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Eso’s Chronicles 212/ 4
WTFk (4) W= Why?
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Do not be surprised to learn that “Autarky” is among the most despised political systems in the world. I have raised the topic in my blogs a few times or some would say in an endless string of blogs, but the subject is not only despised, but also deemed to be unbelievable and, thus, unmentionable. Thus, try as I might, the readers read and do not get it.

In my previous blog (211), which I titled “All-die-be-die”, I touched on the subject of the President of the U.S., one Adolf and/or Osama Obama, as currently making an attempt to seize the government of the U.S.A. for a self-enclosed group that knows itself as ‘Executives for fascist-socialist-democratic-parliament’. All the words that describe said organization are important, but the first ‘Executive’ is the heart of the ‘the Parliament’. The Parliament legitimates the heart, because without the ‘community’ of ‘senators’--whoever tfk they may be--the heart is but an apparition.

Under “Historical Examples” Wikipedia (above) also mentions the U.S. under Jefferson: “The United States, while still emerging from the American Revolution and wary of the economic and military might of Great Britain, came close to complete autarky in 1808 when President Jefferson declared a self-imposed embargo on international shipping. The embargo lasted from December 1807 to March 1809.[9]” In addition, the U.S.A. practiced a form of limited autarky as long as it remained under populated (a relative term) and its internal market was large enough to absorb the produce of its farmers, woodsmen, miners, and merchants.

As we see from the above, ‘autarky’ is not an impossible political-economic system as long as the society that practices it is able to discipline itself to exist within its means, and as long as the ‘means’ do not make the above mentioned “self-enclosed group that knows itself as ‘the executive for fascist-socialist-democratic-parliament” become ‘more equal’ than those of the community at-large. Let us note that the conglomerate name is missing the word ‘nation’*, because national sovereignty as well as our planet is meant to go extinct. Also, ‘autarky’ has no problems as a political system as long as humanity still lives in the wood and the farming is at a subsistence level and farmers are not taxed.

Further experimentation with ‘Autarky’ was stopped when the capitalists who emerged as victors of WW2 (led by the so-called ‘industrial-military complex’), thereafter applied the idea of Autarky to the entire globe and, it became known as ‘globalization’. As most people by now know, ‘globalization’ is spearheaded by such as the Bilderberg Group. While ‘globalization’ may sound as a logical next step to some, a little reflection will reveal that it is by no means ‘the last’ step within the philosophy of ‘growth’ and ‘elimination of poverty’. This is probably why the ‘savant’ industrialist Richard Branston is getting so much play with his Virgin Galactic SpaceshipTwo and why those with incomes in the 1%-tile are booking tickets for flights 70 miles above the earth to float in space free of gravity. There is also talk about mining the Moon and Mars.

In the current financial crisis, economic decline, and jobless situation the obvious solution is to eliminate the machine and go back to the horse and a labor intensive society. This is not to say that I am a luddite, but that I think science has overreached itself, and we (and it) are now witnessing its limitations and need to make a retreat informed by intelligence.

We are beginning to hear that while global warming was not necessarily a hoax, we may be in for the reverse: global cooling —and insufficient energy supplies to keep people warm in a the coming glacial age. When I was a child, there were no chain saws to cut down a wood, but two-man saws and a horse to pull the log from the wood. Yet in our age of thousands of ‘savants’ spewing hot air in our universities and parliaments, everyone (including Oscar Obama) appears to have on his-her shoulders the head of a chicken, which having once been bent to the white line on the sidewalk by dreams that the line leads to a mountain of fiat money remains there to this day.

Having as a young man spent several years in the military, I continue to resent the fact (it began to dawn on me in the Korean ‘boonies’) that such young fks as myself were being sacrificed by Capitalist democracy out for a profit. Arthur Miller’s play All My Sons of post-WW2 vintage had not yet been mothballed, and was yet able to raise the consciousness of those of us yet too young and naïve to think of our leadership in critical terms. As I no longer live in the U.S., but have moved to the country of my birth, Latvia, I am reminded of young Latvian men unable to find jobs but as volunteers in the Latvian military. Would I—at my present age (80) allow this man or these two to lead me into war? Answer: Not unless they are the first out of the trench and lead the charge.

This goes double for WTFk Obama—unless he first signed an oath that given a failure to lead Latvia (member of NATO) to victory, he will—like Stalin ought to have done—fulfill a promise to fall on his sword or resign from the presidency.

*José Manuel Durao Barroso : “So now is the time to rise above purely national issues and parochial interests and to have real progress for Europe. To bring a truly European perspective to the debate with national constituencies.” I.E.: get rid of nationalities and replace them with a globalized citizenry.

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