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EC 423/ God’s War
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I am thinking of the Westphalian Peace Treaty (1648) .

While the Treaty of Westphalia allegedly ended a series of religious wars in Western Europe extending over more than a hundred years, it put the authority of secularism over that of religion, and emasculated religion in the West utterly, It also froze a nascent civilization of false flag histories into a seemingly permanent structure.

As a consequence not only the West, but the East, which the West had brought to its knees [during the First Crusade (aka the Fourth) against the holy city of Byzantium in 1204], became the foundation stones for a rootless civilization built on a foundation of a conglomeration of pseudo histories that are with us to this day.

As an example, there is not a single entry on Wikipedia regarding the First (aka the Fourth) Crusade that knows what it is talking about. All entries are by brainwashed catholicized and globalized cheese makers who claim themselves to be ‘historians’.

It is not that conflicts fought over religious faith were ended by the Westphalian Peace Treaty. That Peace Treaty was in fact called for by a citified class of elites, a class largely responsible for bringing the Bubonic Plague to Europe, during the 14th century, by turning the wood into cities  after destroying the ludis of the wood by imposing on them by means of violence the fur tax in the 12th and 13th centuries. This tax became the very foundation of our tax based era.

Fortunately the Industrial era is collapsing—though this is not yet generally acknowledged. The collapse is apparently going down with the entire edifice that was cemented into being by the Treaty of Westphalia. Let us note that the northern Rhine region and Westphalia is located in the approximate area of Brussels , the seat of dictatorship of the centralized European Union, is to be found.

The relevance of religious differences was ended by a secular power play, and the elimination of spiritual differences in interpretation of religion (as perceived by the rich and poor, which emerged from the institution of the fur tax that led to so-called ‘modern’ government). The differences were left unresolved in favor of techno- bureau-cratic solutions. The most relevant ‘religious’ issue left unresolved was the cause of the schism of the 12th century that created the artifices of the East and the West, which were and continue to be the causes of a religious war sub rosa or in secret.

This is why the monstrous spiritual campaigns of revenge by Stalin against religion and Pol Pot’s government of death in Cambodia against a westernized consumer class, but showed a palmed knife. These monstrous events of revenge have by no means come to an end. I was reminded of the possibilities of violence when this morning (28.09.14), I read about the student riots in Hong Kong. While the West advertises these riots as events for ‘democracy’, anyone who sees the students as a manifestation of a cultural and consumer type of ebola virus, sees them as potential victims of another slaughter a la Tian Min  , then and now Western inspired provocations.

Which is not to say that I support the present Chinese government, because it (and Russia) fails to recognize and admit that it has joined the West in exploiting humankind by repressing it, depleting its natural environment, the wood, by continuing to tax an unwitting city-zenry. The French philosopher Paul Virilio (“Pure War”, The MIT Press, p. 103 ff) is on mark when he sees contemporary governments as endo-colonial (the State as destiny), or as I would call them—Endoparasites.

Because globalization is not fully realized, Western corporatist forces (major benefactors of the Westphalian Peace Treaty) are organizing themselves for a Crusade against such powers as they consider their opposition. Among these, Russia, China, India, and Brazil play a major role and are counter organizing, but not as entities of a different religion or perception of the role o humankind, but as twins of the West. This makes for the same error committed by Lenin and Stalin when they failed to reinvigorate a repressed and dismissed Christianity of the East in favor of accepting the interpretation of a Christianity West. Hence, their identification of humankind with the industrial worker, rather than with a semi autonomous humankind living in the wood and practicing an autarchic form of economy based on gardening and nonviolent exploitation of the ‘gifts of the wood’.

This is why this writer believes that a reanalysis of history is of the greatest importance if the “peacemeal” WW3 is not to repeat the mistakes of WW1 & 2.

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