Monday, September 26, 2016

Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
A Secular God in Crisis

Several blogs ago, I concern myself over the invasion of language by academe. I am specifically referring to Princeton Univerisity’s attempt to reform the English language into a gender inclusive and sex exclusive language and the tendency in America for artists and intellectuals to use the academe as an embalming fluid for the thinking process. Perhaps this is the result of the infiltration of the abstract expressionist movement and ‘art circles’ by the CIA.

The CIA’s infiltration of the academe may be seen as the end point of a process of a thousand year long attempt to penetrate the vagina of an uncooperative female. The process began with turning the Sun from the feminine gender into a male gender;it ends with denying the feminine gender rights. In earliest of times, it began with the disassociation of Isis (mother of Iesus?) from the gender dominant deity it used to be. While liberal thinkers do not deny the feminine a part in the Divine, they, nevertheless, reduce it to the part that a halo plays behind the heads of an endless number of male saints.

The elimination of ordinary homo sapiens from participation in the formation of language—except for dirty words and slang—has a long history. As the reader may note, I have been tracing such history back to Rome (in the East). In more immediate times, I trace it to the Westphalian Peace Treaty of 1648, and the American Revolution (1765-1783). In the latter, the 13 American Colonies (13 is a feminine number in that 13 moons in a year equal the number of menstrual cycles of a woman) are said to have rejected the British monarchy and aristocracy in order to found the democracy of United States of America. Alas, ‘13’ is still called an unlucky number.

As we ought to know, the evolution of the USA took an undemocratic course with the American Civil War (1861-1865), a war that allegedly took place between secessionists in Southern states known as the Confederate States of America and the Unionists of the Northern States. Like the long war between Archetypal Christianity and Western Catholic Christianity (ending in Westphalia), the anti-slavery causes of the American Civil War are among the great lies of Western ‘civilization’.

Contrary to the political propaganda of historians, the American Civil War was to stop any and all progress of Achetypal Christianity in America from usurping British borne Capitalism which had the support of the British aristocracy (actually City of London Corporation) going back to the time of the deposition of the King John of England (1216). As the real history of American blacks attests, the issue of American blacks as an underclass was never the REAL issue of the American Civil War or subsequent times. As Black Lives Matter proves, the intellectual proves of blacks has in the interim declined (so has white intellect) rather than risen.

While the sense of entitlement plays a very significan role in the politics of America today, its role is entirely negative on a landscape in which the remnant of American Archetypal Christianity (however mixed up with Fundamentalism it may be) struggle to reemerge. I say this from a sense that secular politics in America appear to have played out its mission, which appears to have been to expose its limitations.

The struggle to exclude Archetyal Christianity from America and Amercan led New Word Order continues in the figure of the current Islamist American President Obama. This is not to say that I object to Islam per se, but that in my perception Western Christianity is essentially a religion controlled by secular forces of a limited intellect.

I also do not necessarily object to homosexuality, except that I believe that its tsunamis like appearance is the result of the elimination of the countryside and nature, and its replacement with the virtual environment of  deadly cities.

The Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act of 2010 while limited to those serving in the military, was—in retrospect—clearly meant as a precursor to Obama’s current transgender toilet use act. Be that as it may, the act puts into focus Obama’s marriage as a gay marriage in which his wife plays the role as a fe-male crossdresser.

Won’t we be surprised when ex-President Obama pretends surprise over the nature of his marriage partner!? No less, Black Lives Matter Org , a city dedicated group of black nerds will continue to abandon Green Africa in favor of black concrete. Black Lives Matter fails to understand that the’nuclear family’ is not Western-prescribed, but is a necessity borne of city life*. For all of its problems, the nuclear family maintains the spirit of small community on the up, not the down.

*In Latvia 42% of couples or ‘families’ are not married and the children of these relationships grow up without existential direction or life goals. To be without life goals means to mistake the white scum of a polluted stream for the river itself.

Not only does the above illustrate that America is currently led (and lets itself be led) by political clowns, but warns that current European and American elites (including those of the Bilderberg Group, now infamously associated with the presidency of Obama/over Hillary) are frivolously playing with the lives of billion of people…

Contrary to the group’s delusions about being somehow ‘revolutionary’, Black Lives Matter illustrates how subordinate the black community has become to neocaon ideology.

I herewith come to a halt in my blogging. During the last month or so, I have been venting my brain and putting to words a short book. The book is in Latvian, a language that has no circulation beyond the limited 1.5 million people that remain in the country after the post-Soviet leadership emptied the country of nearly ¼ of its population by sending it (after the collapse of the Soviet Union) in search of jobs the world over. While the American Indians have their memories of Wounded Knee, a similar, though overtly less violent holocaust among the Latvian people has taken place under the umbrage of Brussels and NATO.

Whether I return to this site at some future date, I am not sure. The holocaust caused by U.S. export of ‘democracy’ and pretentious exceptionalism, NATO’s heavy hand of propaganda, and betrayal of the country’s sovereignty by Soviet cosmopolitanism (manifest through an inconsequential information media that for all practical purposes must be considered ‘censored’) and a Latvian leadership educated under Soviet aegis, but now claiming allegiance to Brussels, brings a heavy heart. Alas, short of venting myself by some means of violence, I pray God strike Brussels dead.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
NWO, Fear, and Bankruptcy

When I recently reread the first chapter from anthropologist Michael Taussig’s book “The Nervous System”, I was reminded by him that philosopher Edmund Burke argued (in 1757) that: ”No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.” Burke is the author of A Vindication of Natural Society (1756), a book, his first, that argues that among other things government is all about war and fear, and, I must add, worse—destruction of community and ultimately bankruptcy of economy.

After reading the above, the thoughts that came to my mind almost immediately were that Eve and Adam were not created in an environment of fear, even if alertness and concern—brought over from the animal kingdom—was part of life. Neither were the first couple of homo sapiens meant to live in an environment of fear of canibal-like violence from their own—as by now they have lived in for a thousand years running. Why is it that all the gurus who are meditating on consciousness today do not grasp what was in plain sight 259 years ago to Edmud Burke?

Few of the arguments about government that are taking place today take a closer look at the history that has been created by governments and is being maintained by hack historians sitting in academic chairs in universities in Europe, U.S., and elsewhere. The sequels of the past (including the one that imposed taxation), which have been widely disseminated by the purveyors of the Monopole of Governments (MOG), have not been accepted by all people. That is, most farmers have NOT abandoned the idea that they will function as self-sustaining economies when the crisis hits Wall Street, the City, and MOG. Though I have no statistics, I bet most farmers in the U.S. have guns and are big supporters of the National Rifle Association (NRA). The purpose of guns in farmers’ hands are to repel a direct inasion of the farm yard by city dwellers when cities become unsustainable and collapse.

Though Anatoly Fomenko, the Russian mathematician and part-time historian, criticizes the Western construct of history, with the exception of tsar Peter Great, he makes no overt criticism of the participation of the Russian government in the propagation of the Western model of history. In effect, Russia and China are part of the Axis that forms the MOG, which includes the North American Union (NAU), i.e., the Americam Empire of today (Canada, Mexico, Australia), the European Union, and all other mindless homesteads of homo sapiens.

Of course, the opposite of fear according to politicians is ‘security’: social security, homeland security, neighborhood watch, police, pension security, child support, health insurance, drug frree society, black lives matter entitlements, and—not least—defense by mini-nukes manned by brave transgender warriors screened to be easy young twirkers of ass with little education about sex and no education about what it takes to have a society that has moral authority.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
Tribal Consciousness 4

I have written in earlier blogs that the incineration by auto-da-fe of John Basil in Rome*, now Istanbul, was replaced by an imagined crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the never real city of Jerusalem (formerly aka Acre) in present day Israel. I am impressed by a map of the east coast of the Medditerranean Sea from a time before 1798, when Napoleon invaded the area—it shows no city called Jerusalem. In effect, it is more than likely that Jerusalem was added to the map at a later time by the English government and neo-Christian Church serving Oliver Cromwell and Hertzel, the father of zionism.
*I take as evidence Anna Komnena’s memoir of her father Emperor Aleksius I and his reign, which story appears in the chapters that deal with the Bogomil (God lovers) Christians. The story of Jesus Christ emerges from the much later New Testament (NT), a document written under the umbrage of the Catholic Church. The NT, though ascribed to Greek authors, more than likely collectors of fragments of sayings by John, may have been edited and rewritten** around the time of Michelangelo (1475 –1564).
**NT is imo of wholy Catholic authorship, which is why I agree with the Catholic Church that all the Christian churches of our day are beholden to it. Because the Catholic Church is responsible for its writing, all the Christian churches, even those who disagree with the ‘Church’ most vehemently (such as Greek Orthodox) are using a text it wrote. True, that text has overwritten some very ancient wisdoms, which were then put in the service of religion coopted by secular governments.

One of the benefits of amanita muscaria is that it frees the mind to look at any object or subject from more angles than previously believed possible. The mind becomes capable of ignoring academic conclusions, gains greater confidence in its subjective Self, and makes observations and conclusions of its own. An amanita experience enables ‘free thinking’ to become a habit. While the process has its risks, few participants in the amanita mysteries deny its benefits. On the other hand, the repression of the mind for the benefit of institutionalized thinking becomes as obvious as it is obviously detrimenal to the development of a thinking individual.*
*This is precisely why governments repress all truth revealing natural plants and herbs.

The first thought that came to mind after a recent session with the amanita was The Last Supper (read text at link twice). The link does not answer all the mysteries that surround the painting, but suggests that there are more than one. For example: What was among the foods the participants of the Supper partook of? Some food is visible (Judas is shown reaching for a slice of bread), but there is no chalice, which some call the Holy Grail. Why?

Is it because the Holy Grail is hidden behind the imaginary silhouette as the first link of above paragraph suggests? Is it hidden because the Catholic Church forbits to talk about the grail’s content and threatens to initiate torture by Inquisition if one breaches the taboo?

Why did the Cathars walk into the flames apparently fearless? Why is Jan Hus said to have died in the flames singing? Why did Nanauatzin, the pimply and venereal pus covered Aztec God, jump into the fire pit, while other Gods dared not? How did Aztec priests endure the pain induced by pulling knotted rope through their tongue and splitting in two their glans penis? Is it possible that all had partaken (as possily John Basil of Eastern Rome had) of amanita muscaria? Did they have a recipe for separating body and Spirit while still in-body? I do not know, but do not exclude the possibility that the Aztecs did.

Neither do I know if the chalice is the vessel from which Jesus drank ‘vinegar’ when nailed to the cross. Since I champion reconsideration of the role of pareidolia in creativity and thought, I am amenable to the idea, and do not exclude the possibility that this is the very chalice Michaelangelo had in mind and hid in plain view.

Pareidolia allows for the idea that in the days of Michelangelo most everyone knew what the chalice contained, and that it represented a way of reaching Jesus through the celebration of the Eucharist* in times of Archaic Christianity.

Of course, the neoChristian Church turned the holy liquid into water, which was turned into wine, then turned the reed through which one sucks liquid into a sponge, and, last but not least, denied Mary Magdalene’s daughter Sarah life through the genes of hardly ever mentioned Merovingian (Peaceloving**) kings.

In short, since the Aztecs, too, used mushrooms in body-mind separation rituals (which have nothing to do with ‘fertility’) my theory is far less strange than that of the Mormon Church.

*Eucharist is a word that does not necessarily refer to The Last Supper only. It may refer to an archaic partaking of the Amanita by the community as a whole.
**The escape from the siege of Carcasonne (1209) was not necessarily to remove gold as a common theory expounds, but possibly to help escape Sarah, the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. To where did Sarah escape? Possibly to Livonia, where a likely branch of the Cathars was destroyed in the same year in an attack of Jersika (?a coloquial name for Jerusalem). Perhaps this explains the fascination of the French (Jules Verne) with Livonia.

Indeed, it would be my dream come true if the Mormons changed their name to Johns, changed the fluid used at the Eurcharist to a Spirit/body separating yak butter tea containing amanita muscaria, and used thechurch’s resources to design ways to clone its members to Mary Magdalene’s genes in an instant.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
Tribal Consciousness 3

“I will lead you to an ‘odze’* (the grove where berries and a guardian snake by that name are found) and show you the most beautiful looking amanita muskaria in all of Livonia.
*Odze—a Latvijan name, derived from ‘oga’ (berry).

As Eve and Adam followed the snake, Odze continued to speak:

“But instead of berries or apples, you will discover an amanita muscaria, a colorful mushroom that may remind you of the bright red scarf that Red Ridinghood wore over her head. Incidentally, Eve and Adam did not hand each other an apple, but an amanita muscaria. Eating it had a wondrous effect on them: they had an out of body experience and discovered that they stood naked*, I recommend you try it.”
*The discovery of nakedness is not only to see one’s self exposed as from above, but discovers that the out of body experience that comes of eating the amanita is an experiene of a molting of skin. I.e., like a molting snake, one discovers one’s self to be two—an inner and outer self.

The discovery of nakedness and shame thereof is the result of the second step of distancing the spirti from the body. Like most things in nature, such steps are not carved of stone, but overlap each other and hide a ghost or reserve. The writers of the Bible did not mean to shame us or themselves, but tell that our out of body being discovers (through the medium of the amanitathe in-body, and begin to ask—what is its mission?

The first stepi in the training of the Spirit ends, when a mother withdraws from the child her breast. Largely unaware of the distancing the mother is effecting, the in-body child screams bloody murder. While today the mother is likely to substitute her nipple with a rubber one, in more natural times, to stop the child from screaming the mother began to either stimulate the child’s (his or hers) glans amour or passed him-her to suck the nipple of the father. The child stopped crying, but the difference in nipples was obvious. The stimulation of children’s glans amour by mothers would continue, sometimes until a child reached the age of puberty* At a later time, adult males, wishing to disempower mothers, began to punish boys by circumcizing them.
*In some archetypal tribes, sexual contact between mothers and sons continued into adulthood and even after her sons are married. I first learned of such a mother-son relationship from anthropologist Michael Taussig’s  „The Nervous System” (p 179).in which book he mentions the Kogi tribe of Central America. This may be the reaason why males sometimes dream of sleeping with their mothers—the behabior, though denied legitimacy today, may in fact be recorded in our genes and demands expression in dreams when denied.

Mother-father to children sexual relationship in Western societies is called incest. The name was invented by institutionalized religion, especially Judaic and neoChristian, the latter which (as the current interpretation of the stpry of Eve and Adam proves) even tried to incestionalize the sexual relationship between an adult man and woman. However, in the olden days, the mother to child sexual relationship tended to end (if not earlier) with the age of puperty, when the mother withdrew herself in order for her children to transfer their sexual drive into finding a spouse and have children of their own. No doubt, there were economic reasons, too, for letting children go their own way.

The initiation in sex of her children by a mother had the salutory effect of withdrawing such initiation from males within her own circle of friends or strangers beyond. It also resulted in young adults being relatively well educated, protected, and unafraid of sexual contacts. Moreover, since the sexual act likely avoided the missionary position, unwanted pregnancies were rare within or without the relationships of a mother’s roma or nest. For all that, we have seen, it eventually caused the males to discover ‘moral rightenousness’ and replace matriarchy with patriarchy and Goddess with government.

The most notable side effect of the separation of mother and child sexual contact (it likely happened at different ages in different tribes), was that a prolonged sexual abstinence by children resulted in a discovery to a sense of painful aloneness. This discovery served to distance spirit from body yet further*, and led the individual, in hopes of reuniting Spirit to mother and body, to masturbation
*One obvious spirit-body distancing occasion happens for the mother, who separates out of her body her child. This may explain the closer relationship with the Other women have.

The third distancing of spirit from body occurs at about the age of thirty-five, which coincides with the beginning of so-called menopause; i.e., boxers stop boxing and women cease bearing children. It is at this stage when homo sapiens begin their ‘careers’ as fully grounded members of their communities. Americans recognize this fact as their presidential candidates cannot be younger than thirty-five years old.”

After explaining to Daisy the above, I ventured to tell her more about some of the results of out of body experiences that may come as a result of eating amanita muscaria. I was not surprised that she remained sceptical; nevertheless, she listened.