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Children Must Not Know or Remember
By © Anton Vendamencsh, 2017

Chapter 19/ In Summary

1.   There are major differences between human beings living in Nature (wood and countryside)
2.   People living in the city.

For one, those living in the wood called themselves ‘ludies’ (hence luddite rebellion, beginning late 18th century in England ) or rowdies, while those living in the city call themselves people (from the word polis/city). At the time of writing the American Constituion, the People had already come to dominated the ludies, which indicates a dramatic reorientation of social roles and predicts the nature of America’s future.

The ludies (Leute, ļaudis, (= narod/ nalud in Russian), who lived in the wood and countryside, bore a name now nearly forgotten in the English language. Already at the time of Robin Hood (~12th century), whose original name most probably was Robin Ludd, the name became subject to deliberate annihilation by the English upper classes, which are identified with the Sheriff of Nottingham. The anhilation of the ludies (and many other Leute) is accomplished by a deliberate imposition of consonant shifts*, which became that much easier with the arrival of the written word and the teaching of reading and writing to the illiterate.

*Consonant shifting—a device deliberately employed by ruling elites, who used the church ecclesia to perpetrate this social crime. Because the alterations were denied and repressed, over time this criminal activity was forgotten. After some centuries, it was noticed by a number of European grammarians, and described by the German grammarian Jacob Grimm in his book on German grammar. The consonant shift became known as Grimm’s Law. Still, Grimm and other grammarians failed to mention that the ‘law’ had its origins in deliberate falsification of names and history. Wherefore many falsifications of historical events remain hidden to this day, as it were, right in front of our eyes.

As the story of Robin Hood illustrates, the luddies are compelled by nature to preoccupy themselves with survival, which becomes more difficult after the imposition of taxes. In the early days of humankind survival depended entirely on foraging for edibles and finding shelter. Originally the edibles were various fruits, berries, nuts, grains, mushrooms and roots. Shelter was provided by caves or simple structures made of leaves and branches.

Humankind did not originate in the distemperate cold regions close to the poles, but in the regions about the equator, where it did not have to concern itself over how to keep the body warm. Human nakedness does not originate from clothes rubbing off our hair, but from living close to rivers and lakes, where the luddies (?aquatic ape) ate lotus and gathered shell fish.

Nature began to be oppressed by a hunter/warrior caste, which is formed by individuals who have succumbed to a form of mental illness, the luddies were renamed ‘lotus eaters’ and lotus was pronounced a poisonous plant. The reason for the intolerance of nature-bred humankind is that its habit of living in small groups and eating ‘poisonous’ fruits, which through lucid dreams gave it independence of mind and habit.

Among other edibles (humankind had to experiment with what was and was not edible) were items that sometimes caused stomach and head aches. A stomach ache was caused by the unconscious intelligence of the body, which intelligence it had gained over millions of years of evolution. The knowledge of what is or is not edible was retained not by anything resembling conscious memory, but by pain in the stomach. The items eaten that did not cause pain, but only dizziness or a headache were to result in the phenomenon of greater awareness and consciosness.

Consciousness, too, is a form of pain, but one that expresses itself through dreams and nightmares. A nightmare or dream is not a phenomenon experienced only by humans. Those of who have among their companions cats or dogs, know that our four legged friends dream, too. True, we do  not know what they dream, but when a sleeping dog moves his legs as if he is running, or twitches his nose as if he is sniffing at something, gives us a hint that maybe he is receiving a signal from his stomach that it may be time to awaken and go hunting.

Next to pain, the most memorable phenomenon is pleasure associated with procreation. An orgasm is Nature’s way of telling us about the value that our unconscious intelligence places in life. This tells us of the faith that our unconscious has in life. To what end? We do not know any more than we know whether there is a God. Nevertheless, there is no question that ‘faith’ persists and birth is its best evidence.

As pain triggers evacuation of the bowels or throwing up the contents of our stomachs, so nightmares and dreams are pictures that beg explanation, which trigger a desire to communicate the ‘picture’ of the dream to others, whence—more than likely—the development of language. Because the ‘picture’ of a dream is for everyone different, the first words we speak are of the things we all see as being the same: a tree, grass, or dada. This makes the dream dependent on the word that names an object exterior to ourselves, yet causes exterior reality to depend on interior promptings.

The latter is easily proven if one eats the ‘poisonous’ mushroom known as Fly Agaric or Amanita Muscaria, which poison expresses itself not as pain, but as a sensation of flight or disconnect from one’s usual attachment to the things about. The words ‘agaric’ and ‘amanita’ both stand for fungus or mushroom. ‘Fly’ and ‘Mus (or mush) both stand for the common fly, which is associated with the redcap mushroom because eating it results in dreams of flight and more. As for the ‘more’, it is likely that the mushroom is responsible for the invention of the wheel, which—when one thinks about it—is also an instrument that can be associated with flying. Ancient illustrations show the Goddess Sun in her wheeled chariot. A less developed vehicle of flight is the sleigh of Santa Claus, which is drawn by reindeer who love to find and eat the muscaria*. Incidentally, the wheel did not spring ready made into the mind of some long forgotten Einstein, but—if it did—it sprang to his mind directly off the sun dial., a device that was developing and built for thousands of years.

*mus(or mush)caria—is of two words, ‘mus’ and ‘caria’. ‘Caria’ is a word that means dear. Therefore, a mushroom dear to flies or those who like to fly. However, in the days when cities began to prevail over nature and the countryside and common knowledge was appropriated by a secretive ecclesia (aka academia), the name was altered in a way that suggested that it was poisonous. In my native Latvija, the name of this mushroom now reads “mushmire”, i.e., fly-death, when in fact an earlier meaning must have been ‘fly(t) lover’. While today the witch who rides a broom is portrayed wearing a black hat, originally she must have worn, like Little Red Riding Hood, a red hat. And, of course, Red Riding Hood was bringing her sick grandmother (why is no one telling that she was flat out of Fly Agaric, got sick, and fell of her broomstick?) nothing other than a basket of flight enabling amanitas muscarias.

Perhaps the ultimate phenomenon that defines the difference between countryside-Nature and the city-of virtual reality is SEX.

I may have outraged some readers by claiming in an earlier blog that in times of old, young women were meant for elderly men, while young men were to be educated in sexuality by elderly women (see EC 656). The assertion was not without basis, if only because the Bible, the Holy Writ of Western society, has many examples of such relationships. The examples begin with Abraham (see Genesis), the patriarch of three religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

It is written in Acts 7:8 (NIV): “Then God gave Abraham the covenant of circumcision, and Abraham became the father [by Sarah] of Isaac and circumcised him on the eighth day. And Isaac became the father of Jacob, and Jacob of the twelve patriarchs.”

As for the ‘Great Mother’ or Sacred Queen, the Halo of the Sun* that shines about the head of Sacred Kings who succeed Her in later times, a remnant of Her authority is found by anthropologists among the Cuna and Kogi Indians of Central America.

Anthropologist Michael Taussig writes (The Nervous System, Routledge PB, 1992, p 178ff) and cites: “....we also learn (from Reichel-Dolmatoff’s ethnography) that the Kogi world is conceived of so many different manifestations of the womb—the men’s ceremonial house being one such manifestation—and that in a beguiling inflection of the Oedipal complex, boys are frequently seduced at puperty by their mothers, continuing to have sexual intercourse with their mothers even after they have achieved adulthood and are married. Indeed many Kogi men assured the ethnographer that only with one’s mother could a man have a satisfying copulation.... Therefore it becomes comprehensible that the mother becomes a central figure in a religion whose great promise is the return of the individual to the womb**.”

*In the Latvian language the word ‘Sun’ has remained, likely for thousands of years, in feminine gender.

**The proximity (northern Colombia) of the Cuna and Kogi Indians to Mexicos Aztecs, ought to caution us about the validity of the currently prevailing catholic interpretation of Aztec religious rites as either reliable or ‘bloody’.

If some readers still do not understand what the Kogi ‘religion’ tells us, it is that the womb of the Kogi woman is the Sacred City, Jerusalem, of the Kogi tribe.

When it comes to the secular city, social reality takes a 180 and surrenders to immaturity and fantasy of the inexperienced.

The best evidence is the so-called Tranny Movement which even the gays are trying to repress (without admitting it). I have already mentioned the serial killer Ted Bundy (see previous blog) and his observation that it is pornography that finds its culminative expression in an act of murder. What Bundy forgot to mention is that pornography, murder, and repression are the ‘natural’ by-products of the city. A timely reminder of this comes from an article in The New Yorker magazine, which has caused the Attorney General of the state of New York to resign after four women have accused him of beating them during sexual encounters. It is not only irony, but indicative of the level of absence of critical intelligence that the same attorney pretended to be a fighter for women’s rights and against sexual abuse.

And let us not forget that the banks and/or companies that are “too big to fail” are ultimately conjoined in a government located at the core of a secular city. In sacriligeous betrayal of the cause of the Sacred Queen and King, it is here that theatrical pretention  (of honoring dead heroes) rules supreme, even as Aztec women assisted sacrifices  are deemed murder. It is from the heart of the secular city that there is likely to emerge the attempt to assassinate President Trump. Whether successful or not, the event is likely to trigger events that begin our return to Nature.

-- 30 --

I herewith take a break to write a poem which may or may not put the story of Oedipus  in a different light. Some years ago, I began my blogs with an attempt to rewrite the story of Oedipus. Now, years later, I have been led to see the story in more personal as well as universal terms. If I have any success , I will return to this site at a later time.

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Children Must Not Know or Remember
By © Anton Vendamencsh, 2017

Chapter 18/ On The Prophecy of Armageddon 4

Extreme exploitation of Earth’s Natural resources is only about 300 years in duration. The energy resources on which the exploitation is based is nearing exhaustion, at least in cheap quantities. There are no easily accessible energy reserves, but that of fossils and nuclear power. It is no secret, that extended use of fossil fuels cause extreme atmospheric changes and black lungs, while the residues of nuclear power are dangerous, long time in effect, have no place where they can be safely put, and exposure to radiation results in death by cancer and birth defects.

Though an ever larger number of people are being coo-cooed by lies coming from such institutions as government and the U.S. Federal reserve, few people seem to care or take warnings seriously. When this writer took part in the Seabrook anti-nuke demonstrations in the 1970s, many of the participants were more interested in fomenting interest in turning opposition to leftist ideas than in the negative effects of nuclear energy or the actual forces that were unleashing the need of it. Even today, following a half a century of declining salaries for the average American working man and woman and poor health care for all but the wealthy, few can imagine that living in Virtual reality is significantly different from life in Nature’s reality.

It seems curious that few notice the dismemberment of the spirit bonds that once tied the mind to reality. Indeed, it appears that reality is no more, and the mind walks as an ephemeral body on water. The wika ride the witches broom, and left wing (and out of touch with reality) students of a German university could not help doing them one better by offering to teach women how to masturbate. Because the left has identified itself with the city the world over, it makes some weird sense that a couple would do oral sex on a Berlin train in full view of all passengers.

At the same time, there is no opposition to city building from anyone—whether governments East or West, or political parties left or rigjt. One such urban disaster is Moscow ( 1 , 2 ) the capital city of Russia and the 6th largest city in the world. In the face of a threat of nuclear attack, Moscow is as unlikely to be evacuated as London, New York, Paris, Beijing, or New Delhi. Yet in the past the survival of Russia was largely based (until the end of WW2/WW7) on the fact that Moscow remained part of the rural landscape. In fact, the governments of Russia consciously let the countryside be decimated to save Moscow (and the Kremlin), which came to be identified with Russia itself. This may be the reason why Moscow represents about a 12th (147 mil / 12 mil = ~12) of the total population of Russia (including Crimea). But Moscow is not the only conscious killer of nature. Beijing (pop. ~ 21 million) is no less an advanced design human meat factory well hid by the Carnibal Ministry of the Chinese government.

That canibalism by government encouragement has reached an advanced stage is evidenced by many ‘modern and progressive’ phenomenon that are steadfastly denied. All we need do is look at is the declining birth rate in our cities, while poverty is increasingly catastrophic in the countryside. Canibalism, pornography, and murder (click 12:00) are all closely tied to life in the city. As the serial killer Ted Bundy says a day before his execution: “....but I have lived in prison for a long time now, and I know a lot of men who are motivated to commit violence just like me... and without exception every one of them was deeply involved with pornography .. without question... without exception....

Of all post-WW7 governments (see previous blog for my chronology of World Wars), the Chinese government is the most canibalistic, in that it pursues city building as if city building is its religion. Indeed, city building appears to be a goal of, both, capitalism and communism, once these metamorphozed and blended into each other. What is particularly interesting is that in the case of the Chinese, city building is a kind of worship of masturbatory creationism before life has yet made its appearance. In ancient Egypt, it was the God Ptah, the God of artisans, who created the things-that-be through masturbatory fantasy. Ptah first fantasized it, then brought it into existence by naming it. In contemporary China, Ptah is resurrected as builder of Jing-Jin-Ji, the super city. It makes wonder what logic will bring this phenomenon to an end. When the is seed sown into one’s palm, does one flush it down the toilet, is it ejaculated on the potter’s wheel, or is it put in a sandwich?

Someone will ask, what about the Aztecs and other ancients who ate human meat? That is a question for those who are able to take their heads out of the box that the Culture Ministry of our governments have put it in. Just as Sacrificial Kings were loved by women for their heroism on behalf of the community and made therefore the King the father of our forebears (whence our concept of God), so the Churicha/Church or Kulicha (meaning body of Christ), once it has been eaten by the devout is remembered and adored as the mystical body of Christ that rises from the dead on Easter.

One reason why most (city) people do not take the Eucharist seriously today is because they receive it through a priest who is not ascending to Golgatha. Instead, people are told to make-believe in a reality that has been emptied of substance*. In former days, when they still lived in the wood or field, human beings believed in gods and symbols not when they were made real by actors, but when they saw a real person commit to faith by challenging death. In times past, one baked one’s own churicha. Today there are no historians who know its recipe or care to restore it. In the U.S., Wall Street or its like tell the people that reality is to be found in gold. Needless to say, the future of gold is as gold leaf on portraits on sarcophagi, not as a preserver of personal wealth or a commodity that will make one rich .

*The burden of sexual abstinence by priests has clearly proven itself to be an unsustainable step against Nature and a burden too much. It betrays those who take on the burden as well as those who force themselves to believe in its validity, and ends in the disintegration of community (it is almost beyond belief that a whore in the U.S. can sabotage a nation of 300 million people)—which would be better served by the self-sacrifice of life by its leadership. The Russian and Greek Orthodox priests have acknowledged the power of Nature, while a mentally aberrant and violent Western Orthodoxy keeps pretending it can overcome Nature by doing it violence.

Seabrook anti-nuke demonstrations
teach women how to masturbate
Canibalism, pornography, and murder
City building is its religion

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Children Must Not Know or Remember
By © Anton Vendamencsh, 2017

Chapter 17/ On The Prophecy of Armageddon 3

The axis of the East-West conflict is not North to South as interpreters of Revelation of John are wont to tell. The false interpreters have swallowed the  bait cast by Rome, hook and sinker. The West has poisoned itself with the lead that sank the hook that was hooked to the bait of the written word. Hook and written law are now sinking fast. War will no longer protect society from its enemies. Law is destined to become a farce exercised by a secular eclesia known as government. At last, history as we know it, is coming to a time when attempts will be made to retell it in truth. What follows is a sketch of the Thousand Year Reich, we are about to exit from. In short, the First World War did not occur in 1914. Rather ...

...The First World War (~1054) was against universal Christianity as practiced in Eastern Europe and led by its Sacred Kings. This First World War, currently known as the Great Schism, was initiated by then nascent secular Catholic Church. The latter was most likely established by Viking** princes in opposition to the Christian beliefs of a people living in the wood and field. History books misname this war as the  Peloponnesian War, which was fought in and about what is now Greece and the hoof of Italy. The losers in the war were the Athenians (or Anathemanians), while the winners were Spartans* or what we call Westerners. The war was over what kind of Christianity would the heirs of the Vikings be guided by. Clearly (for reasons worth closer investigation), they chose to have no Sacred King of their own. The reasons for rejecting a Sacred King of their own are not clear, but the story of Moses coming down from the mountain and discovering his people dancing around a golden calf is an early attempt at explaining it.

*Spartans from the word ‘spalts’/ sparts. In my native Latvijan the word means ‘handle’ or hilt, like the hilt of a sword. ‘Spalts’ in turn may have evolved from ‘spaits’, the ray of the sun, probably as a romantic interpretation of the glint of a sword.

**Vikings (meaning waders of rivers) likely originated from herders of ‘reindeer’ from the Black Sea reģions who were trapped by a cataclysmic event in northern Europe in relatively recent times. When these herders (originally named gans/ gens/ jans from which the name John) returned to the lands of their origin by way of the Volga, Dniepr, and Donau rivers, they had turned from Herders into warriors.

The Second World War (1202-1204) was what is now known as the Fourth Crusade. The crusade was a no holds barred attack by Western Vikings against the city of Jerusalem (also known as Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul). Though today historians give any number of weak explanations why the crusade did not end up in the Jerusalem of today, the reason is that the city of Jerusalem today never was where it is now, but was established by the British only after Napoleons campaign in Palestine (1799). The French campaign, a long time in planning, caused the British to became anxious that the French would gain the upper hand in Palestine, which is why the Brits turned to the Jews to check the French. For all the lies about the Fourth Crusade, it is generally acknowledged, that it was the first war of Christians against Christians. It is obvious that the aim of the war was to try impose on Eastern patriarhs the dictatorship of the Pope by erasing Jerusalem from the map and replacing it with Rome*. The story that Rome had outgrown itself and therefore needed to established another Rome or Constantinople is pure fiction and reversal of historic fact.

*Rome like Jerusalem comes from a word meaning ‘nest’ in the wood. The story of Romulus and Remus (two brothers suckled by a wolf) attests to the words origin in the wood. In my Latvija, many homesteads of old and in the wood were named ‘Roma’. Some of these nests retain their name still. The so-called Roma or gypsies are not migrants from long ago India come to Europe, but homeless former byzantines surviving by their wits in a witless Europe.

The Third World War (1453) was an attack of the East against the West—the so-called Ottoman attack against Western Christian Jerusalem. In 1204 Jerusalem was renamed Constantinople. The fall of Constantinople was the beginning of a seventy-six year long war that consisted of a series of wars, which culminated in the siege of Vienna in 1529*. For all their trying, the Ottomans, led by Suleiman the Magnificent,  failed to seize Vienna. Still, the wars went on and continue to this day. We ought to remind ourselves that the Ottomans or Muslims—contrary to the lies of historians—were an offshoot of early Christendom that remained, more or less, intact. Its ‘truth’ was in observing the notion that self-discipline (and sacrifice) is necessary to good government.

*The fall of Constantinople and the long series of wars that followed it may, in retrospect, be seen as an attack by the precursors of ISIS against a West that had usurped the Christianity of its forebeas. For this reason, it cannot be denied that unless Western Christianity returns to its Eastern roots, many Christians will eventually convert to Islam.

The Fourth World War (1700-1721) is known as the Great Northern War and involved Sweden and Russia. Sweden lost the war. Though this was not the only war against Russia that the Swedes (and Poles and Lithuanians) were involved in, it was something of a last gasp effort by the Swedes (former Vikings) to replace Eastern Christendom with their own mystical version of it (Swedenborg).

WW4 was a test of tsar Peter I’s  (aka Peter the Great) policy of modernization of Russia according to the example set by the West. Born a Romanov (or Romanizer), Peter I Romanized and westernized Russia by the back door, so to speak. When the Swedish King Charles XII was defeated in the lands formerly known as Livonia, the Swedes retreated from the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea and left them to Peter I, who was followed by Catherine the Great (possibly a Latvijan country girl forced by circumstances of war to become a harlot for Russian military officers) took a giant step in turning the Natural world into a city-led Virtual world. While this was a major tragedy for the Natural world and the East, and led to the westernization of Russia and universalization of the ideology of globalization, the recovery from the war offered the long repressed Balts* a chance at renascence.

*According to the Lithuanian anthropologist Marija Gimbutas, the Balts originate from the inhabitants of the basin of the Dniepr River. It was Viking aggression that forced the Balts (Belorussians, Lithuanians, Latvijans, Poles, the Roma, and Israelites) to move north, northwest. Unfortunately, the geographical position found the Balts between the West and the East, which over a period of time forced them to submit to the one or the other.

The renascence of the Balts began with the introduction of the pietist movement that followed the murder by the Globalists of Jan Hus (1370-1415). The post-Hussite Christian movement evolved into a number of factions, major branch of which were the Herrnhuters and the Lutherans. The Herrnhuters (preceding the Lutherans by a century) were invited into the ‘pagan’ countryside of former Livonia by the German barons, who served as bureaucrats for the Russian tsar. The reason for the invitation of pietists was to revive a peasantry demoralized by war and to rebuild the work force for the Russian-German bureaucracy. The step was regretted almost immediately and repressive measures were taken almost immediately.

The Fifth World War was Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia in 1812. Some 700 years had passed since the Great Schism. Nevertheless, for all the compromises it had to make, Russia had managed to maintain an identity of its own. This made the West uneasy.

Though compromised, the East had managed to maintain much of its ancient character and was still bound to the land. All the same, the court nobility of the romanizers, who had settled in St. Petersburg, was no less eager than the West to deprive God of His power.* The difference between the East and the West, at this stage of history, was that while the religious pietists in the East—following the repression of the pietist movement West and East—metamorphosed itself into a secular-atheist-communist ideology, the same in the West took a mystic route, which surrendered religion into the hands of virtualists. In effect, while the pietists transgressed against Faith and made God personal and Real**, the same in the West played into the hands of the materilists by turning to mysticism and becoming obscurantist.

*God’s power or Eastern Christianity was exposed to constant duress by the secular powers, the latter of which was represented by the anti-Christs Nikon and Peter I, and in recent times by Stalin. The demonization of Stalin by the West in our times is true only to the extent that he mirrors Christ as Pantocrator. Looking into the eyes of Jesus of today and Jesus as Pantocratr tell the difference between Jesus then and now: it is the difference between those who are meek and who look into the eyes of the ruler with conviction and authority.

**the Real is demonized  and ridiculed in the West. The ridicule is best summarized in the novel by Arthur Koestler, re Darkness at Noon. Perhaps because Koestler writes the novel as a communist disappointed in Stalin’s show trials of 1938, his portrayal of the victim, Rubashov, an old Bolshevik, correctly reflects the respect such victims had toward the Pantocrator’s, i.e., Sacred King’s judgment.

Sensing, if not quite understanding, the danger brewing in the East (the Swedish Nobels were manufacturing arms in the West as well as the East), Napoleon was determined to take advantage of chaos stirred up by the French Revoluution and seize Russia for the materialists. This led to a most devastating war a hundred years later.

The Sixth World War was what we call the First World War. The spark for the war was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand—heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire—by a Serb nationalist, whose ambitions for a free Serbia were supported by Russia.

The Western powers, raised in the tradition of Napoleon, imagined—all over again—that here was an opportunity to settle the Serbian (Russian) question once and for all. As suggested above—the ‘question’ had metamorphosed (over a periof of 700 years) by way of a Christianity practiced by forest and country dwellers into a city dweller or worker, aka Bolshevik, led Communist movement. The Bolshviks were the by-product of taxation, which originally had been designed to keep the city princes in power. Given that the nature of human character is more persuasive than princely power, city-workers were threatening the princes with rebellion. While rebellion had not yet broken into the open at the beginning of the war, in Russia it virtually exploded by the end of it.

Contrary to Western (and western influenced Eastern) historians, the Russian Revolution (1917) was in fact an Eastern peasant revolution, which had transmuted itself from an earlier religious rebellion into a secular one. Because the battle ground was no longer the countryside but the city, and factory workers were easier accessible and made into soldiers than the peasantry, academic historians (mostly city dwellers) continue to preach that the Russian Revolution was in the name of Virtual or city led rather than Natural society.

The Seventh World War, aka World War Two (1939-1945), was—as all here listed wars have been—a continuation of the previous wars between two Christian factions. The division of the spheres of influence between Hitler and Stalin (via the infamous Molotov-Ribentrop Pact) was another fake treaty to settle the schism that has separated the world since the Great Schism. On the later occasion the major victims were not the people of southeastern, but of northeastern Europe (the author’s birthplace of Latvija among them), who had succumbed to Western Catholic-Globalist propaganda. Not surprisingly, the atheist chekists of Latvija, descended from the Hussite faction known as Taborites, were in the forefront among those who revenged their pietist Moravian forebears. Sadly, the revenge hurt their own countrymen and the supporters of the Ultraquist faction most. The history of the Latvijan Cheka (a secular Taborite faction) is history hid from present-day Latvijans most.

Because the United States of America is an island continent separated from the European-Asian landmass by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, its strategy vis a vis Eastern Christianity and Russia has followed a different path. Unlike the Europeans, it has no ax to grind with the Russian orthodox. One obvious reason for the indifference is because the Russian Orthodox long ago adopted the Catholic and Western originated story of Christian history, to which the secularist U.S. subscribes whole heartedly.

Much like the entry of Russia into war with Japan at the end of WW2, the U.S. entry into the European war was opportunistic. Neither WW1 or 2 (WWs5 and 6) threatened the U.S. directly. In retrospect, the major objectives of the U.S. government in entering these wars were 1) to establish the State of Israel as a foothold in the Middle East oil region; and 2) to intimidate the European states—with the assistance of military power (NATO)—into a European Military Union. U.S.entries into the Eurasian geopolitical wars were not to check the Eastern Church, but to check its descendants, turned secular communists, from spreading their influence among the Catholic-globalist world arena. The establishment of the U.S. Federal Reserve in 1913 is no accident, but an event led by city princes (J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., et al) in response to the rising tide of Populist opposition to their exploitation of human and commodity resources.

The Eighth World War is what everyone is now waiting for. The cause of the war, likely of an unanticipated spark in an unanticipated location, is over whether the future belongs to globalists of the city or populists-ludies* of the countryside. While this writer bets that the countryside will win by default, the question is whether the countryside will return to the people of the wood from whom it was taken by the princes and city-zens or be taken over by migrants from Africa after the unholy city goes up in smoke.

*Ludies from Ludites, German Leute, whence kings Louis, Ludwig, Judah.

A long time in the planning
WW5, Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia