Monday, September 1, 2014

EC 410 / God’s War
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Recovering from Cannibalism

The Westphalian Peace Treaty effectively killed the history of religion in the West by substituting it with a pseudo history of same, re: the story of Bethlehem, the story of Easter, the story of being fed to the lions, etc.

Along with such romanticized creations, the history of the origins of early Christianity, too, is now being subjected to the dust bin. The Catholic Inquisition, which humiliated early Christians with torture so they could hear themselves scream, was but a forerunner to a Catholic priesthood, which replaced by and abandoned by the priests of Wall Street, for some time now has turned to the practice of pedophilia as proof of its persuasive powers vis a vis the innocent .

Pseudo history has turned the world upside down, as they say, and made its victims, both, early and late Christianity, impotent entities.

This writer has no difficulty in accepting the neo-Christian version of Christianity if the latter makes a full confession of its belatedly rediscovered real history, edits tax collectors out of the New Testament, and honors the Christians it destroyed. If this is not done, I will not be surprised if Islam replaces the present Christian institutions, and churches are rebuilt into pseudo-mosques as in the early days of neo-Christianity, it destroyed the sacred sites in the wood of so many native Christianities—those of my own people (the Latvians) including—and built on the site a pseudo-church.

The problems created by lies of many centuries duration are profound and difficult to solve. One example is provided by Judaism, which suffers like Islam from a secular branch known as Zionism making out like the kuku bird in the nest of the true faithful , where even the kuku’s hatchlings intimidate and dispossess the true owners with sharp and pushy nails. Other kukus are the so-called Islamic terrorists who glory in militarism and cruelty toward their victims, as their very opposite—the cologned and peace spewing Christian priests who walk to greet us over a well kept Persian rug, and excuse ‘just wars’ by means of peace through deterrence (thank God for the nuclear bomb!).

The logic of these perversions has been rehearsed over and over again for a long time until John and Jane Q. Public (the ludis of our time) acquire the well deserved reputation of  dumb f**ks and c**ts and the state run by oligarchs and their globalization schemes, for lack of alternatives, become a shoe in.

Those living in the West are literally left with the choice faced by the Aztec God Nanauatzin: whether to jump into the pit of fire made by one’s own or escape into the night where the Sun, turned charcoal black (?black hole), lies on a bed of black sheets for a lack of an offering of human courage and life.

When I think of ‘those’, it includes me as well.

Just a few days ago, after drinking a cup of tea made from the head of a dried, powdered and well seeped Amanita muscaria mushroom, I had a dream in which I saw myself returning from a movie house.

Strangely enough, what I remembered of the ‘movie’ was all of a dark and empty auditorium; in short, I remembered nothing of what I had gone to experience. Feeling almost bodiless, and disappointed, I then discovered in my hand a primitive example of a mobile telephone—a tin can of what had been a can peas. At the bottom of the can was a string that led to someplace I did not know where. I put the tin to my lips:

“Are you there?” I asked, not sure if I would get an answer.

To my surprise, I heard a voice respond: “I am here”.

Who did the voice of ‘I am here?’ belong to?

Perhaps the answer is provided by the Tibetan singing bowls as well as bells. Now that I am awake, I believe that my dream repeated to me an archetypal idea: there is an Other on the other side of the quantum (the ‘know not where’), who assures us: neither pain, nor death, nor government, nor movies unremembered will spark a plug unless the spark (you, your voice, your eye) jumps the gap and kills the cannibal who for fear to jump stays put and eats his own.

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