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The Amazingly Slow Death of Populist Latvijans
By © E. Antons Benjamiņš, 2017

A definition of ‘communism’ begins from the premise that it ‘is the state of Nature-born human being from the time human beings began until now.

6 An Unacknowledged WW1 Era Alliance
(Part 2)

Today the role of the King is much denigrated. Unless it is Neochristian theological hocus pocus, one almost never hears that once upon a time the king was Sacred. Instead, we are told the opposite—that our forebears used to believe that the King received his authority from God. How did that happen? Today the King, thanks to the secularization of God, is believed to be a wimp.

But (as suggested in my previous blog, EC617) it was not words that persuaded our ancestors or the female of our species. At the beginning of time the King gained his authority through self-sacrifice and the courage it took to actualize it. That this is what the female of the human species understood to be the case was proven, when women were ready to give themselves to the King before he died but for His asking. In our secularized times these instinctive interactions between the female and the male have become vulgarized by the violence of warrior male lust and lesbian female appropriation of virtual reality as the real thing. Even so, the giving of themselves by women to a Sacred King is an incontrovertible indication that it is women who cause a man to sacrifice himself for the community and who in the process (instead of committing suicide for being rejected) becomes a leaders of a community*.

*The author realizes that the subject of polygamy is controversial and subject to criticism, because in our violent age it is not uncommon for womn to become subject to male coercion. However, the criticism of polygamy comes mostly from cities and city based governments, where social life is based on a virtually rather than a naturally induced environment. In the countryside, however, there are no obstacles to the practice of Populist democracy, because lessons of how to live come directly from nature. A girl, in the process of becoming a woman through the arrival of menses, finds it natural to go to a man who will initiate her into adulthood,which to her understanding is synonymous with conceiving a child. If we go back in time further, we will discover that women and men lived in a community that lived by (or perhaps in) a body of water, and all went together into the water to mate and to give birth.(2)

The kings’ tradition, that is, the tradition of life as a lesson in sacrifice, was universalized by Archchristian Cathars, who undertook that path by what they called the endura, death by starvation when death seemed near. This is why the Catholics, unable to compete with the love such connectedness to the community engenders, not only exterminated the Cathars, but continue to do what can be done to prevent regeneration of Christianity and community. Does Pope Francis ever fast? Who knows. But he surely would like to seize the Temple Mount in Jerusalem* without any right to it other than by a violent history of the church as his sponsoring ally.

*Jerusalem—as the Russian mathematician turned historian Anatoly Fomenko points out (“Istanbul in the light of New Chronology”), Jerusalem is a name for holy cities and is not limited to Israel’s Jerusalem. Though this is being denied by the Vatican [ever since Rome destroyed the Old Christian capital of Jerusalem (now called Constantinople]. This is a fact that is known by the Vatican clergy, and is the reason why it signed (June 26, 2015), its first treaty with the “State of Palestine” to give the Vatican the ‘legal’ right to seize on behalf of Neochristianity the Holy Mount from Muslims, Jews, and Archchristians. It is a shame that the Zionist state of Israel fails to contradict Vatican’s denial, at the same time as it hopes to make fake history irreversible by taking the Mount from the Muslims by force.

Though universalization of self-sacrifice (as a step forward)
was an attainment, it was also the reason why the Cathar movement 
was destroyed and replaced with secular religion. This 
unacknowledged Neochristian secularist bacillus has lasted for a long 
time and shamelessly abuses Nature’s claim to be the only reality to 
which humans have a right to lay claim. Secular religion, however, 
challenges Nature’s claim by a device known as taxation, which 
enables the creation of a secular government as an 
illusory substitute for Heaven. The illusion is so strong that 
government does not ever consider that there are times when it 
may have to sacrifice itself to enable a viable community. The 
so-called left, too, especially the diseducated students, no longer 
identify with humankind, but only with their virtual selves in an 
environment completely divorced from nature and reality. If a 
century ago the East European Bolsheviks had their excuses for 
misidentifying the true victims of capitalist elites (i.e. ‘workers’ 
instead of self-supporting farmers), American students have only 
their narcissism to blame.

Moments before they were to become founders of a Populist nation*, the Latvijan Populists were overtaken by the entente powers (see blog 5/EC 615), hurried off the street, and told** to act (for ever in the future) as if nothing had happened. The entente is, of course, an alliance of Neochristian governments, who outmaneuvered Jesus and his apostles, and justified taxation by writing The Gospel. These governments declared “Thou shalt pay taxes”, which declaration they made into law, and punished its opponents with imprisonment and death. By doing so, it proves that when the Ten Commandments were written, the 11th Commandment was not yet written, and the Latvians were still people of the wood and free.

*The definition of a Populist has trouble from the word go if we accept the link’s definition that it has something to do with “ordinary people”. But indeed it is so. Quite simply, a Populist is a man or woman who lives on his and her own, who makes his and her family, and who earns his an hers keep without ever needing an ‘employer’. To become a Populist one needs a wood as his-her garden. In effect, Populists are humans who have no use for government, who have come to planet Earth on their own, and who need no government authority.

**The entente powers (headed by America) requested the Germans to remain in Latvija in order to repel the Latvian Bolsheviks from, both, the territory of Latvija and from the presence of an elitist led Latvian government. Together with the Germans, the entente created a ‘propaganda state’, which denied Latvijans any say over their past, present, or future.

The Amazingly Slow Death of Populist Latvijans
By © E. Antons Benjamiņš, 2017

A definition of ‘communism’ begins from the premise that it ‘is the state of Nature-born human being from the time human beings began until now.

6 A Government Out Of The Blue
(Part 1)

Einstein’s theory of relativity, which proposes that gravity bends light, was subject to doubt for some time. Something similar is happening over the nature of human consciousness. That is to say: not all consciousness is alike. It bends as light is bent by gravity. Physical and cultural environments may tell very different stories without realizing that one of the stories presents itself in green, while the other in red, but neither can tell its color any better than anyone of us sees ourselves and can tell our character. Still, we may argue (in absentia as it were) that those who think in green are born into nature, while those who dream in red are born into fiction. No matter how one tries to fix fiction, it never is fixed.

After the introduction of of taxation (which introduced the practice of agriculture, which institutionalized slavery, compelled people to wish to escape the countryside and go live in cities) the fiction closet turned itself into a library of laws. It was about this time that the color of reality changed from green to red. As the American poet Longfellow said in a poem: “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.”

Americans hardly noticed the change. It is apt to compare Harvard University of the days of Longfellow (1807-1882) with the same university infiltrated by the CIA in the 21st century. Yet people keep saying: “Life goes on”, and pretend that nothing has changed. Neither did America’s virtual society notice that the the Revolutionary and Civil War had turned it into a society of the city which needed ever greater ‘Lebensraum’ to satisfy its fantasies. For some time America’s humble beginnings served as a mask to its later pretentions, and for this reason, dramatic changes were not noticed until they went critical. The critical moment or ‘crisis’ is happening now, a time when the exploitation of Nature can no longer be extended lest Americans use military might to become the only people on Earth*. One ought to note that while the American military tries to obliterate the history of the world (no, it is not only the Taliban), American culture acts as the iconoclast who obliterates reminders of American history.

*The American government (of the ‘deep state’) is trying to do this through ‘regime change’ in the name of democracy. Two outstanding examples of regime change are Syria and Venezuela.

We may click the buttons on our computer and come to a book known as “The Book of Revelations”, which to the disbelief of many has been telling us that we live in a reality that will end in disaster. How did John, the purported writer of Revelations, know to tell us our future with such certainty? Without going into lengthy explanations, it is a fact that in John’s time as much as ours fiction was mistaken for reality. Observers with critical minds realized that reality could be affected in a way that would lead to disastrous consequences. Today reality on all continents is controlled by laws written by a bourgeoise for whom the city is more real than Nature, which is why cities praise Nature as good for meat, bungee jumping, and little else.

Aside from the Book of Revelations, there are other hints that people of the past knew that something of an extraordinary nature was taking place. For one, the cynics (and there must have been many) noted that the New Testament was a ‘fake’ accounts of reality, which is why they also called it The Gospel. In effect, “the good news” that Neochristianity proclaimed it to be, was anything but good news. The real news was that there had occurred an ‘event’ of cowardice that, in the course of its evolution, would bring to future generations so much pain that these would just as readily kill as die*.

*The author’s aunt Zhenya (his mother’s sister) once saved herself from a far north Siberian labor camp by grabbing hold of the belt of a porter, who was taking cargo aboard an overcrowded last ship south on the Yenisey River. The porter not only took aboard the cargo, but dragged aboard my aunt, who at a later hour also managed to get aboard her mother.

Back when Natural reality was first being usurped by Virtual reality and nothing could be done to reverse the trend, the cynics could not resist throwing up their hands and cynically calling the New Testament ‘The Gospel Truth’. They borrowed the word ‘gospel’ from the word ‘jocel’, which is a word derived from jocus , a word that means ‘a joke’ in Latin; and which word play also discovers the word ‘jew’ from French ‘jeu’*

*I arrive at these meanings by substituting the consonant G with J—as I did when I read the Latvijan word ‘pa+gans’ and discovered ‘gans’ was a herder of animals and had nothing to do with religion. Aside from referring to life as a joke, there were yet other reasons why the victims of Neochristianity may have refered to the gospel and jews as a joke—they all sold insurance; just as a black man named Kingfish once did.

As the author has noted, human society evolved from family groups and individuals coming together as a result of a Sacred King enabling them to overcome their animal distrust* of one another by offering His life as a guarantee that Gemeinschaft /community led by Him was trustworthy and would hold up even in difficult times. In other words, the Sacred King took upon himself the terrors of death. For this He was rewarded and was called God.

*Animal distrust is best noted in the reluctance of the female of a species to allow herself to be approached by a male of her species. This reluctance of the female to mate was overcome only during a period known as the estrous cycle during which she was receptive and could be approached.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Amazingly Slow Death of Populist Latvijans
By © E. Antons Benjamiņš, 2017

A definition of ‘communism’ begins from the premise that it ‘is the state of Nature-born human being from the time human beings began until now.

5 Of Events That Newer Were
(Part II)

Though the Russian Revolution of 1917 brought to the fore a factory class, which the elites were creating to serve it as marionettes, the failure of intellectuals to prevent the enslavement of humankind to the sticky pornographics of capitalism, and failure to identify the true causes of human misery in our time, created a tragedy that is not yet resolved. No resolution is likely until humankind realizes that ‘consciousness’ it claims to be its crowning glory is far from being conscious. Who can assure that the virtual reality of cities can be endured for longer than three or so centuries? Today we live this intolerable reality with a vengeance: even yesterday the Polish government confirmed that it will destroy the last vestige of nature in ancient Europe and proceed with its operations of deforesting the prehistoric Biaļowieža Forest. Who would have thought that the opposition of the Populists of Nature would turn out to be the virtuous Aliens of Virtualist cities?

The centuries of repression endured by the descendants of the Dniepr Balts have resulted in a handful of post-Baltic societies in which intellectuals have been out of touch with reality for so long that they cannot conceive of community as a phenomena of Nature, but perceive it as a whim of imperialist violence, coercive law, and individuals in possession of mobile telephones.

It not that the city-zens of Gdansk, Warsaw, and other Polish cities infected by the virus of virtualism and freed of guilt by neo-Christianity and capitalist production capacity, are the only ones to dismiss Nature as a fake egalitarian phenomenon and indulge in cutesy ideas about how to ‘screw up’ life on Earth and go found ‘democratic’ colonies on Mars. In Latvija, the Virtual virus (of instability) was planted into its body politic at its foundation as a sovereign nation. There occured many events that were analogous with events at the time of the founding of Finland. What is unique about Latvija is that its founding never had a public ceremony, but that such a ceremony is only be pretended to have happened. An interesting story that*: a piece of the shreds made of humankind fated to be caught in the space between by the West and the East.

*The one photograph that is said to prove that a ceremony of Latvija’s founding occurred, has been ‘legitimized’ by fake assertions by the ‘renewed’ and fake post-soviet Latvijan government. During the first two decades of Latvijan independence (which included the K. Ulmanis regime, 1933-1940) the photograph was part of a storefront display in Rīga. Though reproduced in history books, the picture never was accorded the status of a relic in a museum. After being hid in a cellar during WW2 and the Soviet times, the photograph came to prominence some seventy years (about 1988) after Latvija’s founding, when, crazed by Virtualist propaganda and promised consumerist goodies without having to stand in line for them, became worried that there may not be physical evidence that a founding ceremony occured. The absence of such could ruin the post-Soviet governments plans to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of Latvia (in 2018) as its own. Well, the cceremony pictured in the photograph more likely occurred in Libau-Liepāja. a harbor city that acted as a base for a British naval squadron.

The real story of the founding of Latvija needs yet to be fully researched, written, and admitted. For the time being, the fact remains that the founding ceremony of Latvia has been compromised by government propaganda. Moreover, such ceremonies as may have taken place were organized by right wing elements, not the populist instigators who—up to the ukaz of 1743 by tsarina Elizabeth against the Herrnhuters—were the REAL seekers after and introducers of liberty in what had once been the territory of Livonia Livonia. Even so, when the founding of Latvija was announced as accomplished, the Soviet Cheka, in its early days manned mostly by Latvijans (apparently populists in outlook), wanted to return to Latvija, but were not allowed by Moscow authorities (Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Dzerzhinsky, Stuchka, etc.), because it would weaken the Cheka significantly. Of course, the entente-backed provisional Latvijan government did not want them either.

A paradox occurred when Latvijan Bolshevik intelligentsia, headed by Peter Stuchka , the brother-in-law of aforementioned Latvian nationalist poet Rainis, the same who along with a few other poets, writers, playwrights sketched in the literary portrait of Latvians, and who never stopped believing that the presidency of Latvija belonged by all rights to him—never sought Latvija’s independence. As the leader of the Soviet Latvijan government of Iskolat, and the first President of the Soviet Supreme Court, Stuchka had a catholic-globalist-federalist-cityzen political perspektive, and never imagined Latvija other than part of a federated factory known as the Soviet Union.

Even with all the misplaced baggage to weigh down its community spirit, a much more sinister ideology, one rooted in the Great Schism that divides Christianity since 1054, was at the root of the foundering* sovereign Latvija. While the reasons given today for the Schism are faked**, the reasons for the continuity of lies are that these erect a globalist and elitist outlook over a populist and sovereignist (autocephalist) outlook, which bring to our attention the conflict between the virtual and actual founders of the Latvian nation. It is important to note this, because the initiators of Latvijans as a people of modern times were Populists of the countryside, not Populists or Elitists of the city. The latter became subjected to globalists, who were of the victorious WW1 entente group of capitalist nations come to Eastern Europe to found a state that would be preconditioned (by law) to have no objections in joining—at an opportune time—a federalized Empire of Europe led by anglo-saxon taxcollectors.

*The postsoviet Latvian government surrendered its sovereignty to the Eiropean Central Bank (ECB) in 2014, when it abandoned its currency, the lats, for the euro. V.Dombrovskis, the postsoviet Latvian PM responsible for the surrender of sovereignty was rewarded with a directorship at the ECB.

**Jesus, the last Sacred King and God of archaic Christianity, is not buried in Jerusalem, Israel, but at Boykoz, upper Bosphorus, on theTurkish side of the narrow. According to the Alexiad by Anna Comnena, Basil the Bogomil, aka Basil the Physician or perhaps John the Baptist—who this author believes were kaleidoscoped into one Jesus—was incinerated at the Hippodrome in Constantinople. If one takes the chronology of Western history with a grain of salt, Jesus’s death occurred only in the 11th or 12th centuries. Anatoly Fomenko is right—the Scaligerian chronology is a dysfunctional serial of events. The so-called 4th Crusade of 1204 (more likely the 1st), which gathered the herders of northwestern Europe to go on a fake rescue-revenge mission of the Sacred King cum God, occurs close to the date (1209) that Jersika/ Jerusalem of old Lithuania gets destroyed.