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Eso’s Chronicles 312 / 11  
A Suicidal Civilization
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President Vladimir Putin of Russia has described the collapse of the Soviet Union as the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century. I agree. The creation of the Soviet Union force me to buy four tickets to the witness stand to witness that tragedy: the loss of lives of four relatives, beginning with my father, maternal grandfather, a first cousin and her father.

Did you, Vladimir, know that my concurrence with you is likely to be seconded by millions of others who lost the lives of their mothers, fathers, siblings, and relatives, friends, not to mention our childhoods, to events of the Revolution and post-Revolutionary times?

Why do I count on such support? There are several answers:

1.    We are (in our pre-industrialist hearts) communists (and peasants and people of the wooed) in the sense that we believe that a civilization is justified in its existence only if it is egalitarian;*

2.    We believe that the potential of the USSR was seriously inhibited by the Total Peace program, in effect Total Militarism, of UFSA (United Federalist States of America) and the West. The militarist agenda of the fascist federalism nullified the sacrifice of lives by our elatives and attempted to dismiss the pain of those who were forced to bear it;

3.    We believe the tragedy issquared , because none of the surviving leaders of the establishment of the USSR saw fit to sacrifice their lives as an atonement for the lives they were compelled to sacrifice to reach the first step toward the goal of Communism. The failure of the Bolshevik cadre of Lenin’s vanguard --to bear a comparable sacrifice to that of the people—was of no lesser magnitude than the one exacted by capitalist princes from those they compelled to gather them wealth, yatsak, and give them fuck.

4.    Fascism at its elemental level is a group come together for the sole benefit of its own only; thus it can be a group as small as the smallest tribe of aborigines, as large as a  Federation of States, as circumscribed as any agency, political party (whether small or come to a majority), or as the Communist Party of the USSR that stayed segregated from the People, of which you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, were a part, and, I trust, remain a part for the sake of correcting its unforgivable errors.**

5.    The last ( above) is why we second your criticisms, Vladimir, of those who wish to destroy Russia.  However, to keep faith solely on the basis of Reason or your present rationale for the State is to fall victim to your enemies.***

6.    The recommendation that Ukraine write a new constitution in which Crimea and other regions become sovereign and independent of a centralized fascist power positioned in Kiev is a sensible one—with one but. How do we guarantee that the People keep faith in their government, when no guarantee has yet worked as promised?

The step that returns governments to becoming self-sacrificial institutions is one that cannot be escaped no matter how clever the lawyers employed in writing the Constitution are. People faced with a nuclear war (which means not only their annihilation, but possible annihilation of life on the planet) cannot afford to rely on Reason to keep Total Peace, which presumably will find Peace to be a Deterrent of continuous militarization and armament as has been the manner of our unstable ‘peace’ for three-quarters of a century.

The Federalization of States per se is no solution, President Putin!, but a path that leads to a straight jacket—enforced by ‘yatsak’, (a ‘skin tax’ that in the process of being collected murders life) once gathered by bands of hunters, now exercised by militarized banking institutions.

* (This footnote a repeat from previous blog.) Before God was divided into two halves, he was all of one piece, as he remains to this day in the Indonesian God known by the name of Mangalabulan. The two halves of the Western God, however, presented the mystics with the difficulty of a bipolar God; which is why they eventually eliminated the negative pole, the Devil, the poor man’s divinity, and made God identical with wealth for nobles only. The elimination of God of a Dualist nature in the West occurred as recently as the 13th century in the Catholic Crusades (1208) against Languedoc and Livonia. This also occurred in the so-called Great Schism between the Eastern and Western versions of Christianity. Those interested in following further the nature of God as that of a Dual being, may wish to pay especial attention to the horse as a ‘divining’ figure, re, joiner of the two halves—not only in Indonesia, but also Livonia. The slaughter of the Devil (aka Communist) is memorably documented in the documentary “The Act of Killing” .
** Unforgivable error = Destruction of God as a bipolar presence; or as explained in above footnote—as a poor man’s, a peasants, and a ‘communist’s God.
*** Victim of ‘your’ enemies = The succumbing of he Eastern Orthodox Church to that of Western Catholic Church at the time of the Great Schism. The Eastern Church once had its John Basil, but denied him in order to replace him with a Catholic Jesus Christ who never was.

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