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Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
Tribal Consciousness 2

The concrete and glass walls of academic institutions and their contempt for subjective thought of homo sapiens notwithstanding, the glans sex of the latter percieves the object—which the transgendered professors of the English Department at Princeton U. have in mind— more accurately than the professors. I am thinking of the subjectivity that rules when Joyce’s Leopold Bloom and Molly Bloom speak. Most of what they spoke or thought is for ever lost.

Subjective thinking in a world that is contemptuous of it and limits itself to ‘scientific thinking’ surely is a “no” in a universe, where Molly’s “I said, yes… I will, yes…” echoes to Leo’s “Say, yes, my mountain flower…” is tread into transgendered academic hamburgers.

… forgive us city people, for we know not what we think, say, or do! !

Here is what I recently wrote Daisy about the separation of body, mind, and spirit. I was encouraged to transgress my ‘through presence only’ method of teaching with a linear missive after several days of ingesting muscaria amanita, which I did after a few years of abstinence. The encouragement came as a result of this being the right season (tis August, and I had the chance to buy four pails full of amanitas from my neighbors who fear the amanita is ‘poisonous’), and a spell of time during which I had cpme to feel that my mind had begun to stagnate.

A day earlier, I had told Daisy about an experience I had after ingesting an amanita. I spoke about my experience, because I wished to suggest to Daisy* that she, too, try it.
*At this time, Daisy continues to exhibit many timid traits (which I discuss in Part 1 and 2 of this 3 part 'book'), and the story about the mushroom being ‘poisonous’ has taken hold of her belief system seemingly beyond repair.

As I explained to Daisy: …the only ‘’frightening thing’ you might experience during the first day or two (or three) of ingesting a ‘poisonous’ amanita muscaria is that of a sense of body and mind separation, or what those who have had a near death experience describe as an ‘out of body’ experience. It is true that the experience of being separated from one’s body may frighten those who never have had such an experience. I do not deny that this may produce a feeling of anxiety. However, the experience is harmless in that it is but a surprise one gets used to. In a worst case scenario of anxiety (heart palpitations; onset of diarrhea), one should be encouraged to close one’s eyes, listen to Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau sing Franz Schubert’s Du bist die Ruh, have a friend hold hands, and go take a nap.

My first course meal (after any period of absence) of the amanita is to consume one middling size cap (about 5 cm across or a teaspoon of amanita powder). After brushing off the spores that cover the underside of the crown with a knife, I cover the underside with butter and blue cheese (if you do not like blue cheese, you may substitute it with feta cheese; it masks the taste of a raw or dry mushroom cap that some may not be used to*), then thoroughly chew and swallow.
*the fat content of butter and cheese may be important in activating the chemicals inherent in the cap of tbe amanita. While I do not know if it is essential, I know it is essential if one takes marihuana as tea, butter must be added. This is why on a long ago trip to India, I was offered marihuana in a cup of unskimmed buffalo milk and Tibetans offer tea with yak butter.

If the portion produces no results (one middling cap is my recommendation for first time users), repeat dose on the following day, with the brave ones perhaps adding a second mushroom cap. There need not be a rush. If you feel apprehensive, take a year off. If you are determined enough, the experience will not escape you;--you will be haunded by memories of failure until you overcome it. On the third and fourth day, take whatever amount of mushrooms your up to date experience leads you to think you ought to take. I seldom exceed three mushroom caps. I am reminded of the sensation I had some sixty years ago when I first smoked a marihuana joint from one end to the other. I giggled only the second time around a year later.

So, this is what I told Daisy: “In the beginning God created Eve, and Eve created for herself a companion she named Adam. At this time, both Eve and Adam had not yet had an out of body experience, but were wholy in-body creatures.

“Then one day both Adam and Eve went berry picking, and when they got to a berry grove they knew, they were met there by a snake who addressed them: “Pssst! Der Feind hoert mit!* I know something you don’t know! If you follow me, I will show you what it is.”

*”Psst!The enemy is listening in”. The message of certain German posters during WW2 warning not to speak publicly of military movements

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