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Eso’s Chronicles 314 / 1  
It’s Not Over Until It's Over
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It has been apparent for at least a quarter of a century—since the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1991—that the leaders of the world have been cowards.

The cowardice began—in my perception anyway—with Emperor Alexis I of Byzantium http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emperor_Alexius . True, the link gives us a whole series of emperors named Alexis or Alexius. However, since the chronology is imperfect, that is, since we cannot be sure that the dates affixed to the names are accurate except in the ‘consensual’ manual of academic historians, it gives us a better sense of why the confusion. Thus, while Emperor Alexios I Komnenos is dated as 1048–1118, it is more likely that he is confused with Emperor Alexios III Angelos, of the years 1153-1211. Or perhaps the names are right, but the chronology is what is confusing. If one reads the links, one realizes how confused the chronology and history of this early Western historical time actually is.

What is most important, however, is that the 1st Crusade (according to Anatoly Fomenko not the 4th Crusade as consensual history tells it) takes place in 1204 (or close to thereabout). While the Crusade may have been waged to avenge the death of the Bogomil St. John Basil, what it in effect did was rename Basil (so as to be rid of him), and replaced his name with that of Jesus Christ. The change of names also permitted the victors to change not only the story of the holy men involved, but to change the geography of geopolitics. For example, Jerusalem, which was then where now Constantinople is, received after the Crusade a name change and relocation. This has enabled the West to create a history that never was and raise a lot of False Flags.

As the consensus story of the New Testament has it, ‘John the King’ was renamed ‘John the Forerunner’ http://orthodoxwiki.org/John_the_Forerunner , and Jesus Christ was, so to speak, refigured to take John’s place with one notable exception: he accepted the company of yatsak collectors. ‘Yatsak’ was the early name for taxes. In those days taxes were the skins of animals, and ‘yatsak’ was the name for ‘skin’, from which we derive the name of ‘jacket’. It was the early days of deforestation and befouling of the gifts of nature. By accepting ‘yatsak’ collectors (may also mean ‘skinners’) among his company, Jesus opened the entire Eurasian continent not only to animal slaughterers, and made us meat eaters, but also began the plague of deforestation.

I have dealt with this theme in numerous previous blogs, but so ‘pure’ (or is it ‘holy’?) and guiltless are the post-John hominids that all who read of it, reject it. Indeed, such people like me are likely thought by the meat eaters people as being ‘terrorists’. “Off with their heads!” shouts the Queen  http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/263700.html. This is notwithstanding the fact that I wrote a long series of blogs under the title of “Not-Violent Terror” to emphasize that there is a difference between non-violence and not-violent terror, and that I do not see how the world may be governed without exercising not-violent terror, which—in a word—stands for the awe inspirig self-sacrifice.

Of course, Western leadership has deliberately denied the need of self-sacrifice for the leadership by deliberately denying not-violent terror as a tool of necessity for maintaining a ‘just culture’. Instead, leaders like U.S. presidents Bush and Obama will always insist that not-violent terror has nothing to do with the maintenance of a non-violent society. If today the Queen were to become Hillary Clinton, well, that would likely find my head sitting on top of her cake.

However, to return to more urgent matters.

From the Crusade of 1204 until our day, 2014, 810 years have gone by, and the conceit of Queens has swelled to gargantuan proportions. Just recently, would be Queen of the Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko, was recorded to have said during a phone confersation: “I am ready to grab a mashine gun and shoot that m********er in the head” http://rt.com/news/tymoshenko-calls-destroy-russia-917/ . While she now claims that her statement that she would nuke 8 million Russians has been edited into the recorded phone conversation, and that it was not said by her, she apologizes only for her foul language. Be that as it may, the world now knows that the word that leads it onward is that ‘f**k’ word http://www.toonpool.com/cartoons/Victoria%20Nuland%20fucks%20EU_217423 .

While many readers will say that it is too much of an exaggeration to connect the execution of John Basil in a pit of fire at the Hippodrome in Byzantium with dropping a nuke (or nuclear device) on Russian Crimea (a century ago a distant uncle of mine is said to have lost both of his legs defending Sevastopol after being forced to stand all night in a ditch of ice-cold water), my own inclination is to insist that not only is there a connection, but that it has been evolving a la longue durée http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longue_dur%C3%A9e and the Crusades may only now be coming to their culmination.

The final outcome does not necessarily favor the West, though it may get a crumb or two. An interesting proposal has been forwarded by Vladimir Zhirinovski, a deputy speaker at the Duma and leader of nationalist Liberal Democratic party  http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/03/24/ukraine-crisis-partition-letter-idUSL5N0ML1LO20140324 While some politicians have ridiculed the partition plan, a look at the maps in the following link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/._Ukraine show that it makes or ought to make lots of sense to a number of countries, re: Bellorussia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and, not least, Russia.

And were the plan to come true, by fait accompli? Would Europe start WW3 to reverse it? I bet not.

(A follow up on 'cowards' as leaders come next blog.)

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