Saturday, April 29, 2017

Of Cities and Citybred Monsters
By © E. Antons Benjamiņš, 2017

It has  come to be that the atheist-controlled community of government has become the fake Godhead over the community of Nature. Likewise, government has made itself to become the People.

The Great Grandson of God* (a play)
*God—see Post Script
(A retelling of the story of King Oedipus)

Master of Ceremony:
According to myth, King Agenor’’s daughter Europa, was kidnapped by a white bull and taken ‘West’. White, as we know, is the color of purity. As we have learned by now, ‘West’ is an illusion that no longer holds.

Cadmus, Europa’s brother, went looking for Europa. Cadmus, among other things, is said to have been the founder of the Holy City of Thebes. In the process of founding the city, Cadmus gave himself in sacrifice, when he slew the Serpent sent against him by the ‘pure’ political powers of the West. The Serpent, having been implanted with a chip of artificial intelligence at the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Brussells, lied to one and all: “I am of the protectors of Civilization.”

Cadmus cut out the tongue of the Serpent, and threw the tongue between the rows of armed men, who had risen from the teeth of the serpent: the teeth siezed not only the tongue (it speaks crooked to this day), but Cadmus as well. Thus, the holy city of Thebes was founded on the efforts of a King willing to sacrifice himself.

Be that as it may, the abduction of Europa started a long chain of events that the West has since tried to deny. It is possible that once brought to the West, Europa was renamed Joan from Ark and burned by the Catholic English at a stake in France. Today the Pope has tried to resurrect Joan by making her a Saint.

King Cadmus was survived by a son named Laius, possibly pronounced Ludis or Ludwig, who too died a sacrificial death, when he was killed by his estranged son Oedipus at the cross roads in a forest near Thebes.

Oedipus, legalistically speaking, was the great grandson of King Agenor. On the other hand, from the point of view of a more intimate perspective, Prince Oedipus was but the son of his mother Iocaste, who had saved him from possible death as a child sacrifice on Mount Citheron, a sacred mountain on a mountain range that lay between two temple cities—that of Thebes and Corinth. It has been rumored that Europa, when unable to bear children, bore a mythic twin sister, and Iocaste was her.

Before their marriage to their respective kings (Iocaste to King Laius, Europa to King Polybus), the sisters had served as temple whores at the temple of the holy city of Corinth. Both sisters (well versed in the art of make-believe love) had lucked out and persuaded the kings of two kingdoms (Thebes and Corinth) that the Goddeses of Fate, the Moirae, had created them solely for their pleasure, upon which the kings married them. Still, unlike men, who for the lack of a womb are born to be dedicated to the entire community, the women were loyal only to their children and immediate family. Therefore, Queen Iocaste’s refusal to go along with her husband, King Laius, when he wished to expose his son to the test of the Gods (Will he or will he not survive the night alone in his crib?) was natural enough. Instead of leaving Oedipus in his crib on the altar on Mt. Cytheron, Queen Iocaste secretly spirited him away to Corinth, where she left him in the care of Europa.

By the way, Oedipus had been likely conceived before Iocaste married King Laius. One of Oedipus’ possible fathers was the husband of Queen Europa—King Polybus.

Indeed, our play, “The Great Grandson of God”, is based on one of the most complex stories the world has ever known. The psychologist Sigmund Freud, to whom we owe the survival of the story in our day, hardly knew what he was getting into when he discovered the story useful to his own purposes.

(The Master of Ceremonies leaves the stage. He is replaced by a Chorus of Luds of the Wood or people of the forest. The Chorus is of two parts, the Strophe and Antistrophe. Queen Ismene enters after the Chorus has taken its place. Ismene is the only survivor of the Court of King Oedipus.)

So many dead!
How can it be?
Every mother desires
For her children more
And better!

Did they drink
Too much of
Henbane laced beer?

Tell us—what happened,
Queen Ismene.

Queen Ismene:
Before my mother,
Queen Iocaste,
from sacred Corinth,
And threw
her witche’s mask
into the ditch,
she and her sister,
Queen Europa,
And told Prince Oedipus,
(Queen Europa’s
Adopted son)
the King of Thebes
Owed Queen Europa
a pot of gold
From the days of old.

The Prince was to go
To Thebes
And collect the debt.

If King Laius responded
That he did not remember
Any such debt,
Prince Oedipus
Was to tell him
That Queen Eiropa
vouched that
It was a debt
To the sacred whorehouse
Of Corinth.

King Laius ought not
Bring dishonor on himself
By not giving love its due.

If the King still
did not remember,
She, Queen Eiropa,
matron of the temple
of love’s make believe
would tell the world.

The twin sisters
Also contracted
for Prince Oedipus
An armed guard.
Its captain was
An accomplice of theirs:
Queen Eiropa had
Given him of her love.

Queen Ismene:
For her part,
My mother, Queen Iocaste,
Disguised as a witch,
Told my father,
Then but a prince,
That King Laius,
My grandfather,
Scoundrel that
He was said to be,
Would not bring
A pot of gold,
But a palanquin full
Of motherless
Children sired
in the whorehouse
at Thebes’s
holy of holies.

Queen Iocaste,
soon hastened back
To Thebes
And told,
Nay, whispered
Into the ear
Of her husband,
King Laius,
Who was old
And nearly blind
from cataracts:

“My beloved, Laius,
King Polybus,
The King of Corinth,
Is sending us
a divine present
--a palanquin full
Of orphans,
Borne by temple whores.

“The orphans are
for sacrifice
On holy days
And days of need.

“To epress our thanks
Be so good and
Take a pot of gold
And give it
To the Conduit,
Of the palanquin

Queen Ismene:
In truth, mother
Had another plan.
She drugged the orphans
With milk seeped
In henbane leaves,
And instead
Of a pot of gold,
Loaded the palanquin
Meant for baggage,
full with
a fast asleep bunch
Of children.

My father
Sitting in his sedan
Had no idea that
He was the victim
Of a plot
By women in revolt
Against men,
Who had come to power,
By trying to fool them
With a trick
That claimed:
They’d overcome
Fear of death.

The captain of
King Laius’s
Body guards,
Complicit in the plot
Of the queens,
Would surprise
Prince Oedipus and
offer to sellll him
(In return for
A pot of gold)
Ten children
for temple sacrifice.

Queen Ismene:
Pure horror followed.

My father
saw himself again
As one of the children
Raised for sacrifice
And drew his sword.

In the fight
My grandfather,
King Laius, was killed.

Of course, King Oedipus
Did not know,
That he,
By arrangement
of our mother
had killed our father.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Of Cities and Citybred Monsters
By © E. Antons Benjamiņš, 2017

It has finally come to be that the atheist-controlled community of government has become the fake Godhead over the community of Nature.

5 U.S. Government About To Go Ludite

The narcissists of the West and their shoe polishers are loud, spectacular, suicidal, sexy, self-absorbed transgender soldiers, and from their city-bred point of view, they are a perfectly reasonable phenomenon.

But this is not the stuff for ludies of Luddite fame, who having spent their energies on survival in the living wood, must, on occasion, face down a bear, and would be horrified by the superfluous ‘creativity’ taught in city and suburban workshops. Because the ludie revolt against the imperialism of cities was misled into the labyrinthine alley ways of the cities, and repressed by the fashist* Minotaurs, Lords, and their police henchmen, it did not take to wing as a Revolution. Nevertheless, it was the stuff of life facing down a trivialist ‘civilization’ and its imperial and catholic conceits.

*The author’s definition of fascism is that fascism is a city and its government, which because it is an island in the midst of Nature, cannot be other than an entity that exists due to exploitation of Nature (living and nonliving). The city, an artificial and sterile environment, where life may be sustained only by exploiting all other entities, exists and acts on behalf of itself only. The city exists in a state of being known as fascism. Because fascism devours all space about it, to avoid devouring sibling entities, it soon inverts (as if) its motives, and becomes a catholic, colonial, and global power. War is the business of the city; no power has yet been able to quarantine it; all psyches opposed to it have succumb before it.

For all of its showy strength, culture and ‘art’, the Imperium knows it is in a state of collapse, and the fake history it has created over the last thousand years or so is turning into a fairy tale. One can tell this from the advice coming from the ‘financial service’ sector: Buy Gold! Turn your fiat currency into bullion, and be as successful as your forebears who hired alchemists to try make gold from lead.  Needless to say, all farmers know that when famine strikes, a pound of gold will not buy a pound of potatoes. The Incas knew this, and used their gold to create a garden of gold (the Coriconcha or Sun Garden) which was dedicated to Inti, the sun. The most holy item in the garden was a gold ear of maize. The artless Spanish Jesuits melted the garden down.

The story about Moses coming from the holy mountain and discovering his people dancing about a golden calf is well known to all of Jewish and Christian religious background. But note how most commentators steer away from concluding that while the story teaches to avoid wealth accumulation, most commentators manage to avoid coming to such conclusion, but end with the words such as “...keeping ourselves obedient to God....”

Who is the “God” Who allows us to accumulate wealth? Is He not the writer and editor of the story? Where else is gold believed to be of unsurpassable value but in the city? Who but a city dweller has no care about the pollution that mining gold causes? Where but in the city are ‘streets paved with gold’?

The Second Ludite Revolution (having killed its predecessors) has but one way of beginning. It will not begin with individuals clumping into a mob of rioters, because in an age of robots individuala are members of a mob subject to the pretentions of a fascist propaganda bureau*. One has to but take note of the children of Israel turned into a Zionist mob in a Jerusalem that has become a fascist settlement worshipping a wall of ancient stones that never was theirs. Nor will the Ludite Revolution be started by the community, because globalism has worked at eliminating the community for over a thousand years. The result may be seen by taking note of the results, the children, aka snowflakes.

Tne Ludite Revolution will likely begin with the explosion of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device severa hundred miles above the continental ‘United’ Amrica, Europe, Russia, China, or some similar ‘modern’ place. The device is likely going to be set off by an ‘insignificant’ power (a worm in plain language) such as North Korea. While the Goliath pretends it is superior to all small powers (as it tweaks the ears and humors ‘David’), David may set off an EMP bomb and blind Goliath. The populations of mega cities, are aware that they are governed by dumb elites, and are already inwardly anxious and hysterical. The people know that the laws that govern their civilization are not written in real time. The populations also know that the language they speak is fake, because spoken language has been superceeded by a written language that has by now been subjected to centuries of manipulation. No wonder that poetry has been effectively removed from public space.
The next Ludite Revolution will not be initiated by humans (elephants are more likely), but by robots designed to do what they do best: follow orders of who cares who—perhaps a ‘dead hand’. While the story persists that the signal that will initiate Armageddon will come from a living God, in reality this God has been morphed into a stillborn citybred Anti-God. Which leaves us with the question: If God has been killed by the mechanics of the written word, how come science and government, God’s replacements, are being so diligent in initiating Armageddon? Is this not the clearest of signs that science and government are delusional?
As the author has already stated, ever since the Vikings popularized (and universalized) fascism as a social norm that prevailed in castle and city, human beings have been split into two social species: a) the Ludies, and b) the Eluids or Elites. Ever since (from about the 1820s) the Ludites—sometimes also called ‘Populists’—have been getting the short end of the stick. Today they are known as ‘the dumbed down masses’. Even so, the very success of the Elites has resulted in their over confidence and they have become ‘dumbed down’ as well. As the the man in the link argues, it is the ‘vacuous’ who are in charge of our planet. One ought not be surprised, if the same have just enough brains left to know they are about to fall from power, and in a last desperate attempt at survival, announce that our planet is being invaded by aliens from another planet.

‘Fake news’ on a daily basis, is a natural outgrowth of ‘fake history’. It has everyone confused. The participation of the government of a fascist U.S. Empire in the fakery adds a sense of experiential realism and drama to the fakery and sets alarm bells ringing all over planet Earth.

Everyone is trying to figure out what has happened to the U.S. Navy’s carrier fleet led by USS Carl Vinson. For a few days it existed on the basis of ‘faith’ in government only. Did the Deep State really dismiss the U.S. President as Commander in Chief? Or was it a move to panic and disorient North Korea? Either way, no one will be surprised to see The New York Times or Walll Street Journal announce in tomorrow’s headlines that aliens have abducted the crew and officers of the fleet and that the ships are drifting abandoned in the South China Sea. Indeed, since the Law of Marine Salvage permits an abandoned ship to be occupied by its finders and receive a generous reward for doing so, the Deep Government of the United States has begun to arrest UFO fans of all nationalities* as possible collaborators with aliens. The UFO fans will be deported to camps originally designed to hold illegal immigrants from Mexico.

*Were the USS Vinson battle group to fall into the hands of Chinese UFO fans, the Marine Salvage law may be igonored by the Chinese government, and the ships could remain in Chinese government hands.

As the world stands before the imminent collapse of its fantasies about the New World Order brought by technology, the author expresses his profound sympathies to all who imagined this Order would last until the end of time. Indeed, it has lasted to the end of time allotted it. The author’s guess is that the future political order will again pass to the Sacred King and his surrogate, the Malik*, whose primary task will be to save our planets woods and the people from being turned into concrete.

*Malik = Malachi was the Sacred King’s surrogate. It was Malachi or Malik who was to become the Savior of the Sacred King, who was threatened with extinction by the Vikings or their descendants, i.e. the atheist Gods in Amrica, Russia, China, Europe, and elsewhere, who replaced the Sacred (and Sacrificial King) with a citybred fake democracy. The existence of the latter, as all ought to know, is dependent on the destruction of Nature and its replacement with the virtual reality of a planet turned into a city.