Saturday, November 18, 2017

An Essay On The Origin Of Populist Kings
By © Anton Wendamenc, 2017

Democracy and Murder

The greatest of torturers and destroyers of black people
and no-government woodland Populists was
Belgian King Leopold II./
Leopold outdid Hitler and Stalin in spades,
yet he is hardly ever mentioned in history books.
Not only was Leopold an example of berserk brutality,
the royal monster was the epitomy
of greed and self-agrandizement.
Leopold justified his brutality by building
(for the common good?)
which is become the headquarters of
a transatlantic corporate and military
conspiracy known as NATO.

Joseph Conrad, a Polish-British writer wrote the novella “The Heart of Darkness” as a parody of horror. It may be that the last words of Kurtz, the man who is the subject of the parody, “The horror! The horror!” (the words coming somewhat unexpectedly as Kurtz expires) are a way for Conrad to curse King Leopold II and get Leopold to curse himself. By 1899 (the year the book was published) the Zeitgeist of Leopold was only half finished. As Leopold was cutting off the hands of Congolese children, Europe was on the verge of WW1 (in 15 years) , and the Charlston, the froth of the Industrial Age, was yet a quarter century’s wait away. Then as now zombies were and are in control of the cocoon of time and what happens within it.

One of the experiences that may follow a consumption of the Amanita Mushcaria is the sense that one becomes encapsulated in his or her own cocoon of space that has separatef from the extended space one is born into. The cocoon is experienced as an awareness of perpetual emptiness. In effect, the mushroom causes a near death experience (nde) by removing one to the ceiling of the operating room if that is where one is. When looking from the ceiling, one comes to see one as two: I am here and there. It may be that once upon a time the separation was used to anesthetise pain. This may be the meaning of the phrase “...and the veil of the temple was torn down the middle....” (Luke 23:45) The torn veil reveals two worlds: here and there. It makes one think that the wine and vinegar Jesus drinks at the Last Supper and when on the cross, is actually a drink made of Fly Agaric*. Jesus could have seen himself as of two parts: one as of a body that is hanging on the cross, the other as one looking down on the scene from somewhere above. To see one’s self as having a body and yet not of it, is an unusual experience for sure.

*Fly agaric may have been one of the early add-ons to beer, which beer was a likely substitute for Baba Yaga’s urine. Because the healer’s urine and fly agaric beer proved to be effective medicine against the lies of the Vikings and their neoChristian religion that tried to subjugate a population that stayed loyal to its Populist God, the ecclesia of the new or Erzac (German for substitute) religion unbeknownst to the people, replaced Fly Agaric with henbane**. Because henbane additives resulted not only in an intoxicating drink, but also a drink that occasionally resulted in death, the people were scared away from Fly Agaric and accepted the clergy’s propaganda that Fly Agaric was a ‘poisonous’ mushroom. Thereafter, henbane was replaced by hops.  **Henbane—acquired its name after English countryside chicken thieves began to feed chickens henbane seeds to stop them from cackling. Incidentally, the German beer brewed in Pilsen, known as Pilsener, derives its name from the German name for mushroom—Pilze.

The bed of suicide for humankind was made long before the Industrial Age, even if the roomkeeper and bedmate of humankind is none other than itself. The Industrial Age and its twin the Advertising Industry have demoted human consciousness from where the Age of Enlightenment put it to where the White sharks have their way with it. This author traces the beginning of the decline of consciousness to the time, when the Vikings shot off the leg of Baba Yaga’s chicken; that is to say, to about the 10th -12th centuries of our era, and thereafter ridiculed Mother Nature for hidng inside a chicken’s stomach and eating red capped mushrooms to keep it and Herself in the spirit and alive. Who but Baba Yaga, Nature personified, has the stamina to survive the butchers of science?

And there’s the rub. How many exiles from the lands that were forced to join the Soviet Union have returned to tend to the land for its and their own benefit? Almost none. The city (Moscow, Beijing, London, New York, etc.) has decreed the countryside dead and all those who live there to be nameless.

Of Latvijans, who at the end of WW2 fled West, none have returned to the land. Once among the most revolutionary minorities in the Russian Empire, Latvians have abandoned their sense of being a sovereign people to become clones of and fodder for a federalized European Vampire. In the 27 years (1991) that have elapsed since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the so-called ‘renewal’ of the nation nearly a third (700,000) of Latvija’s population has been forced to leave the country: most for the West, to ‘work’ for a living. That is a greater population loss than the losses of WW1, WW2, and Stalinist deportations combined. As the West is facing an economic collapse, not a few of the Latvijan remnant are moving (or thinking of moving) to Russia, where work, land, the taiga, and other resources still beckon. The factor that keeps the people from returning to the land has no name, but may be described as “poisoning by advertising”. Advertising’s deadly powers become evident, when a sterile and endless city becomes preferred to the wood, and when governments that readily condemn the use of opioids do nothing to stop pathological corporate entities from destroying the brains of school age children

The attraction of ‘Power’ is that it does not have to earn its keep, but steals it by elevating itself to the tip of a hierarchical pyramid at the heart of the city. While calling itself ‘democracy’ (by caveat of elitist-made law* that equates it with elections), democratic ‘Power’ destroys nature and humanity. While blaming certain religious groups of being ignorant about the place of evolution in the development of nature and human society, Western political structures deny evolution when such a denial is to the benefit of its own power structure. To paraphrase Pierre Clastres, the aforementioned French political anthropologist: ...the social sciences... (having shown) ...under the cover of ‘science’... a frantic inclination for anti-thought,... lead straight to obscurantism.* Another political analyst, Slavoj Žižek, writes: “Virtual Reality... offers a product deprived of its substance.”** It is not surprising that by 2017 the entire political structure of the world, whether West or East, whether male or female, is by Will or its default in a state of arousal gratifying itself with dreams of war.

*Pierre Clastres, “Society Against the State”, Zone Books, 1987, p26. Obscurantism in ‘social science’ also leads straight to obscurantism in politics.
**Slavoj Žižek, “Welcome to the Desert of the Real”, Verso PB, p 11.

The Priapus of ‘democracy’ (even its women suffer from Priamism) is the exceptionalist militarist empire of United States of America. Its obscure democracy screws the nations and communities of our planet at will. With so great a military power, the nations of the world do not genuflect before it as they once did before the kings of the Holy Roman Empire, but genuflect facing away.With arses of the nations of the world raised high before Washington, all expect to be pleasured with atomic bunga, bunga’ by this self-proclaimed exceptionalist killer God called ‘Democracy’.

destroying children’s brains
arses of thenations of the world raised

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

An Essay On The Origin Of Populist Kings
By © Anton Wendamenc, 2017

Urban Comeupance

A time of no government is returning. While the Thousand Year War between Reality and Virtuality is not yet finished, the end of virtual reality is discernible. As per Pierre Clastres, a Frech political anthropologist: “Primitive societies are societies without a State ...” Clastres goes on to say (1974) that his observation, “accurate in itself....”: “...throws doubt on... political anthropology as a strict science”. Today we can no longer be in doubt that political anthropology is a failed science. Any justification it had is limited to the time when the Earth was thought to be a politically flat plane.

While the geopolitical Empire does what it can to discredit the nation State, its legs too are crumbling. Indeed, the State (whether of the West or East) is nothing but dysfunctional fiction become deadly. The Chinese are no less mad than the Americans. China’s ghost cities are evidence of the emptiness that has siezed Beijing, Moscow, Brussels, Washington, and the rest. Civil engineers will be better employed if they are sent to level the ruins and plant trees.

As the Populist Kings (including Jesus) and a number of ‘revolutions’ have proved, to fight the Urban Aliens is futile. There is no ‘victory’ to be had fighting blood lust with blood lust. Indeed, Nature has reserved for itself the right to remove the citybred ‘third gender’ from future relevancy. We are now waiting for the culmination of Nature’s “economic dynamic” to  bring the fiction of history to an end.

The socialist impulse currently gripping Europe and America in a clutch of caprice and panic is the consequence of a Virtualist ‘Sturm un Drang’ to achieve Paradise on Earth by capitalist means. The majority of Virtualists are (paradoxically) surplus capitalists, ‘workers’ who have become Bolshevik worshippers of Virtualism in fascist guise. Nowhere is this more noticeable than in so-called ‘developed countries’. In America it is the Chicago School of Social Realism recently championed by former President Obama and exploited by the wife of former President Clinton. Of course, this does not mean these primitive ‘leaders’ lack for expert supporters. The eagerly forthcoming Swedish expert in the link puts the agenda of madness in clear relief.

The virtualist impulse to replace Nature with ‘creative progress’ has entered the stage of imminent ‘bankrupcy’ that no amount of gold, bitcoin, or socialist temper tantrums will help escape. Even the Swedish public must stand in disbelief at the events that have seized their public spaces: the migrant problem has been made in Stockholm by Swedish political elites, and not by Populist Swedes. The Clinton Foundation’s attempt to privatize the United States of America for the personal use of the Clintons proves that few government officials possess the analytic ability to understand that all States have been created by playwrights enamored by fake reality.

The For SALE offer by former American President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary (U.S. State secretary at the time) of 20% of America’s uranium to Russia, managed to persuade the Russians to BUY. The price was a ludicrously low sum of 150 million dollars. No doubt, other millions were disappeared by yet undiscovered means in yet other pockets. Confidential Source 1, as per link, was promptly silenced by threats from the FBI and Obama administration. The latter most likely involved itself to cover a huge debt owed by the Democratic party, a debt created by Presiden Obama. How much money in Hillary’s Presidential campaign, and how much was received by Hillary’s shill, the now fired FBI director Comey? How much money was pocketed by President Putin?*

*Putin’s spiritual mentor Tsar Peter I was perhaps justified in becoming a Romanov in order to enable the East to resist the effort of the Holy Roman Empire by using England as its door to seize ancient Tartary. It may be that it will fall on the shoulders of Putin to close the Western inspired rapine of Russia. Will Putin and the East have the courage to close the Romanov era?

It was in Moscow that the first cracks in the Civilization of Enlightenment appeared. After all, it was out of weakness and a desperate attempt at survival that (following the ‘crucifiction’ of the Populist Christ) the Russian tsars—Sacred and Populist kings (the last of who arguably was Ivan theTerrible) were forced to become Romanized secularists. Everyone knows the story of how Prince Peter went to the Netherlands to learn shipbuilding. In fact, he studied Western methods of governance. Even so, and in spite of numerous repulsions* of Western military attempts to take over Baba Taiga’s territories**, Russia was never able to overcome the handicap of being the first victim of the West. Its inability to overcome the West is due to the fact that the ‘weak force’ cannot overcome the ‘strong force’ until the latter collapses of its own. When the latter happens, we will return to the times of ‘no government’.

*Major wars to seize Tartary were waged by 1. Polish-Lithuanian, 2. Swedish, 3. French, 4.German, and now 5. U.S. empires.
**Ivan the Great (and Terrible) managed to block access to these territories from before the noses of the West a bare hundred years before the Swedes tried to grab them for themselves.

The fact that the first to collapse (of the nominal Roman Empire) was the Soviet Union is no proof that the equally nominally Romanized United States of America is better equipped to survive. Rather, America’s survival by a few decades proves nothing, but that it has been able to exploit violence over the weak more effectively*. We need to remember that the Soviet experiment was caused to fail prematurely by a vastly superior military technology cum utopian ideology** secured by a headstart provided by killer Vikings***, aka ‘Roman’ generals hallucinating themselves Gods of a privatized Roman Empire.

*This does not mean that this author is unaware of the violence employed by the Bolsheviks to consolidate their power. As I have written elsewhere, eight of my extended family members were deported to the gulags. Two of these were shot, a third died of food poisoning consequent to hunger, a fourth and fifth died of disease contracted consequent to hardship, and only three returned from the experience alive. For all that, among the dead ought to have been a fifth, one who subsequent to escaping this holocaust robbed the remainder of the living of the wherewithal that would have provided for the education of their young.

**The ideology that bought the capitalist West a few more decades of life than the East is none other than  Calvin’s idea that ‘work’ for the benefit of a capitalist God superceeds work that Nature demands for personal and family survival.,

***Vikings—herders trapped on the Scandinavian peninsula, possibly after a natural disaster such as the Storrega tsunamis that separated England from the European mainland and drowned Doggerland. Despairing of survival, the herders bedame meat eaters, a habit that necessitates violence against Nature.

A materialist dream of Heaven invariably turns humans into craving animals who, habituated by cruel times, cruel rulers, and chased from the wood, thereafter jam pack cities in catastrophic numbers. As the crisis of migration in Europe and America proves, these ’naked humans’ continue to demand from the soon ‘bankrupt’ gatekeepers ‘free’ food stamps, ‘free’ housing, ‘free’ education, ‘free’ what nots, and more. As for the gatekeepers, their ranks, too, have many a naked humans. Bill, Hillary, Donald, and Vladimir are examples of ordinary humans turned Utopian idealogues.

While English Puritans painted pictures of the Peaceable Kingdom, in real life they killed off native Americans in the interest of Virginia-London Company merchants, who stood in the shadow of the Pilgrims. While the American government establishment claims to be for peace, free enterprise, and ‘democracy’, in practice the heirs of Pilgrims demanded that planet Earth be raped for their benefit. The rape hides behind the screen of ‘politics’, a ‘democratic’ specialty of metropolitan dictatorships. An opioid drug epidemic, caused by State sponsored (allegedly educated) idiots turned moralists, has turned the world into a country with its head buried in sand and rubble of concrete.

The story of the Three little pigs is a near perfect illustration of what happened to Baba Taiga. By means of lies lied until they were turned into ‘truth’, the Healing Witch was turned into big bad wolf. And we are off to a Witch hunt! Until such a time when berserk technology fails and dies, the ‘civilized’ world never ceases hunting wolves. The hunter celebrates and laugh hilariously as he soaks the arse of Nature in terpentine and dangles Christ before our eyes.

Primitive societies are societies without a State
a debt created by Presidebt Obama
hallucinated Holy Roman Empire

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