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Eso’s Chronicles 317 / 4  
It’s Not Over Until It’s Over
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It does not take a genius, or if it does, the geniuses are many, because those who perceive that democracy is done for are in the thousands. Moreover, those among the top leadership who do not know where, what, and when happened is illustrated by President Obama’s stumble on whether there was or was not a Referendum in Kosovo before NATO took it from Serbia.

Now, when Russia has held a Referendum in Crimea and the Crimean’s overwhelmingly voted to separate from the Ukraine, the West bluffs before the world that unless Russia … then the West will call its cards.

The question is, therefore, what are the cards held by the West that allows it to call Russia’s ‘bluff’? Is it a ‘royal flush’? All aces?

I have advocated for years in these blogs that the West has been playing a game of False Flags for centuries, ever since the First Crusade in 1204. Its victory in that Crusade gave it two aces to show and a mystery for the hidden cards. President Obama is using the aces to bluff once more, when he asks that Russia should pull its forces back from the borders of the Ukraine, because if it does not, the U.S. and NATO will pile more sanctions on Russia. According to Manlio Dinucci at , the “…the Alliance is noiselessly deploying its imperial apparatus”. That ‘imperial apparatus’ according to Dinucci is a "missile defense", which is in effect a tactic aimed at intimidating Russia.

The trouble with this tactic is that over the centuries the Russians have learned this particular game well and have prepared themselves to either win or make a ‘draw’ comes the next play. President Obama acknowledged as much when in a television interview he stated that “Russia must pull back troops from Ukraine border . President Obama also told CBS News that Russia may be making "an effort to intimidate Ukraine, or it may be that [Russia has] additional plans." What may be its plans?

As I wrote a couple of blogs back, I had a distant uncle on my mother’s side of the family who (Kugushev) had both of his legs amputated when on a cold night during the Crimean War (1853-1856) he had to stand  up to his thighs in cold water at Sevastopol. Another of my forebears, knaz Alexander Kugushev helped the tsar to expand his power by expanding Russia’s power into Bashkiria , Russia. This is one reason why I take a personal interest in what is happening in Crimea , though in spite of all that history, I do not speak Russian and due to altogether different historical events have lived most of my life far away from the region.

Let us assume that Russia does not pull back its troops. If it does not and Denucci is correct, then they stay put because it will not be intimidated by the U.S. and NATO. Nevertheless, is the U.S. and NATO prepared to follow though on its threat and install ‘missile defense’?

If I were knaz Kugushev (incidentally, one of the knazes who was the only knaz to survive Stalin’s purges), I would take the threat seriously, and have a serious riposte for a response. What may that response be?

Again, it does not take a ‘genius’, but a little bit of thought and memory. A few blogs back, I mentioned an interview with an intelligence officer, Dimitri Khalezov, , in the Soviet nuclear forces. Mr. Khalezov speculates that the 9/11 event was brought off through the use of ‘nuclear devices’ and illustrates how these may have ‘worked’.

If Mr. Khalezov’s speculation is on target, then he gave a clue that the danger for humankind does not come from ‘nuclear bombs’, but ‘nuclear devices’, which are not delivered missiles, but by some clandestine means, including diplomatic currier. Given such a possibility, can it be true that no one has thought of burying such ‘devices’ under most cities the world over for ‘just in case’ events?

President Obama admits as much when he said that he is more concerned about a nuclear weapon explosion in NYC than in Russia . Can it be that he was thinking what I am thinking? ….That Knaz Kugushev would surely have thought of such a strategy and would not have let an opportunity to make use of it as a tactic pass by?

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