Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 341 / 17
Odds and Ends 
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.


Ever since the Princes of the Goths removed themselves from Romania to Benelux, the nature of the wandering shamans of the wood was changed from healers of body and mind to killers of the same.

If one were to paint the “Last Supper” today at the center of the table, in the place of Ivan Basil (or Jesus Christ) would be sitting President Obama; St. Peter would be Henry Kissinger; St. Paul would be Brezinsky; Mary Magdalene would be Hillary Clinton. The rest of the names, too, would consists of a string of proven killers, if not by their own hands, then surely by ‘official’ directives and advices.

The Pope would head the Nobel Prize Sahendrin and make sure that the annual prize was proportional to the amount of dynamite expended in the previous year. He would also absolve the saints from any guilt in the killing of either ‘enemy’ or ‘our own’. He would be doing all he can to ensure that the life of the current history by ‘imposed consent’ is extended by getting Zionist Israel to give him sovereign rights over the Tomb of David, even Mt. Zion, and failing that, at least the ‘air rights’ over the second floor of the Temple where the room of the Last Supper is said to be. A successful deal would enable Washington not only to establish a second office in Jerusalem, and hence, little by little, establish itself as the capital of the world. While the victory of the 4th Crusade (1204) had to wait over eight hundred years, it would, nevertheless, be consummated. The Vatican, too, would no doubt move from Rome to Jerusalem.

The followers of Ivan Basil (Russian Orthodox) and Yohanmed followers would again be left out in the cold, this time not for only a thousand years, but, hopefully, until babies were copied in digital scanner chambers and a pay tax gene was inserted in the pineal gland .
In any event, that such a deal may be brokered for real even if it may seem implausible now, would not be unusual. All we have to remember that Turkey (with England playing the midwife) inserted the tomb of the Ottoman king Suleyman in Syria, and Turkey recently used the treaty to legitimize its occupation of the tomb today.

How do the Yohanmeds and Orthodox Christians fight against such far reaching (almost unimaginable) political movements?

This writer believes that such shenanigans by the West should have been anticipated by the East long ago. The counter move is simple, I (and others) have advocated the nature of the response for some time: re, reveal (rather than hide) the near mortal wound suffered by the East a thousand years ago and make the very foundations of Western history turn into jello and make its foundations collapse.


1. That the East represented (once) and was the guardian of the very nature of our planet and human life on it;

2. Superior violence by secular princes overcame the self-sacrificial piety of its saints and holy men;

3. Reveal the history of the false flags implanted by the West and accepted by the East under the threat of death as a life-saving measure;

4. Reestablish not-violent terror, and cease using pietistic self-sacrifice as an instrument for taking innocent lives;

5. Institute the book for the names of the ‘hundred million angels singing’, who understand and comply;

6.  Put fear and trembling into heart of the urban desert with pietistic arms alone.


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