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EC 527
Upon Whom the Ends

of the Ages Have Come…

A fantasy for an Apocalypse
© Ludis Cuckold (2015)
 Followup Piece [1]
A long time ago the author climbed a tree in New Hampshire (US) and thought the event worth recording in a short column of a once Boston weekly known as ‘The Boston Ledger’. [No link to such a name can found at Google, whereby the paper is now gone „Poof!”] I have not yet got into a sandbox or at least have not recorded it. But there are plenty of issues that have been let slip, that should not have been. Herewith, one such...

A Society that Despises Resurrection

Ever since the Westphalian Peace Treaty, which inaugurated the nation state and dismissed ‘religion’ to its own devices, Easter—a Christian Holy Day—has been slipping ever deeper into forgetfulness. Its place has been largely taken by ‘meditation’, a practice of the seculars, meant to calm the disturbance of the soul brought about by the hyperactivity of our tin drum days and mere mortal existence.

Needless to say, the soul, too, has gone “Poof!” Today it has neither wings nor feathers, but fries as a drop of water in an overheated pan of oil. If you will, the soul has been replaced by an ideology of fanatical (and intolerable) political correctness.

While we may think that the soul is no more, an old Aztec legend tells us that it may be erroneous to think so.

The story* goes that as the Mother of 400 Gods, one Coatlicue, was sweeping the floor of her temple located on sacred Mt. Coatepec, there fell from the sky “some plumage” or “fine fethers”. The plumage fell into Coatlicue’s lap and caused her to become pregnant.

*David Carrasco, City of Sacrifice, Beacon Press, 1999, p60.

When the 400 children of Coatlicue heard that their mother was pregnant with child number 401—a number divisible only by itself—they became angry and agitated. Led by Goddess Coyolxauhqui, probably number 1 among the 400, the Gods prepared to go kill their mother Coatlicue.

If we were to add to the story our perception that the “plumage” or feather was all that was left of the human soul that had just gone “Poof!”, we could say that the moment that the feather fell into the Mother Goddess’ lap and the resultant pregnancy is, both, a moment of the soul’s resurrection and the secular world’s Apocalypse.

The new God, yet in Coatlicue’s womb, is known as Huitzilopochtli. When his mother hears of the plans of her children to kill her and becomes frightened, he whispers to her from the womb: “Do not be afraid. I know what I must do.” Apparently this happened during the 6th week of pregnancy, when a mother gives the embryo a large dollop of testosterone if it is to become a male being.

The moment the first child of Coatlicue, one Coyolxauhqui, arrives with the armed band of her brothers and sisters at the sacred mountain, Huitzilopochtli is born from his mother’s thighs fully armed. Without any hesitation, he attacks his sister and cuts off her head and dismembers her. Thereafter, Huitzilopochtli pursues the remaining Gods and likewise decapitates them. As Professor Carrasco tells it: “He obliterates them.” The fate of the 400 is best illustrated by what happens to Coyolxauhqui: her dismembered body parts are thrown down the steps of Temple Mayor (which is a symbolic manifestation of the sacred mountain Mt. Coatepec). So that no one may claim that Coyolxauhqui‘s death did not occur, her dismembered body is carved into a sculpted ritual stone, which was buried at the foot of the temple stairs. Anthropologists and archeologists were amazed to find it, but to this day do not know what to make of it.

Professor Carrasco, whose telling of the story about the Aztec Mother Goddess I am paraphrasing, theorizes (correctly in my opinion) that “…Mesoamerica was the site of the most profound social transformation in world history, the process known as primary urban generation…. the evolution of social life from the world of villages to the urban landscape.”*

*Ibid. p3.

Still, though the professor senses that he is onto something very important, he fails to fully acknowledge the importance of the sacrifice of life to those living in a city or “primary urban landscape”. Due to pressures from his lecture audiences*, he inserts the disclaimer that he does not support “the brutal practice”. Of course, neither do I. Nevertheless, it does not occur to the professor that “the brutal practice” would not be held to be so brutal if the sacrifices had not been victims of temple priests, but had practiced voluntary self-sacrifice. While the latter sacrifice. too, may be painful as the late Japanese practice of bushidō proves, the sacrifice is self-willed even as it conforms with a larger psychological perception turned into a cultural will.

*A graduate student bumps the professor and accuses him of ignoring “…order, peace, and harmony in the Greek sense…[which] has nothing to do with your lecture….” Indeed, Catholic Christianity, which concocted its own medieval version of Platonism (Paulism and Augustinism are its synonyms) and Greek and thus transformed ‘religion’ into a proto-secular phenomenon that fouls our perception of religion and history to this day.

As I have argued in another blog series*, western city culture is through and through a form of virtual life that knows little or nothing of life in Nature. Like it or not, this fact has set our culture on a collision course with catastrophe for the simple reason that we have lost touch with reality. Our lostness has exploded the bounds of our creativity, which has become an ideological fantasy, that now devours our society by virtue of it having become wholly unnatural.

*”Upon Whom the Ends if the Ages have come”, EC525.

To cut to the bone quickly, sacrifice is necessary to the city in order for life in the city to remain ‘holy’. Of course, this does not mean that the police has become the sacrificial priesthood at liberty to shoot a stubborn traffic violator. Even so, to the public mind, the justification for the police to kill does indeed exert on society a sense of order that imposes a measure of reluctant self-discipline.

If we look at “the brutal sacrifice” at Tenochtitlan in the light of a charisma (aka fascination) strong enough to exert a disciplinary function over an entire city and the surrounding lands the city controls, the Aztec practice becomes as understandable as the actions of the police and military in our own culture.

Many critics of Aztec culture point out that one of the reasons it fell to the Conquistadores in a relatively short time, was that its sacrificial practices were abhorrent to most of the inhabitants of their realm and empire. As I argue in the paragraph above, the reason the sacrifice is abhorrent is because the sacrificed are victims of a political elite, while it is the elite that should earn its power by means of a sacrificing itself.

Most readers know or intuit that a cowardice similar to that of the Aztec elites lies at the root of contemporary United States of America. Why else the unexpected appearance of a presidential candidate that shakes American society to its very foundations? It appears that the American People await the Feathered Serpent, Quetzalcoatl, to come to their rescue.

Strange that following such ‘saviors’ as Huitzilopochtli, Lenin, and Hitler, the next one is named Trump. This author, for one, believes that in his own unique manner Trump will bear true.

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