Saturday, April 8, 2017

Of Cities and Citybred Monsters
By © E. Antons Benjamiņš, 2017

It has finally come to be that the atheist-controlled community of government has become the fake Godhead over the community of Nature.

3 Glued To A Mirror

What Stalin brought to light with merciless determination, was two thousand years (according to orthodox historians) of failure by the Catholic Christian clergy to realize the message of Ancient Christendom*, which it pretends, it had good reason to destroy. The Church’s zombied followers freely profaned their archetypal parents as ‘pagans’**, ‘heretics’, and betrayers of the very being of humankind.

*The last full measure representatives of Ancient Christendom in the Western world were the Cathars of Languedoc in Occetania and Jersika in Livonia. After their physical elimination in the first half of the 13th century by the globalists, the Cathars were survived by various smaller groups, one of which was that of Herrnhuters of Moravia. The latter were invited to come to Latvija in 1729 to reconstitute the remnant of civil society after the Great Northern War between the Swedes (latter day Vikings and deforestation activists) and the Russians (still carrying, by way of history longue duree and Old Believers, a smoldering torch for Ancient Christianity). Though succeeding spectacularly in the reconstitution of civil society in Livonia, the Herrnhuters were soon repressed and eliminated  by the Catholicized theology of Romanized Russian Orthodox and Latvijan Lutheran churches. In Amrica, too, pietist movements were put an end to by Capitalist  and copy cat ‘fundamentalist’ texters.   **Pa+gan = (Pa=technically a prefix that denotes a diminutive, but effectively a thing or being that that deserves to be called “shitty”; +gan/yan = herder, and because in ancient times herders used to be everyone, that is to say, the entire family or tribe, the name came to denote ‘man’ or human being. It is one of the most ubiquitous names/words in the world, and its cognates are to be found in just about all languages: Yan, Ian, Ivan, John, Jon, Janis, Johann, Genghis, Hans, Han, Yank, etc., and extends into such names as janissary, zhandarm, general, etc.

Stalin, having been a seminary student in Georgia, knew of and was stirred to action by the failure of the orthodox Christian clergy to dare bring about a fairer social order. He knew nothing of the tradition of the Sacred King of the Kingdom of the Wood, nor did he imagine that the wood and the field was an environment that cannot to be reconciled with that of the city. It is therefore not surprising that instead of acting as King Solomon, he chose to eliminate the orthodox Russian (and other) clergy and turn churches in cities into museums. What with their bureaucrat forebears having cooperated in the preparation of the Great Lie, the clergy, a latter day graft of the Court of the Sacred King onto a bureaucracy established in an earlier age, was as unaware of Ancient Christendom as it was persuaded by the Catholic ‘culture’ of high morals of righteousness.

Stalin turned on the gaggle of robot theologians as a ferret unleashed in a chicken coup. The ‘workers’, standing on the other side of the chicken wire fence, applauded. The woods and swamps no longer hid the pea-sant (another name for ‘pagan’) families fleeing for their lives, but mass graves of Jews and dissident Christians. Not surprisingly, following his death, Stalin was vilified as a dictator and mass murderer. His good and painful reasons for becoming a dictator and killer were forgotten with contempt sans analysis, and the intelect of humankind was persuaded to curse the demon of ever the same ghost before ever the same mirror.

In retrospect, it must be acknowledged that Stalin was a God-monster, who erred grievously. His disruption of civil society and the pain and suffering he brought by his reactionism was unprecedented. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that Stalin tried to right the wrongs brought about by the failure of a Globalist ideology and citybred idealism that had prevailed for over a millenium. His was a gigantic effort that, but for its many echoes, has come to naught. Why?

The simple answer is that Stalin’s effort left behind it a field of resonance that (for absence of any memory of self-sacrifice) could not be but emotionally repellent: the Monster Saint was slip-sliding through memory without gravity or attraction. But does it mean that Stalin’s motives are never to be understood and he will not be found among the 144,000 survivors when Christian Revelation comes?

To fully understand the reason why Stalin’s reactionism failed to advance the human cause, one must go back to why Stalin (and Marx) failed to comprehend that the justification for the Revolution was not in the demands of factory workers for better salaries and living conditions, but in the unspoken and intuitive desire of the human species to escape a wormwood society and return to the livng wood. This desire was felt, if not understood, by the Ludites (also known—as a result of consonant L for R exchange*—as Ludies or Rudes) whom a century earlier the British Lords and merchants had not yet managed to force into cities, where such words as ‘lude’ and ‘rude’ were not, per ‘church authorities’ and ‘high’ and polite society, to be used in any other sense than ‘foul’.

*An interesting confirmation of consonant exchange, in this case that of V for B, comes from an item in a book about the uses of wood in the Middle Ages. The item stated that to cast three church bells for a French monastery, it took eight bags of charcoal and eight cords of wood. Something did not sound right, because 8 bags of charcoal is not much. Then I realized that if I substituted a V for B, bags reads vags, i.e., wagons. Surely eight wagons of charcoal is a more accurate figure of what it took to cast those three bells. Incidentally, since in the Middle Ages the ratio of producing charcoal from wood was 10 to 1, it took approximately 80 cords of wood to produce 8 cords or 'vags' of charcoal.

By presuming and then insisting that the Revolution was on behalf of ‘the workers of the world’, Stalin and Lenin did indeed better the salaries and expand the morphic field of the working class within the established Romanist systems, but kept the bed sheets of the rest of humankind shorted. In other words, the Capitalist Revolution—led by the warlords, the priests in their service, the merchants (who fled to the cities from the ‘peasants’ they had cheated), and the dispirited and naked youths and men who manned the armies of the cities—was virtually unopposed in its effort to substitute humankind with robots sans emotions* or morals.

*The despirited world of science continues to disparage human emotions to this day.

The Revolution awaited by both Nature and God (implicit in numerous prophecies) was beyond the comprehension of secular government, clergy, and most humankind. Any suggestion that humankind was of Nature and that Nature was of God was ridiculed as absurd and unworthy of the attentions of human intelligence.

The death of the King of the Wood, Jesus, as faked in the New Testament continues to be faked today [22/03/2017 (+)] in a faked ‘restoration’ of Jesus’s tomb in Jerusalem*. In the same faked manner, the need for a Real Revolution was denied by holding forth a ‘deadly serious’ pseudo revolution. Stalin’s hope that the workers would continue the Revolution on their own did not materialize, because the workers had no Nature bourne foundation on which a revolutionary morphic field could push against and find traction. In short, the Soviet Revolution did not effect the mindset that was unleashed by the reward of booty that those in governments East and West permitted their supporters. To this day economic growth and development continue to depend on theft. Of course, ‘a thief’ is no longer limited to breaking into a house or pulling a wallet from a stranger’s pocket, but may also be a robot bricklayer taking your job and compensating you by declaring you as someone of high morals who is born ‘entitled’.to be a thief on a planetary scale*.

*Though Globalist/ Catholic accounts of the Crucifixion are accepted as accurate, it is more likely that Jesus died by being thrown into a pit or pyre of flames on the Hippodrome of Jerusalem/ Constantinople by Emperor Alexius. We may read the details of the execution of Basil the Sacred King in Anna Comnena’s “The Alexiad ”, a biography of her father the Emperor.

In spite of the prevalent atheism of our day, what has proved to be true—over the long run and in spite of academic disbelief—is that Nature is controlled by God, and not by the Pope, President, Parliament, or atheist professors holding forth in ‘safe’ universities. By today it ought to be clear that God and Nature (and most of humankind) wish to bid the governments of our overbuilt planet ‘goodbye’ and good riddance.

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