Friday, May 16, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 345 / 4
Last Book of a Series
© Eso A.B.
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As I stated in the previous blog: “Death is the Mind going around disembodied.”

But as we learn from William Butler Yeats poem “Sailing to Byzantium”, such a state is not for everyone . Yeats (once out of nature) would not come back in bodily form, but as a gold mosaic of a wall or a bird on a golden bough who sings to the sages of Byzantium. Unfortunately, today there is no Byzantium, and there are no sages in Beijing, Moscow, Brussels, Washington, or anywhere else that I know of.

Why is it that Yeats chose to be a gold mosaic rather than living thing? As he said in another poem, “The Second Coming” , “mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”. He said this post-WW1. In my experience (post-WW2), this means that it is violent government that jealously eases the coo-coo bird out of its cradle and looses a blood-dimmed tide upon the world. My country is said to have 40,000 hunters in the wood. Life on Earth is entertained by an unending series of executions of nestlings and fawns, but leaves human-headed and lion-bodied oligarchs alive.

Yet before our era, Tibetan tutoring Lamas chose to seek and find their previous Dalais and persuade them to crawl back into the monastery’s cradle fourteen times in succession. It is only the XIVth Dalai Lama of today who—apparently under coercion by the Chinese government [with the “…head of a man, [and] a gaze blank and pitiless as the sun”] has had a ‘revelation’ and is ending his tutorship on reincarnation that began in 1357 (657 years ago).

What is even more disturbing is that the XIVth Dalai Lama is quitting serial life before the discovery of a quantum computer that proves to be more than ‘fantasies talk’ . As I understand it, a quantum computer is de facto in a quantum world and should record quantum events and prove if there is life in it or not. It would be significant advancement for humankind if it knew whether it is the Tibetan Dalai Lamas (who know better than the postmodern Chinese, the Europeans, Russians, or Americans, all with their cities of rubbish inhabited by short-sheeted transhumanized technologists) who prove to be the sages and worthies to inherit our planet.

I realize my earlier blog did not make clear where Death (supposing I knew what it is)—as a transhumanizing phenomenon within the biosphere—leads. Nevertheless, those who have been attentive may have guessed that my choice is for life in the wood, a Kingdom with no King, God in my head and not in the clouds, death as solace in tragedy and come an end to bodily life, and Yeats replacing Dante as my guide to Byzantium to meet its sages.
I thank all readers for having had the patience to bear with me. Herewith, vexed to a nightmare by government drones (and no angels in sight to soothe my old age), this series comes to a close. –16.V 2014


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 344 / 3
6th Book of a Series
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.


Death is the Mind moving about disembodied. It has no arms or legs, but is like the parachute of a dandelion being blown by the winds of another dimension.

One way to illustrate this is to imagine that you have dropped on your bed with your face in the pillow. You are tired and exhausted. You had been doing strenuous work or have drunk one too many bottles of beer.. As we say in common speech, you ‘conk out’.

Maybe an hour later, you wake up. You are still in the same position in the bed as when you fell in it. But something is wrong. Though you are awake, you feel extremely weak, so weak that you cannot manage to raise your head from the pillow, nor move your arm. You feel that you are under some kind of spell. Therefore, you simply lie there and hope that the spell will pass and you will eventually have the strength to to get out of bed.

You fall asleep again and have a dream. You dream that you are a child. You are in your old family bedroom. The room is dark; it is nighttime. Your bed is located on the northwestern corner of the western wall of the room; your sister sleeps in the bed that is against the southern wall of the room; your mother and young brother sleep in beds against the eastern wall. Your father has no bed, because the “good” of the Earth shot him many years ago for their ‘better’ reasons. Your desk with the computer is by the window on the northeast side. True, when you were a child, there were no computers. In other words, the dream has updated the scene.

You don’t know how long you have slept, when, suddenly, you wake with an answer to something you have not been able to find an answer to before. It really is no answer, but a thought: that if you write a book on “What Is Death?” people—who have never read anything that you have said or written before—will be interested to open the book and take a look at what you have to say. You awaken with a sense of relief for having superior knowledge.

Of course, you have no idea “what death is”, but since the question arose in a dream, you are pretty sure you will be able to write the answer. Perhaps sleep and death are the same. You sense that this is similar to the occasion when you dreamt that your self-portrait was drawn for you by an unknown hand as a labyrinth. After you awakened, you grabbed a note pad, and were able to draw the ‘self portrait’ line for line as the dream had presented it to you. It was good enough to frame.

Even though you can think, you cannot act on what your thoughts tell you: you are still unable to move from your position. You are frozen in place. It is as if you are paralyzed. You do what you can to concentrate your thoughts to twist your head and turn your body so that you are able to lie on your back. You have experienced this kind of paralysis before. Psychologists call it narcolepsy . You may call it narcolepsy in reverse: your mind has awakened, but body and mind have not been reconnected.

Similar situations sometimes visit many of us in the middle of a dream, when the dream brings us to a cross road, but then it does not give us any hint whether to turn right or left. While we try to figure out the direction on our own, we awaken with a sense of frustration. We decide to escape the frustration, but putting our head deeper into the pillow and going to sleep again.

The problem with the psychoanalytic answer is that psychoanalysts are consensual thinkers trying to make a living off what they have been taught at the university. As far as the university is concerned, the mind is subject entirely to the brain mass. They think of the Mind as a material clump, putty like material that acts as a digital machine.  Once the body dies and the brain rots, there no longer exists a Mind.

But students of the Mind, such as the Yogi or Tibetan monks, who have meditated and observed the consequences of the practice for many more centuries than psychoanalysts, tell differently. The Chinese government is working hard at eliminating such artisans of the Mind as remain. Yet to the remainder the Mind is like a cloud at dawn, sunset, or noon. An old folk belief tells how at noon, when the sun is at zenith, there opens a door—either a black or a transparent hole. If you are alert, you may then enter into another world, and see many of the dead working at figuring out subatomic physics that holds the physical world together. Maybe they provide the wind-like motion that moves the dandelion puff about. Vincent van Gogh knew what we are talking about, when he painted landscapes that were a mirage one can walk either through or into .

As the Irish poet Yeats after sailing to Byzandium described it: “[I am] fastened to a body, I know not what it is….”, yet I move about. And there is no man-made apparatus that can catch me in the act, though Grecian goldsmiths have and may yet again.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 343 / 2
6th Book of a Series
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.


Getting your country’s history screwed up will also screw up your head. In this instance, I am not talking of America, but Russia as the power that does not see things, especially its history, right.

The one country on Earth where at least one man, Lenin, got the message (if not the whole message) half-way right, is about to prove that the “monument to its own magnificence”, the well aged Marx, has gone to its head, and that instead of becoming the gardeners of Earth, the leadership of the Mother Country are following the leadership of the Godhead of the brain located in the far abroad—the U.S. and E.U.

There is plenty of evidence that the once people of the wood, the Slavs of Byzantium, when defeated by the superior violence of the Goths (now synonymous with the West), adopted western (Gothic) ways not simply because it was expedient to save their lives and live to fight another day, but once under the shadow of defeat learned to envy the Goths and the success of their violent ways.

As this writer has argued, this trend is not merely inspired by the post WW2 era, but was begun over a thousand years ago, on the doorstep of the Balkans, with the incineration of John Basil of Byzantium in Bizantium. However, more important than Byzantium is the fact that John was a man of the wood, held his court outdoors (even as John the Baptist baptized outdoors), and believed in a civilization of self-governance.

Amost nothing of the Old Slav remains in today’s ‘new’ institutionalized and artificial Slav, but an intellectually timid and puffed up imitation of what its forebears once stood for. Serbia, once the core of Yugoslavia, failed against the onslaught of NATO, because it chose to fight superior violence with violence of its own. The country’s intellect had become like the graft of a sweeter pear tree variety to the roots of an older country variety: it confused artifice with ability to survive.

The same thing is currently occurring with the Mother Country of the Slavs: Russia. It flexes its muscle and has some success with it, but neglects the intellect of its sages, which it confuses with the intellect of the orthodox or Western substitute—Catholicism or Globalization. Instead of revealing to the West its fallacious history and undermining its barbaric self-confidence, it continues to pretend on its behalf that its disease is health. The obvious reason for this is the unwillingness of the orthodox Christian church to admit that a thousand years ago it suffered a defeat at the hands of Western crusaders.

No lesser “sickness to death” is exhibited by the seemingly successful Chinese, whose latest instance of confusing stupidity with wisdom is manifest in the ‘study’ to build a high-speed train across the Bearing Straights to the U.S. Even an amateur can see that Mother Earth will tear it down with the first earthquake of which the area has many every day. The newspaper article claims that Russia, too, has been thinking of the feasibility of such a line.

What is one to make of this continued glossing of technology, when about a billion people on our planet defecate where they happen to be ‘in place’ on the ground?

To cut to the quick: it means that even in so-called ‘post-modern’ days, the government of our days is an abject failure. Even as this failure is increasingly visible because the ‘free gifts’ of nature have been exhausted, the intuitive understanding of its failure, modern government keeps advertising the future that (were it ever to become a reality*) would be meant for the few, while the majority of hominids would considerer themselves blessed if they had never been born.

*One really need not doubt that the ‘postmoderns’ believe that a future meant only for them is possible. All one need to do to secure a ‘for me only’ civilization is to implant every baby with a micro chip that connects to NSA, which will not only control the population of the poor by having it ‘hear voices’ in their heads, but giving them ‘free gifts of nature’ by sending it two signals per day that results in an orgasmic experience that will do away with a hominid species as consisting of two sexes.

Finally, ‘communism’ is evil only within an urban civilization, while to a civilization based on life in nature, communism is the basis of life itself. The success of urbanism to convince the world that communism is evil is an important ideological ingredient in the destruction of our planet.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 342 / 1
6th Book of a Series
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.


The criminal activity of the eye on top of the capitalist pyramid  has for some time been moving toward becoming a ‘state’ that is separate from the body of society at large.

It has been preparing to cut itself free of the bottom part of the pyramid, which in effect leaves the main body to its own devices (most likely to die)—as the eye and its three legs: God, Son, and Holy Ghost feed off of the rotting delusional body of ‘human rights’ that has become the rest.

Having effectively destroyed the wood and its hominid inhabitants and replaced the wood with the city and renamed its inhabitants citygens, the Eye quickly embodied itself in what is now known as the National Security Agency (NSA), which acts as a kind of pupil of the Eye. Moreover, the pupil no longer sees citygens as human beings, but as sheeple, a word derived from a derogatory attitude to all things that are of or can be made to resemble sheep.

Curiously, the sheeple survive not off grass, but off the desert of the urban landscape, which acts as a huge digesting machine of all that is yet to be found on the land that once was overgrown with wood and was the living space of all things ‘wild’, including the hominids themselves.

With the wood and its derivative, coal, become destructive when used even by the gens of the Eye, the ‘stomach machine’ has turned the radiant eye of ‘wild life’ into a poisonous array of leftovers from nuclear radiation. The most illustrative consequences of this poison come from the West coast of the U.S., where not only marine life, but kelp contains cesium and is likely, over time, to turn the Pacific Ocean into a container of a deadly variety of secular ‘holy water’.

The so called ‘alternative news sources’, mostly to be found on the internet, have rightly concentrated much of their attention on the Pyramid Eye. Since the revelations of NSA activities by whistle blower Snowden and the demonstrative suicide of hacktivist Aaron Swartz , the awareness of the moves made the Eye to separate itself from the body of the nation (whether the U.S., E.U, or Russia, or China) has notably increased. However, what has not increased is the awareness of what to do about it. Not all of the mentioned are equally intense in the movement toward separation, the leader of which is the U.S.

The confusion exists largely as a result of a millennium long period of ever growing violence as a means toward ‘peace’. Ever since the explosion of the nuclear bomb over Hiroshima, a ‘negative peace’, aka ‘peace through deterrence’, a gap between the body of governors and the People ‘governed’ has been growing seemingly ever more irreversible.

The recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court not to review the right of  the U.S. military to arrest U.S. citizens and hold them indefinitely has been called by Chris Hedges of  as the beginning of the end of the ‘Constitutional Era’. That the decision of the Supreme Court is not a matter of this particular court only is indicated by the nomination to the supreme court of a lawyer by the currently ‘democratic court’ of President of Obama.

Worse, the U.S, military now consists of volunteers; and since the economy of the country is unlikely to recover and recoup its 20th century pace, one of the options of jobless men is to volunteer for the military forces, even as the U.S. government continues to distance itself from the interests of the ‘common man’. Not least alarming is the arming of the police with arms of the ‘military’ and the deliberate acts by the police to alienate itself from the ‘civilian’ population through deliberate and unnecessary acts of violence.

As this writer has argued, this trend is not merely inspired by the post WW2 era, but was deliberately begun over a thousand years ago with the incineration of John Basil of Byzantium. However, more important than Byzantium is the fact that John was a man of the wood, held his court outdoors (even as John the Baptist baptized outdoors), and believed in a civilization of self-governance.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 341 / 17
Odds and Ends 
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Ever since the Princes of the Goths removed themselves from Romania to Benelux, the nature of the wandering shamans of the wood was changed from healers of body and mind to killers of the same.

If one were to paint the “Last Supper” today at the center of the table, in the place of Ivan Basil (or Jesus Christ) would be sitting President Obama; St. Peter would be Henry Kissinger; St. Paul would be Brezinsky; Mary Magdalene would be Hillary Clinton. The rest of the names, too, would consists of a string of proven killers, if not by their own hands, then surely by ‘official’ directives and advices.

The Pope would head the Nobel Prize Sahendrin and make sure that the annual prize was proportional to the amount of dynamite expended in the previous year. He would also absolve the saints from any guilt in the killing of either ‘enemy’ or ‘our own’. He would be doing all he can to ensure that the life of the current history by ‘imposed consent’ is extended by getting Zionist Israel to give him sovereign rights over the Tomb of David, even Mt. Zion, and failing that, at least the ‘air rights’ over the second floor of the Temple where the room of the Last Supper is said to be. A successful deal would enable Washington not only to establish a second office in Jerusalem, and hence, little by little, establish itself as the capital of the world. While the victory of the 4th Crusade (1204) had to wait over eight hundred years, it would, nevertheless, be consummated. The Vatican, too, would no doubt move from Rome to Jerusalem.

The followers of Ivan Basil (Russian Orthodox) and Yohanmed followers would again be left out in the cold, this time not for only a thousand years, but, hopefully, until babies were copied in digital scanner chambers and a pay tax gene was inserted in the pineal gland .
In any event, that such a deal may be brokered for real even if it may seem implausible now, would not be unusual. All we have to remember that Turkey (with England playing the midwife) inserted the tomb of the Ottoman king Suleyman in Syria, and Turkey recently used the treaty to legitimize its occupation of the tomb today.

How do the Yohanmeds and Orthodox Christians fight against such far reaching (almost unimaginable) political movements?

This writer believes that such shenanigans by the West should have been anticipated by the East long ago. The counter move is simple, I (and others) have advocated the nature of the response for some time: re, reveal (rather than hide) the near mortal wound suffered by the East a thousand years ago and make the very foundations of Western history turn into jello and make its foundations collapse.


1. That the East represented (once) and was the guardian of the very nature of our planet and human life on it;

2. Superior violence by secular princes overcame the self-sacrificial piety of its saints and holy men;

3. Reveal the history of the false flags implanted by the West and accepted by the East under the threat of death as a life-saving measure;

4. Reestablish not-violent terror, and cease using pietistic self-sacrifice as an instrument for taking innocent lives;

5. Institute the book for the names of the ‘hundred million angels singing’, who understand and comply;

6.  Put fear and trembling into heart of the urban desert with pietistic arms alone.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 340 / 16
Odds and Ends 
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Several of the threads of argument throughout these blogs have been a search for the Godhead. One of them was mentioned in the immediately preceding blogs:

1.    That since more than a thousand years ago, the seed of coercive government was planted through the institutionalization of taxation. Taxation should not be confused with gifting, which gifts were meant, for the most part, for the temple and its priesthood, the healers of body and soul.

2.    The institutionalization of taxation could not be accomplished without replacing the ‘old’ priesthood with a new and obedient one. The procedure of deinstitutionalization of old traditions is well known also today. It is called ‘regime change’, and is justified through arguments that claim that the ‘old’ regimes are authoritarian in nature, but the ‘new’ ones bring democracy. What occurs in fact is that the ‘new’ introduces a globalized fascist central government masquerading as democracy.

3.    The policy of regime change began with the replacement of the ancient temple authority, a de facto non-government, or a system where people governed themselves, and where the ‘non-government’ (consisting mostly of wandering healers) taught the people what was required to sustain self-government. This author traces this process to the Byzantine Empire and its Emperor Alexis I, who demonized and torched one such Temple authority: King John Basil under the pretext that he was a ‘heretic’ and headed a heretical ‘religion’ from a Temple known as the Temple of the Bogomils or God Lovers. Indeed there never was a ‘temple’, because the Bogomils worshipped in the wood, which they regarded as their temple.

4.    The Bogomils were in fact the first Kriste-ians, aka Children of Johns (Ians). In any event, John Basil, one of the better known Healers of the Kriste-ians, was persuaded by Emperor Alexis I to leave the wood and come to Byzantium. This was done under the pretext that Alexis was interested in John Basil’s ‘doctrine’ of self-government. When in Byzantium, the real Rome of the day, John Basil was quickly declared a heretic and arrested as an enemy of the Empire. A great pit was dug at the Hippodrome, which pit was filled with firewood, which was lit, and John Basil was made its first victim.

5.    Indeed, the Empire’s act of incinerating the Healer instituted the idea of God as an immortal presence in a Raum (German or Gothic for ‘space’, aka Roma). Whereas before this institutionalization of God, God had not existed as an ‘affirmative’ Being, because eternity was thought of in terms of reincarnation, that is to say, that the Mind itself was a kind of Godhead, an invisible soul or spirit that was not called God, because it was—to put it plainly—everywhere, and could float from body to body. This was why God is, to this day, easily imaginable as a Father figure or an “aged man, but a paltry thing, a tattered coat upon a stick, unless soul clap its hands and sing and louder sing for every tatter in its mortal dress….” (Yeats), and sing itself into an “artifice of eternity”.

6.    Once self-governance and the wood were eliminated by substituting these with a proto-capitalist King, a centralized government of a verbally asserted ‘democracy’, there necessarily arose many ideas of who God is, even though before that time, he had always been ‘an artifice of eternity’.

7.    Emperor Alexis I replaced John Basil, The Healer, who never supported the tax that was paid by slaughtering the Peoples reindeer herds for their fur, with a fictionalized Healer, whom he called Chez Jesus, aka Christ Jesus. It was to be the function of this regime change, that taxation was accepted and that God was to become a unipolar figure through Jesus.

8.    Today a Unipolar God has been made—at least in theory--the spiritual head of a globally centralized government under the aegis of Washington, D.C., Brussels, and a few other ‘chosen’ and obedient vassal cities. Washington continues the ‘crusades’ begun by the Goths, who were eventually driven from Byzantium by a rebellion of the people of the wood, assuming for themselves a new identity known as mohamedans. These Mohamedans-Muslims had been pulled together from a remnant of the people of the wood by one  Mohammed, behind which name we can easily discern the name of Yohan-med, or King John.

It is interesting that the ‘terrorist’ adherents of Yohan-med appear not to fear death, even as their method of martyrdom leaves much to be desired—especially as it involves the death of many ‘innocent’ fools living in the desserts of capitalist cities. The short-comings of the martyr-followers of Yohan-med hinder the reversal of the contest for the authority of the God-head, but retains it in favor of post-modernist capitalism.

10.  The rationalization of taking the life of ‘another’, no matter how sophisticated the arguments may be, can never re-polarize Religion and reestablish it as a space in an equilibrium in which the Raum of the Wood retakes some of its lost space and resettles it with the reincarnated lives of the martyrs without the blame of innocent victims putting such a burden on their souls that they cannot rise from their graves, and remain not only half-dead and unreincarnated wanderers in the desert of the Dead, but make that desert a continuation of The Dead of The Urban Empire.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 339 / 15
Odds and Ends 
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All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.


The advocates of our pseudo-democracy are in the habit of stating that it is infinitely ‘better’ when comparing it to the ‘feudal system’, which they say preceded it. There are various models of the feudal system, but the one that advocates of ‘democracy’ speak of most is where the peasants were forbidden to leave the land of the baron in whose fiefdom their patch of wood was found. This factor made the people living on the land serfs .

As item 2. at the above link points out, serfs were last to disappear from Eastern Europe and Russia. However, this is due not because other parts of the world had forms of government less pyramidal in nature, but because it was in Russia and Eastern Europe that the ‘tax system’ was first instituted, and had, for this reason, become a ‘tradition’ just as taxes have become an institution today in the rest of the world.

Inescapable as “death and taxes” may be, along with ‘taxes’ comes a system of incarceration.

In America jailing people is a common form of punishment .

While a ‘debtors’ prison’ is no longer such a burden on society as in the previous centuries, it persists for the simple reason that the debtor cannot escape into the wood as in the days before deforestation had become a common form of disciplining society. With video scanners and electronic tags, even a labyrinthine city does not make it as a forest. According to one commentator, the debtors prison is on its way back and likely to first make its reappearance as a private institution in the U.S.

The recent revelations of spying by the NSA on virtually everyone in the country by way of the internet or cell phone, negates public space and makes government an invasive agency that on the psychosomatic level causes society to think of it as God.

On the positive side, such an experience ought to make the public perceive that the greatest enemy of nature and the environment is none other than government, because it is clearly the wood rather than the Constitution that most protects individual liberties.

In spite of this fact, the invasive nature of modern technology and the vulnerability of internet programming to being hacked  sets the present urban civilization as inferior in nature to the ancient wood where life forms sprung up from an “artifice of eternity” or Mind rather than a digital computer. It is this ‘sense’ of an attempt being made to feel it inferior that gives rise to the cockles of the singular individual and creates mutual accusations of ‘terrorist’ between the government and the individual who opposes the government’s digitized mindset.

Nevertheless, it is this psychosomatic enmity that is the hope of the hominid to escape the controls of kings, princes, oligarchs, bankers, and any system set up by any ‘elites’. It is this undigitizable artifice that makes a poet like Yeats write of the human “soul” as “…a dying animal, it knows not what it is…” and want him to escape “…from any natural thing” (such as computers) “…into the artifice of eternity.”

So, to return to the theme of not paying taxes or getting the government to abolish them! Though human intelligence is slow to catch on to the workings of the Mind, it appears that after much torturous turnings and bloodshed, it does GET IT.

If none of the ‘good greens’ can succeed in stopping the Japanese from killing whales and the world from deforestation, it will become obvious that at the bottom of the problem are not ‘the People’, but the premises of government that deferred violence as continuous armament is the institution that creates the space behind which a once relatively ‘innocent’ Satan becomes a super monster, a Godzilla.

This writer’s guess is that that the problem is uncritical urbanization. I am not speaking of ‘green space’ as Lewis Mumford thought of it, but of urbanization at the basis of the creation of a Mindset that is radically different from the Mindset that exists in nature as an ‘artifice of eternity’ as Yeats sees it. To describe the image in greater detail, when Yeats writes of “sages standing in God’s holy fire” and presents that fire as the “artifice of eternity”, I understand nature itself to be the artifice, or the Garden of Eden, or Heaven, or a ‘still life’. , never mind that there are many kinds of still lives, including such as in front of my door where there stands a huge birch tree with not a leaf moving except  those at the very top. There is no way that I can think that a city-gen of a cityscape thinks of his-her environment in the same way, nor can he-she think of nature as one who lives in it. These are two separate worlds, of which post-modernity has chosen the urbanscape as the superior one.

The consequence of this ‘the twain shall never meet’ is that nature is being destroyed by humankind, which event occurs aphenomena is the result of taxation, which is the catalyst behind the apparently unstoppable urbanization movement.

Terrifyingly, none of the human beings, all the good and nice ones (think of the 100 million Chinese about to be moved out of the countryside, or the Virginians and Marylanders who have destroyed the Chessapeake Bay), have any perception that in spite of their ‘goodness’ and ‘niceness’ they are the very cause of destruction.

To test this thesis all that needs to be done is for the United Nations to select a nation where taxation ceases. I would make this nation Latvia, where taxation and a blind and willful destruction of the countryside is making itself felt with the speed of a wildfire.

Given that Latvia’s political elites are being directly or indirectly influenced by neo-capitalist interests in the EU or further abroad, the UN would need to guarantee not only a referendum, but an adequate length of time for the issues to be presented and understood. I would (why not?) have a ‘veto’ over what represents an adequate length of time of ‘understanding’. The guarantee that my vote is ‘just’ would be that I would right thereafter step on the other side of the ‘quantum gap’.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 338 / 14
Odds and Ends 
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All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.


The yet untold reason why Abu Jezu was rescued by the firebird is that it was not only the Third Baba Yana who wished to capture him, but in front of the Yule fireplace stood also a dozen internal revenue tax collectors  ready to pounce on his “No tax” chocolate bars as Christmas gifts. All the bars were labeled: “Eat this chocolate, and you will have the courage not to ever pay taxes”. Rather provocatively another line lobbied the idea that: “Taxes are only for Citygens”.

As far as this writer knows, the “No Taxes” idea may not be such a far fetched idea. If what (some) market analysts predict comes true: that we stand before another financial and economic collapse (did the previous one actually end?) , and the Ukrainians and then other Europeans are rushed into yet another war , and on this occasion there is no wood left for people to flee to save themselves, but the only escape remaining is to seek Death in Great Numbers, then government may actually start considering its practicability. If it does not, banks stand in danger of becoming known as ‘cemeteries’, because “…people will start taking their money with them”.

Incredible as it may sound when it comes to “taking IT with you”, it was proven to be practicable by no lesser authority on the theory of Life After Death as the Cheshire Cat, who was created by that opium smoker Lewis Carroll, who said: “Every adventure requires a first step” . Whether the Cheshire cat actually said this does not really matter, because the ‘civilization’ constructed out of taxing people is not only cruel, but quite weird and unbelievable.

Just to make the No Tax proposal more realistic:

Most of us know that without ‘free’ gifts life on Earth could not exist. The people who lived in the wood used to call these gifts ‘gifts of nature’ (berries, roots, seeds, mushrooms). Monkeys call these same gifts “bananas”, while donkies call them “oats”.

One of the ‘free’ gifts of nature were the reindeer of Eurasia, who the Evenks (and other people) used to use as animals who gave them milk. University professors, corrupted by the prejudices of modern government, now call these people “hunters-gatherers”, while in reality few of the reindeer were ever killed—except when the marauders of Scandinavia and Western Europe began to practice theft on a permanent basis. This ‘theft’ was imposed by one of the first words in ‘new speak’: “taxes”. To secure the practice of theft for perpetuity, it had to be made believable as a ‘benign’ activity, which is why early income from theft was used to create, the government, its bureaucracy, and ‘bulletins’ that declared the ‘new laws’.

Before the invention of ‘taxes’, the People lived in nature without government. In these ‘nature’ days, the idea of government was in the heads of the people only, and the Head of the Head was known as God, who little by little was caused to become a King. Ever since tax collecting became accepted as an ‘institution’, the wealth gained by taxing People spread, and there appeared an ever greater number of oligarchs, then known as Princes.

Eventually, the Princes thought that the King (God was still supporting him then) had too much power and decided to overthrow him. In fact, this happened in relatively very recent times. King John of England was one of the earlier victims of the Princes. He was made to abdicate in 1215 to the Magna Charta, alleged to be the 1ST written document supporting ‘democracy’. The second victim was King Louis VI of France who lost his head to the guillotine in 1793. While the third and last King to die was Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, who was shot with his entire family in 1917.

Ever since the death of King Nicholas II of Russia, ‘democracy’ has been the rage of the New World or the New Order, which began in reality with the death of the Eurasian wood, which happened sometime around the 9th or 10th centuries CE. It was at this time that the idea of ‘no government’ and self-government with ‘no taxes’ began to face repression and extermination. The repression of the imaginary king was sealed by the actual death of one of the ‘imaginary’ kings who were wanderers and teachers of self-government. This ‘imaginary’ King’s name was, most likely, King John or John Basil, and he was killed by Emperor Alexis I of Byzantium, who was one of the early examples of a King as a Capitalist. This means, he was one of the first oligarchs made wealthy by taxing the People with a fur tax, aka jasak.

It was the First Capitalist King Alexis I who created, so to speak, the First King. This first King was still a fiction, because his image was built on that of John Basil with the difference that Chez Jezu agreed to accept tax collecting. When tax collecting began to be preached by the ‘new wandering preachers’, there began also what we know as the era of religious wars. These religious wars were more or less put to an end in 1648 with the Treaty known as The Treaty of Westphalia .

The defeat of ‘religions’ enabled the capitalists to make use of their favorite ‘newspeak’ word ‘progress’. By the beginning of the 19th century, nature had been brought to its knees by cities attracting an increasing number of countryside people, who lived in the new urban setting in horrendous conditions. I think of the painting by Vincent van Gogh, The Potato Eaters  as illustrative of the exchange that the people of the wood were forced to make.

Today, with the renewed ‘drang nach Osten’ , led by the U.S. and NATO, we have almost come to the end of this pseudo ‘democratic’ era. Still, there is yet one enormous barrier before the cavalry of the ‘pale horse’ can be toppled: the Prisoners of ‘Democracy’ have to engineer for themselves a break from their jail, which has been engineered for them, from the beginning, by the leading postmodern and neo-capitalist nations: the U.S.A., and F.E.U.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 337 / 13
Odds and Ends 
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.


If the last blog (336) left off with the discovery of the husband of Baba Yana as being Santa coming back on winter solstice for more of the amanita muscaria brew cooked by his Chez Baba Jeza, we begin this one by adding that Santa comes back on Midsummer Eve also with the name of John.

I also mentioned that a remnant of the word ‘jezu’ may be found not only in Old Chech or Polish, but also in the Latvian word for ‘a mess’--kheza or yezga—it is also found in the French word for ‘house’, re: chez as in chez vous or ‘my house’.

In other words, looking to find the meaning of Baba Yaga (in the process of discussing the Bogomils), we wandered into a pareidolia of associations, the most significant of which is the name of Jesus, who I suggested (also in the previous blog) was the famous healer and husband of Baba Yag(n)a (or maybe Uga), who now (in our secular times when medicine is monopolized by ‘doctors’) runs the famous restaurant Chez Jezu (unholy mess of tasteful dishes), whose cook on one occasion made such a potent potion of medicine that he flew right out the chimney of his alchemy lab. Because Baba Yaga got good and angry on that occasion [she actually became enraged (make sure you read the fairy tale about the three Baba Yagas at the link)], Jezu now dares come back to Earth only as Santa Claus on Christmas time and John on Midsummer Eve. No doubt, that is one reason there are so few good cooks around these days, what with most knowing how to cook only hot dogs and rat meat hamburgers.

When Chez Jezu goes to visit his three Baba Yagas (yes, Santa has three wives), he makes sure that he has with him appropriate gifts. If he does not have gifts, his wives are sure to detect the smell of his russkim dukhom (Russian sweat) and get ready to throw him out of their chez vous (just make sure it is not you). As the fairy tale tells it, Jesus’ third wife became hungry enough to want to get Jezu caught immediately, and he was saved only because she first went to whet her teeth and nails to better tear and devour him.

As we live in a time of inflation and ever increasing prices, Abu Jesus [Abu is the male version of Baba and may once have been the name of the devil, sataniel)] and his dwarf apostles or Chabas are known to been creating (at least dreaming about it) an exceptional gift for the future--no taxes. For this reason, all three Baba Yagas are eager to get hold of Jesus (even if elsewhere he is known as John or Ivan). He better be wary!

Chez Jezu is the name not only of some famous restaurants, but often stands for the name of its cook—Cook Jesus, aka Chez Jezu. Thus, when come Christmas and Chez Jezu comes to visit his wifes, he comes not only to get from them a new supply of Amaritas (red capped mushroom with white dots on its red cap), which Baba Yaga gathers during the summer and fall seasons and then dries on a string that she strings on the ceiling above her stove, Santa Jezu makes sure that he brings her a gift worth calling a gift.

The story goes that because he is constantly in danger of being captured, by one of his wives, Chez Jezu carries with him three horns , all of which he has tied to his hat, and which testify to the fact that he is the oldest son of God as well.

The wonder of the three horns is the smallest of them. When Jesus blows the horn (when his hungry third wife rushes at him breasts bared), he is immediately surrounded by all kinds of birds, among which the most amazing bird is the firebird .

The firebird is distinguished by amazing tail feathers. In most countries the feathers are red and remind of flames. In some countries it is known as the Phoenix . The Fire Bird invites Chez or Magi Jezu to sit on its back and flies into the air just as the Third (and youngest) Baba Yaga is about to seize it.

The Third Baba Yaga is left only a few tail feathers as her husband (Claus or John) and the firebird fly off to Heaven. This is why in some countries the traditional Yule or Summer solstice fires are made of bound sheaves of oats or grasses, however, given that most people live in cities, some fires are filled with large cardboard cutouts in the shape of feathers, some midsummer fires are made of such material or even small rocket flares.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 336 / 12
Odds and Ends  
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.


As readers know, along with some other ‘radicals’ , I reinterpret history and emphasize the fact that we ‘moderns’ are not descendants of peasant farmers, but from a people of the wood.

The bit about farming is deliberate propaganda by those who want to turn Mother Earth into a birthing factorty for money. These ‘they’ have almost succeeded.

I also stress that the ‘change’ from the nature of the ‘artifice of eternity’ (Yeats), to the virtuosité (-creativité) of cyberspace, which presently comes crashing down about our ears as a consequence of the ‘false flag’ history that was pulled over our heads by the ‘new’ Christianity, which arrived with the tax put on the lives of reindeer and Eurasians Slavs by its own misadventurers lost in the woods of the Scandinavian lands—the Vikings.

From my perspective, the Vikings, aka the Goths, reinvented Christianity by forcing its saints to adopt taxation as a price of life and spirituality itself. This is the ‘system’ of government that ‘modern’ society has endured for over a thousand years.

While because of the tax gambit, I find Western ‘religion’ despicable, I see no problem with keeping Christ (proxy for Basil) as the ‘example’ for imitation—if government and business by ‘taxation’ is eliminated as a practice that either Basil or Jesus ever supported.

Yes, it is time not only to eliminate taxation, but also the catastrophic urban environment that it has enabled to let ‘overgrow’ “that sensual music” (again Yeats) that since the beginning of time has been the nature or God’s world.

The falling dominoes that we see set in motion by events in the Ukraine provide us with one, if not THE one, opportunity to consider this seemingly radical possibility as real . There ought not to be any question that urbanization must be reversed—if possible, as a consequence of a gradual collapse of incentives that has enabled capitalism to keep it moving along on at an exponential rate. I consider it cultivated insanity when I read that the Chinese government plans to relocate to the city a hundred million farmers over the next six years or so. It is not that I am in any way opposed to the betterment of life for the Chinese people (or Latvins for that matter); though I am certainly not in support of doing so without those resetled’ picking up on the tax that is relaxed on those who remain living on the land.

There are a number of ways to proceed.

One is to call for a Revolution that will stop taxation either piecemeal and gradually or deprive government of tax support altogether. The latter method would likely have to use Stalinist methods.

However, in order to prepare the public to accept the demand for the removal of taxes as ‘normal’ and ‘natural’, it may be advisable to inform it of how history was falsified by governments by taking advantage of the written word, which made the written lie appear as a permanent fixture of society and existing since the beginning of time.

Interestingly, the main changers of the story of taxation ought not to be those who falsified the story in the first place, but those who were forced to accept the changed story and had to live with the lie for centuries if not a thousand or more years.

Here I am thinking of the so-called Orthodox Church of Eastern and Eurasian Europe as it is the direct outgrowth of the suppression of it by Gothic Roman Christianity—as I wrote in blog 333—of the “…the First Christians…who emerged from the deliberations of the human mind of how to live in harmony with all of God’s Creation in the wood and field”.

Of course, to do so will take great political courage; but given that the Christianity derived from Gothic Globalist antecedents has not shown such courage, it ought to be seen as a welcome theological challenge by Eastern Orthodox leadership as it involves recovering the authority of the cathedra . Whence the name ‘Cathars’ (people of the throne), who preceded the sects which derived from dogmatic and sectarian Gothic Christianity.

If Christianity in England (Anglican) is more or less ‘dead’ as its leaders confirm and if they ever were serious about it, then seeking it with Robin Hood in the wood ought to be as much a challenge for them as for the Orthodox looking for it under the tail of Baba Yaga, aka ?Baba Yana and  Jezi Baba (angry witch), of who the Latvian language retains the word ‘ķeza’ or ‘jezga’, re a mess (for those short on time, please read and scroll from ‘Etymnology’ on down).

In short, at the time of its origins (way back when the Balts may still have dwelt in the vicinity of the Volga River), Christians  perceived on our planet no ‘evil’ worse than the serpent which guarded the berry patch in swampy lands and was created by a devil no worse than God’s oldest son Sataniel. It may be worth for us to recover this world as it may entertain bored Englishmen and cause them to take another look at proto-Anglicans or Yanglicans.

Far fetched as it may seem to some, ‘Jesu’ or Iesu may be no other than her long sought husband helping her brew the ‘witches’ brew’ of the amanita muscaria mushroom. On one occasion, he made the brew so strong that when he took a taste of it, he flew up the chimney and never came back except on the night of the winter solstice.