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Eso’s Chronicles 336 / 12
Odds and Ends  
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.


As readers know, along with some other ‘radicals’ , I reinterpret history and emphasize the fact that we ‘moderns’ are not descendants of peasant farmers, but from a people of the wood.

The bit about farming is deliberate propaganda by those who want to turn Mother Earth into a birthing factorty for money. These ‘they’ have almost succeeded.

I also stress that the ‘change’ from the nature of the ‘artifice of eternity’ (Yeats), to the virtuosité (-creativité) of cyberspace, which presently comes crashing down about our ears as a consequence of the ‘false flag’ history that was pulled over our heads by the ‘new’ Christianity, which arrived with the tax put on the lives of reindeer and Eurasians Slavs by its own misadventurers lost in the woods of the Scandinavian lands—the Vikings.

From my perspective, the Vikings, aka the Goths, reinvented Christianity by forcing its saints to adopt taxation as a price of life and spirituality itself. This is the ‘system’ of government that ‘modern’ society has endured for over a thousand years.

While because of the tax gambit, I find Western ‘religion’ despicable, I see no problem with keeping Christ (proxy for Basil) as the ‘example’ for imitation—if government and business by ‘taxation’ is eliminated as a practice that either Basil or Jesus ever supported.

Yes, it is time not only to eliminate taxation, but also the catastrophic urban environment that it has enabled to let ‘overgrow’ “that sensual music” (again Yeats) that since the beginning of time has been the nature or God’s world.

The falling dominoes that we see set in motion by events in the Ukraine provide us with one, if not THE one, opportunity to consider this seemingly radical possibility as real . There ought not to be any question that urbanization must be reversed—if possible, as a consequence of a gradual collapse of incentives that has enabled capitalism to keep it moving along on at an exponential rate. I consider it cultivated insanity when I read that the Chinese government plans to relocate to the city a hundred million farmers over the next six years or so. It is not that I am in any way opposed to the betterment of life for the Chinese people (or Latvins for that matter); though I am certainly not in support of doing so without those resetled’ picking up on the tax that is relaxed on those who remain living on the land.

There are a number of ways to proceed.

One is to call for a Revolution that will stop taxation either piecemeal and gradually or deprive government of tax support altogether. The latter method would likely have to use Stalinist methods.

However, in order to prepare the public to accept the demand for the removal of taxes as ‘normal’ and ‘natural’, it may be advisable to inform it of how history was falsified by governments by taking advantage of the written word, which made the written lie appear as a permanent fixture of society and existing since the beginning of time.

Interestingly, the main changers of the story of taxation ought not to be those who falsified the story in the first place, but those who were forced to accept the changed story and had to live with the lie for centuries if not a thousand or more years.

Here I am thinking of the so-called Orthodox Church of Eastern and Eurasian Europe as it is the direct outgrowth of the suppression of it by Gothic Roman Christianity—as I wrote in blog 333—of the “…the First Christians…who emerged from the deliberations of the human mind of how to live in harmony with all of God’s Creation in the wood and field”.

Of course, to do so will take great political courage; but given that the Christianity derived from Gothic Globalist antecedents has not shown such courage, it ought to be seen as a welcome theological challenge by Eastern Orthodox leadership as it involves recovering the authority of the cathedra . Whence the name ‘Cathars’ (people of the throne), who preceded the sects which derived from dogmatic and sectarian Gothic Christianity.

If Christianity in England (Anglican) is more or less ‘dead’ as its leaders confirm and if they ever were serious about it, then seeking it with Robin Hood in the wood ought to be as much a challenge for them as for the Orthodox looking for it under the tail of Baba Yaga, aka ?Baba Yana and  Jezi Baba (angry witch), of who the Latvian language retains the word ‘ķeza’ or ‘jezga’, re a mess (for those short on time, please read and scroll from ‘Etymnology’ on down).

In short, at the time of its origins (way back when the Balts may still have dwelt in the vicinity of the Volga River), Christians  perceived on our planet no ‘evil’ worse than the serpent which guarded the berry patch in swampy lands and was created by a devil no worse than God’s oldest son Sataniel. It may be worth for us to recover this world as it may entertain bored Englishmen and cause them to take another look at proto-Anglicans or Yanglicans.

Far fetched as it may seem to some, ‘Jesu’ or Iesu may be no other than her long sought husband helping her brew the ‘witches’ brew’ of the amanita muscaria mushroom. On one occasion, he made the brew so strong that when he took a taste of it, he flew up the chimney and never came back except on the night of the winter solstice.

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