—threatens to and does unseat the entrenched (deep state) government.

*The collapse of so-called Western world cannot be stopped, but only delayed. Moreover, the latter can be accomplished only through the seizure by the West of the natural resources of the East. Be that as it may (the U.S. effort to detach the Ukraine from the Russian sphere comes to mind), the effort reminds of Hitler’s effort to secure for national socialist Germany ‘Lebensraum’. A translation of Lebensraum into English is ‘breathing space’ in the sense of enabling an extension of emergency services to an otherwise unsustainable, i.e., fake social system.

The American media and academia—having successfully hidden the fashist tendencies of the American government, which began when it took away the land from the native people and against all evidence asserted its aggression to be part of a ‘democratic’ process—broke out in cold sweat, and openly tried to make of lies a holy story. Men and women, knowing only virtual reality, fantasized and asserted that they had no intention to ever leave the virtual reality of the city and resume life as creatures of Nature. In effect, they voted for ‘rapture’ in situ.

National Socialism, a secretive and closeted political phenomenon in America, came out into the open with a violence that could hardly conceal (yet had no inkling of) its roots in the democracy of populists of the wood. Many wondered and asked “Why are so many millenials becoming communists?” A silly question that. Millions of American youths, born of the city, wonder pathetically why the goodies of their Capitalist Paradise are not as free for the picking as buds, seeds, mushrooms, and berries in the wood.

It is disturbing that the authors of articles and videos (either on main stream or alternate media) fail to note that Virtual reality has usurped Nature almost totally. City dwellers have removed themselves from Nature to such a degree that it does not occur to them that communism and democracy among the people of the wood is as inevitable as it is unachievable in the city. Even so, when the People of the wood are enticed to remove themselves to the city and then are faced there with unemployment, lack of sustenance, and a government that presumes to take the place of Nature, the city Populists, aka Anarchists, appear and wreak havoc before Nature declares their movement a failure, collapses, and causes the the populations of cities to die en masse.

Why are so many millenials becoming communists

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