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Eso’s Chronicles 307 / 6  
A Suicidal Civilization
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. This series begins with 288.


When small pieces of ice or other particles approach one another in still water, once they come a certain distance from each other, they are attracted to one another and there develops a cluster of them. This is known as the meniscus effect , which is due to the different properties of attraction between molecules on the surface and below the surface of water.

One could say that a ‘united states’ (U.S., UK), too, was created due to such a force of mutual attraction. At some point, however, a conglomerate of such floes becomes too large to withstand the forces which are also doing their ‘duty’ on behalf of material nature. This is when a large float of small conglomerates decides to no longer attach to itself small floating pieces, but let smaller floats conglomerate into large ones, and when it has become large enough, only then join together using the same meniscus effect. The U.S. and a yet non-federated E.U. aim to such an end.

However, when seas are choppy and stirred by winds, even the smaller pieces (sometimes called ‘cheerios’) have trouble sticking together and go their own way. In as choppy a sea as is our modern environment, advantages as may have existed at the time small States joined into federations are over.

One reason for this is that the larger States that were formed by an agglomeration of smaller states have exhausted their economic advantages. The economies of efficiency once so apparent are no longer as apparent when raw materials become scarce and are fought over by many entities, too many for all to get what they need. At such a time, our planet begins to suffer from over-exploitation, and sterile voids rather than islands of prosperity. The peripheral states of the EU have become such povertystricken economic voids (thank you, Germany, France, Britain, Sweden, Norway, et al.)

This is when advantages of materialism begin to be challenged by the advantages of ‘culturalism’, which (when it was tempting for the wannabies to be ‘rich quick’) surrendered and even sacrificed its heritage and denied the nation’s forebears influence. Suddenly, we are beginning  to hear the reawakening of long unheard questions: Did not our grandparents work with horses? Though a horse, admittedly, is slower than a tractor that pulls ten plows, and though one has to be careful not to stand by the hind legs of a horse, is not a horse a lot friendlier than a machine? Cities have emptied our countryside of people and addicted them to sitting before television screens. They’re getting fat on food stamps, and we cannot get them to move. If we eliminate taxes in the countryside—will that not encourage them to move there and raise their own veggies? I would believe so.

When the cancer-like spread of today’s cities has shrunk to the size of a temple, that is to say, when the city is no more than one per nation and its only concern (on an advisory level) is the health of a nation’s culture, only then may the autocratic ‘ademocratic’ conglomerate, the federated State, be considered by us to have been checkmated by the genius of limits.

Unfortunately, at this particular time we are far from check-mating the forces unleashed by the military industrial complex. The civil public continues to be euphoric that the ‘progressive’ Revolution brought by unprogressive materialism and peace by violent deterrence has been brought to a temporary halt only, and that the deteriorating infrastructure of roads and bridges will not only be renewed, but more will be added to. Not surprisingly, in the mind of the public, it is the North Amrican continent, Western Europe [and maybe China (Nixon and Kissinger after all did visit Mao and made a deal to do what they could to deforest the USSR)—it can build a megacity in ten years] who lead the way to the future.

In the present geopolitical situation, the odd man out is Russia, a geopolitical entity which—post-USSR—has not yet come together. Its leadership has not made up its mind yet whether Planet Earth of tomorrow is that of banks and corporations (its own among them), or whether there is still such a thing as a national culture that bases itself on a once significant folk culture that lived in the wood.

In short, can a national culture that is able to delimit urbanism exist in the 21st century, or are communities of People really eliminated and replaced with Employees of fascist communities centered on corporations?

It is the above question that provokes the suggestion in the title of this series, re: “A Suicidal Civilization”. Having eliminated the ‘People’ in the United States of America (the word ‘People’ as used as in the Constitution of America) and having replaced the People’s former independent life-style in the countryside with the life of a corporation employee (and having made ‘employment’ a question of supreme importance to the life of an urbanite, United States has steadily been working toward the ‘globalization’ (and federalization, privatization, and desertification) of the nations of the world. This political activity has in recent years acquired the name of ‘Arab spring’ (suggesting a removal of a long established government in an Arab or Muslim country, and replacing it with a ‘new’ and ‘liberal’ government). Through the aid of NGOs (non-government organizations) the U.S. advocates for human rights using immature youths such as the young women of “Pussy Riot” to insult the culture (and religion ) of the People. More often than not, such People are thoroughly bourgeois, often many generations cocooned in an urban culture and long alienated from country life, except perhaps as a romantic notion for a picnic.

Not surprisingly, the ‘Arab spring’ recently struck Ukraine, a non-Arab country long considered to have been the cradle of Russia; its capital Kiev having been the first capital of Russia before the capital was moved to several sites north and inland and eventually to Moscow .

It was in Moscow and St. Petersburg—both relatively young cities—that the notion of Western Culture and Religion as synonymous with the East took hold and made possible the ‘concensus’ history that has played such a significant role in displacing Nature on our planet with the pornographic art of the city. 

PS We may want to remember how Modern Art (promoted by the Central Intelligence Agency—CIA— of America) used Hitler’s fascist view of Modern Art as easily demonized to promote itself in a manner not all that dissimilar from its promotion of Pussy Riot.

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