Thursday, March 20, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 313 / 12  
A Suicidal Civilization
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.

Was it auto suggestion (a sudden and unexpected twist in some story that brought to mind something previously not thought of)?...

…Or was it some odd circumstance as occurs in the story of King Oedipus, whose mother unexpectedly turned against an ancient tradition and destroyed it (, when she refuses to offer her son for a testing by the Gods over his worthiness to become the next King?... or were they men from Mars who infiltrated the ranks of ancient holy men and persuaded them that God was not the entire pie ~O~, but only a half a pie ~C~?

We do not know the answer for sure. But we do know that the fear of Death, instilled in us by a sudden and unexpected coming by way of a drone (ancient or modern), has kept us from realizing that the most important figure in our mental life, God, is made of only half a pie: ~C~. In short, somehow unbeknownst to us, half of God (a once Whole God) was done away with without us knowing about it or soon forgetting about it after it happened.

The illustration of having to live with only half a God , ~C~, is easy to make by way of a simple story.

Imagine that you are still a child, and that you and your friends have a rubber ball: ~O~. It floats in water, and you take it with you when you go swimming in the lake. An unexpected squall comes and you are called by your parents to quickly come ashore. In your hurry and anxiety, you leave the ball in the water, but no harm comes to it, because it floats even when the wind and water toss it to and fro. When the storm ends, the waves wash the ball ashore, you soon find it, and retrieve it. The ball looks much like it looked before.

When the storm is gone, you see appear as out of nowhere a strange figure, disguised to look like former President Bush turned amateur landscape painter, He stops and speaks to you: “Children, I will show you a new game.” You all gather excitedly around former President Bush, who takes from his pocket a large pair of scissors, punches with the sharpest end of it a hole in the ball, then inserts the scissors deep to the ball, and proceeds too cut the rubber ball in half.

President Bush then puts the two halves in water and says: “Look, children, I just turned the ball O into two boats: C C! Isn’t that wonderful? Aren’t you excited?”

Suddenly, another squall comes and turns the smooth surface of the lake frothy and waves begin to slosh. The two rubber boats C C are tossed about became filled with water and disappear below the surface of the lake, where underwater currents pull it among the underwater kelp.

Not surprisingly the children, begin to cry: “Bah! Bah! We want our ball back! Bah!”

Magician Bush wants to get to his painting, but—wishing only to do good—he has unexpected been confronted with a State of emergency.

A quick thinker, Bush has an idea. “ I tell you what, children,” he says: “I will paint you the ball and give you the painting as a present. You can hang the painting to the wall of your bedroom, and tell your friends that it is a picture of a ball painted by a former President of America.”

The children dance around President Bush and clap hands. However, there soon appears a problem: the two halves that have sunk into the lake are not only out of sight, but cannot be found, and there is no other ball around that the President can model from.

President Bush scratches his head, then picks up his mobile phone and calls his friend President Anwar Obam at the White House;

“Hi, Anwar!” says President Bush. “I need your help. If you can help me, I guarantee your popularity ratings will hit 80+% just as it is in Kenya.”

“Sure, George!” answers President Anwar Obam. “What can I do?”

“You see, Anwar, wishing to do moar good, I cut God in half. Instead of a round ball, God has now become two halves, like, you know, two boats. The boats filled up with water (those damn Ruskies blew up an unexpected storm) and God sank. I want to paint a picture of God for some children, but I can’t find Him. The ball of God has vanished.”

“Don’t worry, George,” answers Obam. “I will send you destroyer Truxton with some Navy seals and they will fish God out of the lake for you in no time.”

“Thanks, Anwar, you’re a mighty nice, fella,” thanks President. He then takes from his hip pocket a flask of spirits. Carrying such a flask in his hip pocket became a habit after he started to get blamed for killing half a million people in the Iraqi war.

In his heart of hearts, George of course does not blame himself for the deaths, because ever since he was a child, when he had first cut his favorite ball in half, he knows he has done nothing sinful. His father even assured him and explained that all he had done was make sure that God (the ‘good’ half of the ball) therefore served the Bush family all the better. It did not matter that the God of the poor got thrown on the rubbish heap, because—whatever it was—it was the ‘devil’s half’.

Explained Bush Senior to Junior: “Son, this is why the poor continue to be atheists and communists, and deserve to be killed be they in Indochina, Chile, Guatemala, Vietnam, or wherever. Son, just keep concentrating on how to keep Peace on Earth, and everything will be OK.

George Bush grew up to be a master in keeping planet Earth at Peace. He knew when and where to send an aircraft carrier and with timely surgical strikes deter a Total Nuclear War. After all, what are a few million deaths, when a little judicious killing by way of a ‘just war’ saves seven billion lives and there is a good chance that eventually the Earth will be populated only by oligarchs and millionaires?

Alas! The other half of the ball—the God of the Poor man—was never found. No wonder the poor have to pay the ‘good’ and ‘rich’ taxes.
Though we may argue that the two halves will eventually be reunited, we see that to the contrary, the ‘good half of God’ has become a city; and though moving on perpetually flat tires, taxing the poor and other commodities manages to keep the tires full, pay government officials well, and, and as the Chinese, transfer yet another 100 million hominids to the desert of its own making .


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