Monday, March 17, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 310 / 9  
A Suicidal Civilization
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. This series begins with 302.


Just as it took the Soviet Union about seventy years to disintegrate (1917~1988), it is approximately the same number of years (1942~2014) that it is taking the post-WW2 U.S. of Amrica to reveal who really controls its Constution and ‘demcracy’.
The following interview with Paul Craig Roberts , former Assistant Treasury Secretary, Wall Street Journal editor, and President Regan’s Economic advisor, hits the rusty nail of U.S. credibility square on the head and pulverizes it into brown dust and blows it all over the white shirt of Amrica’s Kenyan born President. Who at the end of WW2 could have imagined that seventy years later the President of Amrica’s corporate governmint would play with the lives of Amricans by turning his back to a potential nuclear war (over Ukraine) and go on vacation to Hawaii to better identify with Amrica? Does President Obama know that Hawaii, a once sovereign kingdom was occupied and annexed by Amrica’s ‘chosen people’ (re: missionaries) in 1887 ? Or does Hawaii look so much like Kenya that one cannot tell them apart?

Sad to say, Amrica has become just like fascist Germny, an enclave of national socialism, fascism, encouraged by corporate elites for their benefit that needs to project violence to feel secure? Are not the corporate elites and their partners in ‘democratic’ government the ‘chosen people’ (missionaries for Globalization*) to feel safe in a claustrophobic urban setting on the road to bankruptcy?

While all fascist governments, which project violence outward, and fail to endorse an autarchy are an ever present danger to civil societies, the danger becomes deadly when government turns nations into federation, and ceaselessly reminds everyone of its nuclear capabilities. Hitler’s government was not the only government of this type. The U.S, fascist President (1945-1953) Harry Truman, whose reign was wedding-cake frosted by Senator McCarthy’s anti-communist crusade (1950-1954), was perhaps one of the first overt Amrcan fascists.

While Henry Wallace (Vice President of U.S., 1941-1945) under Roosevelt did not quite dare say it, his comments on fascism clearly indicate the direction he expected it to come from. Not surprisingly, Wallace was passed over the vice-presidency by the Democratic Party’s Southern conservatives in favor of Harry Truman , who contrary to Wallace’s suggestion refused to create ties with the Soviet Union, but began the so-called Cold War .

The next major evolutionary step toward Amrican fascism was noted (without mentioning it by name) by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1961, during his farewell speech as President, when he warned of the dangers of following the lead of the Military Industrial Complex .

From the 1970s onward the decline of what had once been ‘the American Way’ took a glaringly obvious catastrophic course.

Whether the ‘Ukrainian event’ leads to an outbreak of WW3, no one knows, but few can be in doubt that such a war has long been in preparation, is being prepared for every minute, and that an outbreak of open hostilities cannot come as a surprise. From the point of view of planetary environment, a catastrophe of humanoid society is actually desirable as none of the ‘do good’ and ‘green’ organizations have been effective in reducing the ever accelerating desertification of the planet.

Of course, it is true that there is a loud outcry against ‘the rise of fascism’. However, a closer analysis of the outcry reveals that it is motivated and expressed on behalf of a Zionist, post-communist, and the political and corporate establishment. These use the word ‘fascist’ not in any sense of the real meaning of the word, which at its origins stands for a peaceful, not-violent and self-disciplined autarchic society.

The ‘establishment’, something of an informal elitist organization on the order of the Lords of colonial Great Britain, continues to believe that its propagandistic devices, the preaching of a pseudo-Christianity could not have continued for so many centuries without being discovered as phony. Yet phony it is, because not a single one of the Lords today shows any sign of willingness to self-sacrifice him- or herself, but looks to their subjects to bear the cost in lives as well as jatsak, i.e., bloody skin.

Missionaries for Globalization—Just as at the turn of the first millennium the Princes replaced Kings with their siblings who were to take over the ‘spiritual’ preparation of the Volk for the easier handling of the elites, the bankers and nascent corporate elites used the ‘progressive’ French Revolution to replace the priests of the Church with the naives of ‘democratic’ Parties.

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