Tuesday, March 1, 2016

EC 522
Upon Whom the Ends

of the Ages Have Come…

A fantasy for an Apocalypse
© Ludis Cuckold (2015)
31 Addendum 3

After 400 Years of Sleep

For nearly four hundred years (since 1648 and the Westphalian Peace Treaty) the Western Christian world has let itself be put to sleep by secularist pretenders to ‘a better life’. Though the secularist ‘miracle’ (resurrection by liars magic) has lasted unchallenged for a thousand or 2000 years (depending on who you believe the real John or Jesus of the Eschaton movement was), it is finally coming to an end*

*There are only two ways our time can end—either the oligarch fly by UFO to the Moon or Mars, or humankind returns to the egalitarian way of life it lived when in the wood. In the latter case the city becomes the exception and the wood the norm again.

Henry Kissinger, the erstwhile shaper of recent American imperialism, has argued that the Westphalian Peace Treaty, which introduced national sovereignty and presumed noninterference in a nation’s internal affairs, now serves as model for separating the world in imperialist instead of nationalist spheres of influence. What the emperor Nero of foreign affairs does not realize is that ‘noninterference’ guaranteed only elimination of the influence of religion, which up to 1648 was presumed to have influence beyond the borders of any single power.

With the elimination of ‘religion’ from determining the nature of a community, that determining was handed over to theological capitalism, of which the West, aka Amerika, became the Rome. Of course, America immediately transgressed the theoretical limitations imposed on it by Kissinger: first Western Europe, then Eastern Europe, came under its dictates and exploitation.

The doctrine of individual rights, beginning with privatization of property for lords and princes, replaced religion, invaded every country and empire, and erased every collectively created culture it could lay its legalistic breath on. For example, so-called common-law marriages among homosexuals though never forbidden—as similar marriages are not forbidden among heterosexual individuals—were seized by the unisexed in order to diminish and try abolish what remained of heterosexually oriented religion of the pre-Westphalian Commons.

One may argue that the Herrnhuter—now Moravian—Church was the last of an Eschaton oriented Christian religious movement in the West (proto-Latvian Livonia including). Unfortunately, no sooner had the Herrnhuters created among proto-Latvians a Latvian self-consciousness (1729~1850) of political and religious significance, that the winners of the One Hundred Year religious wars, the Lutherans*, beginning with a Swedish (1708) invasion of Russia, went full bore fascist.

*While so-called Evangelical Lutherans hold themselves to be ‘reformed’ Catholics, they never reformed the ‘Holy Scriptures’, which were likely written by Catholic or proto-Catholic authorities.

The roughly two hundred years since Napoleon’s invasion of Russia (1812)—which time has coincided with two hundred years of the Industrial Age led by fascist interests—appear to have reached a stage of imminent collapse.

If someone hopes Eschaton means a rapturous beaming up to Heaven—sorry, no! It means misery and slow death, and being saved by someone who gives up his- her- life to save you or your children. If the Swedes and the French (and the Germans, and Latvians) until relatively recently still felt cocky about being able to Anschluss Russia to the West, today their wars bring a blowback in self-recruiting numbers of militant Muslim refugees. What the Christian Rip van Winkle is waking up to—unless he wishes to exchange his matured and aged body for that of another—is witness to one’s identity, which means becoming a martyr to the cause of one’s Commons.

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