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EC 489 Hiermalgamated History
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In Closing

My excursions in pareidolia in order to discover a believable history have not been error free—especially since upon entering its labyrinths, I failed to read the sign at the entrance. Only lately have I learned the words: “All who enter here will find history writ by the Empire of False Flags. Only Certainty can find you the way out.” Signed: “Certainty.”

Unlike Robinson Crusoe, I have not found me a Girl Friday, let alone one named Certainty. This is why while I am still in the labyrinth, I confess to not having found her. Even so, the matters that I have dwelt on are real enough and invite in-depth further investigations.

When I was nine years old, I once asked my godfather, who was a judge and son of Latvia’s first President (in other words, a man with credentials) if he could tell me who God was. His brief answer: “When you grow up, you will know”.

When in due time I did grow up, I was amazed how little ‘grownups’ actually knew, or cared about knowing, or knew what ‘knowing’ was about. Take, for example, the current Vice President of the United States of America Joe Biden, who recently lectured Europeans when they questioned the sanctions America was levelling against Russsia as  inappropriate and annoying ”. While I do not question that Joe Biden has travelled, I do question whether he has ever travelled other than a tourist. I rather identify with W.B Yeats and the intimate ways of  ‘Wandering Aengus,’ who upon catching a little silver trout that turned into a glimmering girl, though old with wandering, ran after her to: “…kiss her lips and take her hands”….

My reasons for writing 489 blogs (more if one counts the unnumbered stuff) has been to break the logjam of petrified ‘scientific’ thought at Strawberry Lane Bend, where the ever helpful Club of Eager Beaver Professors Emeritus sit on Ionian columns brought low, and not one of them blows the whistle, as is custom among retirees. Perhaps Eager Beavers have compromised the truth to such  an extent that their pensions are a lie unless they continue to lie.

I am grateful to the English poet Robert Graves, who was the first to lead me think that old myths (Oedipus Rex ) can be thought, rethought, and built upon by one imprisoned in our present, where old religious myths are excommunicated and replaced with false flags raised by the latest of empires where every citizen lives in fear of being a terrorist if he-she comes to realize that true history takes place in the wood cleared of the nightmare of government.

While I credit Graves for my turning from a mindset fascinated with (or scrambled by) surrealism to that of structured surrealism of mythology, I never quite let go of my surrealist predisposition, which is one reason why I discovered pareidolia  and the associations it enables, which indulgence I do not regret. I thank the American poet Robert Lowell for noticing a predisposition that (at the age of 23) I was yet blind to.

I also owe it to Lowell, a conscientious objector to war, for indirectly encouraging me, something of an introvert, to join the anti-nuke movement and become an activist. This later enabled me to recognize that conflict- or warmongering is for some a way to gain status, which takes false credit for heroism under circumstances where no danger is present, yet prepares the way for bloody wars through its longue duree effect. This is not only how histories, but cause and effect, too, often come to be  misperceived.

Given that our so-called history ought to be, in truth, called negahistory, and negahistory is a rubbish bag full of false flag events, which have lost their interest in actual events to the point of not being able to recall them, what we have before us today is the sight of a secular zombie religion in action.

Plato would have called the Industrial Age, aka modernity, a perfect movie and would have imagined it as a projection against the wall of the cave he dwelt in. I believe that Plato could tell his allegory so well, not because he was a citizen of Athens, but a citizen of a forest growing on a rocky hillside dotted with caves. Athens was then only tenth the size we now imagine it as being, which is why the oligarch who was building it found it convenient to imprison the freedom loving and democratic people of the wood, whom he enslaved to build his polis, in the caves outside the city.

This is how the myth about democracy having begun in Athens began. Real democracy can exist only in an environment of nature, and there is no better proof of it than the imprisoned democrats (among whom Plato may have been one) who dreamt of democracy, but in the process of dreaming forgot that it had existed only in the wood. This is why to this day we think of the true past as having been a Golden Age.

From time to time there appears a link that explains a view that (with the usual reservations) parallels mine. The following, I are worth viewing and listening to:
 George Washington's blog tells me as a 'conspiracy theorist'--at least for those who have read my blogs--

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EC 488 A Hiermalgamated History
Change the World! Think It Through! Do not Vote! Remember:
What if they declared war and no one came? Don’t go.
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A Brief History of Prehistory 6
Hieros Gamos means Holy Marriage, and ‘hiermalgamy’ means a forced unholy marriage by secular authorities of people to governments through the act of taxation or other violent and unnatural join-tings or divorces.
If Marija Gimbutiene, the renowned Lithuanian archeogist, is correct and the Balts original home was along the shores of the Dnieper River and its lowlands, it ought to be evident that autocephalic govRmnt stems from the life style of the Balts, for whom—a forest people— autocephaly was a way to insure independence of their small communities, help them keep their traditions their own, and as a collective assure itself continuity through the charisma of a sacrificial King. Unfortunately, their present governments and elites have lost all connection with projecting trust, let alone as an absolute.
A similar autocephaly existed among the Six Nations of American Indians, the Iroquois, that Jefferson took as an example for the American govRmnt, which today’s Imperial Washington violently and insultingly rejects. We hear nothing of govRmnt led by self-sacrificial men, because the govRmnt (committed to perceiving life as a dead-end that may arrive before our eyes at any time) denies itself ‘soul’, which in former times dwelt in the liver of God. But our civilization denies that God is Psyche, which we are told not to see as anything else than transparent air. But it is Psyche that projects charisma, which used to manifest itself through—cannibalism if that is what it takes to make soul real. The vulgar images that our govRmnnt propaganda projects make goveRmnt led by a king unimaginable—though our own vulgarity is hard to beat.
The gravity of a self-sacrificial King centres on the empathy he/she exudes and their autocephalic communities extract during orgiastic festivals, when on a given day of the year, the sacred King or Queen go to their death. Generally, this ‘given day’ occurred on Midsummer (day or eve), an astronomically significant day, because it is when the Sun is at its highest point in the sky or night when it is at its shortest. While today the idea of cannibalism issues from the religious perception that  divinity dwells in every aspect of nature, which spirit then animates everyone (male and female) with a spiritual erection (expressed by a word of endearing: kalado*: greening).  Such a divine-being was the Sacred King. Following his self-sacrifice, his liver (not his entire body) was eaten to partake in the divinity (God, too, must die to prove Himself equal to human courage). This tradition was taken over by hunters, who prized the liver of their victims, especially of a wild boar or stag.
When people lived in the wood, Midsummer’s Eve communicated its presence by fires lit and raised high either on mountain tops or made of a stork’s nest (or the imitation of one), raised on a pole. Arrows with torches of petrified but flaming amber attached to their tips were sent to ignite the underside of such a sun born of the night.
In the western part of Latvia (Kurland), the stork is still called ‘svetulis’. If the word were to be spelled with an ē, instead of an e, svētulis comes to mean ‘the holy one’. The reason it is written with a short e is because Catholic Christianity did not wish that St.-Orks nests were offered to the Sun (feminine gender) every Midsummer’s Eve, because that would keep the proto-Christian sacred tradition alive for too long. Instead, the Church taught that Sacred King John, came but once in all eternity, and changed his name from John (aka D’Ionysus) to Jesus (the latter from ‘ezel’, aka Jeze-bella (the mare of an ass). It is no accident that Jeze rides into ‘Jerusalem’ on a donkey that ever follows his erection, the goal of which is a Virgin, ever out of sight, ever but in the mind’s eye.
Epistemologists ought be interested that the Latvian name for ‘stork-Storch’ (English and Germani) is ‘stārķis’’. If we remember that the consonant L began to be pronounced in late Middle Ages as an R, we will understand how ‘stork’ came from the word ‘stolk or Stolch’. In German ‘stolz’ means proud, erect, dignified—which is what the bearing of storks projects. Going back into the past further still, the word derives from a word for divine love and refers to the Sacred (Saintly) King and Queen of the Wood, both of whom—because love and saintliness are so vulnerable—guard it in the niche of their laps from time immemorial.
Somewhat analogous to the placement of our human sexual organs is the story of the Promethean myth, which stands for the fate of the Sacrificial King, who must sacrifice his liver every time he comes to rule, because while Gods and men are, both, born of the same mother, ever since the arrival of taxation, they must live in a divided society: one of elites, one of the impoverished. Prometheus closes the gap between the two by suffering the loss of his liver, which stands for his life. Prometheus is, so to speak, the priest of Hieros Gamos or Sacred Marriage, because only through his self-sacrifice can he join opposites:
The joys of love (Plaisir D’amour) ne’re quickly do depart,
Its sorrows keeper to a lifetime is bound/blessed/doomed.
All three words (bound-blessed-doomed) make sense, but only ‘blessed’ or ‘doomed’—depending on which one we choose—tell us whether our prize is everlasting joy or sorrow.
* Kalado—we need to change the consonant K to S, thence the word will read as salado, re salad. The sprout (or salad) of an unfolding plant was in ancient times thought of as erectile tissue, which is why the Balts thought of an erection as that of an unfolding fern that was said to come to bloom on Midsummer’s Eve or Johns Night. Equally the sprout of a cucumber belies its later phallic shape by originating as an image that presents female erectile tissue. ‘Salado’ may, by means of pareidolia be easily translated to ‘karalo’, which echoes to the word ‘carol’ or ‘karol’, i.e., King. The arrival of western Christianity, which was controlled by secular forces, changed tbe choral shout: “Kaledo, kaledo!” (Karel! Karel! King! King!) to “Ligo! Ligo!” which is represented by the image of a swing , which by the magic of secularism has became  our pornographic, f*ck.

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EC 487 A Hiermalgamated History
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What if they declared war and no one came? Don’t go.
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A Brief History of Prehistory 5

Hieros Gamos means Holy Marriage, and ‘hiermalgamy’ means a forced unholy marriage by secular authorities of people to governments through the act of taxation or other violent and unnatural join-tings or divorces.

While I leave the govRmnt of Poland to speak for itself, I remind my western readers that its surrender and identification with the West goes back to the age of its ‘globalization’ by the Catholic Church. Today, that identification is continued by Warsaw born Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter (1977-81) and is author of a well known book “The Grand Chessboard”, which presumes to spell out foreign policy not only for the United States of America, but Poland (and Balts) as well.

Poland has great influence on the Foreign policies in the areas populated by former Balts, especially western Ukraine, which at one time was under Lithuanian-Polish rule. To this writer’s mind such influence comes to the detriment of the identity of the Balts, ultimately to Poland itself. While the govRmnt of Poland appears to want to divert the attention of her people from domestic economic problems by expansionist policies toward long lost territories, such diversion does not serve the recovery of Eastern Europe either economically or culturally. In fact, in such a country as my own Latvia, it encourages reactionary policies by a series of self-righteous ‘nationalist’ governments comfortable to facilitate global capitalism. As its miniscule economy has no weight with the pseudo-EU govRmnt in Brussels, it uses its time at the Presidium table prioritizing and championing unrealizable goals, such as a unified digital market place for Europe.

If we imagine the western geopolitical border of the Balts as a zone that separates Western Europe from Russia, the European Middle could begin to think about becoming an independent and assertive European region on its own behalf. I perceive the connection of the Baltic and Black seas as realizable, which would establishing a trade route between Scandinavia, Livonia, and Baltia and southern Europe, Eurasia, and Africa, and escape the deliberate stagflation endorsed by the self-enclosed govRmnts of post-Soviet European West and Middle. Rather than see the East of the West as a cultural zone in its own right, the West insists that the borderlands of its East be under its control and that they be annexed to it. The speaker of the Russian Parliament  Sergey Naryshkin is right to say that what passes as unification of Germany, actually was an annexation by West Germany of East Germany. If there were such a thing as a common foreign policy among post-Baltic states, these would have jumped for joy at this Russian hint that a zone that separates the East from the West is agreeable to them. I would like to see this New European  Middle in Ukraine reach as far as the banks of the Dnieper River.

The connection of the seas by a trade route (the old Dnieper Canal replaced by a vacuum tube train transport system connecting major trade centres of the European Middle (EM) countries) is an idea that was championed by my maternal grandfather, who not only served as Latvia’s first ambassador to the Soviet Union, but hoped to become then Latvia’s Foreign Minister. His hopes did not materialize, because his Russian born wife, my maternal grandmother, was best friends with the wife of a then Soviet minister, who snuck a private visit to Latvia on a return visit (for reasons of health) from Germany. When the Latvian press got wind of the visit, reactionism blew away Karlis Ozols hopes. All he could do is publish his memoirs (in France), and leave any hope of working toward the realization of his ideas to fate.*

*Stalin accused Ambassador Kārlis Ozols of taking advantage of his diplomatic post to transport to Latvia valuables allegedly bought cheaply from desperate and destitute Russian nobility. Kārlis gave a suitcase or two of these valuables (said to include several Faberge eggs) to then Swedish ambassador to Latvia, who in later years is said to have shipped them to my impoverished uncle, Kārlis’ son, in the U.S. Alas, the ship is said to have sunk during a storm in the Atlantic, though as far as I know, there is no proof that a storm actually occurred.

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EC 486 A Hiermalgamated History
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What if they declared war and no one came? Don’t go.
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A Brief History of Prehistory 4
Hieros Gamos means Holy Marriage, and ‘hiermalgamy’ means a forced or unholy marriage by secular authorities of people to governments through the act of taxation or other violent and unnatural join-tings or divorces.

Why did I return to Latvia?

It is a good question. I have no short answer for. The best that I can say: Because of memories. Some seventy years ago, I lost a great many of my family because they were Latvians and much involved in creating it: I returned to see what the ‘renewed’ Latvians would make of their effort (as a ‘no joke’ religious congregation, the Herrnhuters*) came to Livonia from central Europe, region of Moravia, to rebuild the morale of Livonians after the devastating Great Northern War (1700-1720), and in the process made the Estonians and Latvians among the Livonians recognize themselves as a distinct groups of people, which thereafter became communities in their own right and in later years emerged as separate nation.

My ‘return’ in many ways has been a disappointment, as it forces one to become witness to how Soviet re-educated ‘nice’ people who then through their own corrupt govRmnt become political traitors to their own. One of the reasons is a refusal to investigate their history. The govRmnt is sponsoring one such uninvestigative group of ‘nice’ Latvians to plan for the country’s Centenial (2018).* I wonder how this can be done if one perceives one’s self through Zionist eyes and surrenders sovereignty to banks.

At the beginning of Latvia as a nation (1918), the Western Christian Church—introduced in the country in the 12th century by German traders and crusaders—was content to call the people ‘pagans’ to better make them ‘Catholic’ or Western Christians. As I have written elsewhere, the word ‘pagan’ does not mean heathen, but ‘lesser Johns’ or Yans, re: pa(meaning lesser) + gans=Yans (John or herder). Yanis was a name with sacred connotations, as it also stood for the chief herder, the sacred Yan of a community of herders. Today everyone in Latvia pretends not to know who Yanis-John-Johann was; though a little less pretentious and orthodox mindset would discover that John stands for the King of the Wood, the protector of reindeer and their herders, or, if you will, John the Baptist, or John Basil, the first who was decapitated, the second incinerated by the Catholic clergy round about the 10th and 11th centuries; then replaced with one Jesus the Crucified. This Church of John of the Wood used to be located in Yersika (short for Jerusalem), was located at the beginning of the old delta of the River Daugava, and was not all that far from Byzantium (approximately 1200km or 800mi from the Baltic to the Black Sea). I presume it was once among the livelier places in Livonia. The allegedly eradicated people of this Eastern Christian Church remained a lively community (though they lacked  a history, which the Western Church repressed, and met but once a year—at the summer solstice, though until the 18th century, they may have done so also at the winter solstice) until the beginning of WW2. Thereafter the Soviets destroyed it, what with turning the countryside into a factory, with their westernized notions of globalization. After the Soviet govRmnt fell, the govRment of ‘renewed’ Latvia adhered to an outdated Christian chronology and mythology of whence the country’s history. The Summer Festival of the Children of Johns (Latvians) has been turned into a ‘nice’ holiday weekend with lots of car crashes due to drunken celebrants.

While the European West pretends to be certain that its history is believable (though it is not), the history of the East of Europe comes with a reminder that no one is certain what it is or was. No one cares to consider that Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Western Ukraine, Belorussia, and Russia stem from the same Eastern Indo-European root, wherein the aforementioned were more or less one and the same. While the link suggests that the group fragmented about three thousand years ago, the fragmentation probably began with unrest that resulted from the murder by secular powers of the forest people’s sacred forest King. Most tribes fled West and in due course submitted to the rewritten religious text of the dominant or largest groups, thus, abandoning their Eastern (taxless) Christian ways for a religion that compromised with the secular princes and preached taxation as if it was a kind of 11th Commandment.

Eastern Europe has not recovered from that fateful submission, which is made evident by the Balt failure to consider themselves as formerly one people, though autocephaly-self-headedness is their contribution to politics, and remained the political structure of many descendant groups (now identified with the ‘Slavic Church’) which recaptured the river routes from the Vikings as they drove them north whence they had come.

Today the studied disinterest of Baltic govRmnts in their past, makes these former Balts or Children of Johns into adherents of histoire la longue durée in their subconscious, while consciously they tend toward fascism a la the neo-capitalism of western Europe for which Slavic (?Balts turned into slaves?) Russia remains the ‘evil’ Empire par excellence.

* The Latvian govRmnt of the past 25 yrs has done nothing to investigate the origin of [roto-Latvians, their predecessors, but regurgitates history written a century ago.

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EC 485 Hiermalgamated History
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What if they declared war and no one came? Don’t go.
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A Brief History of Prehistory 3

Hieros Gamos means Holy Marriage, and ‘hiermalgamy’ means a forced or unholy marriage by secular authorities of people to governments through the act of taxation or other violent and unnatural join-tings or divorces.

It has been a few years since I browse the internet and scan my eyes over words that never see paper, but slide by on a computer screen.

What I regret is that many links that I have posted on my blogs vanish with time and appear to be beyond retrieval. I post such to enhance my perspective and orient the reader. Too bad for the loss, because if NSA, the U.S. govRmnt agency assigned the task of eliminating privacy, were turned into a library of blogs instead, it would serve a useful purpose. In some far off future, when nuclear power is working in tandem with quantum computers, and TV programs have been dumped, and in spite of the latter, ‘leisure society’, may be born again, we—having taken the mythical ‘form’ of Wm. Butler Yeats bird “of hammered gold and gold enamelling”—will be living in tree houses and catching up on “of what is past, or passing, or to come” by way of a backlog of blogs.

At one such site I recently read that Mars was entering Pisces, the latter being a star cluster that signifies fish, while the former is a ‘red’ planet, a hunter of men, and all other things it wishes to subdue. It reminded me of blog 470 of this series, where I recount a dream in which a cat dives under water to better catch a fish. By the time I woke from the dream, the cat had not surfaced, and I wondered what the dream meant. Now I know that the cat stood for Mars and that his ‘job’ was not to hunt fish, but to chase some to the surface (one carp did show). The fish itself may stand for a lottery ticket that I bought recently.

I consider the dream a good omen, because fish are said to be symbols for money (it comes as quickly as it goes). What with being a Latvian and living in a country with a govRmnt that (having joined the EU without the consent of the people—in the sense of never fully explaining or encouraging discussion that such a joining meant surrendering to the banks) is hell bent on destroying its people, I am perpetually short of and in need of money, because self-help and small time capitalism here is as dead as memory of Latvia of the 1920s and 30s.

My neighbours near and far are in greater need than ever, because the destruction of the country means destroying its nature and harm the people who hang on and try to live off the land. Alcoholism is actually encouraged for the taxes it brings. Thanks to the debt peonage the country has been relegated to, I have over a period of time transported quite a few people and their children to the dentist, even paid their bills, have bought and filled quite a few prescriptions for medicine and bought groceries. At the same time, I have been asked for and have given young people money to buy a ticket out of the country, because part of the govRmnt plan is to accommodate Brussels and reduce Latvia from a country to a state, which is one reason job creation, other than cutting down its forests, has low priority. This forces Latvians to seek jobs in other lands, and enables migrants with no loyalty to the land, move in and replace the past with a present unattached to history.

The people who remain are the ones who know how to grow potatoes, turnips, red beats, gather the ‘gifts of nature’, and live in perpetual uncertainty about the nature of the present. It is not unusual to hear someone tell that if they had been younger, they, too, would have left for Ireland or some other country where underpaid labor can find a job. Those who fail to tell themselves some such, turn to me and ask: Whatever motivated you to return?




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EC 484 Hiermalgamated History
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What if they declared war and no one came? Don’t go.
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A Brief History of Prehistory 2

Hieros Gamos means Holy Marriage, and ‘hiermalgamy’ means a forced or unholy marriage by secular authorities of people to governments through the act of taxation or other violent and unnatural join-tings or divorces.

Our secular religion began with the threat by armed men to rape women, whose wombs thereupon contracted in fear and gave birth to autistic (and psychotic) children. This religion of govRsmnt, a one legged wonder or monopod, then moved on to impose the first tax which was the fur tribute or tax; which created an early governing class of ‘germans’* or a princely class; who then deposed what was left of the sacred King (2015 is the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta) and gave birth to ‘democracy’ in England by deposing King John I; then created a Middle Class by way of the French Revolution and guillotined King Louis XVI of France, the last of the kings worth noting; and by way of the Industrial Age and imprisonment of humankind in factories then led to today’s America, which having destroyed democracy is about to destroy privacy to better nuclearize Eurasia and establish a city called Monopodopolis for oligarchs.

While artificial intelligence (AI) is not a new subject, its dangers are only now being discussed with some seriousness and apprehension. Even so, the fear element all too often gets pushed aside, as if to say, well, we will deal with it when fear strikes us (scientists) personally. This brings the question: What is our tolerance and when comes its breaching point?

As we are told through the link, the future belongs to the quantum computer, and when we have it, we will be able to solve problems which otherwise will take us thousands of years. Thus, as if obviously, it appears that AI has many advantages over the computational abilities of our ordinary brain. Such a statement, however, is true only if we are locked into our very own circle of perceptions and thoughts. This is what Jungian pshychology calls or likens to the uroboros—not, however, devouring ourselves (though that, too), but sooner locked in on ourselves, as a married couple is locked together by a wedding ring, which forms a circle that cannot escape itself as a Mobius strip can. This dilemma of the married couple was known by the ancients, and sometimes played an important role in mythology. For example, in the story of Cadmus , the founder of Thebes, which plays (unbeknownst to most psychologists) an important role in the story of Oedipus.

However, the linked-to story tells only a half of the story of King Cadmus. I suspect this is because by the time the story was told, the mind of western man was no longer a free flowing imagination, but an orthodox presumption, because it was manipulated and put in the service of elite, which was afraid of imagination. Here then is the resolution of the uroboros’s dilemma:

While the dragon is devouring itself, it is under a delusion that it is resolving its dilemma. However, as soon as it has devoured itself and, in effect, has chewed its way to its face, it can devour itself no longer. At this point, it becomes pure hunger or, if you will, rage to become fat. In the Far East, this face was known as the Face of Glory or Kirti mukha. The desire to devour itself or lock itself into oblivion still exists (see ‘fat’ America), so the question arises: How is it to put an end to itself?

There is but one answer: it must become reborn as a twin of itself. In the Cadmus myth, this rebirth is accomplished by Cadmus sowing the teeth of the dragon into Earth, whence arise an equal number of paired warriors. By throwing a stone between them (note: not at them), Cadmus gets them to fight with each other until only five remain. These ‘five’ are the five fingers of one remaining hand. The lesson: Thebes is built by Cadmus with one hand. The myth continues by way of the two sons of King Oedipus (Eteocles and Polynices ), who kill each other at the Seventh  Gate of Thebes, where the philosophers and wise men meet. The vicious circle is also represented by the necklace that is presented to Harmonia at her wedding to Cadmus. When doubled upon itself, the necklace forms number 8—it can enhance as well as choke. Furthermore, it is represented by Europa, who clings to the horns of the white bull that stole her away from her father’s, King Agenor’s, house. Today we see these horns, Europa and Eurasia, meet in the Ukraine, where their clash will—according to the prophecy—leave behind a man with only one hand.

I have strayed or paradolied my way far from what began as a discussion of Artificial Intelligence and its facilitator the ‘quantum’ computer. My reason for straying is based on my perception that AI is no solution for the slowness of the human brain, which slowness is a consequence of Nature perceiving AI as a dangerous tool, one that has the potential of killing it. This danger is also perceived by the physicists Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk who have issued a warning about the dangers.

But if ‘Nature’ denies us AI, does it also deny us the knowledge of proof of cause? The answer may lie in the fact that no matter how superior a quantum computer may be to the human brain, it does not have a subjective mind or anything that resembles a living memory such as dreams are made of. The absence of the subjective is the floorboard of the coffin lids on which Quantums dance with Quarks and AI never reaches the joys of love.

*’to german’ or ‘to germain’—I derive from the a verb (in my Latvian language) ‘ghereht’ (ģērēt), which means to skin an animal, and the executor being known as ‘ghermanis’l. This likely original meaning of ‘german’ was edited out of the name, and all that is left are some distant associations as, for example, ‘its germaine to him’ (or some other being or thing). Of course, we conveniently forget that our skin is the most obvious and living part of us. A near synonym of to ‘ghereht’ is ‘shkhehreht’ (šķērēt), which means to scissor. The latter retains something of the onomatopoeic sense of the verb ‘to skin’. The conclusion is that in the distant past, some people were called ‘germans’, because they were skinners (perhaps unwilling ones) of animals, which were the tribute or tax to be paid to the ruling class, which perhaps why habituation to this unpleasant ‘job’  is the reason why early ‘capitalism’ came to them ‘naturally’. Name  of Germaine: also impressed the French, which may be why ‘to french’ is likely to make us think of ‘French kissing’, which suggests that the original meaning was not making love, but the very opposite: the parting of lips with the knife of a tongue as in an insult. Dictionary meaning:

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EC 483 Hiermalgamated History
Change the World! Think It Through! Do not Vote! Remember:
What if they declared war and no one came? Don’t go.
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A Brief History of Prehistory 1
Hieros Gamos means Holy Marriage, and ‘hiermalgamy’ means a forced or unholy marriage by secular authorities of people to governments through the act of taxation or other violent and unnatural join-tings or divorces.
Our negahistory has alienated and divorced us from our fractal history, which in the past was largely history of dynasties. Rather than give it serious attention (as I am suggesting) many think that by taking another look at it, we return to an age of apes. Even so, we are begining to realize that negahistory—because it is not going to last—is but a fragment of self-similar false flags ad infinitum.
A purpose of religion, be it but a proposal to its own, has been to escape the self-similar by becoming ‘eternal’ just the way Nature is. This is the reason why no religion supports a society that exists by reason of taxation, the latter being the source of secular govRmnt (a form of religion) and the society it creates. Currently we are on a ‘globalized democracy kick’ led by the privatized ‘Federal’ Reserve Bank of a privatized U.S. govRmnt.
While on the one hand Corporate America preaches ‘private’ property, on the other hand it fully supports the de-privatization of the individual, which factor will, over the long run, de-privatize all ‘private’ property by eminent domain and place it into the hands of the Federal Reserve Bank. No wonder Bill gates is for a cashless financial system. Paper money has juridical value, even if no other.
This is not much different in Latvia (where I live), where the State owned Forestry Corporation (Latvijas Valsts Meži—LVM) is legally deforesting the country and destroying the ‘gifts of nature’ (wild blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, mushrooms, etc.) the country was once rich in. The State is now advising farmers to replace blueberries with cultured blueberries (zilenes--a far cry from such blueberries as grow in the wood). To put it simply: there will no longer be ‘gifts of nature’ in a world run by the likes of Bill Gates and his ilk at Davos, but you can buy them with by scanning the product at the store with your mobile phone, some proportion of which expenditure will automatically and legaly land in Bill’s pockets as well as pay a govRmnt tax.
What is a ‘cashless’ society, but Nature legally stolen from God by Corporate (i.e., globalized) American led govRmnt? While Bill Gates may believe in a God with glasses, he does not persuade the Islamists, who are but an offshoot of early Eastern Christianity, which died with the decapitation of John the Baptist by Emperor Alexis 1.
Preaching a ‘cashless society’ is preaching the “good news” of a secular religion, which attempts to persuade us of its Truth by rarely if ever showing us the true faces of its priests. Such was the Saudi King Abdullah who just died, and was buried in an unmarked grave, because according to Islamic tradition “…all people—even kings—are equal in death before God”. But in spite of the nice words, we are left guessing why all people are not equal before Nature? Don’t we know that the God of modern society is created and controlled by the State? Is this not the reason why King John Basil, John the Baptist, and Jesus the Crucified were eliminated and their teachings overwritten by secular editors?
I have already mentioned that our negahistory is in fact fractal by nature, which means that it is a series of events which keep repeating themselves, so that when we become conscious of the repetition it becomes boring enough for us to wish to step outside it and create it in the image of Nature, which is everlasting though never stays the same. This is well illustrated by the faces, which appear after we let a computer digest them; after all, in ‘ancient’ Egypt the faces of all pharaohs looked the same. And do not our media projections of how the future will look like, look the same as