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Eso’s Chronicles 218 / 4
Victory of Violence (4)
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To illustrate the difficult task ahead of the Russian President Putin, we need only to take another quote from Zbigniev Brezinski’s pretentious “The Grand Chessboard” by going to Chapter 4, which titled: “The Black Hole”, and read the last sentence from the 2nd paragraph: “…the long-range task remains how to encourage Russia’s democratic transformation and economic recovery while avoiding the reemergence of a Eurasian empire that could obstruct the American geostrategic goal of shaping a larger Euro-Atlantic system to which Russia can then be stably and safely related.”

Such Zionist chutzpah is supposed to serve America’s interests!? What savage 20th century lack of historical perspective, either regarding former times or simply as an affront to anyone who is not ‘born’ to long outlived Szlachta bombast. We ought to remember here that Bismarck of Prussia was not a little influenced by it, because he lived right next the Poland and Lithuania. President Putin, too, must feel encouraged when reading such stuff.

One would think Putin is encouraged to plan for America (its geostrategic goals are rarely formulated by itself, but, instead, by those like Brezinski, whose abject Capitalist materialism encourages him to worm-up to the heart of the Capitalist economic system) their comeuppance a la Jacobin style. It will come in handy to remember that it was Napoleon who not only won the military battles being lost by the French Revolutionists, but went on and made his own effort to subject Russia under French rule and suffered a renowned defeat .

As Ukraine (come under the influence of American ‘exceptionalism’) continues to press for closer ties with the EU by joining in a free trade zone with it , it will be interesting to see how Russia reacts to the NATO military maneuvers come November in Latvia, Eastern Europe .

When I use the words “Jacobin style” (well known for its excesses), what I have in mind are the negative consequences that devolved from the Jacobin attempt to create a ‘Republic of virtue’, . In this instance the proponent of such a republic of virtue is not Russia, but the government of the U.S., which claims to be operating under the privileges of ‘exceptionalism’, which ‘exceptionalism’ caused Brezinski to make his extraordinary statement with regard to Russia and the Ukraine.

Me thinks, President Putin’s speech at Valdai is a response. As I have pointed out in numerous blogs before, the history of Russia definitely touches on that of the Byzantine Empire. Putin’s statement that:
Our entire, uncensored history must be a part of Russian identity” hints that what we today know as the Ukraine was once part of that ancient Empire and is open to scrutiny. Of course, the Russian Orthodox Church, heir to early or Arch-Christianity, having once been forced by the Crusading French (or their predecessors the Franks) to accept Western dogma may object to opening the books on this unpleasant past. Nevertheless, the Russian Academy of Sciences ought to be willing to lend its talents to the task and reassure the Russian people. After all, a member of that Academy, Anatoly Fomenko, not I is the one who has done such a reanalysis of history, and is unlikely to be opposed to further examination of it.

Given the pressures for Russia to significantly alter its own ‘exceptional’ past once again, even under the threat of another war, this is the time to reanalyze the Western model of history. It appears preposterous for Russia to surrender to American and NATO Jacobinist bluster without a reinvestigation of the premises of Western history.

The danger to the West that such an investigation may bring forth is that it could discover that the entire economic system (Capitalism) of the West is a fraud perpetrated on the psyche of humanity by an elite committed to violence. While in the early days of Capitalism the elite was composed largely of lords and princes (gradually infiltrated by the lower echelons of the feudalist order), in our own day—in the words of a famous military leader of the West, General Dwight Eisenhower—“the military-industrial complex” has seized control of the entire society . While at that time the major opponent to this economic system was the Soviet Union, the real enemy was (when listening to the speeches in retrospect) the West itself. It is shocking to hear in Eisenhower’s speech on the occasion of the assassination of U.S. President Jack Kennedy  . An interpretation of Eisenhower’s words today, re: “…for we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy…” does not lead to an interpretation that it is a conspiracy of enemies from without, but is of enemies within.

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