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Eso’s Chronicles 333 / 9
Odds and Ends  
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The Bogomils (the Lovers of God), who I insist were the First Christians, and who emerged from the human mind in deliberation of how to live in harmony with all of God’s Creation in the wood and field, agreed that after John The Basil was immolated by fire as Saint Janiel (Sataniel), the Christ of the warrior elites was stuffed into Mary’s ear (just as the oligarchs stuff their advertisements into the ears and eyes of consumers today) and God became the Word of the State.

I wrote that sentence to see if an 86 word long sentence can still be written. Actually, the betrayal of God as creator of Life remains with deadly intent. It would make the hair of the Bogomils stand on end.

One of the handbooks of modern fascism (no, it is not Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”), Fascist “Empire” by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, advises God (and us) that “The process of modernization… is the internalization of the outside, the civilization of nature…. In the Imperial [fascist] world, [the] dialectic of sovereignty between the civil order and the natural order has come to an end.”* The authors identify their fascist world order as “Postmodernism…”, which term they let be defined by Fredric Jameson as “… what you have when the modernization process is complete and nature is gone for good”**

It is not difficult to deduce that for the authors of the Fascist “Empire”—the Benelux countries, France, England, Scandinavia, Harvard University—with the addition of the United States of America—make use of the government whelps in the Baltic, and turn this Easter (2014) into a continuation of the First Crusade .

[In the 13th century the taxers and tax collectors did not get much further than Jersika (Jerusalem) in Livonia. After suffering the humiliation of their King (Basil) Vissvaldis, the Baltic Bogomils briefly recovered, and Saint Janiel  lives in folk memory to this day in Lithuania as a merry ‘devil’, but in Latvia his image has been merged with that of a goat, though a devil with seven league boots can be found in some old and now forgotten fairy tales.]

As those who have been reading my blogs know, it is in ancient Byzantium (an ancient kingdom extending from Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Khazaria, and Turkey), not Athens, where the so-called ‘fascist democratic’ State began according to philosophers who for fear of missing out on a career shy away from stuffing the word ‘fascist’ into contemporary oligarchs ears.

On a more contemporary note, the war brewing in Ukraine, provides ‘poetic justice’ for the ‘coincidence’ that the War of Wars (having been fought for a thousand years already) is likely to finish with a Grand Finale if not in the Ukraine, then round about the Ukraine.

On the basis of a series of victories by the West, one can anticipate that in spite of boasting of its military might the time has come when the West is likely to crumble for too much blood shed, and due to its troops, armed to their teeth, have been demoralized from being taught to value themselves as ‘killers’ The Ukraine itself is likely to be broken up, with token lands (Western Ukraine) to be returned to Poland and Belorussia, but the greater territory falling to Russian and Chinese control. Except as an administrative region, Ukraine itself is likely to cease to exist.

Given that this is Easter time, one must add that the so-called Resurrection of Jesus Christ was never but an invention to replace the belief by the First Christians in Reincarnation. According to those who believe in reincarnation, there is no such thing as a ‘real’ Devil, Satan, or Sataniel, but one is reborn (some say in four generations) and is then given the opportunity to set the things right that one has done wrong at an earlier time. Failing to do so, I would not be surprised that we keep returning to our ‘discredited’ and postmodern nature as snails. Much as I try not to, I keep stepping on these unfortunate creatures every summer day because they are crawling all over the ground and are not easy to see.
* The Fascist (my adlib) “Empire”, 2000,  Harvard University Press, p. 187.
** Frederic Jameson, “Post Modernism, The Culturl Logic of Late Capitalism”, 1991, Duke University Press, p. ix.

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