Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
Tribal Consciousness 3

“I will lead you to an ‘odze’* (the grove where berries and a guardian snake by that name are found) and show you the most beautiful looking amanita muskaria in all of Livonia.
*Odze—a Latvijan name, derived from ‘oga’ (berry).

As Eve and Adam followed the snake, Odze continued to speak:

“But instead of berries or apples, you will discover an amanita muscaria, a colorful mushroom that may remind you of the bright red scarf that Red Ridinghood wore over her head. Incidentally, Eve and Adam did not hand each other an apple, but an amanita muscaria. Eating it had a wondrous effect on them: they had an out of body experience and discovered that they stood naked*, I recommend you try it.”
*The discovery of nakedness is not only to see one’s self exposed as from above, but discovers that the out of body experience that comes of eating the amanita is an experiene of a molting of skin. I.e., like a molting snake, one discovers one’s self to be two—an inner and outer self.

The discovery of nakedness and shame thereof is the result of the second step of distancing the spirti from the body. Like most things in nature, such steps are not carved of stone, but overlap each other and hide a ghost or reserve. The writers of the Bible did not mean to shame us or themselves, but tell that our out of body being discovers (through the medium of the amanitathe in-body, and begin to ask—what is its mission?

The first stepi in the training of the Spirit ends, when a mother withdraws from the child her breast. Largely unaware of the distancing the mother is effecting, the in-body child screams bloody murder. While today the mother is likely to substitute her nipple with a rubber one, in more natural times, to stop the child from screaming the mother began to either stimulate the child’s (his or hers) glans amour or passed him-her to suck the nipple of the father. The child stopped crying, but the difference in nipples was obvious. The stimulation of children’s glans amour by mothers would continue, sometimes until a child reached the age of puberty* At a later time, adult males, wishing to disempower mothers, began to punish boys by circumcizing them.
*In some archetypal tribes, sexual contact between mothers and sons continued into adulthood and even after her sons are married. I first learned of such a mother-son relationship from anthropologist Michael Taussig’s  „The Nervous System” (p 179).in which book he mentions the Kogi tribe of Central America. This may be the reaason why males sometimes dream of sleeping with their mothers—the behabior, though denied legitimacy today, may in fact be recorded in our genes and demands expression in dreams when denied.

Mother-father to children sexual relationship in Western societies is called incest. The name was invented by institutionalized religion, especially Judaic and neoChristian, the latter which (as the current interpretation of the stpry of Eve and Adam proves) even tried to incestionalize the sexual relationship between an adult man and woman. However, in the olden days, the mother to child sexual relationship tended to end (if not earlier) with the age of puperty, when the mother withdrew herself in order for her children to transfer their sexual drive into finding a spouse and have children of their own. No doubt, there were economic reasons, too, for letting children go their own way.

The initiation in sex of her children by a mother had the salutory effect of withdrawing such initiation from males within her own circle of friends or strangers beyond. It also resulted in young adults being relatively well educated, protected, and unafraid of sexual contacts. Moreover, since the sexual act likely avoided the missionary position, unwanted pregnancies were rare within or without the relationships of a mother’s roma or nest. For all that, we have seen, it eventually caused the males to discover ‘moral rightenousness’ and replace matriarchy with patriarchy and Goddess with government.

The most notable side effect of the separation of mother and child sexual contact (it likely happened at different ages in different tribes), was that a prolonged sexual abstinence by children resulted in a discovery to a sense of painful aloneness. This discovery served to distance spirit from body yet further*, and led the individual, in hopes of reuniting Spirit to mother and body, to masturbation
*One obvious spirit-body distancing occasion happens for the mother, who separates out of her body her child. This may explain the closer relationship with the Other women have.

The third distancing of spirit from body occurs at about the age of thirty-five, which coincides with the beginning of so-called menopause; i.e., boxers stop boxing and women cease bearing children. It is at this stage when homo sapiens begin their ‘careers’ as fully grounded members of their communities. Americans recognize this fact as their presidential candidates cannot be younger than thirty-five years old.”

After explaining to Daisy the above, I ventured to tell her more about some of the results of out of body experiences that may come as a result of eating amanita muscaria. I was not surprised that she remained sceptical; nevertheless, she listened.

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