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Eso’s Chronicles 218 / 4
Victory of Violence (4)
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To illustrate the difficult task ahead of the Russian President Putin, we need only to take another quote from Zbigniev Brezinski’s pretentious “The Grand Chessboard” by going to Chapter 4, which titled: “The Black Hole”, and read the last sentence from the 2nd paragraph: “…the long-range task remains how to encourage Russia’s democratic transformation and economic recovery while avoiding the reemergence of a Eurasian empire that could obstruct the American geostrategic goal of shaping a larger Euro-Atlantic system to which Russia can then be stably and safely related.”

Such Zionist chutzpah is supposed to serve America’s interests!? What savage 20th century lack of historical perspective, either regarding former times or simply as an affront to anyone who is not ‘born’ to long outlived Szlachta bombast. We ought to remember here that Bismarck of Prussia was not a little influenced by it, because he lived right next the Poland and Lithuania. President Putin, too, must feel encouraged when reading such stuff.

One would think Putin is encouraged to plan for America (its geostrategic goals are rarely formulated by itself, but, instead, by those like Brezinski, whose abject Capitalist materialism encourages him to worm-up to the heart of the Capitalist economic system) their comeuppance a la Jacobin style. It will come in handy to remember that it was Napoleon who not only won the military battles being lost by the French Revolutionists, but went on and made his own effort to subject Russia under French rule and suffered a renowned defeat .

As Ukraine (come under the influence of American ‘exceptionalism’) continues to press for closer ties with the EU by joining in a free trade zone with it , it will be interesting to see how Russia reacts to the NATO military maneuvers come November in Latvia, Eastern Europe .

When I use the words “Jacobin style” (well known for its excesses), what I have in mind are the negative consequences that devolved from the Jacobin attempt to create a ‘Republic of virtue’, . In this instance the proponent of such a republic of virtue is not Russia, but the government of the U.S., which claims to be operating under the privileges of ‘exceptionalism’, which ‘exceptionalism’ caused Brezinski to make his extraordinary statement with regard to Russia and the Ukraine.

Me thinks, President Putin’s speech at Valdai is a response. As I have pointed out in numerous blogs before, the history of Russia definitely touches on that of the Byzantine Empire. Putin’s statement that:
Our entire, uncensored history must be a part of Russian identity” hints that what we today know as the Ukraine was once part of that ancient Empire and is open to scrutiny. Of course, the Russian Orthodox Church, heir to early or Arch-Christianity, having once been forced by the Crusading French (or their predecessors the Franks) to accept Western dogma may object to opening the books on this unpleasant past. Nevertheless, the Russian Academy of Sciences ought to be willing to lend its talents to the task and reassure the Russian people. After all, a member of that Academy, Anatoly Fomenko, not I is the one who has done such a reanalysis of history, and is unlikely to be opposed to further examination of it.

Given the pressures for Russia to significantly alter its own ‘exceptional’ past once again, even under the threat of another war, this is the time to reanalyze the Western model of history. It appears preposterous for Russia to surrender to American and NATO Jacobinist bluster without a reinvestigation of the premises of Western history.

The danger to the West that such an investigation may bring forth is that it could discover that the entire economic system (Capitalism) of the West is a fraud perpetrated on the psyche of humanity by an elite committed to violence. While in the early days of Capitalism the elite was composed largely of lords and princes (gradually infiltrated by the lower echelons of the feudalist order), in our own day—in the words of a famous military leader of the West, General Dwight Eisenhower—“the military-industrial complex” has seized control of the entire society . While at that time the major opponent to this economic system was the Soviet Union, the real enemy was (when listening to the speeches in retrospect) the West itself. It is shocking to hear in Eisenhower’s speech on the occasion of the assassination of U.S. President Jack Kennedy  . An interpretation of Eisenhower’s words today, re: “…for we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy…” does not lead to an interpretation that it is a conspiracy of enemies from without, but is of enemies within.

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Eso’s Chronicles 217 / 3
Future 102 (3)
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As the link  points out about Jacobinism: “The name "Jacobins", given in France to the Dominicans (because their first house in Paris was in the Rue St Jacques), was first applied to the club in ridicule by its enemies. The title assumed by the club itself, after the promulgation of the constitution of 1791, was Société des amis de la constitution séants aux Jacobins à Paris, which was changed on 21 September 1792, after the fall of the monarchy, to Société des Jacobins, amis de la liberté et de l'égalité (Society of Jacobins, friends of liberty and equality).

Russia’s President Putin, to paraphrase RT (Russian Times) in a speech to an assembly of officials, politicians and political experts on the closing day of the international forum Valdai Club, said “…that the nation had already left behind the ‘fundamental conservatism’ characterized by the idealization of Russian history after 1917 and that it was impossible to resurrect Soviet ideology…. However, the president noted that those who supported conservative ideology were as far removed from real life as the followers of western-style liberalism.

Interestingly, President Putin echoes—if one reads the text in a ‘straight forward’ fashion—the opinions of Zbigniew Brezinski from the latter’s book “The Grand Chessboard”, p.122:

The key point to bear in min is that Russia cannot be in Europe without Ukraine also being in Europe. Assuming that Russia decides to cast its lot with Europe, it follows that ultimately it is to Russia’s own interest that Ukraine be included in the expanding European structures. Ukraine’s relationship to Europe could be a turning point for Russia itself. But that also means that the defining moment for Russia’s relationship to Europe is still some time off—‘defining’ in the sense that Ukraine’s choice in favor of Europe will bring to a head Russia’s decision regarding the next phase of its history: either to be part of Europe as well or become a Eurasian outcast, neither truly of Europe nor Asia and mired in its ‘near abroad’ conflicts.

Those are not Putin’s words; but Zbig would like to make them be.

Now a fast forward to the immanent war in Syria (despite various delays, I expect it will go ahead): though the goals of the war are said by various pundits (myself including) to be Syria, Iran, oil, and the seizure of the Asian underbelly, one goal—unmentioned==is the Anschluss of Ukraine to Europe. Is President Putin hinting that he is in agreement with the Brezinski plan?

The answer is ‘No!’ if one reads between the lines.

Mr. Brezinski is, both, an American and a Pole in his orientation, in the same way that I orient myself as an American and a Latvian. I assume that for this reason Mr. Brezinski finds Stratfors “geopolitical” rumination as wanting for breadth and predictably boring. Mr. Brezinski is pro-American because that is where the butter for his ‘bread’, too, comes from. On the other hand, if the dollar is forced to deflate to the present value of the rimini (about 16 cents), my SS will be less than $100 a month, and I will be joining those whose day is worth about $3.

President Putin is unlikely to take Brezinski’s advice, but do to the contrary. This does not mean that Putin will find the solution for the ‘dilemma’ of Russia. While Brezinski argues that the dilemma of Russia is geopolitical in nature, my opinion is that it is Cultural; and the big C is in Russia’s favor and grounded in human nature and ancient history.

I have argued in another series ( that the entire “western Petrine Europe” (as Brezinski calls neo-Christianity) is a False Flag created by the Franks after they were driven (around the 8th century) to the northwest of Europe from what historians know as ancient Thrace of Greek and/or Byzantine fame.

Seizing their exile as an opportunity, the Franks not only became the French, but their so-called literary renaissance consisted almost entirely of literary forgery. Not only did the famed ‘ancient Greek’ play by Sophocles, re “Oedipus Rex” was then rewritten and take its present incestuous form, but ancient Christianity itself—based on itinerants holy men known as Johns (also The Wandering Jew or Ahasver*, but the entire story of early Christianity was rewritten and turned into the story of Jesus. The latter was based on the story of one such sadhu or ‘wanderer’, aka John Basil (King) of Byzantium, who was thrown into a pit of fire by the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I in an attempt to centralize and make ‘more orderly’ his Empire. Because he was centralizing due to the encroaching Turkish tribes--which was the same reason the Franks were departing for the northeast—he inadvertently let the departing Franks steal his ideas.

If my sketch of real European history is on track, at least one of President Putin’s insistences—that Russia is of the West and Christian Petrine tradition is way off. In his speech Putin states: “We can see how many of the Euro-Atlantic countries are actually rejecting their roots, including the Christian values that constitute the basis of Western civilisation.” Well, maybe we can NOT see it as ‘real’ Western civilization. If the Christianity that President Putin supports is the ‘Petrine Europe’, the same Christianity that repressed as heretics the archaic Johns of the Cross who (as even today the sadhus of India) traversed the the Eurasian continent, then this is one of the items that Putins promotes that ought to come under analysis and criticism.

The same goes for President Putin’s apparent support of Capitalism, even though he expresses doubts about liberalism, which is at the foundation of Capitalism. I will explore this and Putin as agent of ‘a Republic of Virtue’, a Jacobin theme, in further blogs.

* A paraidolic guess: Ahasverus (Ahas-verus) may originate in the French word ‘Pastoureaux’. Since the legend of Ahasver originates in the 13th century, perhaps due to the so-called ‘Shepherds Crusade’, the legend of the Wandering Shepherds (there were thousands of them from all over Europe) ready to avenge the murder of their Holy leader King John or John Basil about a century before, the difficulty in pronouncing the suffix ‘reaux’ may have resulted in the easier ‘veru(s)’. In which case ‘ahas’ may have something to do with ‘avi(s)’, ram in Latvian; or ‘ave’ a greeting (butt heads?) in Latin.


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Eso’s Chronicles 216 / 2  
Future 101 (2)
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I titled the previous blog (215) “P.S. (Post Script) Reversed”. It is, therefore, logical to title this blog (216) “Future 101”. One of the reasons for such a title is that I am perplexed by the ‘future’, over which so many futurologists, among them many architects, are not. If one architect is already planning to build a building 1 kilometer high, there must be others who would build it 2 km high. Not surprisingly, such grandiose scheme is planned for intellectually backward Saudi Arabia.“A Thousand and One Night” may be added “Night 1002”. Perhaps it is a brilliant intellectual move based on a mature perception of 21st century human achievement.

I trust that Saudi Arabians are not insulted when I describe them as intellectually ‘backward’. Such naming is based on the saw that the ‘rich’ do not necessarily get their riches by being smart. That same statement applies to the U.S., the high schools of which graduate few students with a high achievements in the ‘hard sciences’. This means that the fantasy that emanates from this “most advanced portion of the world”* is likely to be an unreliable. The so-called IQ of Americans is well illustrated by the following questionnaire of whether Kenyan born U.S. President should get the Nobel Peace Prize: : Here is a picture of where reading scores are going:
What perplexes me about the fantasy of the future is that it goes back to when humans lived largely in the wood and tended reindeer herds. This is not to say that in my mind’s eye I see reindeer, but I do see horses. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that in my childhood in Eastern Europe, horsepower was measured in real horses and motor engines were a scarcity. The latter arrived with a big ‘bang’ that came from metal boxes on top of caterpillar chains armed with big guns The unfortunate horses were turned into meat for cat food by statesmen signing papers in offices furnished with polished furniture, leather armchairs and divans, and ashtrays for cigars. 
When power was ‘real’ horsepower there was full employment. While a farm upon the death of its keeper diminished in the number of human beings it could sustain, because it was divided among the keeper’s heirs, during the life of the farmer the fruit of a farm would increase with the number of children his wife bore him. There was a place on the farm for the cowherd, the milkmaids, a smith, a harness maker, a rope maker, a weaver, a carpenter, a shoemaker, not to mention granny or grandpa as local historians. The culture skills that were imbedded in a farm far surpassed the bizarre skills of a museum curator at a rural museum exhibiting the products of horse and buggy days for the local tourist trade. The tourist takes for granted that ten horses have been replaced by motorized plows up earth with nine knives, and huge combines of humans husking the the corn and other grains with the aid of flails

Next to 1 km high apartment and/or business towers in Saudi Arabia, China, too, builds ghost cities today with copies of the Eifel tower. Apparently unanticipated by the builders and designers, these empty spaces or deserts know about ‘reality’ more than the Chinese government ‘savants’ who have ordered them built and expect the bureaucratic mindset to be sufficient populate them. At the same time, in India, Africa, South America, and elsewhere such cities are created by slum dwellers Though slums are populated, these are nests of potential plagues in the near future, in which case they will be quickly deserted and the plague will be carried abroad.
In America (the U.S.) cities (such as Detroit) first turn into slums, gradually turn into ‘city wrecks’ populated by ‘nobodies’ A similar phenomenon is happening all over the world. For example, in Riga, Latvia, the Presidential castle recently caught fire (perhaps set deliberately) As one Latvian museum director said it: “In the post-Soviet era, Latvia has been struck by public cowardice and indifference. In a building that houses the President and which housed three museums, there ought to have been a security level just about beyond the potential of a catastrophe.”** (my Translation)

The“cowardice and indifference” (as a world-wide political phenomenon) is related to the delusion that industrialization is a ‘miracle’. In Latvia, a country in northeastern Europe, the delusion (a consequence of brainwashing attempts that began many centuries ago) is reflected in the very name of‘bread’, which is called ‘maize’. The name derives from the name for ‘corn’. Corn as the folllowing link, was discovered in Cubaand was first exported to Europe in the 15thcentury. It likely arrived in Latviaby way of the German barons, the overlords of Latvians. Subsequently, Latvians adopted the word ‘maize’ as their word for ‘bread’. In England, too, ‘corn’ (maize) was adopted as the name for wheat. Contrary to popular delusions that agriculture (and bread) is an ancient product, the name of ‘maize’ gives evidence that the name is of a recent arrival. This is to argue that the ‘natural’ product of Europe as recently as 500 years ago was wood, not corn As the anthropological term“hunter gatherer society” indicates, Europeans (early and more recent--before the industrial revolution) were not preoccupied with agriculture, but with animal herding and root gathering. As the Russian mathematician and historian Anatoly Fomenko shows, the Egyptian agriculturalist [the man behind the ox and plow (incidentally, note that the wedge of the plow is of wood not metal)] is likely a subsistence farmer from the Nile valley in Medieval times, rather than a farmer dating to ‘BC’.
While some readers may think of my thesis as preposterous, the collapse of the industrial age [evident all about us, except we fail to see the dust for the last of the pulse of the propaganda fuel cells (Al Gore’s is still kicking )] proves it more real than not. Of what importance are resources of ‘energy’ in Russia, the Middle East, and elsewhere, if the resources of Earth have been nearly exhausted and a human population is unsustainable even in the countryside for its deforestation and encroaching arctic weather?

Another battery that is regaining energy by having been put on a hot stove is Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. While Putin gained his experience as a loyal servant to the Soviet Union, a tenet of which was that all human beings were created equal, Putin has today switched his internal beliefs system in favor of Capitalism. This is almost what the Russian ‘Tsar Peter the Great’ did when he forced Russian men to cut their beards and held all of Russia by its heel, whence he could well be described as a contemporary Russian  Jacobin (the name allegedly originating in the from the name—Iacob) [More about President Putin in next blog.]
*Zbigniev Brezinski, The Grand Chessboard. Basic Books, p 117.
**‘ir’ magazine, 14 VIII 2013 issue.

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Eso’s Chronicles 215/ 1  
P.S. Reversed (1)
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Today’s blog is more or less a copy of a post which I plan to post on a Latvian internet site that uses the English language as its main communications medium.

Thursday (Sept. 19) concludes the 56th day (8th week) that I have been on a liquid and fish soup diet. I propose to carry on with it until the 18th of November, the Latvian Independence day of the 1st Latvian State (1918-1940) and will carry on until at least that date. The purpose of the fast is to bring to attention with emphasis that the 2nd Latvian State (May 4, 1991 until today) is a de facto pseudo State, even though it may exist de jure. The latter illusory State proved its contempt toward the 1st State when it refused to honor the Constitution of the 1st State that would allow  holding a referendum of whether to surrender the sovereign nature of the 1st state to a Brussels dominated ‘federated’ EU.

During the past week, I have spent some time on my “Apple branch sculptures”. The method by which I make these sculptures consists of cleaning the branches of its bark, sanding the rough understructure, sometimes burning it with a torch after the sanding. Then impregnating the wood with a disinfectant, then giving it several coats of linseed oil or self-polishing wax. This brings out the inherent warmth of the wood. An old Latvian folk song of an orphan who is herding cows springs to my mind: “I pressed myself to the apple tree as if it were my mother./ The apple tree sheds white blossoms, I shed bitter tears.”

The end result is a sculpture that consists of any number of branches—which may be up to 2 metres long and may themselves be branching,--which I place together in a structure that looks expressive. Such a sculpture will look different every time the sculpture is moved to a new location. It will be up to the owner to reconstruct it or, if he or she wishes, to hire a designer to do it for him.

My sculpture Project makes me think of the Latvian language, which—as I have stated on previous occasions—was (like the apple tree) mercilessly ‘deconstructed’ with the arrival of the written word. An elemental phenomenon of Latvian language is the ‘endearing word’. This ‘word’ --when the Latvian language was used only as oral communication--became ubiquitous, i.e., every Latvian word, no matter which, could be ‘endeared’. It pulled the word as symbol of a ‘thing’ much closer than the ‘thing’ could do by itself. While attempt to translate this phenomenon into another language projects with a laughable awkwardness, there is felt no such awkwardness in Latvian, but the projection seems as inevitable as it is natural. Thus, ‘a finger’ (pirkstiņš) may translate as a ‘fingerling’, a ‘nose’ (deguntiņš) as ‘nosey’, a ‘road’ (ceļš) as ‘celiņš’ or ‘roadsey’, a ‘war’ (kaŗš) as ‘kariņš’, etc. etc.  This ‘endearment’ also could be extended to verbs, which were added an extra syllable, for example ‘sasiet’ (to bind) would be pronounced ‘sa(sa)siet’. The extra syllable would often be used when two people did something together, for example, ‘sasatiksimies’—let us meet again. In short, if Wittgenstein believed that the limits of language are also the limits of reality (and philosophy), then the Latvian language was much richer when it was in possession of the ‘endearing’ word. Indeed, it stood for the ‘religion’ of Latvians.

The current world order, today better known as the post-modern order, similar to language deconstruction, also deconstructs the wood and many an old apple orchard. When my neighbor, a local farmer, saw my sculptures, he said that he could get for me similar branches (as yet unprocessed)—all I wanted. In other words, the process of ‘deconstructing’ the Latvian rural landscape by the 2nd State still proceeds apace. Elsewhere the world has known this process as ‘alienation’.

Whereas as a young boy I made myself useful as a cowherd and learned to love every one of the 25 cows that were under my supervision when in the field, today one of my neighbors has just finished a barn that will hold 100 cows. In due time the cows will be trained to enter the automatic milking station site by sixes, then proceed through a turnstile flanked by large brushes that look a little like the roto-brushes at a car washing station (the cows are said to ‘love’ this service), then go for a drink of water, and then return to their berths. In other words, ‘endearing’ has been replaced by a ‘no nonsense’ “cow meat and milk” factory, though for all I know, my neighbor will introduce to the factory music by Mozart to increase the level of ‘cow contentment’ so that  they give more milk (and perhaps the flesh be more tender), and some enterprising Latvian psychologist will arrive to give a scientific assessment of the degree of the ‘contentment’ of the cows.

To what end the above—what some may call—‘irrelevant’ digression?

The following link provides a discussion about Witgenstein’s philosophy and his reflections on Language It is worth listening to the entire discussion as, in my opinion, it directly reflects on the status of the Latvian language before it was ‘deconstructed’ by the written word, on behalf of which ‘deconstructed’ form the NA (Coalition of Latvian Nationalist Parties) appears to ground one of the reasons for its being. The more significant observations in the link comes following the 18th minute, re, that one the functions of language is not to describe, but to “express our state of mind”. If we apply this observation to the Latvian language and the absenting of the ‘endearing word’ (see also my blog 210 at ) by the written media, we come to the conclusion, that the Latvian State has killed the founders of its language by killing the state of mind that founded the Latvian language.

If this is so, then the acts of the 2nd State of Latvia, a government whose leadership does everything in its power to bring about a demise of Latvia as a sovereign State. is a deliberate extension of a process that unleashed itself with full force with the occupation of Latvia by the Soviet Union in 1940. In a curious coincidence a Latvian deputy at the Parliament of the EU has just asked that as of 2013 all of Latvia’s  preschoolers be prepared in the use of the Latvian language, so that beginning 2015 all 1st graders can be taught in Latvian. To the deputy, the ‘enemy’ is of course the Russian language.

What a laugh! The Latvian language (as well as literature) as envisioned by its originators is not only long dead in the 2nd State of Latvia, but has been dying throughout the preceding 46 years of Soviet occupation. The deputy who is making the proposal from his seat at the EU Parliament is the same deputy who a few years back gave ‘the finger sign’ to the demonstrators who were demonstrating to have the Latvian Parliament dismissed. The incident was photographed (the photograph has been removed from public access). It is a cruel paradox that this anti-reform legislator would now lead an ultra-Latvian party on behalf of the Latvian language.

The only logical solution or revival for Latvian is not an imposition of the language on a population that no longer is familiar with its language in depth (least of all its political leadership), but to consider founding a pseudo-religious organization that would imitate the ultra-orthodox Jews of Israel as described in a recent article by the Washington Post. While the ultra-orthodox Jews of Israel number 800,000 and Latvians in Latvia number about 1,200,000, the additional 400,000 thousand should give these ultra-orthodox Latvians (led by a deputy of the EU Parliament) that much greater momentum toward success. I am not in the least opposed to Latvians taking a religious perspective of themselves and their language. I have illustrated this sympathy by creating at my countryside residence a Temple to Johns, which would gather Latvians around Jahnis, the central figure of the Latvian Johns Festival. Unfortunately, though the Temple exists for years, the Latvian remain disinterested (as a result of being dumbed-down by the Soviet and their government and, yes, by dismissal of Jahnis in hia endeared form: Jahn-ihtis) in the origins of their language and religio==as much as they lack interest in the survival of their State as a sovereign.

[I hope that ‘P.S. Reversed’ will evolve into a new series of blogs about the future of Latvia as a geopolitical entity.]

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Eso’s Chronicles 214/ 6  
St. Francis’  Prayer for.. (6)
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..WAR. Who is St. Francis? At the present he is Pope Francis , the first Pope in a long time who has exhibited activity as envisioned by the original Christians. The Pope did this when he recently asked Christians of whom he presumes himself to be the leader to fast for peace to avert an attack by the West on Syria by America and its violent proxy Al-Qaida.

There is a contradiction in Pope Francis’ mission. While today St. Francis is held to be a patron of ecology, the Pope himself is a Jesuit, of a militant, not to say a military order (‘soldiers of God’). Rule 13 of Ignatius Loyola's Rules for Thinking with the Church said: "That we may be altogether of the same mind and in conformity [...], if [the Church] shall have defined anything to be black which to our eyes appears to be white, we ought in like manner to pronounce it to be black."[2] of the Catholic Church. It could well be the motto of the CIA or NSA.

The paradoxical nature of Christianity has long been observed and held against it. This blogger belongs among its critics, and believes that what he holds to be the neo-Christian Church (black), was established on the cremated bones of an earlier Christianity (white), which emerged out of ancient languages as ‘the Law’.

When original Christianity was turned into ‘Law’, the ancient language of ‘religion’ was turned into ‘the Word’, which are now the first words of the NT John 1:1 , but also refer to Genesis 1:1 of the Bible. The changeover from ‘language’ to ‘Word’ was a violent one, because the change was made in order to legitimize taxation on behalf of the elites and ruling classes. This anarchic ‘order’ is being enforced to this day by ‘the law’, though the ‘law’ was preceded by a ‘language’, which implicitly taught attitude and behavior that arose out of the very nature of human being, because it is out of human being that language comes.

By equating itself with language, ‘the word’ has attempted to transform itself into ‘the law’. As a consequence, we get such perversions as the following (13 Romans 13 ):

Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God [why not substitute ‘government’ for ‘God’?], and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished. For the authorities do not strike fear in people who are doing right, but in those who are doing wrong. Would you like to live without fear of the authorities? Do what is right, and they will honor you. The authorities are God’s servants, sent for your good. But if you are doing wrong, of course you should be afraid, for they have the power to punish you. They are God’s servants, sent for the very purpose of punishing those who do what is wrong. So you must submit to them, not only to avoid punishment, but also to keep a clear conscience.

Pay your taxes, too, for these same reasons. For government workers need to be paid. They are serving God in what they do. Give to everyone what you owe them: Pay your taxes and government fees to those who collect them, and give respect and honor to those who are in authority.”

As we can infer from Pope Francis’ call for a public fast, he implicitly challenges ‘the law’ (unto itself), which underlies the call by Oscar Obama, President of the U.S., for a war against Syria.

Indeed, today ‘the law’ has come, so to speak, full circle by proving its illegitimacy. Today (their) illegitimacy is profoundly felt by the former elites, the men and women of government who call the turn of events as a return to ‘anarchy ’. Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader (see the preceding link), beside ‘anarchy’ also speaks of ‘filibusters’. I would like to see in these ‘filibusters’ the beginnings of a return to ‘language’ and—over the long term--a turning away from ‘the law’.

Note, that “…Pay your taxes… to those who collect them” is a reference to tax collectors, which in the ‘Roman’ days (the 1st Rome was in Byzantium, not Italy) were the Jews of the Empire of Khazaria , who lived a hop skip and a jump across the Black Sea to the northeast of the Empire of Byzantium. Even an elementary knowledge of history informs one that ‘bankers’ are never popular with ordinary citizens, who, when all is said and done, had it much better when they lived in the wood as reindeer herders, milked reindeer cows, and did not have to slaughter their animals (slaughter of domesticated animals is an abomination to those who raise them by non-factory methods) to pay taxes in pelts.

The issue of animal slaughter is also likely behind the Muslim prohibition against eating pork, because wild pigs were once a commonly herded animal.


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Eso’s Chronicles 213/ 5,
Post-Modern Man (5)
© Eso A.B.

Blustering non sequiturs all the way, the “‘U.S. Man’ from Kenya” let his “All-Die-Be-Die” motto of African heritage and last resort lapse in order save a modern evil (people without conscience and utterly compromised), the Urban Man; even as he let pity for children lapse into a farce. All an adult, who has ever experienced war as a child (and the world has millions upon millions of us), has to do is listen to America’s ‘commander-in-chief’ mouth the first minutes of his speech to turn away in disgust.

For sure, President Oscar (he won the Nobel Peace Prize, did he not?) Obama is saving for the members of the Bilderberg Group  their urban prisoners , the ancient wood dwelling ‘tribesmen of man’, who they will be able to continue to feed planet polluting ‘consumer products’ and cry crocodile tears for the Children of Being they destroy as unavoidable collateral damage.

For sure, Oscar Obama is following in the footsteps of an old game, one that goes back at least to the time of the Magna Charta. Oscar O. is actually impersonating, whether he knows it or not, King John as he sits or stands speaking while surrounded by armed princes ready to ‘take him out’ if his pen or speech falters. What the uneducated layman does not understand is that the ‘pretty picture’ (whether a drawing, painting, or photo) misrepresents the reality: the club or knife ready to strike at the neck. So, yes, I do pity ‘O.O.’ and wonder whether he will have the courage to fall on his sword while still in office as President.

If my understanding that the early False Flag of Capitalism is the substitution of the death of King Basil of Byzantium (see Anna Comnena and her bio of her father ‘Emperor Alexis I’) with the theatrical drama of the death of Jesus Christ, then the farce is still being played out today. As difficult as it may be to read the story of this political Satyricon in such a way that one perceives that the followers of King Basil (the herders of reindeer and goats of ancient Tartary/ Byzantium) evolved into the children of Islam of today, everyone, to a large degree, still occupies their old and former places. The neo-Christians are still lead  by a guilt ridden Pope Francis, who’s ‘Church’ has been largely turned into a herd of what we call sheeple in our day, yet armed with superior weapons and urged (by the secular Pope ‘O.O.’) to go slaughter ferocious Byzantines (Muslims) fighting largely with bare hands and such terror as can be induced by fearlessness of death. For all that, the Pope knows that the sheeple have become impotent before their own oppressors, such as the Bilderberg Group.

Why are the sheeple so dependent on the violence of body crippling arms, but lack the courage to resist the Bilderberg led fascist-socialist self-serving democracy?

The answer is fairly simple and contained in a few words: control of wealth and science.

The control of wealth has about a thousand years of history behind it. It began with taxation and creating a culture that cannot imagine itself going forward without being taxed. Wealth accumulation did not begin with production, but with taxation. Taxation was imposed on one’s own people with as much violence as made it work. When the ruling princes realized that people would not (could not) resist them to the last man, they were emboldened to pursue their violent ways until the common man surrendered. I am speaking of the common man who remained inside and under the protection of the walls of the princeling fortifications.

Once taxation had succeeded and the euphoria of the first accumulations of wealth were expended in building palaces, soon to be followed by monstrous fortifications , the latter produced the first scientists: builders, theoreticians, weapons designers, and such.

The people, who remained outside of the fortifications, retreated further into the wood and established alternate or Muslim societies. The leader of the Muslims, Mohammed, should actually be pronounced as Johan or Johammed, which pronunciation makes it a cognate of the name John, re King John or Prester John. In the course of many centuries, the two cultures, re the neo-Christian and Muslims, perhaps also originating in the word for Wood Children, re Mus + lims; Mus standing for wood; lim deriving from ‘humans’, re beings of limb.*

When the neo-Christians cut down the wood to build themselves ever more forts (cities), and the Muslims were left without a cover, the latter retreated to places that remained: the mountains, the deserts, and distant and hard to reach archipelagos. It was by living in such places, that people became accustomed to a Spartan way of life and lerned to celebrate life as ‘endurance’.

* I rely on pareidolia to discover new associations for words, the origin of which is unknown or, for that matter, unsought after. Since it would take too much space to give a full explanation, I leave the reader presume that I have my good reasons for making my associations. For example, I associate the name ‘Muslim’ with two Latvian (Baltic) words: Mezhs (wood) + lim from ‘llemba’ (cowardly man) in Latvian.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Eso’s Chronicles 212/ 4
WTFk (4) W= Why?
© Eso A.B.

Do not be surprised to learn that “Autarky” is among the most despised political systems in the world. I have raised the topic in my blogs a few times or some would say in an endless string of blogs, but the subject is not only despised, but also deemed to be unbelievable and, thus, unmentionable. Thus, try as I might, the readers read and do not get it.

In my previous blog (211), which I titled “All-die-be-die”, I touched on the subject of the President of the U.S., one Adolf and/or Osama Obama, as currently making an attempt to seize the government of the U.S.A. for a self-enclosed group that knows itself as ‘Executives for fascist-socialist-democratic-parliament’. All the words that describe said organization are important, but the first ‘Executive’ is the heart of the ‘the Parliament’. The Parliament legitimates the heart, because without the ‘community’ of ‘senators’--whoever tfk they may be--the heart is but an apparition.

Under “Historical Examples” Wikipedia (above) also mentions the U.S. under Jefferson: “The United States, while still emerging from the American Revolution and wary of the economic and military might of Great Britain, came close to complete autarky in 1808 when President Jefferson declared a self-imposed embargo on international shipping. The embargo lasted from December 1807 to March 1809.[9]” In addition, the U.S.A. practiced a form of limited autarky as long as it remained under populated (a relative term) and its internal market was large enough to absorb the produce of its farmers, woodsmen, miners, and merchants.

As we see from the above, ‘autarky’ is not an impossible political-economic system as long as the society that practices it is able to discipline itself to exist within its means, and as long as the ‘means’ do not make the above mentioned “self-enclosed group that knows itself as ‘the executive for fascist-socialist-democratic-parliament” become ‘more equal’ than those of the community at-large. Let us note that the conglomerate name is missing the word ‘nation’*, because national sovereignty as well as our planet is meant to go extinct. Also, ‘autarky’ has no problems as a political system as long as humanity still lives in the wood and the farming is at a subsistence level and farmers are not taxed.

Further experimentation with ‘Autarky’ was stopped when the capitalists who emerged as victors of WW2 (led by the so-called ‘industrial-military complex’), thereafter applied the idea of Autarky to the entire globe and, it became known as ‘globalization’. As most people by now know, ‘globalization’ is spearheaded by such as the Bilderberg Group. While ‘globalization’ may sound as a logical next step to some, a little reflection will reveal that it is by no means ‘the last’ step within the philosophy of ‘growth’ and ‘elimination of poverty’. This is probably why the ‘savant’ industrialist Richard Branston is getting so much play with his Virgin Galactic SpaceshipTwo and why those with incomes in the 1%-tile are booking tickets for flights 70 miles above the earth to float in space free of gravity. There is also talk about mining the Moon and Mars.

In the current financial crisis, economic decline, and jobless situation the obvious solution is to eliminate the machine and go back to the horse and a labor intensive society. This is not to say that I am a luddite, but that I think science has overreached itself, and we (and it) are now witnessing its limitations and need to make a retreat informed by intelligence.

We are beginning to hear that while global warming was not necessarily a hoax, we may be in for the reverse: global cooling —and insufficient energy supplies to keep people warm in a the coming glacial age. When I was a child, there were no chain saws to cut down a wood, but two-man saws and a horse to pull the log from the wood. Yet in our age of thousands of ‘savants’ spewing hot air in our universities and parliaments, everyone (including Oscar Obama) appears to have on his-her shoulders the head of a chicken, which having once been bent to the white line on the sidewalk by dreams that the line leads to a mountain of fiat money remains there to this day.

Having as a young man spent several years in the military, I continue to resent the fact (it began to dawn on me in the Korean ‘boonies’) that such young fks as myself were being sacrificed by Capitalist democracy out for a profit. Arthur Miller’s play All My Sons of post-WW2 vintage had not yet been mothballed, and was yet able to raise the consciousness of those of us yet too young and naïve to think of our leadership in critical terms. As I no longer live in the U.S., but have moved to the country of my birth, Latvia, I am reminded of young Latvian men unable to find jobs but as volunteers in the Latvian military. Would I—at my present age (80) allow this man or these two to lead me into war? Answer: Not unless they are the first out of the trench and lead the charge.

This goes double for WTFk Obama—unless he first signed an oath that given a failure to lead Latvia (member of NATO) to victory, he will—like Stalin ought to have done—fulfill a promise to fall on his sword or resign from the presidency.

*José Manuel Durao Barroso : “So now is the time to rise above purely national issues and parochial interests and to have real progress for Europe. To bring a truly European perspective to the debate with national constituencies.” I.E.: get rid of nationalities and replace them with a globalized citizenry.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Eso’s Chronicles 211/ 3
"All-Die-Be-Die" (3)
© Eso A.B.

Democracy no longer works.

Still, oppose the statement as many times as one will, it always comes out the same thing: Democracy has been captured by Capitalists who make it work for among their own closed circle of fascist-social interests; but… democracy does not work for anyone outside this circle, except perhaps extreme ‘human rights’ groups such as Pussy Riot. Indeed, the President of the U.S., Adolf Obama has managed to run around ‘democracy’ in circles, by proclaiming that a congressional vote against a war in Syria is against the will of his advisors and himself, who, having been elected to the office of the President of the United States of America may henceforth pretend to be an African king of the old times.

This of course raises the question of what to do about a dysfunctional democracy? So far, most political observers have considered such steps as Presidential impeachment or even an open rebellion against the Executive Branch of government. For his part, Adolf Obama has pushed his supporters to try and betray the ‘black prophetic tradition’ that belongs to him as a matter of birthright.

In an insightful column at, writer Christ Hedges, following an interview with Cornel West succinctly describes President Adolf Obama’s reasons for betraying the most profound of traditions of his race: This tradition, which stretches back to Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglass, has consistently named and damned the cruelty of imperialism and white supremacy. It has done so with a clarity and moral force that have eluded most other critics of American capitalism.

In a typical (religious) ‘convert’ fashion, Obama has supported fascist-democracy with a vehemence that was not intended by the Founding Fathers  of America. While—as everyone with minimal political education ought to know—political changes seldom occur without differences of opinion, Adolf Obama has used his election to the office of President of the U.S.A. to squelch with violence those opposed to his prerogatives as ‘commander-in-chief of the U.S armed forces’ by supporting those who would bolster, not limit, the Constitution of the United States in favor of military authority. This, among other things, is notable in the militarization of domestic police and the increasing violence with which the police resolves issues of social discipline. One recent example is the killing of a 107 year old man in Arkansas.

Also, in a typical (religious) convert fashion, Osama Obama has ignored his most ancient cultural tradition where the African kings, like the mythological Gods of creation, almost all died by their own hand at the end of their reign. This was to atone for the human wrongs they had done while they were performing their duties in the land of the people they were born to rule.

Instead, Osama Obama has adopted the no less ancient African slogan of "All-Die-Be-Die" that was recently resurrected by a Ghanaian presidential candidate as his election warmongering election slogan. Though I do not know the origin of the phrase, one Ghanaian writer equates it with ‘queue sera sera’ or what will be, will be. In other words, though death is inevitable, it need not be feared, because it is part of our being and, if you will, part of the gift of life. Like it or not, we must resign to it.

On the other hand, I suspect that "All-Die-Be-Die" as adopted by Obama is a neo-Christian inversion of a very ancient tradition, in which the only office of government that people could conceive of was that of the sacrificial king. I wrote blog 210 on the subject, and you may want to look it up to more thoroughly understand why today’s obsessive ‘democracy’ was not always so persuasive a form of government. If fact, Obama is a perfect example of why ‘democracy’, as practiced by him. is a perfect example of hedonism in our day.

Lest my analysis disturbs the NSA spies, I hasten to ad that such hedonism is not limited to the U.S. ‘king’, but is practiced by most heads of hegemonic powers, re: China and Russia; even though in this particular instance they are on the defensive.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Eso’s Chronicles  210/ 2 
Responsibility to Death (2)
© Eso A.B.

As I was listening a few evenings ago to the Senators of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee grill three members of the U.S. executive branch, John Kerry, Chuck Hegel, and John Dempsey, I heard someone say: “Make statesmen responsible to laws”.

Yes, I thought, that should be, but what about asking to “…make statesmen responsible to death”?

Is ‘death’ a law? Or an office? Or a living thing?  Indeed it is—in numbers of ways.

First of all, if there were no death, there would be no laws or, better, there would be only rules. I do not much care for laws, given that in our time these are much abused, not least, by some of the highest offices and courts, the latter which appear—as in the U.S.—to have come to the conclusion that they are a law unto themselves. Rules, however, are more like traditions, and are, sometimes, imbedded in our very language. I have—so it seems to me-- endlessly repeated through my blogs the example of the ‘endearing word’, which grammarians mistakenly call ‘the diminutive’. Indeed, ‘the diminutive’ diminishes nothing, but expresses an attitude of endearment, in the worst case giving it an ironic tilt. For example, by saying “Johnny, be a darling boy”, when in fact Johnny has been a bad boy and has taken from his sister her favorite toy by force. In my country, Latvia, several centuries ago, before the universalization of the written word and ‘education’ of the ‘peasants’, the ‘endearing word’ was ubiquitous. It belonged to the oral tradition. Even at the beginning of the 20th century, Latvian poets used the ‘endearing word’ rather frequently. For example, as the poetess Aspahziya wrote: “Mazā sirmā kumeliņā, jāj pa ceļu pasaciņa”: re: ‘on a small grey and dear foal, rides the dear fairy tale as she comes our way….’ With the oral tradition by now replaced with urban ‘news reports’, the ‘endearing word’ has almost disappeared.

Today endearment (of a rock, a mote, a knife, or a bird) has been replaced by its really real ‘hard equivalent’. For example, a spoon [karot(e)-ihte] has become an inflexibly hard ‘karote’. The loss of the suffix “-ihte” has meant the loss--even death--of the Latvian language. Of course, this does not mean that the written language of a clever writer cannot be endearing, but this is so only for the reader-connoisseur, not for the Latvian community as a whole as it used to be when it was still ‘a peasant’ in rural districts or inhabited the wood.

“Responsibility to death” is forgotten when “…responsibility to law” is imposed. As the leadership of the U.S. is proving to us at this very time as it seeks excuses to make war on Syria “…responsibility to law” is relative if you have the ‘power’ of violence on your side. The President of the U.S. may simply ignore the law ‘on the books’ and make one himself. Neither Russia allied with China can prevent ‘Obama of the U.S.’ from surrounding them with missile launchers on their geopolitical underbelly, and threatening them with evisceration, i.e., spilling their gut for those under ‘Obama care’, while leaving the office once occupied by ‘oriental’ heads and brains of these empires for himself and his military and oligarch barons.

For all that, if the world were to suddenly recover “…responsibility to death”, “…responsibility to law” would become moot. If you wish to know why (?) the answer is (:) “…because death is the only ‘law unto itself’ there is”. There are no presidents or autocrats who can escape the dictates of death. There is no physicist who with the help of a quantum computer will enable one to jump ‘the gap’ from material to organic reality, no matter how many dream of discovering a way.

During the last several decades, the ‘mechanist philosophy’ has become increasingly aggressive with ‘dreams’ of achieving equivalency with organic reality. It has begun black listing ‘the gap jumping methods’ of living organisms. For example, some internet platform will not allow you to post a link that contains words such as ‘cannabis’, ‘narcotic’, ‘X ’, and the like, simply because mathematics and ‘computer mechanics’ has come to believe that theoretically it can make calculations regarding matter that will enable them to replace the chemistry laboratory and become a religion, which like neo-Christianity will henceforth seeks miracles of its own. It is my hope that this ‘miraclemongering’ will fail sooner than neo-Christianity did. As neo-Christianity proved, ‘miraclemongering’ is a violent pastime, among its victims being such profound men as Jan Hus  and Giordano Bruno , both of who were burnt at the stake, because both took “…responsibility to death”  seriously.

At a time when the ‘really real word of science’ may with some justification  be proud of ‘quantum mechanics’ and the discovery of (potential) parallel universes, the same theory persuades scientists that ‘the gap’ that exists between ‘a thing’ and a thing as ‘a wave’, though ephemeral, is bridgeable by turning the ephemeral into matter. Hence physics is now engaged in the repression of the divine which cannot be reached by the agency of ‘the law’ or quantum computers, but only death.

Wherein lays the tendency to gain control over the human mind?

I have argued that it is to be looked for in the transformation of oral language into a written language, because the latter has a tendency to turn itself into bureaucratic ‘Law’, which attempts to turn the organic world into an urban setting, which ultimately is little more than a desert.

In terms of history, this transformation belongs to a book. We call it the ‘Bible’. It is the curious ‘genius’ of the Bible to order and dictate human behavior. It probably began when a Jewish ‘wise man’ determined that on the third day of ‘creation’ God said: “Let the waters under heaven come together into a single mass, and let dry land appear… and God saw that it was ‘good’” [NJB]. The judgment of ‘good’ begins the tradition of moralizing and biblical ‘miracle mongering’, which is a matter of imposing belief and demanding faith that the imposition is ‘good’, which can be achieved only through violence. The Zionist State of Israel today continues to impose the Laws of the torah over Palestine and judge its seizure of Palestinian land a ‘good’.

Now the Jews of Khazaria were not the only ones to create Laws, but it so happened that it was through their torah that this tradition of elitist violence (after all, the Vedas created the repressive and violent caste system of India) entered the West and most directly influenced what came to be known as neo-Christianity or the ‘religion’ of Western Kings, who then ordered to be written the so-called New Testament and created out of the ancient folk hero, King/Basil, the theatrical figure of  (King) Jesus Christ.

Of all the ‘Holy Books’, it is the neo-Christian ‘New Testament’ that specifically eliminates “...responsibility to death” by making death an irrelevancy by claiming ‘Christians’ to be immortals.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Eso’s Chronicles 209/ 1
Western Oasis (1)
© Eso A.B.

Yesterday I happened to look at a link where Christopher Hitchens, author and journalist , attempts to give a lecture on  ‘the origin of religion’ the origin of religion’ and fails miserably. Contrariness being my nature, I thought that I could do him better.

If you start watching the second link at 2:50, you will hear Hitchens tell that one of the statements that used to upset him as a little boy studying literature was the ‘biblical’: “Seek and you shall find.” He goes on to give an example of a primitive who sought to still a volcano by  throwing a couple of live babies into the crater, and concludes that this is where “…religion has just started….” The innuendo that accompanies the statement, as I understand it, is: “God does not exist,” and what a cruel way to create.

I do not much like the word ‘God’, because the word has been much overused in singular tense, and I have in my time seen too many portraits of Stalin, Hitler, Roosevelt, and many other rulers on the wall. I much prefer the word ‘Being’, because even when used in the singular, it encompasses the ‘cosmos’. The word may be in the singular or plural, i.e., God or Gods, even the ‘being’ of Nothing. Hitchen’s examples can be answered one by one, but it would take too much time and space here, therefore, I will keep to answering only the one mentioned.

Throwing live babies into the crater of a volcano does not begin ‘religion’, but it does begin a lifelong traumatic and painful ‘memory’. Why must it be a ‘painful memory’? Because we all know what pain is from personal experience, even if it comes from nothing more than falling off a bicycle. Still, our forebears valued pain and had rituals to experience it. The main reason to experience pain was to set something to memory, a memory that would stay with us a life time.

What is it that the pain seekers sought to remember?

The most common answer we are likely to hear is that it was to prove to themselves and to others their ‘bravery’, ‘ability to endure stresses, and to stand the test of ‘initiation’. Initiation: what for and by whom? Fraternities in college still use ‘initiation’, but in our day ‘pain’ is reduced to ‘ridicule’ and ‘humiliation’, which is believed, next to pain, to be a memorable phenomena.

Yet fraternities (brotherhoods) are all that we have left of the ancient and once universal tradition of community forming and bonding. One reason why ‘brotherhoods’ are the remaining institutions is, unfortunately, because they are gender segregated, and mostly limited to the male gender. Which brings us to of the most widely practiced ‘initiation’, re circumcision. As the picture in the link (above) indicates, the ritual of pushing a cactus thorn through one’s tongue is—in a hierarchy of pain--closely related, to pushing the same needle through the glans penis (though not the clitoris, which has its reasons); which may or may not have been done with the assist of an anesthetic—the smoke or incense of coca leaves or some other intoxicant.

However, when all is said and done, it is not pain that is of most value in the experience, but ‘memory’. Pain is an individual experience that cannot be transferred except by imitation and repetition of one and the same example. On the other hand, the ‘memory’ of pain is transferrable if the painful memory is experienced and witnessed by a group of people together and at the same time. This is where the sacrifice of live babies enters the picture: the killing of a child is one of those experiences that empathetically touches  everyone participating in the ritual with their presence.

Though many creation myths claim that it is the Gods who created the Earth and life on it, and thereafter wholly spent died (or rested), in reality it was children who ‘created and died’ if not by creating our planet and life, then by creating bonds for a yet disunited and haphazard group, which then through a common experience and memory became one Commons.

There is a close symbolic parallel between the community and the Aztec Sun, the latter which needs to be encouraged to rise and shine through the stimulus of becoming witness to a God’s (Nanahuatzin) willingness to die a self-sacrificial death. Interestingly, Nanahuatzin is described as a God “covered with sores”; some say that he suffered from venereal disease and was, thus, a God held in contempt. Be that as it may, Nanahuatzin knew the meaning of pain, not only in an experiential sense, but also in a psychological sense. Of all the Aztec Gods challenged to raise the Sun (i.e., the community), Nanahuatzin was the first willing to offer himself as self-sacrifice; and to rescue the yet unbonded Aztecs from non-being.

Make of the story what you will, but Hitchens dismissal of its complexity by giving the sacrifice of children as an example is hasty conclusion and shows a lack of imagination.

There are other reasons why I return to the theme of community and sacrifice as essential to Being. If self-sacrifice was needed to establish a community through means of all sharing in the same painful memories (these do not exclude happy memories, though happiness is easily forgotten), then surely the community can expect times, when for a number of reasons common memories pale, bonds unravel, and are replaced by wanton individualism.

Such a fading of communal memories has plagued Western societies for several centuries. The common memories that once bonded the Western people have been replaced by ‘democracy’, which in terms of Capitalist religion (which replaced the religions once imbedded in the languages and stories of the people) means ‘every man for himself’ and to the fortunate winner go the spoils, that is to say, he gets to become the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, which post officiates on behalf of the twin of God, Money or POTUS. As for the other ‘winners’, they will be called Oligarchs.

Today faded common memories have been replaced by hedonistic individualsm, which our God, POTUS, and the Oligarchs call ‘human rights’.

Along with the fading of common memories Nature has also faded: the forests have been cut down or burnt in gigantic conflagrations of fire, the forest animals have been killed for profit (an example being the killing of reindeer for pelts which was in lieu of taxes, the current killing of tigers, elephants, and hippopotami by profoundly impoverished people), in short, humans have not only been deprived of communities, but our planet has been turned into a desert.

Many ancient cultures were brought forward in time by close-knit and self-assured communities, but these have now been destroyed in the name of ‘democracies’ practicing--believe it or not--‘human rights’ on behalf of consumerism, which in its “I don’t give a shit” (about history) attitude has entered an era where ‘freedom’ for Big Powers is secured  with nerve gas attacks’. This is the logical result of having created living Being in a desert.