Saturday, April 1, 2017

Of Cities and Citybred Monsters
By © E. Antons Benjamiņš, 2017

It has finally come to be that the atheist-controlled community of government has become the fake Godhead over the community of nature come of Life.

2 ...there came the abomination of Sodom

The story that confirms King Arthur as the Sacred King of the Wood is told by the story of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”. In the story, Sir Gawain has the role of King Arthur’s surrogate. Morgan the Fair, the King’s mother, has the very opposite role of Queen Iocaste, who is the Sacred Whore-mother (reduced to a prostitute*) in Sophocles  famous play “King Oedipus”.

*I shall intersperse my free verse play “The Late King of the Wood”, a reinterpretation (much ignored by the literary world) of the fake story of “Oedipus the King” (based on Sophocle’s play) in upcoming Blogs.

While Iocaste does all she can (including plot the death of her husband King Laius) to save her son Oedipus from the
Will of the Gods, Morgan the Fair tests the commitment of her son Arthur to the community to Her utmost: Gawain (King Arthur’s surrogate on Christmas night) bears a scar on the back of his neck to prove it. Unlike Virgin Mary, the Mother of King Jesus, who has been faked and compromised, not to say canibalized, by the neo Christian Church, Morgan the Fair retains (no thanks to such links as
Britannia*) most properties of a Virgin: --irresistible sexual attractiveness; healing and magic abilities; a Will to Life; and remains a sought after partner in Hieros Gamos at the time of a man’s death. Not surprisingly, Catholicized editions of mythologies claim Mary to be the aunt of Sir Gawain, which  claim, given that Gawain’s role is that of a surrogate, is true enough. Even so, She remains the Creatrix and Lover of last resort, and does what She can to help her Son-King maintain his role as Her Surrogate. Alas! King Arthur’s untimely death at a later occasion ends the tradition of the Sacred King. The Sacred King is replaced by secular Globalism (Catholicism) the main feature of which is taxation** and a well financed fake parliamentary ‘democracy’.

*The “Britannia” link makes its own ‘romanticized’ interpretation in order to avoid the suggestion that Morgan the Fair is a notable religious figure in ancient Christendom.    **Taxation remains the fundamental reason for deforestation and why it continues unabated. One ought not expect that forest and environment protection organizations will speak of this. Yet taxation is a disaster in ever so poor countries like Latvija, where deforestation of private lands has denuded the countryside even in areas declared as conservation reserves.

From the perspective of mythology, Dmitri Donskoy may be viewed as the last Russian surrogate King (malik) serving the Sacred King, here represented by Sergius of Radonezh. Sergius was in due course kidnapped by the writers-editors of a catholicized theology* of the turn–coat Russian Orthodox Church. This is why Wikipedia claims the name lof Sergey originates in Etruscan (a Latinate people), while more likely the name comes from the name ‘Seljuk’ (= Serzhuk-Sergoi), the name of the Seljuk Empire.

*The words ‘Catholicized theology’ as used by this author means the use of the same religious text by several religious factions or what the Vatican calls ‘sister churches ’, pretending that the Old and the New Testament texts are of ancient origin, and have been written by authors of unquestionable authority and reliability. In fact the texts reveal themselves to be of relatively recent times. For example, the story of the Red Sea parting (as per Velikovsky) may be true, but whether the sea parted for the Jews is questionable. The same thing can be said about the placement of ancient Jerusalem in the present state of Israel. To this day its historians have not explained how Napoleon Bonaparte, who was sent to Egypt by the French Directorate to fight the British and was defeated by the Ottoman’s, former allies of France , at Acre (1799 AD). Acre was a town but 7.5 miles north of today’s Israeli Jerusalem. But there is no mention of Jerusalem in Napoleon’s campaign, even though had it been in existence at the time, Napoleon could not have avoided making mention of it.

The resplicing of a deliberately segmented and contorted history—of which the encryption of words by means of pronunciation and word redaction by means of a change of consonants are but two devices—is a difficult task. Never-theless, it has brought us to our own millennium (roughly from -1000 to 2000+ AD ), and gives us a better understanding why our warring era, brought on us by the Vikings, is governed by Viking descendants in warring Amrica. In short, even more than a thousand years of rewriten history has not succeeded in changing human nature* in favor of today’s urban virtual, populations.

*The presumption that human nature can be changed (a notion espoused by behavioral psychology) is typical of the hysterical psyche of the ‘cityzen’ or ideologically globalized ‘urban man’. Some of the earliest ‘modern’ ideas about changing human nature first appeared among the elitsts of Russia, where Ivan Pavlov and Lev Vygotsky competed with each other for top honors. Vygotsky’s ideas were rejected in the West largely because Vygotsky presumed that homo Sovieticus would prevail over homo Capitalisticus. Nevertheless, acceptance to this day of behavioral psychology (B. F. Skinner) is most responsible for the popularity of ‘marxist culture’’ (aka entitlement cult) in the West today.

The Self-Sacrificial King, who had the authority to confirm the Malik, gradally lost authority—a) either as a result of unfortunate defeats of the Malik in battles now forgotten; b) by the Malik usurping the authority of the Sacred King and the Ludies or People; or c) the turning the Ludies against the Sacred King for reasons of realities unforeseen by nature.

Put simply, point c), the ‘unforeseen reality’ is the transformation of the village in the wood as portrayed by the painter Ernst Lissner into hundreds, even thousands, of cities, occupied by unforeseen (Hmm!) virtual inhabitants. In the process of turning nature into city scape, nature’s democracy on behalf of thousands of animal species has become reduced to a human species, which, its organic nature unchanged since it lived in the wood, contrary to evidence continues to believe that its ‘nature’ remains ‘democratic’. Needless to say, by comparison to life in the wood, life in the city is life in prison. Much as we idolize it, democracy has not proven itself adaptable to either an urban or prison environment. Given that the survival of the city is dependent on rape of the land and planet, charge of daily human affairs cannot help but be seized by a violent rather than a peaceful life-style.

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