Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Eso’s Chronicles 213/ 5,
Post-Modern Man (5)
© Eso A.B.

Blustering non sequiturs all the way, the “‘U.S. Man’ from Kenya” let his “All-Die-Be-Die” motto of African heritage and last resort lapse in order save a modern evil (people without conscience and utterly compromised), the Urban Man; even as he let pity for children lapse into a farce. All an adult, who has ever experienced war as a child (and the world has millions upon millions of us), has to do is listen to America’s ‘commander-in-chief’ mouth the first minutes of his speech to turn away in disgust.

For sure, President Oscar (he won the Nobel Peace Prize, did he not?) Obama is saving for the members of the Bilderberg Group  their urban prisoners , the ancient wood dwelling ‘tribesmen of man’, who they will be able to continue to feed planet polluting ‘consumer products’ and cry crocodile tears for the Children of Being they destroy as unavoidable collateral damage.

For sure, Oscar Obama is following in the footsteps of an old game, one that goes back at least to the time of the Magna Charta. Oscar O. is actually impersonating, whether he knows it or not, King John as he sits or stands speaking while surrounded by armed princes ready to ‘take him out’ if his pen or speech falters. What the uneducated layman does not understand is that the ‘pretty picture’ (whether a drawing, painting, or photo) misrepresents the reality: the club or knife ready to strike at the neck. So, yes, I do pity ‘O.O.’ and wonder whether he will have the courage to fall on his sword while still in office as President.

If my understanding that the early False Flag of Capitalism is the substitution of the death of King Basil of Byzantium (see Anna Comnena and her bio of her father ‘Emperor Alexis I’) with the theatrical drama of the death of Jesus Christ, then the farce is still being played out today. As difficult as it may be to read the story of this political Satyricon in such a way that one perceives that the followers of King Basil (the herders of reindeer and goats of ancient Tartary/ Byzantium) evolved into the children of Islam of today, everyone, to a large degree, still occupies their old and former places. The neo-Christians are still lead  by a guilt ridden Pope Francis, who’s ‘Church’ has been largely turned into a herd of what we call sheeple in our day, yet armed with superior weapons and urged (by the secular Pope ‘O.O.’) to go slaughter ferocious Byzantines (Muslims) fighting largely with bare hands and such terror as can be induced by fearlessness of death. For all that, the Pope knows that the sheeple have become impotent before their own oppressors, such as the Bilderberg Group.

Why are the sheeple so dependent on the violence of body crippling arms, but lack the courage to resist the Bilderberg led fascist-socialist self-serving democracy?

The answer is fairly simple and contained in a few words: control of wealth and science.

The control of wealth has about a thousand years of history behind it. It began with taxation and creating a culture that cannot imagine itself going forward without being taxed. Wealth accumulation did not begin with production, but with taxation. Taxation was imposed on one’s own people with as much violence as made it work. When the ruling princes realized that people would not (could not) resist them to the last man, they were emboldened to pursue their violent ways until the common man surrendered. I am speaking of the common man who remained inside and under the protection of the walls of the princeling fortifications.

Once taxation had succeeded and the euphoria of the first accumulations of wealth were expended in building palaces, soon to be followed by monstrous fortifications , the latter produced the first scientists: builders, theoreticians, weapons designers, and such.

The people, who remained outside of the fortifications, retreated further into the wood and established alternate or Muslim societies. The leader of the Muslims, Mohammed, should actually be pronounced as Johan or Johammed, which pronunciation makes it a cognate of the name John, re King John or Prester John. In the course of many centuries, the two cultures, re the neo-Christian and Muslims, perhaps also originating in the word for Wood Children, re Mus + lims; Mus standing for wood; lim deriving from ‘humans’, re beings of limb.*

When the neo-Christians cut down the wood to build themselves ever more forts (cities), and the Muslims were left without a cover, the latter retreated to places that remained: the mountains, the deserts, and distant and hard to reach archipelagos. It was by living in such places, that people became accustomed to a Spartan way of life and lerned to celebrate life as ‘endurance’.

* I rely on pareidolia to discover new associations for words, the origin of which is unknown or, for that matter, unsought after. Since it would take too much space to give a full explanation, I leave the reader presume that I have my good reasons for making my associations. For example, I associate the name ‘Muslim’ with two Latvian (Baltic) words: Mezhs (wood) + lim from ‘llemba’ (cowardly man) in Latvian.


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