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Eso’s Chronicles 335 / 11
Odds and Ends  
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There are times when it is best to let time float by and see what its flotsam carries.

This time noteworthy is the warmongering of the present Latvian government. To paraphrase from an article by Rick Rozoff at, “NATO’s Incremental Absorption of Ukraine , we can find this doozy:

“~The blindness of Riga is stunning. It looks at Latvia through the prism of hostility towards Russia.~” As I am completely against the policies of the self-diluted ‘democratic ’ government, which does not see just how fascist it is, and how harmful toward its indigenous people, I can only paraphrase Rozoff’s article once more and have it read: “NATO’s incremental Absorption of Latvia”. I have watched the incrimental progress for nineteen years now, and the results are stunning: some 900,000 Latvians (nearly half of the population) have been driven from the country in pursuit of a secretive and massive genocide. To what end? Probably to have the country recolonized by Germany.

Certainly my opinions are unwanted by the Latvian public media or government, both of which have adopted for them an attitude that is “studying monuments of its own magnificence;” (apologies to Yeats),

re: from the  Apollo web site: “Jums komentāru pievienošana ir liegta.” You are denied to make commentary on this site.) This refers to the fact that I sometimes peg commentaries under a nom de plume of ‘zxzxs’ to articles that mean to further put Latvians among irrelevant nationalities. Once when I asked the editors on what basis the censorship, it refused to give me an answer.

Be that as it may, given the exodus of the population under such deliberate and secretive government compulsion, it is but a matter of time before what was once a sovereign country evaporates into a geographic place name.

This will not end life on Earth by any means, though I may be tempted to soon go on another hunger strike in protest. (I fasted last year for about four months (liquids, sour milk, and some fish), but no one took note of the notices I sent.) It was a humbling experience as my forebears (the Herrnhuters—now known as the Moravian Church) literally and materially created the Latvian identity out of the demoralized leftovers of the central Livonian population after the Great Northern War in the early decades of the 18th century). Were a repeat attempt fast to meet with with equal failure to gain note, I have the urn for my ashes in my yard prepared.

Actually even greater erasures of cultural artifacts are taking place.

Just yesterday, I noted on the BBC internet site a news item in which the former archbishop of the Anglican Church declared that “Britain is now a ‘post-Christian’ country”. This is not surprising given the hostility toward religion shown by post-modern globalist oriented secularist governments. The reason for the hostility against any and all religions is that of all the orientations of an individual life, it is religion that yet preserves and guards the subjective self of an individual and attempts to guard it from the smothering effects of fascist ‘democratic’ dogmas of government and guarantee the mind some freedom from cyberspace ‘kingdoms’ such as NSA.

In a very short period of time (since whistleblower Snowden), we have gone from the possession of private property to the possession of ‘private mind’ as the issue of greater relevance. With the deliberate killing off of nations, the Universal Glob of Government (UGOG) that remains to fill the vacuum, proves itself to be a creation (as the Bogomils had it) of God’s eldest son, Saint John, aka Sataniel (Sant+Janiel or John), who when he created Adam failed until he asked his father to come help.

Saint John created Adam from clay and water*, but when he stood the figure upright, the water flowed out of the big toe of his right foot, and took the shape of a serpent, which took the name “odze” , which name in Latvian originally stood for a berry patch. To this day those who go berry picking in the wood or swamp, make sure they wear thick wool socks, just in case they meet with an ‘odze’, the guardian of berry patches.

When Adam would not stand, John tried blowing into him the living spirit, but the spirit went the same way as the water had, and it was the odze that came to life. John then went to ask his Father for help. He promised that he would let God have Adam’s soul, while he would keep his flesh. Incidentally, this is why science, while in the beginning appearing to be a blessing, has with time turned out to be such a curse. God agreed on John’s terms.

John then also created Eve in the same manner that he had created Adam. It is in this ‘creative’ instance that John showed his ‘devilish’ nature. Before he went to ask God to blow into Eve a soul, he slept with her. When God sent his spirit into Eve, he inadvertently also gave life to Cain and Chamomile, a pair of twins, a brother and a sister. Of course, John was overjoyed at being able to reproduce his own kind, but God found out and said: “No, John! Eve is meant for Adam.” John was not happy to hear this, but after considerable coaxing by God, finally agreed—if only he could sleep with Eve once more.

God relented on the condition that John be gentle and loving with Eve. John then put forward his best acting skills and discovered that being loving and thoughtful was not all that difficult. This is how Eve came to give birth to Abel.

Both Cain and Abel grew up to be reindeer herders in the wood. But while Abel always drove his herds east of the Ural mountains and then crossed the Asian continent and went north; Cain drove his herds west of the Ural mountains and ended up in what we now know as Scandinavia, where, came winter, he got trapped, could not find his way back, and had a difficult time in surviving. Indeed, this is how men first became animal killers—they not only made use of the reindeer pelts as winter coats, but also learned how to eat meat.

Came the following summer, Cain and his herders heard that if they crossed the Baltic Sea and then portaged from river to river, they could eventually find their way home South. This is how the Vikings came to be.

Having learnt the art of killing domesticated animals, the Vikings quickly discovered that if they imposed on their ancestors (back in the Ukraine) a fur tax, they could become wealthy without having to go herding every year. This is how they became princes, overthrew John (who had no desire to become just one of many) and soon killed him and Able.

Then the princes began to torture all the shamans of the wood and forced them to tell a story in which Abel was resurrected. They actually brought forth a surrogate, but on the condition that he agree that taxation become a permanent institution. That is how Jesus was created.

But to hear the Archbishop of Canterbury tells it, Jesus turned out to be a wimp; and it is the descendants of Chamomile who are now being called ‘terrorists’ for believing that their Ur-mother’s father John needs to be revenged. Being a woman of God's spirit and wit, Chamomile has no problems forgiving her devilish father making love to a clay toe before it had life breathed into it. Preferring sex in moderation, she tells how on God’s suggestion John made Adam a second toe. He then put the first toe between his daughters’s, Chamomile’s legs.

* Dmitri Obolensky’s “The Bogomils”, p, 208, 1948, Cambridge U. Press.


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