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Eso’s Chronicles 343 / 2
6th Book of a Series
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.


Getting your country’s history screwed up will also screw up your head. In this instance, I am not talking of America, but Russia as the power that does not see things, especially its history, right.

The one country on Earth where at least one man, Lenin, got the message (if not the whole message) half-way right, is about to prove that the “monument to its own magnificence”, the well aged Marx, has gone to its head, and that instead of becoming the gardeners of Earth, the leadership of the Mother Country are following the leadership of the Godhead of the brain located in the far abroad—the U.S. and E.U.

There is plenty of evidence that the once people of the wood, the Slavs of Byzantium, when defeated by the superior violence of the Goths (now synonymous with the West), adopted western (Gothic) ways not simply because it was expedient to save their lives and live to fight another day, but once under the shadow of defeat learned to envy the Goths and the success of their violent ways.

As this writer has argued, this trend is not merely inspired by the post WW2 era, but was begun over a thousand years ago, on the doorstep of the Balkans, with the incineration of John Basil of Byzantium in Bizantium. However, more important than Byzantium is the fact that John was a man of the wood, held his court outdoors (even as John the Baptist baptized outdoors), and believed in a civilization of self-governance.

Amost nothing of the Old Slav remains in today’s ‘new’ institutionalized and artificial Slav, but an intellectually timid and puffed up imitation of what its forebears once stood for. Serbia, once the core of Yugoslavia, failed against the onslaught of NATO, because it chose to fight superior violence with violence of its own. The country’s intellect had become like the graft of a sweeter pear tree variety to the roots of an older country variety: it confused artifice with ability to survive.

The same thing is currently occurring with the Mother Country of the Slavs: Russia. It flexes its muscle and has some success with it, but neglects the intellect of its sages, which it confuses with the intellect of the orthodox or Western substitute—Catholicism or Globalization. Instead of revealing to the West its fallacious history and undermining its barbaric self-confidence, it continues to pretend on its behalf that its disease is health. The obvious reason for this is the unwillingness of the orthodox Christian church to admit that a thousand years ago it suffered a defeat at the hands of Western crusaders.

No lesser “sickness to death” is exhibited by the seemingly successful Chinese, whose latest instance of confusing stupidity with wisdom is manifest in the ‘study’ to build a high-speed train across the Bearing Straights to the U.S. Even an amateur can see that Mother Earth will tear it down with the first earthquake of which the area has many every day. The newspaper article claims that Russia, too, has been thinking of the feasibility of such a line.

What is one to make of this continued glossing of technology, when about a billion people on our planet defecate where they happen to be ‘in place’ on the ground?

To cut to the quick: it means that even in so-called ‘post-modern’ days, the government of our days is an abject failure. Even as this failure is increasingly visible because the ‘free gifts’ of nature have been exhausted, the intuitive understanding of its failure, modern government keeps advertising the future that (were it ever to become a reality*) would be meant for the few, while the majority of hominids would considerer themselves blessed if they had never been born.

*One really need not doubt that the ‘postmoderns’ believe that a future meant only for them is possible. All one need to do to secure a ‘for me only’ civilization is to implant every baby with a micro chip that connects to NSA, which will not only control the population of the poor by having it ‘hear voices’ in their heads, but giving them ‘free gifts of nature’ by sending it two signals per day that results in an orgasmic experience that will do away with a hominid species as consisting of two sexes.

Finally, ‘communism’ is evil only within an urban civilization, while to a civilization based on life in nature, communism is the basis of life itself. The success of urbanism to convince the world that communism is evil is an important ideological ingredient in the destruction of our planet.

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