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EC 414 / God’s War
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President Putin’s Long Tail
As I wrote in an earlier blog (EC 389ff) of this series, the fault with Russia is not because the aggressions of the U.S. and its lackeys at NATO have put it on the defensive, but because it refuses to acknowledge its humiliation at the hands of the Byzantine Emperor Alexis I and/or the orthodox Patriarch Nicholas III.
While I have stuck with the version of Anna Comnena’s story of events in Byzantium, there are interpretations that argue that the one who condemned John Basil (aka Basil the Physician ) to death was not Alexis I (who but executed him), but the orthodox Patriarch Nicholas III of Constantinople , the very man who accepted the Western version of Christianity and the primacy of the Western Pope.
As the aim in these blogs is not to give a precise description of past events, but a general outline only, it is entirely possible that it was Nicholas III, aka Grammaticus (aka Annas or Caiaphas, re John 18:19, 22), who the New Testament portrays as the ‘high priest’ who condemns John Basil (possibly John the Baptist) to the authorities.
As a number of links describe Alexius I as a ‘hunter’, who in that capacity captures John Basil, a major opponent of taxation through collection of reindeer furs, resulted in civil unrest between the local populace and the ‘Normans’. The unrest occurred in situ, i.e., the region of Byzantium, before these grew to such a scale as forced the Franks to flee from Byzantium to what we know as the Benelux countries today.
Apparently Patriarch Nicholas III favored the institution of taxation as a permanent feature of government. This not only created a schism between primal Christendom and those who rebelled against taxation (the latter primarily among the predecessors of Islam). The failure of the rebels to rid themselves of the Patriarch created a near  permanent division between what we know today as the East and the West. It is the failure of native Christians, to rid themselves from him that caused Nicholas III—in order to save himself—to seek union with Pope Urban II, an event resulting in the betrayal of the nature of humankind.
Such is the ‘tail’ that Russia, a presumptuous guardian of a falsified  ‘faith’ drags behind it .
Though the 17th century tyrannical reforms by Patriarch Nikon of Moscow may to a degree (a la history longue durée) be confused with those of the tyrant Patriarch Nicholas III of 11th century Byzantium, both Patriarchs effectively surrendered the social order of the people of the wood and East to the order of the urban desert people of the West.
The betrayal by the high priests of the orthodox Church of the ludi or people of the East, not to mention the offshoot of primal Christendom, re Islam, is what started what we know today as information wars (aka INFOWAR), that is, misrepresentation of history for as long as a thousand years.
Since the so-called Norman-Byzantine war never really ended, but have returned to haunt us with renewed vengeance in Ukraine, it ought to be in the interest of humankind to reexamine its past. At least this writer hopes, that such a reexamination will point out that the result of the victory by the West was but the short-term creation of a civilization that has largely assumed the role of a vampire with a wingspan that covers our globe. The same vampire is not only sucking up all the natural resources of planet Earth, but as the French analyst Paul Virilio writes (City of Panic, Bert 2007, p 44):
“And so, after the sacking of Mespotamian memory [with the U.S. military studiously looking the other way] and the pillaging of the treasuries of Summer, this ‘information war’ revealed[s] itself for what it was[is]: a war against history, an attempt to destroy our origins…. A preventive war against this ‘immemorial’ memory that just wont go away… for those who pretend to rule …the present…[with] the ubiquity and instantaneity of the real time of telecommunications.”
Though Russia’s President Putin is not to be blamed for the aggressiveness of the West and can only sympathize with the need of Russia to resist it, one hopes that he is sufficiently informed about the real dimension of infowars and that continuing to mute the underlying issues (do we live in a green world or a grey one?) continues the consolidation of the rule of God under the rule of Man until the Sun no longer rises.

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