Thursday, February 5, 2015

EC 485 Hiermalgamated History
Change the World! Think It Through! Do not Vote! Remember:
What if they declared war and no one came? Don’t go.
© Eso A. B.
A Brief History of Prehistory 3

Hieros Gamos means Holy Marriage, and ‘hiermalgamy’ means a forced or unholy marriage by secular authorities of people to governments through the act of taxation or other violent and unnatural join-tings or divorces.

It has been a few years since I browse the internet and scan my eyes over words that never see paper, but slide by on a computer screen.

What I regret is that many links that I have posted on my blogs vanish with time and appear to be beyond retrieval. I post such to enhance my perspective and orient the reader. Too bad for the loss, because if NSA, the U.S. govRmnt agency assigned the task of eliminating privacy, were turned into a library of blogs instead, it would serve a useful purpose. In some far off future, when nuclear power is working in tandem with quantum computers, and TV programs have been dumped, and in spite of the latter, ‘leisure society’, may be born again, we—having taken the mythical ‘form’ of Wm. Butler Yeats bird “of hammered gold and gold enamelling”—will be living in tree houses and catching up on “of what is past, or passing, or to come” by way of a backlog of blogs.

At one such site I recently read that Mars was entering Pisces, the latter being a star cluster that signifies fish, while the former is a ‘red’ planet, a hunter of men, and all other things it wishes to subdue. It reminded me of blog 470 of this series, where I recount a dream in which a cat dives under water to better catch a fish. By the time I woke from the dream, the cat had not surfaced, and I wondered what the dream meant. Now I know that the cat stood for Mars and that his ‘job’ was not to hunt fish, but to chase some to the surface (one carp did show). The fish itself may stand for a lottery ticket that I bought recently.

I consider the dream a good omen, because fish are said to be symbols for money (it comes as quickly as it goes). What with being a Latvian and living in a country with a govRmnt that (having joined the EU without the consent of the people—in the sense of never fully explaining or encouraging discussion that such a joining meant surrendering to the banks) is hell bent on destroying its people, I am perpetually short of and in need of money, because self-help and small time capitalism here is as dead as memory of Latvia of the 1920s and 30s.

My neighbours near and far are in greater need than ever, because the destruction of the country means destroying its nature and harm the people who hang on and try to live off the land. Alcoholism is actually encouraged for the taxes it brings. Thanks to the debt peonage the country has been relegated to, I have over a period of time transported quite a few people and their children to the dentist, even paid their bills, have bought and filled quite a few prescriptions for medicine and bought groceries. At the same time, I have been asked for and have given young people money to buy a ticket out of the country, because part of the govRmnt plan is to accommodate Brussels and reduce Latvia from a country to a state, which is one reason job creation, other than cutting down its forests, has low priority. This forces Latvians to seek jobs in other lands, and enables migrants with no loyalty to the land, move in and replace the past with a present unattached to history.

The people who remain are the ones who know how to grow potatoes, turnips, red beats, gather the ‘gifts of nature’, and live in perpetual uncertainty about the nature of the present. It is not unusual to hear someone tell that if they had been younger, they, too, would have left for Ireland or some other country where underpaid labor can find a job. Those who fail to tell themselves some such, turn to me and ask: Whatever motivated you to return?




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