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EC 529
Upon Whom the Ends

of the Ages Have Come…

A fantasy for an Apocalypse
© Ludis Cuckold (2015)
 Followup Piece [3]
A long time ago the author climbed a tree in New Hampshire (US) and thought the event worth recording in a short column of a once Boston weekly known as ‘The Boston Ledger’. [No link to such a name can found at Google, whereby the paper is now gone „Poof!”] I have not yet got into a sandbox or at least have not recorded it. But there are plenty of issues that have been let slip, that should not have been. Herewith, one such...

The Unchristian Death of America

This is but a brief outline of the death of America—specifically the United States of America—because death is not pretty, or as someone somewhere once said: “Death come quikly!” And so it came. Because I am here giving only an outline, the reader will have to glean more detailed history from the links I have added.

When the Puritans, aka Pilgrims, dropped anchor, first at Provincetown, later at Plymouth Harbor, they dropped it in the name of Christianity fleeing repressive Catholicism in England. After first fleeing from Scrooby, England to the Netherlands, the Congregationalists discovered the Dutch not to their liking, and on September 6, 1620 set sail for America.

What is notable is that the voyage is financed by the Merchant Adventurers, a group of businessmen who viewed colonization as a means of making profit. Upon arriving in America, the Pilgrims began working to repay their debts. In effect, they were beholden less to God than to some London businessmen. While it was not the wish of the Pilgrims to become subject to virtual reality, the latter become nevertheless a significant influence.

As the links prove, the history of New England is a drawn out process of colonization (under the tutelage of the Crown of England), a betrayal of native Indian people, and establishing a profitable trade with all interested. Nevertheless, the distance of America from Europe played a significant role in giving the Pilgrim/colonist mindset a tilt toward thinking themselves as independents.

The tilt of the Pilgrim mindset found the occasion to assert itself over the issue of taxation* which was being pressed by the English Crown. It led—over the period of a century and more—to the American Revolution (beginning in 1776 in Concord, Massachusetts). Thereafter America began to evolve under the leadership entirely its own.

*Readers may wish to remember that in previous blogs, I have argued that it is the issue of taxation that is at the root of Christianity becoming a religion. As I see it, it began with the martyrdom of the Bogomil leader John Basil in Constantinople (1118 or thereabout). While there exists no record of John’s death as arising from the issue of taxation, it clearly was an event of such world shaking nature as to be eliminated  by its perpetrators from human memory (by killing witnesses, book burning, etc.). We may also deduce such an event from the fact that Christianity originates in an expectation of an End of Days or Eschaton, and that John Basil is soon replaced by a wholly theatrical (the name of the play: “Stations of the Cross”) figure of Jesus Christ who (as a tampered with New Testament claims) favors taxation.

While no doubt the Pilgrims and their somewhat radical notions (not yet entirely brain washed) about the nature of Christianity made significant contributions toward the founding of America as an independent nation, they were all the same under severe pressures from merchants wishing to squeeze as much profit from the colonized land as possible. While there are many hither and thither and contradictory movements (for example some New England merchants were opposed to the Revolutionary war; the anti-slavery or abolitionist movement at the time of the American Civil War, which was made all the more believable by the misplaced self-sacrifice of John Brown; of agriculturalist interests vs those of industrialist-militarist America; and today’s existentialists* vs Christians) the overwhelming ‘tilt’ of events was toward a consolidation of power in the hands of those with capital.

*my definition of ‘existential’ as per link is to have being in time and space, but not God.

As a consequence of the Westphalian Peace Treaty (1648--the tradition of establishing a government of elites through taxation was therewith firmly established) and the American Civil War (1862-1865--the authorities of emergent America seized control of the country without apologies to its creators) the American People were left to wrestle with the question of taxation on their own--at least in theory. Alas, the potential, the final mast in the sails of the secular American ship of state, the ultimate outcome of the Civil War was to deprive the states of sovereign rights (by means of which to choose their own way) through federalization and placing power in the hands of government sitting in the, so to speak, off-shore sovereign city-state of Washington, D.C.

The authorities who govern America today, though reduced to salary men’ (and women) subservient to the industrial-military oligarchy, are apparently content with the glitz and money they receive by way of the Pentagon to continue to govern America by means of ‘existential’ lies and control of history through control of the media. 

That control of America is in the hands of the industrial-military complex is abundantly clear from the fact that the economic and financial catastrophe of America (especially after 2008) has not only destroyed Christianity in America, but is threatening to topple what little remains of it by transforming it into a Muslim nation.

Indeed, the cephalization of America as a catholic* country fulfills the dreams of the elitist clique that would turn consciousness as a tool for moral intelligence into Artificial Intelligence that has nothing to do with morality. Of course, the goal can only be achieved through globalization led by an infallible unipolar political system.

*The Catholic globalizator nature of the American government is expressed through its claim to be ‘exceptionalist’ or re-cephalized Catholicism. , which is synonymous with such ‘infallibility’ as is claimed by the Pope, who guides the institution that created Jesus Christ whose resurrection is expected to occur in the West not the East.

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EC 528
Upon Whom the Ends

of the Ages Have Come…

A fantasy for an Apocalypse
© Ludis Cuckold (2015)
 Followup Piece [2]
A long time ago the author climbed a tree in New Hampshire (US) and thought the event worth recording in a short column of a once Boston weekly known as ‘The Boston Ledger’. [No link to such a name can found at Google, whereby the paper is now gone „Poof!”] I have not yet got into a sandbox or at least have not recorded it. But there are plenty of issues that have been let slip, that should not have been. Herewith, one such...

The Signs of our Times

I ended my previous blog with the following: [We are now] “…following such ‘saviors’ as Huitzilopochtli, Lenin, and Hitler, the next one is named Trump.” I closed the essay/blog with some trepidation, because I am, both, a supporter and critic of presidential candidate Trump.

For the sake of shock effect, I should add that at various times in my reasonably long life I have been a supporter and denier of a great number of political leaders. Among the first of the latter are Dr. Doolittle  (he who spoke with animals in their own language), he is followed by Alexander the Great (he who cut the Gordian Knot) of Macedonia, then comes Caesar (who should have resettled to Aleksandria, Egypt), and  Napoleon (who invaded Russia because he apparently remembered that Europe had begun in the East not West, and wanted to stop the Russians from arguing that the sun rose in the East). Such were the heroes of my childhood years.

Beginning with my teens, I had occasion to weigh the case of various contemporary leaders, among which were Lenin/Stalin and Hitler. Before I was ten, I did not have the information at hand to objectively weigh the moral quality of said men. For a couple of years, I supported Hitler, because he had ‘freed’ Latvia from the Soviet occupiers. To exercise my mind, I also tried supporting Stalin. In 1945, when as a war refugee, I happened to be in Weimar, Germany, across the valley from Buchenwald (the concentration camp), I had cause to regret my early political loyalties. A change of mind was hastened as a result of being beat up by a pack of local Hitler Jugend, and being witness to the burning of the bomb struck Weimar theatre. To this day, I am pained by a man from a street cleanup detail (made up of Buchenwald inmates) falling on his knees in front of me and begging for a piece of bread (which due to the shock of it I refused him), which he had noticed in the bread basked I was carrying.

My disappointment became almost intolerable when the political and intellectual leaders of Latvijans living abroad could not make a serious critique—either collectively or individually—of fascism or communism, even as the Latvian Commons, slammed hard by the “New World Order” of American ‘democracy’ was fragmenting the community of refugees into individuals who clearly had little chance of reconstituting our destroyed nation—unless it was to come about with the aid of the Central Intelligence Agency.

As many of my essays (above) argue, the reconstituted Post Soviet Latvia, where the U.S. Embassy—just in case there arises the necessity—has strategically located itself but a few kilometers from the Airport; and the Post-Soviet Latvian government has been misgoverning the nation into oblivion for the past twenty-five years by following the misguided economic policies of Brussels and NATO is ample evidence that the country is not governed by its own.

By arguing that Latvija cannot exist unless it is a member of the European Union, because only the latter can make financial loans that can enslave the Latvian Commons to the European Central Bank (ECB) for centuries, the Post-Soviet Latvian government has not only made Latvija the poorest country in the EU, but lost its  Commons the sovereign choice of going its own way either economically or politically.

Why do I believe that the American Presidential candidate Donald Trump, the apparent choice—at this time—of a majority of Americans, may join the Club of Huitzilopochtli’s oligarchs?

An indirect answer can be found the crash of a FlyDubai passenger airplane in which 62 passengers and crew were sacrificed by management in the interest of profits and ‘economy’. The irresponsibility of the ‘private’ leadership of FlyDubai stands as an example of the leadership not only in the U.S., but of our planet as a whole, whether it is the leadership of the U.S., China, Russia, Germany, or Latvija.

Interestingly, ‘private’ leadership has long advocated and lobbied (in the interest of humanitarianism) for the elimination of the death penalty, which could well be deserved deserts for the Dubai airline management, those involved in the case of the recent 100 million dollar heist from the New York Federal bank, and a number of Latvijan government officials who sold out the Latvian Commons by refusing and actively working against* organizing a referendum on whether to to abandon the Latvijan lats in favor of the euro or eirik (as the Latvian people call it).

*The Latvijan government argued that by voting to join the EU at an earlier time, the Latvian People had automatically opted for the euro. In fact, the government was taking advantage of the Latvijan people’s naiveté about the implications of EU membership and did all it could to fuel anger against a no longer existent Soviet Union and stoke fear of a recovering Russia.

A crucial point in my argument, as per EC526, is that there are great differences between realities as perceived by people who live in a Natural world and those who live in the virtual world of the city.

To put it simply: those who live in the Natural world, are forced by Nature to conform to its dictates and must wait for natural evolution to bring about such changes as Nature permits. On the other hand, life in the city is increasingly less subject to Nature as human beings move from hand milled flour, to flour processed by the mill stone turned by the waterwheel, to flour produced by electricity driven mills. The much lamented overpopulation of the world with human beings is directly tied to the profit motive of the owners of respective methods of flour production.

If ‘truth’ were not so ‘convincingly’ dictated by the city, one would readily venture to contradict our city dominated culture, by getting sufficient votes for a referendum calling for an investigation of Monsanto officials, and—should the vote be favorable—subject same  to a criminal trial and possibly the death penalty for denying Nature.

So, what about Donald Trump being a cousin of Huitzilopochtli, Lenin, and Hitler?

All of these leaders were born (see EC 527) of a feather falling into the lap of the Aztec Mother Goddess, Coatlicue, from (possibly) the wings of a human soul as it is being killed by our Artificial Intelligence dominated ‘realistic’ culture denying it being. To put it another way, all the charismatic leaders today are of a virgin birth, which may come as a laugh if not a surprise to most of Trump’s supporters.

I call Trump as being of ‘virgin birth’, because he comes from circumstances that are unnatural rather than natural. Those who know a little of history know that Lenin was born of country people being turned into underpaid factory workers, Hitler was born of merciless reparations exacted of the Germans by the Allies who won WW1 (I do not believe that when Hitler started his political career he was either crazy or mad), and Trump is arising of the American People losing their jobs to fill the coffers of a handful of American billionaires and a long line of greedy capitalists.

But why should Mr. Trump turn into Huitzilopochtli’s or Hitler’s cousin? Mind you, I am not saying that he will.

But because the Club of Billionaires will try to deprive him of the majority support that he now has, there exists the possibility that Trump may fight back: by i) either doing his opponents one better, and organizing his most militant supporters into a chain swinging paramilitary gang (as Hitler did) and exact from his enemies such sacrifice as they wish to exact of him; or by ii) letting himself become a self-sacrifice in a manner of Gandhi, thereby gaining for his ‘soul’ a charisma that will hold the private extortionists in check by encouraging the rise of a chain of like martyrs.

No doubt, the latter manner takes an enormous amount of faith in God’s construct of human nature.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

EC 527
Upon Whom the Ends

of the Ages Have Come…

A fantasy for an Apocalypse
© Ludis Cuckold (2015)
 Followup Piece [1]
A long time ago the author climbed a tree in New Hampshire (US) and thought the event worth recording in a short column of a once Boston weekly known as ‘The Boston Ledger’. [No link to such a name can found at Google, whereby the paper is now gone „Poof!”] I have not yet got into a sandbox or at least have not recorded it. But there are plenty of issues that have been let slip, that should not have been. Herewith, one such...

A Society that Despises Resurrection

Ever since the Westphalian Peace Treaty, which inaugurated the nation state and dismissed ‘religion’ to its own devices, Easter—a Christian Holy Day—has been slipping ever deeper into forgetfulness. Its place has been largely taken by ‘meditation’, a practice of the seculars, meant to calm the disturbance of the soul brought about by the hyperactivity of our tin drum days and mere mortal existence.

Needless to say, the soul, too, has gone “Poof!” Today it has neither wings nor feathers, but fries as a drop of water in an overheated pan of oil. If you will, the soul has been replaced by an ideology of fanatical (and intolerable) political correctness.

While we may think that the soul is no more, an old Aztec legend tells us that it may be erroneous to think so.

The story* goes that as the Mother of 400 Gods, one Coatlicue, was sweeping the floor of her temple located on sacred Mt. Coatepec, there fell from the sky “some plumage” or “fine fethers”. The plumage fell into Coatlicue’s lap and caused her to become pregnant.

*David Carrasco, City of Sacrifice, Beacon Press, 1999, p60.

When the 400 children of Coatlicue heard that their mother was pregnant with child number 401—a number divisible only by itself—they became angry and agitated. Led by Goddess Coyolxauhqui, probably number 1 among the 400, the Gods prepared to go kill their mother Coatlicue.

If we were to add to the story our perception that the “plumage” or feather was all that was left of the human soul that had just gone “Poof!”, we could say that the moment that the feather fell into the Mother Goddess’ lap and the resultant pregnancy is, both, a moment of the soul’s resurrection and the secular world’s Apocalypse.

The new God, yet in Coatlicue’s womb, is known as Huitzilopochtli. When his mother hears of the plans of her children to kill her and becomes frightened, he whispers to her from the womb: “Do not be afraid. I know what I must do.” Apparently this happened during the 6th week of pregnancy, when a mother gives the embryo a large dollop of testosterone if it is to become a male being.

The moment the first child of Coatlicue, one Coyolxauhqui, arrives with the armed band of her brothers and sisters at the sacred mountain, Huitzilopochtli is born from his mother’s thighs fully armed. Without any hesitation, he attacks his sister and cuts off her head and dismembers her. Thereafter, Huitzilopochtli pursues the remaining Gods and likewise decapitates them. As Professor Carrasco tells it: “He obliterates them.” The fate of the 400 is best illustrated by what happens to Coyolxauhqui: her dismembered body parts are thrown down the steps of Temple Mayor (which is a symbolic manifestation of the sacred mountain Mt. Coatepec). So that no one may claim that Coyolxauhqui‘s death did not occur, her dismembered body is carved into a sculpted ritual stone, which was buried at the foot of the temple stairs. Anthropologists and archeologists were amazed to find it, but to this day do not know what to make of it.

Professor Carrasco, whose telling of the story about the Aztec Mother Goddess I am paraphrasing, theorizes (correctly in my opinion) that “…Mesoamerica was the site of the most profound social transformation in world history, the process known as primary urban generation…. the evolution of social life from the world of villages to the urban landscape.”*

*Ibid. p3.

Still, though the professor senses that he is onto something very important, he fails to fully acknowledge the importance of the sacrifice of life to those living in a city or “primary urban landscape”. Due to pressures from his lecture audiences*, he inserts the disclaimer that he does not support “the brutal practice”. Of course, neither do I. Nevertheless, it does not occur to the professor that “the brutal practice” would not be held to be so brutal if the sacrifices had not been victims of temple priests, but had practiced voluntary self-sacrifice. While the latter sacrifice. too, may be painful as the late Japanese practice of bushidō proves, the sacrifice is self-willed even as it conforms with a larger psychological perception turned into a cultural will.

*A graduate student bumps the professor and accuses him of ignoring “…order, peace, and harmony in the Greek sense…[which] has nothing to do with your lecture….” Indeed, Catholic Christianity, which concocted its own medieval version of Platonism (Paulism and Augustinism are its synonyms) and Greek and thus transformed ‘religion’ into a proto-secular phenomenon that fouls our perception of religion and history to this day.

As I have argued in another blog series*, western city culture is through and through a form of virtual life that knows little or nothing of life in Nature. Like it or not, this fact has set our culture on a collision course with catastrophe for the simple reason that we have lost touch with reality. Our lostness has exploded the bounds of our creativity, which has become an ideological fantasy, that now devours our society by virtue of it having become wholly unnatural.

*”Upon Whom the Ends if the Ages have come”, EC525.

To cut to the bone quickly, sacrifice is necessary to the city in order for life in the city to remain ‘holy’. Of course, this does not mean that the police has become the sacrificial priesthood at liberty to shoot a stubborn traffic violator. Even so, to the public mind, the justification for the police to kill does indeed exert on society a sense of order that imposes a measure of reluctant self-discipline.

If we look at “the brutal sacrifice” at Tenochtitlan in the light of a charisma (aka fascination) strong enough to exert a disciplinary function over an entire city and the surrounding lands the city controls, the Aztec practice becomes as understandable as the actions of the police and military in our own culture.

Many critics of Aztec culture point out that one of the reasons it fell to the Conquistadores in a relatively short time, was that its sacrificial practices were abhorrent to most of the inhabitants of their realm and empire. As I argue in the paragraph above, the reason the sacrifice is abhorrent is because the sacrificed are victims of a political elite, while it is the elite that should earn its power by means of a sacrificing itself.

Most readers know or intuit that a cowardice similar to that of the Aztec elites lies at the root of contemporary United States of America. Why else the unexpected appearance of a presidential candidate that shakes American society to its very foundations? It appears that the American People await the Feathered Serpent, Quetzalcoatl, to come to their rescue.

Strange that following such ‘saviors’ as Huitzilopochtli, Lenin, and Hitler, the next one is named Trump. This author, for one, believes that in his own unique manner Trump will bear true.