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Eso’s Chronicles 318 / 5
It’s Not Over Until It’s Over
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While looking through the books on my hopelessly chaotic bookshelves, I came across a copy of “Empire”, Harvard, 2000, by Michael Hardt and Antonia Negri, and started flipping some of the pages read years ago .

I came across a highlighted phrase that reminded me of my interest in what it states: “….The first task of Empire, then is to enlarge the realm of the consensuses that support its own power.”

As I now live in Latvia, the country of my birth, where the social fabric, (originally based on life in the wood) has over a period of about a thousand years been torn to shreds by many would be Empires (Germany, Holy Roman Empire, Russia, Poland, Sweden, the Soviet Union), and where, not surprisingly, a good portion of nationalist rhetoric edges close to being fascistic (along Italian and German paradigms), even while giving ground to the Empire of EU and US, I decided to pull the phrase and take another look at it.

This follows a brief confrontation via email with a Latvian NGO, . The following is a free English translation from Latvian:

“I cite the author’s (of the article) response to the respondeNd (Ieva)”

‘....To say that the Latvian delegates (to the EU) cannot have influence on EU legislation is to fail to understand that the EU legislature functions on the basis of compromise and consensual orientation..."

“I (this writer) wish to point out that it is precisely in this word ‘concensus’ that hides the stasis of Latvian politics: censorship of thought and dictatorship of the media [and an alienated public]. What the author of the article fails to comprehend is that ‘concensus’ is an academic perspective, and has nothing to do with a freely thinking public.  The fact that the State did not permit a referendum on the question of what currency the Latvians wish to use was ‘overmanship’ over the subalterned People by State administration, which, to cite Antonio Negri (Empire, p106) on the concept of the nation:  "...the concept of nation promotes stasis and restoration in the hands of the dominant, it is a weapon for change and revolution in the hands of the subordinated." ("Empire", p.106).

“While not denying that there are occasions when concensus occurs, such events are rare, but more often, as in Latvia ever since1991, power was restored to the dominant group (the Senate—Saeima—and the State bureaucracy). The schism between the State and the People is not simply virtual. It has been created by the State and represents a repressive reality, which is evidently supported by the author of the article and the NGO 'Politika'.”

The tone with which the State, its agents, and the media address the Latvian people is notably authoritarian, with a uni-polar tendency as to subject matter, the latter expressed as ‘silent treatment’, which impresses on the majority of the public the idea that no other subjects exist. Such ‘treatment’ leads to increased levels of frustration among the public, though it has to be added that it has succeeded (by subjecting the nation to the European Central Bank) in ridding Latvia of about 900,000 (about 45%) of its people by forcing them to emigrate abroad. The number of immigrants is, by the way, this writer’s subjective guestimate, which subjective evaluation has no standing with the ‘objective’ and authoritarian (power-over) Consensus State.

The above is, of course, only a miniature of what the Empire (sometimes the U.S. alone, at other times, the US, EU, Russia, China in combination) confronts the hominids (to be differentiated from human beings) with. The revelation of the extent of spying done by the NSA (National Security Agency), proves the point of Hardt and Negri that: “The means of the private and individual apprehension of values are dissolved with the appearance of Empire… with a concrete universal itself. (p19)”

In the Big Empire (generally presumed to be theU.S.) itself, this confrontation between the Empire and the individual’s subjective apprehension of values was clearly represented through the MIT student-activist Aaron Schwartz ,who downloaded too many JSTOR articles to government’s liking, so-called suicide due to the Empire’s prosecution (intimidation) of his efforts.

Since I object to the very word ‘suicide’, because of my belief that it is a deliberate attempt by the Empire to dismiss any and all self-sacrificial acts of its opponents, I certainly believe that Aaron Schwart’s ‘suicide’ was a sacrifice aimed against the Empire on behalf of subjective intelligence, which the internet functions to restore, but which the government is attempting to repress and censor. Hopefully, the alternate media, which made Aaron its hero, will not let him down by dismissing his self-sacrifice by continuing to call it ‘suicide’.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 317 / 4  
It’s Not Over Until It’s Over
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It does not take a genius, or if it does, the geniuses are many, because those who perceive that democracy is done for are in the thousands. Moreover, those among the top leadership who do not know where, what, and when happened is illustrated by President Obama’s stumble on whether there was or was not a Referendum in Kosovo before NATO took it from Serbia.

Now, when Russia has held a Referendum in Crimea and the Crimean’s overwhelmingly voted to separate from the Ukraine, the West bluffs before the world that unless Russia … then the West will call its cards.

The question is, therefore, what are the cards held by the West that allows it to call Russia’s ‘bluff’? Is it a ‘royal flush’? All aces?

I have advocated for years in these blogs that the West has been playing a game of False Flags for centuries, ever since the First Crusade in 1204. Its victory in that Crusade gave it two aces to show and a mystery for the hidden cards. President Obama is using the aces to bluff once more, when he asks that Russia should pull its forces back from the borders of the Ukraine, because if it does not, the U.S. and NATO will pile more sanctions on Russia. According to Manlio Dinucci at , the “…the Alliance is noiselessly deploying its imperial apparatus”. That ‘imperial apparatus’ according to Dinucci is a "missile defense", which is in effect a tactic aimed at intimidating Russia.

The trouble with this tactic is that over the centuries the Russians have learned this particular game well and have prepared themselves to either win or make a ‘draw’ comes the next play. President Obama acknowledged as much when in a television interview he stated that “Russia must pull back troops from Ukraine border . President Obama also told CBS News that Russia may be making "an effort to intimidate Ukraine, or it may be that [Russia has] additional plans." What may be its plans?

As I wrote a couple of blogs back, I had a distant uncle on my mother’s side of the family who (Kugushev) had both of his legs amputated when on a cold night during the Crimean War (1853-1856) he had to stand  up to his thighs in cold water at Sevastopol. Another of my forebears, knaz Alexander Kugushev helped the tsar to expand his power by expanding Russia’s power into Bashkiria , Russia. This is one reason why I take a personal interest in what is happening in Crimea , though in spite of all that history, I do not speak Russian and due to altogether different historical events have lived most of my life far away from the region.

Let us assume that Russia does not pull back its troops. If it does not and Denucci is correct, then they stay put because it will not be intimidated by the U.S. and NATO. Nevertheless, is the U.S. and NATO prepared to follow though on its threat and install ‘missile defense’?

If I were knaz Kugushev (incidentally, one of the knazes who was the only knaz to survive Stalin’s purges), I would take the threat seriously, and have a serious riposte for a response. What may that response be?

Again, it does not take a ‘genius’, but a little bit of thought and memory. A few blogs back, I mentioned an interview with an intelligence officer, Dimitri Khalezov, , in the Soviet nuclear forces. Mr. Khalezov speculates that the 9/11 event was brought off through the use of ‘nuclear devices’ and illustrates how these may have ‘worked’.

If Mr. Khalezov’s speculation is on target, then he gave a clue that the danger for humankind does not come from ‘nuclear bombs’, but ‘nuclear devices’, which are not delivered missiles, but by some clandestine means, including diplomatic currier. Given such a possibility, can it be true that no one has thought of burying such ‘devices’ under most cities the world over for ‘just in case’ events?

President Obama admits as much when he said that he is more concerned about a nuclear weapon explosion in NYC than in Russia . Can it be that he was thinking what I am thinking? ….That Knaz Kugushev would surely have thought of such a strategy and would not have let an opportunity to make use of it as a tactic pass by?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 316 / 3  
It’s Not Over Until It’s Over
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Ever since Emperor Alexis I of the Byzantine Empire (which included today’s Ukraine, Turkey, Romania, Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria, etc.) killed John Basil I, an event that took place about twenty years before the First Crusade (~1204), the West has been peddling the world a monster God.

I described that Monster God in Esosblog 313, where Emperor Alexis I of Byzantium is replaced (? reincarnated) by an Emperor from the U.S. (2001-2009) by the name of George W. Bush.

In my example, Bush cuts a rubber ball into two halves, and then makes one of the halves serve as a whole and round ball, while he trashes the other half. It so happens that the other half stood (symbolically) for the poor man’s God.

The destruction of the poor man’s God was justified by the pseudo-scientific fact that poor people are thieves, drug peddlers, live in shanty town quarters where houses are made of cardboard and tin, and smell bad. In short, the poor man’s God is none other than the Devil himself. The ‘good’ half of the ball, made whole by the military might of the Byzantine and U.S. empires, serves all the ‘good’ people, who are wealthy and do not have to worry about living the ‘good life’ when they are old enough for retirement.

This is not to say that either the Byzantine or U.S. empires invented the God of two halves, but is a left-over from the time when human beings did not fear death because they did not believe in death. No doubt, death occurred, but nature had its own ‘living’ graveyards: the tummies of wolves, vultures, and sea gulls.

Way back when—a valid time though vague and no specific date can be given—when humans still were not quite human, but stood on the cusp of being humanoids and not yet quite human, they did not believe in either death or good or evil. As we just read: evidence of death quickly disappeared.

It was a time when these deathless creatures not quite ready yet to be full blown scientists, believed that God was a Big Ball. According to these homo ne-sapiens God was big enough to contain both good and evil.

It was a strange belief. The homo ne-sapiens visualized the God-Ball as empty as a baby’s rattle: when ne-sapiens rattled God, they heard the rattle of, both, the good and the bad and could not tell the difference between the noises of the objects (one could not tell if the ball contained one or two) inside the ball.

The early forerunners to our ‘scientific age’, which evicted our forebears from the wood, were the ‘creators’ of early forts. The forts, in turn, were early examples of our modern cities and the urban environment.

Our cities are, indeed, the creations of war. I was given this revelation by a French urban philosopher (whose parents were Italian immigrants) by the name of Paul Virilio . Since the French (originally known as Franks, descendants of Vikings) practically invented war, he should know.

The longer wars lasted, the more complex the forts became. While at first, a fort was protected by a wall, later hominids replaced the wall with ‘streets’, which were a clever inversion of the wall—a replacement of a + space with a negative or minus space. In the case of the latter, the houses that stood between the streets actually were walls . An enemy who broke into, say, ancient Troy had to conquer every house between the streets and in hand-to-hand combat machinegun every residents before moving on to the next house.

One does not have to be a scientist to realize that machine-gunning every resident in every house is a long process. When homo ne-sapiens lived in the wood and could go hide behind a tree when a Viking came throwing a spear at him or hersen, then reemerge as ten hims and hersens (one from behind every tree) and puncture the would be Empire builder ten times over. Following imprisonment into apartments there was no such advantage. Every room has only four corners, and in cities these corners have no trees growing as a kind of natural protection against imprisonment, enslavement, or death.

Therefore, when death was pronounced with a capital D, it came to possess the mind and imaginations of homo ne-sapiens, who then renamed themselves as homo sapiens .

Ever since Troy (or even earlier) homo sapiens have regarded themselves as ‘wise’ scientists. As such, we have discarded God as a device created by the poor, and began a campaign that would rename homo sapiens for ‘atheists’. Atheists believe, of course, in the ‘goodness’ of atheists and atheism.

What homo sapiens and atheists miss out on is the enjoyment of God as an undivided Big Ball, wherein ‘good’ and ‘bad’ coexist, and Death does not exist. According to homo ne-sapiens, death takes only the body, but leaves the Mind alive; and the Mind is clever enough (at least in Indonesia) to reincarnate itself every four generations in one and the same family . The reincarnation takes care of all the ‘bad’ stuff that takes place while he or hersens were absent. True, the Tibetan monks believe that their Dalai Lama is ‘good’ enough to reincarnate himself right away and that, therefore, the world is better right away. But this is probably, because Tibetan monks do not marry, which is why any child born at the moment of a Dalai Lama’s death is potentially that same Dalai Lama.. However, the Chinese homo sapiens deny this, and pretty much act the way of the early Western Christians (among which was one St. Augustine who ‘wisely’ invented a ‘just war’) and want to eliminate Tibetan spiritual beliefs, which includes the belief that God is One Whole (undivided) Round Ball.

The moral of this story: if you cut a ball in half and then blow up one of the halves in such a way that it resembles an undivided half, you create a Monster God, Who makes perpetual war on those who believe in being Mindful of the ‘poor’ discarded other half.

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Eso’s Chronicles 315 / 2  
It’s Not Over Until It’s Over
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I began the previous blog with the sentence: “It has been apparent for at least a quarter of a century—since the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1991—that the leaders of the world have been cowards.”

I then went on to write about emperors named Alexius in the Byzantine Empire, and how these rulers killed the saints, specifically one John Basil or John the King, who had been a leader among the Bogomils (Godlovers), and replaced him with Jesus Christ, who—contrary to John Basil—made friends with ‘yatsak’ (tax) collectors . I did explain that ‘yatsak’ was animal fur or, if you will, animal skin. Among early tax collectors, the skin of the animals was often pulled off the animal while it was still alive. In an earlier blog, I included a video by an animal rights organization that showed a, thus, skinned dog still alive and looking into the camera.

If you are a male, imagine now the foreskin severed from your glans penis pulled back as far as your scrotum, then a further incision made and your scrotum pulled off to reveal your testes. Now imagine you are still alive. If you are a female, imagine the Vikings coming into your forest home on the shore of a river, heating their swords in your fireplace, and then shoving it up your vagina, because it causes all your neighborhood women to get drunk on mead or poppy milk before the Vikings even get there.

This is how the birth of onanoreia occurs. Not that it is as awful every time, but once you are exposed to the environment where such a thing occurs at least once in a lifetime, then you can never shake the memory of it—even if you forget it, because your parents will have internalized it and projected it on you before you’re grown.

Another way to explain this is to describe it as a personal experience of the killing of God, where after the deed you can never believe in God again though your surround appears to be unchanged. Though the brutality of yatsak as described above may not happen more often than the video of the live skinned dog, I argue that it can leave no less severe effects when the experience comes as a result of living ‘out of nature’ as, for example, when living all one’s life in the city and all that nature means to you is a ‘picnic’.

I was reminded of the bloody ‘skinless homo’ when I read at a popular internet site of Anwar* Obam telling an  audience in Holland that he was more concerned about a nuclear bomb going off in New York City than in Russia

For two reasons I was not surprised to read this. The first is because that is the typical Anglo-Saxon reaction toward organic life: its opponent’s life is worth little, while your own is worth an angel. Secondly, while I had not thought of Manhattan as being nuclear bombed, I had seen a video in which a former Russian intelligence officer, Dimitri Khalezov, , speculates that it was a ‘nuclear device’ that had brought down the NYC towers on 9/11. I found the explanations more believable than any of the other that I have heard, probably because it can be deemed least believable only by a mind organized to believe that everything in the city has its own chastity belt.

The ‘skinless’ or ‘sandblasted’ homo is a phenomenon of the Industrial Age. Ascribing to this creature the nature of a human being is a fundamental error of modern science, because he-she is ‘natural’ only until the moment he-she emerges from the mother’s womb (and we can also argue about that). Actually, from the moment the once upon a time baby is born, he-she is ‘skinned’ by artifice and scientism, and removed from the presence of God, granted, more subtly than John Basil was when he was pushed into the pit of fire. Science covers up its role as an executioner of the spirit by covering skin lesions with as many skin grafts as an upper middle age woman or man living in a Park Avenue apartment in NYC can suffer for the sake of staying young.

Anna Komnena, the daughter of Emperor Alexis I, describes the ‘skinning’ or scraping of God off of John Basil believably, and approvingly:

As John Basil, stands at the edge of a large pit of fire from which roar searing flames, he slaps his thighs and uses all his resources of subjectivity to assert his belief in God—for himself and his followers in the audience. When his guards rip from him his shawl and throw it into the fire, but the heat propels it upward, John boasts how the angels are with him. It is the moment, when Emperor Alexis’ men, see John at his most vulnerable, and overcoming their own superstitions, seize him and thrust him into the fire. Not even a sizzle is heard.

God is so dead from that moment onward with regard to John Basil, that even secular power (in the hands of Goths at that time) felt the need that he has to be reinvented (under a different name) for the sake of its own believability.

So, while I have not given here (as maybe I led you to believe) a precise definition of ‘onanoreia’, I have presented a number of scenes where its existence is, I think, self-evident:

1.    When wood dwellers lived without a ruler, but invented God or      Gods in his-her place;
     2.    When a child is still in his-her mother’s womb;
     3.    When God is torn from man and replaced with someone the likes of Anwar* Obam or Hillary Clinton in Washington;
     4.    When ‘skinned’ hominids turn ‘terrorists’ to avenge the absence of God;
     5.    When ‘terrorists’ become ‘progressives’ and identify with ‘Madonna’, ‘Lady Gaga’, ‘David Bowie’, and others like them;
     6.    When "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free [as if you were still living in the wood] that your very existence is an act of rebellion." – as per Albert Camus;
     7.    When you are in the bowels of the NSA and know that even if no one reads you today, your ‘stuff’ can be retrieved from said bowels, where it has been ‘saved’ for a thousand years to come;
     8.    So, say whatever the f**k you please, but be non-violent, or Anwar Obam will send a drone with a missile after you.
     9.    When the Onaneirics in power make you feel that life is unbearable, do not attempt to escape into drugs, because ‘they’ will stuff the cities even more full with the likes of you and introduce compulsory industrialization to reeducate you: (I think it’s a good read, but, no, I am not endorsing capitalism).

*Anwar—a real life character in a documentary film called “The Act of Killing” .


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Eso’s Chronicles 314 / 1  
It’s Not Over Until It's Over
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It has been apparent for at least a quarter of a century—since the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1991—that the leaders of the world have been cowards.

The cowardice began—in my perception anyway—with Emperor Alexis I of Byzantium . True, the link gives us a whole series of emperors named Alexis or Alexius. However, since the chronology is imperfect, that is, since we cannot be sure that the dates affixed to the names are accurate except in the ‘consensual’ manual of academic historians, it gives us a better sense of why the confusion. Thus, while Emperor Alexios I Komnenos is dated as 1048–1118, it is more likely that he is confused with Emperor Alexios III Angelos, of the years 1153-1211. Or perhaps the names are right, but the chronology is what is confusing. If one reads the links, one realizes how confused the chronology and history of this early Western historical time actually is.

What is most important, however, is that the 1st Crusade (according to Anatoly Fomenko not the 4th Crusade as consensual history tells it) takes place in 1204 (or close to thereabout). While the Crusade may have been waged to avenge the death of the Bogomil St. John Basil, what it in effect did was rename Basil (so as to be rid of him), and replaced his name with that of Jesus Christ. The change of names also permitted the victors to change not only the story of the holy men involved, but to change the geography of geopolitics. For example, Jerusalem, which was then where now Constantinople is, received after the Crusade a name change and relocation. This has enabled the West to create a history that never was and raise a lot of False Flags.

As the consensus story of the New Testament has it, ‘John the King’ was renamed ‘John the Forerunner’ , and Jesus Christ was, so to speak, refigured to take John’s place with one notable exception: he accepted the company of yatsak collectors. ‘Yatsak’ was the early name for taxes. In those days taxes were the skins of animals, and ‘yatsak’ was the name for ‘skin’, from which we derive the name of ‘jacket’. It was the early days of deforestation and befouling of the gifts of nature. By accepting ‘yatsak’ collectors (may also mean ‘skinners’) among his company, Jesus opened the entire Eurasian continent not only to animal slaughterers, and made us meat eaters, but also began the plague of deforestation.

I have dealt with this theme in numerous previous blogs, but so ‘pure’ (or is it ‘holy’?) and guiltless are the post-John hominids that all who read of it, reject it. Indeed, such people like me are likely thought by the meat eaters people as being ‘terrorists’. “Off with their heads!” shouts the Queen This is notwithstanding the fact that I wrote a long series of blogs under the title of “Not-Violent Terror” to emphasize that there is a difference between non-violence and not-violent terror, and that I do not see how the world may be governed without exercising not-violent terror, which—in a word—stands for the awe inspirig self-sacrifice.

Of course, Western leadership has deliberately denied the need of self-sacrifice for the leadership by deliberately denying not-violent terror as a tool of necessity for maintaining a ‘just culture’. Instead, leaders like U.S. presidents Bush and Obama will always insist that not-violent terror has nothing to do with the maintenance of a non-violent society. If today the Queen were to become Hillary Clinton, well, that would likely find my head sitting on top of her cake.

However, to return to more urgent matters.

From the Crusade of 1204 until our day, 2014, 810 years have gone by, and the conceit of Queens has swelled to gargantuan proportions. Just recently, would be Queen of the Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko, was recorded to have said during a phone confersation: “I am ready to grab a mashine gun and shoot that m********er in the head” . While she now claims that her statement that she would nuke 8 million Russians has been edited into the recorded phone conversation, and that it was not said by her, she apologizes only for her foul language. Be that as it may, the world now knows that the word that leads it onward is that ‘f**k’ word .

While many readers will say that it is too much of an exaggeration to connect the execution of John Basil in a pit of fire at the Hippodrome in Byzantium with dropping a nuke (or nuclear device) on Russian Crimea (a century ago a distant uncle of mine is said to have lost both of his legs defending Sevastopol after being forced to stand all night in a ditch of ice-cold water), my own inclination is to insist that not only is there a connection, but that it has been evolving a la longue durée and the Crusades may only now be coming to their culmination.

The final outcome does not necessarily favor the West, though it may get a crumb or two. An interesting proposal has been forwarded by Vladimir Zhirinovski, a deputy speaker at the Duma and leader of nationalist Liberal Democratic party While some politicians have ridiculed the partition plan, a look at the maps in the following link show that it makes or ought to make lots of sense to a number of countries, re: Bellorussia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and, not least, Russia.

And were the plan to come true, by fait accompli? Would Europe start WW3 to reverse it? I bet not.

(A follow up on 'cowards' as leaders come next blog.)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 313 / 12  
A Suicidal Civilization
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Was it auto suggestion (a sudden and unexpected twist in some story that brought to mind something previously not thought of)?...

…Or was it some odd circumstance as occurs in the story of King Oedipus, whose mother unexpectedly turned against an ancient tradition and destroyed it (, when she refuses to offer her son for a testing by the Gods over his worthiness to become the next King?... or were they men from Mars who infiltrated the ranks of ancient holy men and persuaded them that God was not the entire pie ~O~, but only a half a pie ~C~?

We do not know the answer for sure. But we do know that the fear of Death, instilled in us by a sudden and unexpected coming by way of a drone (ancient or modern), has kept us from realizing that the most important figure in our mental life, God, is made of only half a pie: ~C~. In short, somehow unbeknownst to us, half of God (a once Whole God) was done away with without us knowing about it or soon forgetting about it after it happened.

The illustration of having to live with only half a God , ~C~, is easy to make by way of a simple story.

Imagine that you are still a child, and that you and your friends have a rubber ball: ~O~. It floats in water, and you take it with you when you go swimming in the lake. An unexpected squall comes and you are called by your parents to quickly come ashore. In your hurry and anxiety, you leave the ball in the water, but no harm comes to it, because it floats even when the wind and water toss it to and fro. When the storm ends, the waves wash the ball ashore, you soon find it, and retrieve it. The ball looks much like it looked before.

When the storm is gone, you see appear as out of nowhere a strange figure, disguised to look like former President Bush turned amateur landscape painter, He stops and speaks to you: “Children, I will show you a new game.” You all gather excitedly around former President Bush, who takes from his pocket a large pair of scissors, punches with the sharpest end of it a hole in the ball, then inserts the scissors deep to the ball, and proceeds too cut the rubber ball in half.

President Bush then puts the two halves in water and says: “Look, children, I just turned the ball O into two boats: C C! Isn’t that wonderful? Aren’t you excited?”

Suddenly, another squall comes and turns the smooth surface of the lake frothy and waves begin to slosh. The two rubber boats C C are tossed about became filled with water and disappear below the surface of the lake, where underwater currents pull it among the underwater kelp.

Not surprisingly the children, begin to cry: “Bah! Bah! We want our ball back! Bah!”

Magician Bush wants to get to his painting, but—wishing only to do good—he has unexpected been confronted with a State of emergency.

A quick thinker, Bush has an idea. “ I tell you what, children,” he says: “I will paint you the ball and give you the painting as a present. You can hang the painting to the wall of your bedroom, and tell your friends that it is a picture of a ball painted by a former President of America.”

The children dance around President Bush and clap hands. However, there soon appears a problem: the two halves that have sunk into the lake are not only out of sight, but cannot be found, and there is no other ball around that the President can model from.

President Bush scratches his head, then picks up his mobile phone and calls his friend President Anwar Obam at the White House;

“Hi, Anwar!” says President Bush. “I need your help. If you can help me, I guarantee your popularity ratings will hit 80+% just as it is in Kenya.”

“Sure, George!” answers President Anwar Obam. “What can I do?”

“You see, Anwar, wishing to do moar good, I cut God in half. Instead of a round ball, God has now become two halves, like, you know, two boats. The boats filled up with water (those damn Ruskies blew up an unexpected storm) and God sank. I want to paint a picture of God for some children, but I can’t find Him. The ball of God has vanished.”

“Don’t worry, George,” answers Obam. “I will send you destroyer Truxton with some Navy seals and they will fish God out of the lake for you in no time.”

“Thanks, Anwar, you’re a mighty nice, fella,” thanks President. He then takes from his hip pocket a flask of spirits. Carrying such a flask in his hip pocket became a habit after he started to get blamed for killing half a million people in the Iraqi war.

In his heart of hearts, George of course does not blame himself for the deaths, because ever since he was a child, when he had first cut his favorite ball in half, he knows he has done nothing sinful. His father even assured him and explained that all he had done was make sure that God (the ‘good’ half of the ball) therefore served the Bush family all the better. It did not matter that the God of the poor got thrown on the rubbish heap, because—whatever it was—it was the ‘devil’s half’.

Explained Bush Senior to Junior: “Son, this is why the poor continue to be atheists and communists, and deserve to be killed be they in Indochina, Chile, Guatemala, Vietnam, or wherever. Son, just keep concentrating on how to keep Peace on Earth, and everything will be OK.

George Bush grew up to be a master in keeping planet Earth at Peace. He knew when and where to send an aircraft carrier and with timely surgical strikes deter a Total Nuclear War. After all, what are a few million deaths, when a little judicious killing by way of a ‘just war’ saves seven billion lives and there is a good chance that eventually the Earth will be populated only by oligarchs and millionaires?

Alas! The other half of the ball—the God of the Poor man—was never found. No wonder the poor have to pay the ‘good’ and ‘rich’ taxes.
Though we may argue that the two halves will eventually be reunited, we see that to the contrary, the ‘good half of God’ has become a city; and though moving on perpetually flat tires, taxing the poor and other commodities manages to keep the tires full, pay government officials well, and, and as the Chinese, transfer yet another 100 million hominids to the desert of its own making .


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 312 / 11  
A Suicidal Civilization
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President Vladimir Putin of Russia has described the collapse of the Soviet Union as the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century. I agree. The creation of the Soviet Union force me to buy four tickets to the witness stand to witness that tragedy: the loss of lives of four relatives, beginning with my father, maternal grandfather, a first cousin and her father.

Did you, Vladimir, know that my concurrence with you is likely to be seconded by millions of others who lost the lives of their mothers, fathers, siblings, and relatives, friends, not to mention our childhoods, to events of the Revolution and post-Revolutionary times?

Why do I count on such support? There are several answers:

1.    We are (in our pre-industrialist hearts) communists (and peasants and people of the wooed) in the sense that we believe that a civilization is justified in its existence only if it is egalitarian;*

2.    We believe that the potential of the USSR was seriously inhibited by the Total Peace program, in effect Total Militarism, of UFSA (United Federalist States of America) and the West. The militarist agenda of the fascist federalism nullified the sacrifice of lives by our elatives and attempted to dismiss the pain of those who were forced to bear it;

3.    We believe the tragedy issquared , because none of the surviving leaders of the establishment of the USSR saw fit to sacrifice their lives as an atonement for the lives they were compelled to sacrifice to reach the first step toward the goal of Communism. The failure of the Bolshevik cadre of Lenin’s vanguard --to bear a comparable sacrifice to that of the people—was of no lesser magnitude than the one exacted by capitalist princes from those they compelled to gather them wealth, yatsak, and give them fuck.

4.    Fascism at its elemental level is a group come together for the sole benefit of its own only; thus it can be a group as small as the smallest tribe of aborigines, as large as a  Federation of States, as circumscribed as any agency, political party (whether small or come to a majority), or as the Communist Party of the USSR that stayed segregated from the People, of which you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, were a part, and, I trust, remain a part for the sake of correcting its unforgivable errors.**

5.    The last ( above) is why we second your criticisms, Vladimir, of those who wish to destroy Russia.  However, to keep faith solely on the basis of Reason or your present rationale for the State is to fall victim to your enemies.***

6.    The recommendation that Ukraine write a new constitution in which Crimea and other regions become sovereign and independent of a centralized fascist power positioned in Kiev is a sensible one—with one but. How do we guarantee that the People keep faith in their government, when no guarantee has yet worked as promised?

The step that returns governments to becoming self-sacrificial institutions is one that cannot be escaped no matter how clever the lawyers employed in writing the Constitution are. People faced with a nuclear war (which means not only their annihilation, but possible annihilation of life on the planet) cannot afford to rely on Reason to keep Total Peace, which presumably will find Peace to be a Deterrent of continuous militarization and armament as has been the manner of our unstable ‘peace’ for three-quarters of a century.

The Federalization of States per se is no solution, President Putin!, but a path that leads to a straight jacket—enforced by ‘yatsak’, (a ‘skin tax’ that in the process of being collected murders life) once gathered by bands of hunters, now exercised by militarized banking institutions.

* (This footnote a repeat from previous blog.) Before God was divided into two halves, he was all of one piece, as he remains to this day in the Indonesian God known by the name of Mangalabulan. The two halves of the Western God, however, presented the mystics with the difficulty of a bipolar God; which is why they eventually eliminated the negative pole, the Devil, the poor man’s divinity, and made God identical with wealth for nobles only. The elimination of God of a Dualist nature in the West occurred as recently as the 13th century in the Catholic Crusades (1208) against Languedoc and Livonia. This also occurred in the so-called Great Schism between the Eastern and Western versions of Christianity. Those interested in following further the nature of God as that of a Dual being, may wish to pay especial attention to the horse as a ‘divining’ figure, re, joiner of the two halves—not only in Indonesia, but also Livonia. The slaughter of the Devil (aka Communist) is memorably documented in the documentary “The Act of Killing” .
** Unforgivable error = Destruction of God as a bipolar presence; or as explained in above footnote—as a poor man’s, a peasants, and a ‘communist’s God.
*** Victim of ‘your’ enemies = The succumbing of he Eastern Orthodox Church to that of Western Catholic Church at the time of the Great Schism. The Eastern Church once had its John Basil, but denied him in order to replace him with a Catholic Jesus Christ who never was.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 311 / 10  
A Suicidal Civilization
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.
No one really knows what the word ‘slav’ means . The most common guesses arrive at basically two meanings: 1. slava, re fame, reknown; 2. slave, serf, abject servant.
Pareidolia, my favorite method at ‘divining’ a meaning or discovering a long forgotten connection does not offer much help. But to the extent that the language tree shows the Slavic and Baltic languages to have a same origin , the Baltic word ‘slānīt’ (slahniht) to lay low, to level flat, offers a suggestion that agrees with above, re fame and an abject state. The English word that comes closest to the meaning is ‘slaughter’, an act that sits in the picture album of my head as a slicing of heads, a word that may relate to the word ‘thunder’ as a phenomenon of nature that imitates God as Scandinavian Thor.
To take ourselves further along this story-route, we must also stop at the word ‘Silesia’, which is an area in southwestern Poland that speaks a western Slavic language. It is my guess that the word is sourced in the word ‘sylva’, wood. The word may also be discovered in the name Sorbian —if one replaces the R with L and B with a V, then we get Solvian, which is close to sylvan.
Following these paths of association, we arrive at the wood, which is where I posit the early people of Eurasia. We should not be surprised if anthropologists eventually discover (currently they are obsessed with the consensual history of Catholic globalizers) that the ‘slavs’ once lived mostly in the Sylva that stretched from Portugal to the Yenisei River and beyond. Much of the history of the world is, in fact, not associated with Western Europe or America, but with this area of Central Europe, because people who used to live in the Black Sea area used to drive their reindeer herds north, along a southwesterly to northeasterly axis. [It is likely that herding preceded agriculture, which is mistakenly confused by archeologists with garden keeping: raising wild carrots, onions, the proverbial apple tree.] The Black Sea was once a lake with human habitats found 100 meters below its present surface . There are a number of theories why and how the water level rose. At the present time, more water flows from the Black Sea into the Mediterranean than the other way, though there are theories that suggest that originally the flow was from the Meditteranean into the Black Sea.
The rich soil of the Ukraine (chernozem) is the result of the extension of postglacial forests into regions of grassy prairie or steppe. The precise mechanism of the formation of the soil remains unknown. It is possible that the melting period was a prolonged and a gradual one, thus creating favorable weather for the growth of woods. Another theory of how the water level of the Black Sea rose argues that it was due to an accelerated melt followed by an overflow that breached a natural dike and caused the Great Flood or Deluge described by the Jews of the Kazarian Empire , one of who, by the name of Noah, is said to have navigated it on a huge wooden raft.
The mathematician-historian Anatoly Fomenko is correct to claim that the Slavs were once ubiquitous throughout Europe, but this goes back to the era before deforestation by ‘nobles’ of later times and proto-capitalists. We have taken note of the fact that the area of the Black Sea was very active ages before the Vikings came down the great rivers, rivers that cursed through enormous swaths of undisturbed sylvan landscapes. The rivers served as travel routes not only for the marauders ready to kill for loot, but also many a Wandering Angus and John, who for thousands of years had acted as folkloric philosophers, teachers, story tellers, communicators, and healers of all kinds of ills. These early days were times when the people likely lived without a ruler (as we understand the term), and—as I have argued in other blogs—had heard of rulers only from travelers, then elaborated on their function through pareidolic and onaneiric self-suggestion.
Beginning with the discovery of ‘wealth’ in yatsak by Vikings [(which event may have divided the nature of God into two halves*, + & -, re: += wealth; -=unworthy, untouchable)] , we have arrived to a time when learned people are trying to suggest that cities are a consequence of an archetype of the mind, when they actually are the constructs (as urbanist Paul Virilio argues in “Pure War”, PB, p38) of war. When war no longer serves, the cities, depositories of onanoreic flesh (?The pigs of the Gods?), will rot away, crumble, disappear, and our planet will recover.
In our times, when huge intelligence agencies populated by the said onaneiric clerks bossed by generals wearing antiqued epaulets, all secure in their introvert gayness and unaware of their status as victims and pigs of the Gods, digitize living thought before it can emerge from our mouths and test wing. If anyone insists that the story be given wings, someone in Washington, Moscow, Beijing, or London threatens to give another government research grant on behalf of the Great Onan at NSA to some academician at UCal, MIT, or Harvard, who will break into the repository of our mind and scientize it with ‘objectivity’.
In an age when religion was imbedded in languages, and the creators of our languages were people living in the wood, who prevailed and spread their word by endearing visiting strangers, the only way to deal with such naives was for materialists to unexpectedly and without provocation kill them. Thus, the first fascists were the Vikings and their victims were the people from the Sylva and chernozem.
As tax and yatsak became a tradition and its origin was deliberately obscured and dismissed as not worth a remembrance, the people of Silesia forgot that their religion and gods of the wood were creations of Onan. Indeed, the old names were forgotten and were given new ones--the Devil, for example. Thus, Wandering Angus and John Basil were put to fire and replaced by Jesus Christ— a fiction, who has proven to be most useful to oligarchs and the onaneiric armies which they cultivate.
*Before God was divided into two halves, he was all of one piece, as he remains to this day in the Indonesian God known by the name of Mangalabulan. The two halves of the Western God, however, presented the mystics with the difficulty of a bipolar God; which is why they eventually eliminated the negative pole, the Devil, the poor man’s divinity, and made God identical with wealth for nobles only. The elimination of God of a Dualist nature in the West occurred as recently as the 13th century in the Catholic Crusades (1208) against Languedoc and Livonia. Those interested in following further the nature of God as that of a Dual being, may wish to pay especial attention to the horse as a ‘divining’ figure, re, joiner of the two halves—not only in Indonesia, but also Livonia. The slaughter of the Devil (aka Communist) is memorably documented in the now famous documentary “The Act of Killing” .