Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
Tribal Consciousness 4

I have written in earlier blogs that the incineration by auto-da-fe of John Basil in Rome*, now Istanbul, was replaced by an imagined crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the never real city of Jerusalem (formerly aka Acre) in present day Israel. I am impressed by a map of the east coast of the Medditerranean Sea from a time before 1798, when Napoleon invaded the area—it shows no city called Jerusalem. In effect, it is more than likely that Jerusalem was added to the map at a later time by the English government and neo-Christian Church serving Oliver Cromwell and Hertzel, the father of zionism.
*I take as evidence Anna Komnena’s memoir of her father Emperor Aleksius I and his reign, which story appears in the chapters that deal with the Bogomil (God lovers) Christians. The story of Jesus Christ emerges from the much later New Testament (NT), a document written under the umbrage of the Catholic Church. The NT, though ascribed to Greek authors, more than likely collectors of fragments of sayings by John, may have been edited and rewritten** around the time of Michelangelo (1475 –1564).
**NT is imo of wholy Catholic authorship, which is why I agree with the Catholic Church that all the Christian churches of our day are beholden to it. Because the Catholic Church is responsible for its writing, all the Christian churches, even those who disagree with the ‘Church’ most vehemently (such as Greek Orthodox) are using a text it wrote. True, that text has overwritten some very ancient wisdoms, which were then put in the service of religion coopted by secular governments.

One of the benefits of amanita muscaria is that it frees the mind to look at any object or subject from more angles than previously believed possible. The mind becomes capable of ignoring academic conclusions, gains greater confidence in its subjective Self, and makes observations and conclusions of its own. An amanita experience enables ‘free thinking’ to become a habit. While the process has its risks, few participants in the amanita mysteries deny its benefits. On the other hand, the repression of the mind for the benefit of institutionalized thinking becomes as obvious as it is obviously detrimenal to the development of a thinking individual.*
*This is precisely why governments repress all truth revealing natural plants and herbs.

The first thought that came to mind after a recent session with the amanita was The Last Supper (read text at link twice). The link does not answer all the mysteries that surround the painting, but suggests that there are more than one. For example: What was among the foods the participants of the Supper partook of? Some food is visible (Judas is shown reaching for a slice of bread), but there is no chalice, which some call the Holy Grail. Why?

Is it because the Holy Grail is hidden behind the imaginary silhouette as the first link of above paragraph suggests? Is it hidden because the Catholic Church forbits to talk about the grail’s content and threatens to initiate torture by Inquisition if one breaches the taboo?

Why did the Cathars walk into the flames apparently fearless? Why is Jan Hus said to have died in the flames singing? Why did Nanauatzin, the pimply and venereal pus covered Aztec God, jump into the fire pit, while other Gods dared not? How did Aztec priests endure the pain induced by pulling knotted rope through their tongue and splitting in two their glans penis? Is it possible that all had partaken (as possily John Basil of Eastern Rome had) of amanita muscaria? Did they have a recipe for separating body and Spirit while still in-body? I do not know, but do not exclude the possibility that the Aztecs did.

Neither do I know if the chalice is the vessel from which Jesus drank ‘vinegar’ when nailed to the cross. Since I champion reconsideration of the role of pareidolia in creativity and thought, I am amenable to the idea, and do not exclude the possibility that this is the very chalice Michaelangelo had in mind and hid in plain view.

Pareidolia allows for the idea that in the days of Michelangelo most everyone knew what the chalice contained, and that it represented a way of reaching Jesus through the celebration of the Eucharist* in times of Archaic Christianity.

Of course, the neoChristian Church turned the holy liquid into water, which was turned into wine, then turned the reed through which one sucks liquid into a sponge, and, last but not least, denied Mary Magdalene’s daughter Sarah life through the genes of hardly ever mentioned Merovingian (Peaceloving**) kings.

In short, since the Aztecs, too, used mushrooms in body-mind separation rituals (which have nothing to do with ‘fertility’) my theory is far less strange than that of the Mormon Church.

*Eucharist is a word that does not necessarily refer to The Last Supper only. It may refer to an archaic partaking of the Amanita by the community as a whole.
**The escape from the siege of Carcasonne (1209) was not necessarily to remove gold as a common theory expounds, but possibly to help escape Sarah, the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. To where did Sarah escape? Possibly to Livonia, where a likely branch of the Cathars was destroyed in the same year in an attack of Jersika (?a coloquial name for Jerusalem). Perhaps this explains the fascination of the French (Jules Verne) with Livonia.

Indeed, it would be my dream come true if the Mormons changed their name to Johns, changed the fluid used at the Eurcharist to a Spirit/body separating yak butter tea containing amanita muscaria, and used thechurch’s resources to design ways to clone its members to Mary Magdalene’s genes in an instant.

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