Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
Tribal Consciousness 1

As the link argues here, globalizers:””…present the system as if it is a ‘new’ idea:” This is yet another lie. Globalism is merely another expanded form of centralization (or collectivism), and centralization has been the prevailing tool of cultural control for ages.”

As my attempts to discover the outlines of the deliberately falsified history of the West indicate, I agree with the statement by the link’s author whole heartedly.

On the other hand, the author of the link fails to tell us what the history of the ‘prevailing tool of cultural control for ages’ is or WHAT IS the off the road route of evolution of our false flagged history? Because the question goes unanswered, it is fair criticism that the link’s author fails to display interest in just who wrote and who conspires to control the history of our so-called West?

The author pretends to present us with a controversial idea, but effectively plays it safe. We do not hear anything about why the history of our origins is obscured by the allegedly supernatural origin of Jesus Christ, the Santa Claus of our obnoxious pseudo scientific(?) civilization built with tax payers’ money, elitist generated disinterest in history, and fascism (including fascist democracy) at the foundation of elite led Western tribalism. Would be reformers such as pretentious leftist Hedges do not significantly differ from pretentious rightist Dawkins. Of course, many Americans are illiterate, but are those who write and read books any better?

True, the route traveled by the idealogues of globalization is obscured by off the record secret meetings at any number of roadside inns, but by no means does the author of the link exhaust the list of those (conspiracy theorists?) who are trying to open the curtains and let in more light. He remains as intimidated as most political scientists or commentators when it comes, for example, to:

Anatoly Fomenko, the Russian mathematician turned part-historian. Fomenko’s research in historical topography (the layering of one story of history over that of another) is a major contributor* to our understanding of history outside the linear realm of Western neo-Catholic and academic historical construct. Unfortunately, Fomenko (and history) suffers from the same controls the ‘billionaires’ club’ exerts over governments and the media: to repress public interest in examining the notion that the Western version of the history of homo sapiens is an extended lie in support of use of violence (and elites) as a tool for imposing order over Western society.
*Topography of history—the  opposite pole of linear history, which  is committed to playing the same story over and over again and pretending it is not so. With the aid of the written word such pretending is easy to do, i.e.: just add--++++--one episode to the nextr. A verbal history (Homer’s Ulysses, Virgil’s The Aenid, Dante’s Divine Comedy, etc). makes the truth of history as an episodic and repetitive occurance obvious.

Tribal consciousness is of course part of early humankind, and it served humankind well when it dwelled in forest and field. Indeed, this is where true nature—like it or not—of ‘democratic’ government was tested and revealed. However, the notion that it can serve equally well a citified civilization is absurd, yet barely noticed.

Is not life in nature and life in city a twain that can never make meet within the biosphere of our planet? How does one compare a flower to an electronic sign or a stamped on paper or made of paper flower?

Because the city is of a fascist ego from the moment of its inception, no political party there escapes having to eventually discover that it has a fascist heart when all the wallpaper it is wrapped in gets removed. St. Augustine’s infamous “The City of God” ought to be viewed as one of the first anti-nature and pro-virtualist tracts ever. It is not in the city (though not without it), but in Nature that homo sapiens discovers the self-nurturing economy that will sustain homo sapiens on this or any other planet.

This is a fact that escapes most would be reformers. They all have bought into the notion that the individual is entitled to live a life with no pain, i.e., there is no separation of mind from body when the body is perceived as having been resurrected already. They forget that pain (come any disaster) may be endured only with the mindful support from a community. But the community is a helpful entity only because of a Spirit (and not a factory) that wills itself be a community.

Does consciousness perhaps come to Earth to train in Spirit?

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