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EC 424/ God’s War
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Angst 1

Angst is a German word for fear. What makes it unique is that behind the word stands an intimate association with guilt unto death. To have a dream and awaken from it with Angst is to have experienced death from which awakening is a miracle of sorts. This is the same Angst that has awakened the West and causes it to renew its old war with the East for fear the East will survive it.

As this link to Plato tells it: “... democracy, [which] is a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder, and dispensing a sort of equality to equals and unequals alike.”

The Angst of this “charming form of government” is that the dispensing of equality to unequals may create guilt unto death. This motivates aggression in the ranks of oligarchs and their bureaucratic supporters, who act as executioners for their more equal than others employers.

When Angst appears unannounced, it is because 99% of the less than equal population, is rising like yeast in the fantasies of the oligarchy that constitutes no more than .0001% of the population. While the 99% wish to do no more than reclaim its lost God, it has to take that God away from the party of oligarchs, which seized control of that God for its personal use. While I have argued that the theft occurred as far back as a thousand years ago following the Great Schism between the East and the West, the loss of God to the 99% of Ludis now earns them the name of ‘terrorists’.

This is not to say that God has not been seized at various other times  in cultures and societies where the monopolization of God by one or another party may have gone unnoticed or was ignored. One such intermediary episode was when Friedrich Nietzsche announced that “God died”:

“Once blasphemy against God was the greatest blasphemy; but God died, and therewith also those blasphemers. To blaspheme the earth is now the dreadfulest sin, …!” (Thus Spake Zarathustra, Prologue).

What Nietzsche failed to notice is that when God dies and is replaced by Angst, the blaspheming of earth is not an improvement. Therefore, Angst tends to resurrect Eastern Christianity as it existed before it was squelched by the Christianity of the elites. This is an interesting phenomenon, heretofore not given much attention by either Eastern or Western Christian establishments, which define themselves by the frocks of their officials.

Apparently Eastern Christians had several episodes in which God died. This likely occurred before the Eastern Orthodox Church submitted to the dogmas of Western orthodoxy. One can deduce that Eastern Christian Ludis then substituted God who died with the Devil. They did this because they discovered that God as the Devil is better than no God at all. Whatever his faults, the Devil gave humankind the strength to dissent from the establishment, and fight for the restoration of such a God as had once been worshipped by angels of which the Devil is said to have been one.

In effect, when God becomes the property of Pope Francis of the Catholic Church, or Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church, an early eastern Christian Sataniel (Saint + Yaniel/John) or Devil (Dev + velis = God + his ghost), aka Johannmed (John + healer), the Devil succors the dissident ‘Dev-vil’ in all of us. To the discomfort of orthodox believers and unbelievers, the Devil arrives the momen God is claimed by a select group for its exclusive possession.

Of course, we know that there are many fundamentalist believers for whom the written word is more important than the spoken word, and who will point to some passage in the Bible or New Testament and begin denouncing Antichrist. Fortunately Antichrist arises only when God has been appropriated by forces who prefer that He sits quietly not only on the throne, but on his hands as well.

This brings up the question—when has a rebellion reached a degree of energy sufficient to replace a stolen God with the Devil going berserk?

To give but one answer would play into the hands of atheists who wish God dead once and for all. This is why we need to have another look at ‘docetism’ of Eastern Christianity. Despite being denounced as ‘heretical’ by letter bound Western Church, docetists continued to worship a ‘seeming’ incarnation of God, which ‘seemingness’ they explained to be a consequence of the spoken word. As I have already argued, a verbal culture is superior to a lettered culture by virtue of its flexibility. A spoken word has many inflections, whereas the written word may be inflected only by a priest or lawyer. According the Bogomil (docetist) understanding of the Word, Christ was born when He descended from heaven, passed through the right ear of the Virgin, and emerged in a bodily form that was not a body but its mask.

In our time we know that the docetists were right, because by virtue of a hologram, we are able to recreate a seemingly three dimensional verbal beings, which have no physical body that we may grasp .

Sunday, September 28, 2014

EC 423/ God’s War
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I am thinking of the Westphalian Peace Treaty (1648) .

While the Treaty of Westphalia allegedly ended a series of religious wars in Western Europe extending over more than a hundred years, it put the authority of secularism over that of religion, and emasculated religion in the West utterly, It also froze a nascent civilization of false flag histories into a seemingly permanent structure.

As a consequence not only the West, but the East, which the West had brought to its knees [during the First Crusade (aka the Fourth) against the holy city of Byzantium in 1204], became the foundation stones for a rootless civilization built on a foundation of a conglomeration of pseudo histories that are with us to this day.

As an example, there is not a single entry on Wikipedia regarding the First (aka the Fourth) Crusade that knows what it is talking about. All entries are by brainwashed catholicized and globalized cheese makers who claim themselves to be ‘historians’.

It is not that conflicts fought over religious faith were ended by the Westphalian Peace Treaty. That Peace Treaty was in fact called for by a citified class of elites, a class largely responsible for bringing the Bubonic Plague to Europe, during the 14th century, by turning the wood into cities  after destroying the ludis of the wood by imposing on them by means of violence the fur tax in the 12th and 13th centuries. This tax became the very foundation of our tax based era.

Fortunately the Industrial era is collapsing—though this is not yet generally acknowledged. The collapse is apparently going down with the entire edifice that was cemented into being by the Treaty of Westphalia. Let us note that the northern Rhine region and Westphalia is located in the approximate area of Brussels , the seat of dictatorship of the centralized European Union, is to be found.

The relevance of religious differences was ended by a secular power play, and the elimination of spiritual differences in interpretation of religion (as perceived by the rich and poor, which emerged from the institution of the fur tax that led to so-called ‘modern’ government). The differences were left unresolved in favor of techno- bureau-cratic solutions. The most relevant ‘religious’ issue left unresolved was the cause of the schism of the 12th century that created the artifices of the East and the West, which were and continue to be the causes of a religious war sub rosa or in secret.

This is why the monstrous spiritual campaigns of revenge by Stalin against religion and Pol Pot’s government of death in Cambodia against a westernized consumer class, but showed a palmed knife. These monstrous events of revenge have by no means come to an end. I was reminded of the possibilities of violence when this morning (28.09.14), I read about the student riots in Hong Kong. While the West advertises these riots as events for ‘democracy’, anyone who sees the students as a manifestation of a cultural and consumer type of ebola virus, sees them as potential victims of another slaughter a la Tian Min  , then and now Western inspired provocations.

Which is not to say that I support the present Chinese government, because it (and Russia) fails to recognize and admit that it has joined the West in exploiting humankind by repressing it, depleting its natural environment, the wood, by continuing to tax an unwitting city-zenry. The French philosopher Paul Virilio (“Pure War”, The MIT Press, p. 103 ff) is on mark when he sees contemporary governments as endo-colonial (the State as destiny), or as I would call them—Endoparasites.

Because globalization is not fully realized, Western corporatist forces (major benefactors of the Westphalian Peace Treaty) are organizing themselves for a Crusade against such powers as they consider their opposition. Among these, Russia, China, India, and Brazil play a major role and are counter organizing, but not as entities of a different religion or perception of the role o humankind, but as twins of the West. This makes for the same error committed by Lenin and Stalin when they failed to reinvigorate a repressed and dismissed Christianity of the East in favor of accepting the interpretation of a Christianity West. Hence, their identification of humankind with the industrial worker, rather than with a semi autonomous humankind living in the wood and practicing an autarchic form of economy based on gardening and nonviolent exploitation of the ‘gifts of the wood’.

This is why this writer believes that a reanalysis of history is of the greatest importance if the “peacemeal” WW3 is not to repeat the mistakes of WW1 & 2.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

EC 422/ God’s War
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The tree behind me is a wild apple tree. A metre above ground its streight trunk is 61 cm wide. I guess it grew in this same place in 1729, when my forebears, the Herrnhuters (now the Moravian Church) from Dresden moved to Latvia and discovered and created the Latvian people as a brotherly (friends) congregation. Currently the tree is suffering from gross neglect, its lower branches, due to their great age and weight, have been torn from the trunk by storms and winter snows.
The following post from a few years back. It tells of my continuous interest in the altered history of the world. Altering histsory is not only something that is ‘performed’ by the West and world secular powers, but is also the way of the current government of Latvia, which for 24 years (since the renewal of ‘independence’ in 1990) has done its best to ignore the history of the region, which in fact has more in common with Catalonia and Occitania  than Latvia of the 20th or 21st centuries. I maintain that the long eliminated Cathars (Kheceri in Latvian) had established a branch in Livonia of the 12th century. This branch was destroyed by a Crusade led by Catholic bishop Albert from Bremen along with Albigensian Crusade in 1209. Not surprisingly the repression of religion and history in Latvia continues under the catholic theology obsessed Lutheran Church of Latvia. I will devote the next blog to the GREAT REPRESSION of religion by secular governments and their pseudo religious allies that followed the ‘peace’ treaty of Westphalia . Incidentally, the reason why Russians began to make pilgrimages to Jerusalem in 1829 is because Napoleon had by that time changed the name of Byzantium to Jerusalem, and removed the city from the the Straight of Bosphorus to Palestine.

Monday, January 12, 2009


The following are posts to Truthdig sent in the last few days.

Philip Stephens, Financial Times, January 8 2009: Israel will never turn armed might into strategic security. If need be, it could win a war against all its enemies combined. But if it wants peace it must face the decision it has avoided for 40 years: withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories. Military victories and land grabs are futile. Security will come only with political resolution. ...................................
Stephens fully reflects my opinion. I would only add that Jerusalem, too, must be shared with the Palestinians. However, there stands a huge obstacle in the way of compelling Israel to give in to world opinion. 1) That world opinion is all emotion; 2) both it and its leaders do not know the history of how their world came about.
As most of the posts at this site illustrate, Americans are woefully uninformed about the history of the world. Even if most posters here do not agree with my taking Anatoly Fomenko’s view, one cannot get away with Biblical myth as history. As long as the ladies and gentlemen at this site believe that Biblical myths reflects the history of Israel, they are on the side of Israel.
Yes, I know, the Arabs, and Christian Orthodox, and others have bought into the ecclesiastical chronology of history as set in place by the Catholic Church in the 16th century. All the same, it is impossible for there to be peace until the unstated policies of the West--i.e., to control the economical and political future of our planet--are shown up to be anything but raw power play. That is what the myths support, and therewith MF us.

ALL our foreign politics are geared toward control of the Earth by the West. That is why so few speak up for Gaza or the Palestinians: they fear demolishing a false myth. …………………………………………………………………..
Why are we so indifferent to the death and destruction in Gaza?--The headline question by Robert Sheer.
Who here addresses the question? I have tried to argue that the answer is to be sought in a false history that is threatened to be revealed if the "real" answer were to be sought. The answer has obviously to do with digging up the real history of the West. That real history involves the West changing history and using the false story as a weapon against the East. The answer is as simple and complicated as that.

Israel currently serves the interests of the West. Gaza is the corner where the Palestinians have been driven into, and when their slaughter calls forth desperate measures as we see Hamas take, we call them barbarians.

Of course, the only real weapon the Palestinians have is non-violent direct resistance by way of self-sacrificial acts in public places. Unfortunately, this tactic due to the zeitgeist of violence was not considered and may be too late now to implement. It takes great courage to do and to organize such a thing. But it ought to be tried nevertheless. It might change the East and give it the moral upper hand again.
In previous posts, I suggested that the key to Middle East violence must be looked for in the use the West makes of history as a tool of war. That is to say, the West changes history and then imposes its interpretation on the rest of the world. The West does the same with words. For example:
Yaroslaw = Jerusalem;
Yaro in Russian = the spring;
Slawa in Russian = honor
Thus Yaroslav = Jerusalem = Spring of Honor
Those who are curious might want to use their Search buttons and see why in 1829 so many Russians made pilgrimages to the City of Honor and why before this date no one made pilgrimages to Jerusalem .
Eso Benjamins

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

EC 421/ God’s War
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Are We Voting for God, ‘IS’, or Huckleberry?
For all I know, God may not be any more honest than a politician. Even so, if I had to vote for one or the other, I would drop my vote in the box that had ‘God’ written on it—even though I know that a written word means nothing by itself, and that turning the vote box upside down (if the voting officials permitted me to do so) and shaking out the last particle of paper dust brought up nothing more than that.

In short, God is but an empty space that is confirmed as real by the experience and necessity of life, which is of a passing effervescence in a sequence that goes “Poof!” the moment its moment is over.

The worst of the disappointment of not finding God to be brick solid is that the driveway in my backyard is made of quite a few hundred bricks that I could never bring myself to call ‘God’ lest these bribed me by turning into gold, which they refuse to do no matter how many times I sacrifice the life of a snail by inadvertently stepping on or driving my car  over.

Ultimately then, the proof of God is in the experience of life, of living through that experience from its inception to death, and discovering that life is ‘better’ if one goes through it as if unafraid and does what one can to be loving toward it.

What do I mean by “the experience of life”? It depends. For many of us ‘experience’ is a synonym of ‘being’, just being, sitting as it where and twiddling our thumbs. For others ‘being’ means rushing about setting up a corporation known as Alib Baba. For the physicist Brian Cox it means ‘multiverse’: In the words of BBC:

In a famous thought experiment devised by the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger, a cat sealed inside a box can be both alive and dead at the same time. Or any combination of different probabilities of being both dead and alive.

Let us note that whether the cat is dead or alive it is ‘being’experienced through the immediacy of words, which play the role of the paper dust found in the box turned upside down as I am looking to find God in the voting box mentioned in the first paragraph above.

The mediation of words also makes us realize that the word ‘cat’ is interchangeable with the word ‘God’. This makes the alive aor dead cat part of a multiverse. Which brings up another question: when I put my vote in the voting box, is my vote for ‘cat’ or ‘God’? Again, if we turn the box upside down and shake it out, the vote it made real by the response that you and I make.

This morning I opened my computer to the news that the U.S. military on the basis of the ‘sovereign’ authority of Huckleberry Obama (see EC 418) has made airstrikes in Syria . Huckleberry’s ‘sovereign’ authority breaks international law, which stands for international consensus with regard to the behavior of nation states. While there are few states that can oppose Huckleberry’s  will, two states, Russia and China, surely can. Indeed, Russia’s Hector, aka Putin, has publicly stated that Huckleberry ought not make such strikes in Syria without the express agreement of the Syrian President Assad who Hector supports.

Even as I am sitting at this moment, writing, I am also in my mind’s eye  shaking a box  and asking a question: Will Hector agree that what falls out of the box is Huckleberry’s cat? Or is it Hectors bear?

If it is Hector’s bear, I bet it will be in the shape of a baseball sized mini nuke (see EC 420) explosively sodomizing men, women, children, and an assortment of sheep the world over. Or are Huckleberry and Hector both only fooling?

Will God stand idly by as man continues to sodomize man? 

Monday, September 22, 2014

EC 420 / God’s War
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Was IT ‘IT’ or Was ‘IT’ Not?

The explosion reported to have occurred at a military plant in Southeast Ukraine is of more than passing interest for a number of reasons. The first reason is the obvious question: Was it caused by a nuclear device as Ukraine claims ?

The second question is whether Gordon Duff at the following link is telling the truth (I assume he does) about micro nuclear devices.

The third question (now become a deduction) is whether nukes may be buried under targets that are of military and geopolitical interest, or are placed there an act of diplomacy by other means. If hydrogen micro nukes (the size of golf balls and baseballs) are possible, then surely such ‘devices’ have been placed by the hundreds if not thousands all around the world by numerous governments. In that case, all the military airplanes flying near our borders are but public relation devices, lethal flying sperms, aimed to influence a public left swimming in the amniotic fluid of ignorance. President Obama’s compulsion with golf may, thus, be an emasculated commander’s attempt to absolve himself of failure by playing during a catastrophic event a silly and meaningless game.

At the time I wrote EC 317, my guess was that Russia’s Putin would pursue a more aggressive strategy vis à vis NATO aggression and secure for Russia a check mate early in the game. Apparently, my calculation was off, as President Putin has played a drawn out game, one that takes advantage of NATO probes. As the West’s “drang nach Osten” was encouraged to take on a progressively aggressive character, Putin began to play tit for tat. As NATO scouts penetrated into the folds of Russian lands, Russia reacted by slapping its thighs in an ever more provocative manner Come on, baby! As Lithuania, Poland, and the Ukraine in full sight of he naivite of their people begin to unify their military units, we hear KA-BOOM! inviting the West to come and ‘Slap my cunt with your balls’. No, this time, dear, Nato, we are not yet taking out Lvov, but next time we may.

Of course, the West and Nato do not sleep, but are placing nukes of their own all over the place. This ‘secret’ was leaked when Yulia Tymoshenko, imitating the bravado of Hillary Clinton (“We came, we saw, he died” ) was inspired to suggest that 8 million Ukrainian Russians should be (and probably can be) nuked.

Be that as it may, ‘God’s War’ moves on relentlessly. That is what a War against God is about. As Huckleberry Obama has so aptly stated , “ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs,” and ‘only the immature have the right to build a sivilized sivilizatio by “surrendering to an all powerful sovereign”’, which sentence may pass for either God’s 1st or secular government’s 12th Commandment .

It is not that Norman Mailer’s novels (as per above link) dramatize the terror of our disintegrating identity, but that the writer tells America that its politicians sit their asses onto a sodomizing machine  and then inspired by the experience pass it on to proxy fighters who sodomize whoever Americans believe to be their enemies by.
But neither Putin nor Russia will be sodomized by the U.S. or its proxy governments of Eastern Europe, whether the act is through gentle massage by a vibrator that corrupts or a nuclear suppository that explodes. As we see, munitions and demolition experts do not sleep. Experiments go on in such distant places as Dubai There is no shortage of would be proxies who—infiltrated and corrupted by foreign secret services—will for the money do anything to betray themselves and their own.

If U.S. Bellerophon, aka Full of Himself, is holding the reins and calling ‘c’mon!’ will Pegasus, the spirit of poetry, not jump me and not force my rectum to enjoy its cock? It’s likely to get a Pulitzer Prize for trying.

Friday, September 19, 2014

EC 419 / God’s War
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IT Absents Itself from ITS War

As the following clip proves, the archbishop of Canterbury has doubts about the existence of God and speaks about it from the pulpit . While such doubts are not a disaster for God, it appears that it should be a disaster for my theory that the undeclared war currently being fought in Ukraine is “God’s War”.

Justin Welby decided to become a priest, which is to say, he decided to interject himself between you and me and God after the death of his daughter in a car accident. I can appreciate the trauma which the man experienced at the time, yet over a time, it appears that the trauma has lost its sting and Welby’s daughter has lost her bodily form.

Yet for those of us who are not iconoclasts and who do not leave their loved ones to evaporate into the thinnest of mists, but hold on to their reality even when they are no longer present, the icon remains a reality of ‘It’. As I wrote in blog 417, Leo of Chalcedon, too, failed in his defense of the icon and left the iconoclasts claim victory, because he failed to claim for himself “…such bodily form as Grecian goldsmiths make of hammered gold and gold enameling ” (W.B. Yeats). In effect, he failed in nerve it takes to become an “…artifice of eternity” and sing from a golden bough “…to lords and ladies of Byzantium of what is past, or passing, or to come.” Archbishop Welby is but the latest incarnation of such a failure, even though being of a Catholic form of Christianity such self-iconoclasm comes naturally of the doctrine he subscribes to.

The paradox of self-denial is that it leaves reality to assert itself through the ‘insubstantiality’ of the word. Archbishop Welby’s word—in spite of the assertion of John 1:1 that ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God….’, the assertion does not assert that God IS Word. Welby ducks the waters of the IS of baptism like a duck that shakes its tail after a swim. He does such ducking on the authority of the priests who have gone before him, and who, when all is said and done, genuflect before the priesthood of secular authority which subscribes to taxation and vests eternity in finite life that impresses itself by being able to build rockets to the moon. A nice sandbox we have!

Thus, while the war in Ukraine at this time signals the opening shot of God’s War, it is at the same time a wholly human war. What drives it is the unholy history of longue durée that has taken a seat not in the mind of God, but in the mind of a Catholic government owned by a collective of oligarchs, formerly known as lords, princes, or boyars, wealthy enough to have themselves daily deodorized by an incense burning chalice.

By labyrinthine paths and a socialist hiatus two hundred years long, the latter meant to support life among cities built of concrete, the Holy City of Byzantium lies sunk to the bottom of the sea. There are at this time few such that would come and raise the Holy City.

The call to doubt God by the Archbishop of Canterbury is a call to further the doubt among those of us who have been mesmerized by the teaching of the floating empty Word, the fish turned into a beautiful girl “Who called me by my name and ran and faded through the brightening air.... (W.B. Yeats).

Though the war is bloody and kills more innocents than men at arms, I declare it with sentiments no less traumatized than those of the poet, when he wrote that he as much as I

…will find out where she has gone, / And kiss her lips and take her hands; / And walk among long dappled grass, / And pluck till time and times are done, / The silver apples of the moon, / The golden apples of the sun.

Not least: I doubt that either Mr. Welby, or Pope Francis, or the Patriarch of Moscow Kirill will ever be among those who will march with anyone of us to stop the war their words bring.




Wednesday, September 17, 2014

EC 418 / God’s War
© Eso A.B.

Huckleberry Obama Goes to War As the link (thanks to and the NYT article points out, the nature of American adulthood has for some time been like that of an adolescent. While some adolescents are of exceptional intelligence, the majority in our days have little education, are ever immature in their behavior, have exaggerated expectations of who knows what, and have little or no survival skills.

It is this adolescent who represents the average employee at the National Security Agency (NSA) who listens and looks into our communications and gets his rocks off if he finds a naked photo of us—preferably taking a selfie. It is the same young adult who pilots the drones that fly over the heads of ‘terrorists’ in Afghanistan, Iraq, and perhaps over the home of anyone of us, and is happy to earn his keep as a killer. It is the same young man who dreams of making money by not working, but by financial speculation. The same is present in the figure of POTUS, as he, not in the least a credible ‘commander-in-chief’,  protects America from ‘terrorists’ .

While the focus on the nature of American adulthood is a recent phenomenon, the characteristics of the immature commander in chief are not. It goes as far back as the introduction of ‘democracy’ in Greek cities, a political system that replaced government by elders with glib orators, beginning with such as Pericles, praised by the historian Thucydides, and by no means ending with Hitler The immature commander in chief is present in the murderous Greek warrior Alexander ‘the Great’, not to mention the post-teen-aged soldiers, who make up the bulk of the military of our time.

As per Thierry Meyssan’s explanation , the current President of the United States is a post-9/11-coup-d’état president. Obama was chosen by the Bilderbergers precisely because he was not born in America, and is easily confused as being American-born by the racially discriminated segment of the American population and the indiscriminate, uncritical and immature consumerist population at large. The military take-over of America, foreseen as a necessity that ensures "continuity of government" in the event of a nuclear war, was prematurely and deliberately activated on 9/11 to capture America for the private banking interests of the ‘new princes’, the oligarchs, who, among other things, collectively own (since 1913) the Federal Reserve of the U.S., and who are the paymasters of the military . As US-Israeli citizen, Edward Luttwak in his book “Coup d’État. A Practical Handbook” explains, a good coup is one of which nobody is conscious because it keeps in power the same individuals, but imposes a new policy. As a Bilderberger implant in the American body politic Huckleberry Obama explains the Bilderberger policies become his own: .

Needless to say, the U.S. is not the only place where a coup has been imposed with but few conscious of it. The same was accomplished in my country Latvia, a post-Soviet Baltic state, with a number of no-time-to-waste on reflection on policies, the latest instance when its currency was switched from the lats to the euro. This move was executed without a Constitution mandated Referendum, and effectively surrendered the country’s sovereignty to the European Union. Since the surrender, the skies of Latvia are crisscrossed by NATO fighter planes, foreign boots, armored vehicles on uncalled for military maneuvers, and an impoverished country is prepared to further sacrifice its health and wealth for military arms. Not surprisingly, no voice of opposition is heard.
The worst offence of juvenile America, out on another Huckleberry adventure, however, is the reopening of the Crusades in Ukraine. While on the surface of it, a declaration of indirect war on ‘orthodox’ Russia is ridiculous, the ridiculous makes sense if we begin to understand that the words of Obama “…when individuals surrender their rights to an all powerful sovereign” are meant to inform us that the “all powerful sovereign”, POTUS, and the military that has put him in power, have decided to implement the goals of America’s Exceptionalist Empire by risking the use of nuclear weapons.

The mature individuals who are left and do not wish to surrender to a devious Hukleberry Obama out to belittle them have little choice but to express their disagreement in taking on a public death and hope it will result in an earthquake.

Monday, September 15, 2014

EC 417 / God’s War
© Eso A.B.

WW3 ‘Piecemeal’

The Pope believes that WWIII may already have begun ‘piecemeal’. I surely agree with the man. However, I believe that Francis left out many relevant facts.

The Russian Revolution was largely led by the Bolsheviks headed by Lenin.

The Bolsheviks were made up of the working (factory) classes, whom the Bolsheviks identified as ‘narod’, i.e. people. However, what the Bolsheviks forgot was that ‘narod’ is actually a word composed of two parts, re na + rod. We my read ‘na’ as being an equivalent of the English ‘the’, while ‘rod’ is a modernized adaptation of the word ‘lud’, which is an ancient form of the word for ‘people’. From the latter we derive such words as ‘Luddites’ the unhappy workers of English clothing mills, whose professionalism was being replaced by milling machines; the German word for people is ‘Leute’; the Latin name for religious, later sacrilegious entertainment, is ‘Ludi’; the Russian name ‘narod’ derives from ‘nalud’; and such names as King Ludwig, once meant ‘King of the Ludi’ or People. Indeed, Jesus himself is said to have been King of the Ludi, not King of Iudi. In Russia, its post-Byzantine royalty tried to link its descent from the Viking clan known as the Ruriks, once likely known as Rudis (rust haired people), also derived from the original Ludi.

The pronunciation changed from the consonant L to R, when L became identified with the Lower classes, the people of the wood who, when the woods were depleted of animal life by the fur tax, were chased out of by the Royal class and turned into grain producing peasants on deforested and deserted land, where they could be taxed as high as 50% and more of what they produced. At a later date yet, the Ludis, aka Luddites, were forced to become ‘narodniks’, exploited factory workers. The same name has a distant echo in the German word ‘Arbeiter’ (worker), a word that may have evolved from _Lueiter, whence post-Catholic Catholic Martin Luther derives his name.

My digression may be excused as it clarifies the often ignored fact that while the Bolsheviks army fought the ‘White’ army led by western supported General Kolchak , the peasantry throughout the former Russian Empire took the opportunity created by chaos and redistributed land according to their sense of fair and just play.

This sense of justice among the peasantry was not known to Lenin and Stalin, because the derivation of ‘narod’ from ‘nalud’ had been suppressed through a number of centuries, the beginnings of which may be traced to the execution of St. John Basil in 12th century Byzantine Empire (see EC414) and subsequent papered over with the creation of neo-Christianity, which rose to power as a result of the exclusion from the Bible of the 11th Commandment: Thou shall not impose between man and God any taxes.

Though Pope Francis’ observation that WW3 has begun ‘piecemeal’ is perceptive, he fails to mention (or deliberately forgets) that the origin of this WAR is a consequence of his predecessor Pope Urban II establishing the primacy of the Western Church over that of the East , and which primacy the East confirmed as recently as 2007. In retrospect, it ought to be clear that the opposition of Bishop Leo of Chalcedon to the imposition of such a ‘primacy’ was on mark.

While Bishop Leo argued that the government of Byzantium (to wage its wars) had committed sacrilege when it melted down sacred objects, because these were for the adoration of Christians, he failed to observe that the incarnation he was arguing on behalf of, is confirmed only through the self-sacrifice of the worshipper. Failing to confirm his opposition with a self-sacrificial act, Leo was forced to back down, in effect surrendered Christianity to iconoclasts.

Such iconoclasty continues in the voice of Pope Francis and Russian bishops, not least among which is the Patriarch of Moscow Kirill' . As Kirill was elected to his office only in 2009, two years after the Russian Orthodox Church renewed its acceptance of the authority of Rome, he may, in the name of the Ludi, still elect to reject it. However, as of this moment none of said ‘personages’ show any intention of surrendering their frocks for the common garb of the na-Ludi and joining those who oppose those who lead us to WW3 ‘piecemeal’ by going out in the street.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

EC 416 / God’s War
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The Rue of Runes

The tenets of proto-Christianity are embedded in ancient languages. So-called ‘holy scriptures’, which when all is said and done are sentimental stories, created out of stories of murder by a people forced to look on their sufferings in hindsight. The stories are not only sentimental, but as we see from the New Testament, have been written by a priesthood acting as an agent on behalf of taxation as if taxation were a God given law of nature.

Even so, there are to this day communities of Christians who reject any middle-man or -woman between them and God. While listening and taking in teachings of their predecessors and contemporaries, for these Christians the essence of spiritual experience is their own experience of God—no one shall stand between them and the Great Other.

However, with the arrival of written language, the word—unbeknownst to the people of the wood—underwent a great change: it became an object, a lie, which stood between one’s inner experience and the surround. Though the letter, the rune was at first perceived as magical, a gift from the world of the spirit, it soon changed its nature. This is why the story that was first perceived as a gift soon became a curse. As the story about the tablets of Moses proves, the letter, the story, the commandments, which were at first imagined as gifts from God, soon became two stories. One was a story about broken tablets told by the shamans, the other a story was of commandments told by Moses, who through the graces of powerful boyars became the unelected middleman of the ludi. Even the word ‘ludi’, meaning people, was changed to ‘yudi’, aka jude or jew, whereby—as we should know—lies a tale of exclusion of early Christianity from an elitist definition of humanity.

The materialists, or boyars, or ‘people of the court’—surely there were such even at an early time—presumed to differ from the people of the wood. They broke the tablets of Moses and wrote their own story—leaving out the eleventh commandment: Thou shall not tax and put government between the people and God. Instead, the cynics wrote not only a shorter version of the basic laws for the community, but after killing the opposition, wrote a story that incorporates taxation as an element instituted by a God stuffed into the skin of man.

For this very reason the war in Ukraine today is also a war to discredit the written word. I have already quoted (blog EC414) Paul Verilio, who describes our time as an “…’information war’ [which has—EAB] revealed itself for what it was: a war against history, an attempt to destroy our origins.” In short, we live at a time in which truth is not respected, but toyed with by governments, politicians, and the military in a game known as ‘information war’.

Of course, neither Verilio nor I are the only ones to perceive that the elites of our day are deliberately separating information into two parcels: one for the people at large, the other for their own inner circle. Anyone who cares to observe can see this in the stream of our daily news.

While the ‘information war’ heretofore was of one piece, because it was under the control of the West (which was presumed to represent the word of God imbedded in its earthly representative), re: secular government as represented by the ‘democratic’ government of the United States of America, the decision by that government to declare the people, the ludi, to be always under suspicion of being ‘terrorists’,  has divided ‘the West’ into two camps: the East and the West. I.e.: W=(E+W/2)=E+W=Ω.

The East perceives itself to be part of the ideology of the West still. The countries composing the ‘East’ within the ‘West’ are Russia, China, India, Brazil, and South Africa, aka the BRICS. The question is: For how long?  How long before this Glob(e) of One divides into Two?

This is where I see coming into play a renewed interest and reexamination of the history of the West. After all, the falsification of history is occurring right under our noses, what with the 9/11 WTC event a yet to be proved nuclear device event ; the Iraq war--an attack on a sovereign country because it had no nuclear devices but was conveniently presumed to have such ; and the current U.S. instigated coup d'état and war in the Ukraine, because the West wishes to secure its lying existence with the veto power of a threat of nuclear war .

My bet is that the history of the origins of our civilization will become known soon.

EC 415 / God’s War
© Eso A.B.
When There is No Hope Left
there is hope left in war. Today such a war is going on in Ukraine.
Because I have mentioned such words as ‘proto-Christianity’, ‘early Christianity’ and words of like meaning (as the naming of the present series as “God’s War”), I owe the reader a few explanations of what I mean, even though the context of my blogs ought to have made such explanations redundant. To begin,
I believe that humankind is a creature of the wood. Humankind began in the wood, it lived for millions of years in the wood, and we are destined—after enduring endless agonies—to escape the deserts of the cities and return to the wood. If you will, the wood is the real home of libertarians (lovers of freedom), because it is the only place where libertarianism is practiced.
Today we have become mostly a population of urban dwellers and believe that as such we are destined to travel to the Moon or Mars and establish more cities there. We believe that the Industrial Revolution which began about the year 1800, while undoubtedly a painful experience for most human beings who did not have roots in some form of privileged class, the breach birth (emerging from the womb feet first) was, nevertheless, a birth trauma that was inevitable and A REVOLUTION to be forever spelled all caps.
This writer considers himself fortunate for having been privileged to start out in life by having been born in a wealthy family, experienced death and separation of and from loved ones, depravations both material and spiritual, yet endured decades of life in relative comfort in a society glorifying itself and promoting ‘mass individualism’. Today at the end of a life that has lasted for eight decades, I find myself living by choice among humans forced to perceive themselves as living a near ‘naked’ existence over against a government elite that preaches ‘westernism’, exploits the wood, and presumes capital accumulation as one of life’s primary functions. In other words, I live under a government, which in someone’s words is little but a group of bandits marauding all over the landscape under a flag.
For all of the presumption of ‘achievement’ such cultures of marauders riding under a flag believe themselves to be heirs to and bedazzle themselves by pointing to whole deforested and urbanized continents,  it is no less mind boggling to see that the ‘achievement’ has been at the expense of exhausting our planets resources (built up over many millions of years) in only two hundred years.
Thus, when I write about proto-Christianity, what I have in mind is essentially a libertarian society living in the wood and sharing life with all the other life forms that live in the wood. This form of life cannot possibly imagine working in a factory in urban England as a hand at a conveyor belt to which one hangs chickens by their legs, and at the end of the day hears claim over 60,000 birds slaughtered.
The only place where such woods exist today as I have in mind are to be found in the Amazon, Alaska, Siberia , and a few other areas of our planet. The rarity of such woods and their distance from major cities is reason why we no longer can imagine living a life there. Yet, just because today we have been alienated from the wood, and the reindeer (and buffalo) herds became victims to a tax crazed sociopathic culture, does not mean that Earth cannot regenerate itself. And in that process regenerate a degenerate global scale civilization which has brought us government wreaked terror for over a thousand years.
The tenets of proto-Christianity are embedded in ancient languages, not so-called ‘holy scriptures’, which when all is said and done are sentimental stories, created out of stories of murder by a people forced to look on their past in hindsight. Thus, stories are not only tinged with nostalgia, but are sentimental, written by a priesthood acting as agent on behalf of taxation to make it seem as if it was part of a God given order of nature.
The corruption of native languages by urban and print oriented civilization is as callous of the spirit moving oral languages as that of the murder of people by the rockets of our governments. One example is my own native language—Latvian. The unique spiritual aspect of the Latvian language (one that imparts life in every animate and inanimate thing) is the endearing word. Yet in the urban environment of our time, the urban Latvians have no use for this feature of my language. In short, the Latvian language as it is today is a relic of what it once was.