Sunday, February 1, 2015

EC 483 Hiermalgamated History
Change the World! Think It Through! Do not Vote! Remember:
What if they declared war and no one came? Don’t go.
© Eso A. B.
A Brief History of Prehistory 1
Hieros Gamos means Holy Marriage, and ‘hiermalgamy’ means a forced or unholy marriage by secular authorities of people to governments through the act of taxation or other violent and unnatural join-tings or divorces.
Our negahistory has alienated and divorced us from our fractal history, which in the past was largely history of dynasties. Rather than give it serious attention (as I am suggesting) many think that by taking another look at it, we return to an age of apes. Even so, we are begining to realize that negahistory—because it is not going to last—is but a fragment of self-similar false flags ad infinitum.
A purpose of religion, be it but a proposal to its own, has been to escape the self-similar by becoming ‘eternal’ just the way Nature is. This is the reason why no religion supports a society that exists by reason of taxation, the latter being the source of secular govRmnt (a form of religion) and the society it creates. Currently we are on a ‘globalized democracy kick’ led by the privatized ‘Federal’ Reserve Bank of a privatized U.S. govRmnt.
While on the one hand Corporate America preaches ‘private’ property, on the other hand it fully supports the de-privatization of the individual, which factor will, over the long run, de-privatize all ‘private’ property by eminent domain and place it into the hands of the Federal Reserve Bank. No wonder Bill gates is for a cashless financial system. Paper money has juridical value, even if no other.
This is not much different in Latvia (where I live), where the State owned Forestry Corporation (Latvijas Valsts Meži—LVM) is legally deforesting the country and destroying the ‘gifts of nature’ (wild blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, mushrooms, etc.) the country was once rich in. The State is now advising farmers to replace blueberries with cultured blueberries (zilenes--a far cry from such blueberries as grow in the wood). To put it simply: there will no longer be ‘gifts of nature’ in a world run by the likes of Bill Gates and his ilk at Davos, but you can buy them with by scanning the product at the store with your mobile phone, some proportion of which expenditure will automatically and legaly land in Bill’s pockets as well as pay a govRmnt tax.
What is a ‘cashless’ society, but Nature legally stolen from God by Corporate (i.e., globalized) American led govRmnt? While Bill Gates may believe in a God with glasses, he does not persuade the Islamists, who are but an offshoot of early Eastern Christianity, which died with the decapitation of John the Baptist by Emperor Alexis 1.
Preaching a ‘cashless society’ is preaching the “good news” of a secular religion, which attempts to persuade us of its Truth by rarely if ever showing us the true faces of its priests. Such was the Saudi King Abdullah who just died, and was buried in an unmarked grave, because according to Islamic tradition “…all people—even kings—are equal in death before God”. But in spite of the nice words, we are left guessing why all people are not equal before Nature? Don’t we know that the God of modern society is created and controlled by the State? Is this not the reason why King John Basil, John the Baptist, and Jesus the Crucified were eliminated and their teachings overwritten by secular editors?
I have already mentioned that our negahistory is in fact fractal by nature, which means that it is a series of events which keep repeating themselves, so that when we become conscious of the repetition it becomes boring enough for us to wish to step outside it and create it in the image of Nature, which is everlasting though never stays the same. This is well illustrated by the faces, which appear after we let a computer digest them; after all, in ‘ancient’ Egypt the faces of all pharaohs looked the same. And do not our media projections of how the future will look like, look the same as

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