Monday, September 22, 2014

EC 420 / God’s War
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Was IT ‘IT’ or Was ‘IT’ Not?

The explosion reported to have occurred at a military plant in Southeast Ukraine is of more than passing interest for a number of reasons. The first reason is the obvious question: Was it caused by a nuclear device as Ukraine claims ?

The second question is whether Gordon Duff at the following link is telling the truth (I assume he does) about micro nuclear devices.

The third question (now become a deduction) is whether nukes may be buried under targets that are of military and geopolitical interest, or are placed there an act of diplomacy by other means. If hydrogen micro nukes (the size of golf balls and baseballs) are possible, then surely such ‘devices’ have been placed by the hundreds if not thousands all around the world by numerous governments. In that case, all the military airplanes flying near our borders are but public relation devices, lethal flying sperms, aimed to influence a public left swimming in the amniotic fluid of ignorance. President Obama’s compulsion with golf may, thus, be an emasculated commander’s attempt to absolve himself of failure by playing during a catastrophic event a silly and meaningless game.

At the time I wrote EC 317, my guess was that Russia’s Putin would pursue a more aggressive strategy vis à vis NATO aggression and secure for Russia a check mate early in the game. Apparently, my calculation was off, as President Putin has played a drawn out game, one that takes advantage of NATO probes. As the West’s “drang nach Osten” was encouraged to take on a progressively aggressive character, Putin began to play tit for tat. As NATO scouts penetrated into the folds of Russian lands, Russia reacted by slapping its thighs in an ever more provocative manner Come on, baby! As Lithuania, Poland, and the Ukraine in full sight of he naivite of their people begin to unify their military units, we hear KA-BOOM! inviting the West to come and ‘Slap my cunt with your balls’. No, this time, dear, Nato, we are not yet taking out Lvov, but next time we may.

Of course, the West and Nato do not sleep, but are placing nukes of their own all over the place. This ‘secret’ was leaked when Yulia Tymoshenko, imitating the bravado of Hillary Clinton (“We came, we saw, he died” ) was inspired to suggest that 8 million Ukrainian Russians should be (and probably can be) nuked.

Be that as it may, ‘God’s War’ moves on relentlessly. That is what a War against God is about. As Huckleberry Obama has so aptly stated , “ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs,” and ‘only the immature have the right to build a sivilized sivilizatio by “surrendering to an all powerful sovereign”’, which sentence may pass for either God’s 1st or secular government’s 12th Commandment .

It is not that Norman Mailer’s novels (as per above link) dramatize the terror of our disintegrating identity, but that the writer tells America that its politicians sit their asses onto a sodomizing machine  and then inspired by the experience pass it on to proxy fighters who sodomize whoever Americans believe to be their enemies by.
But neither Putin nor Russia will be sodomized by the U.S. or its proxy governments of Eastern Europe, whether the act is through gentle massage by a vibrator that corrupts or a nuclear suppository that explodes. As we see, munitions and demolition experts do not sleep. Experiments go on in such distant places as Dubai There is no shortage of would be proxies who—infiltrated and corrupted by foreign secret services—will for the money do anything to betray themselves and their own.

If U.S. Bellerophon, aka Full of Himself, is holding the reins and calling ‘c’mon!’ will Pegasus, the spirit of poetry, not jump me and not force my rectum to enjoy its cock? It’s likely to get a Pulitzer Prize for trying.

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