Wednesday, September 17, 2014

EC 418 / God’s War
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Huckleberry Obama Goes to War As the link (thanks to and the NYT article points out, the nature of American adulthood has for some time been like that of an adolescent. While some adolescents are of exceptional intelligence, the majority in our days have little education, are ever immature in their behavior, have exaggerated expectations of who knows what, and have little or no survival skills.

It is this adolescent who represents the average employee at the National Security Agency (NSA) who listens and looks into our communications and gets his rocks off if he finds a naked photo of us—preferably taking a selfie. It is the same young adult who pilots the drones that fly over the heads of ‘terrorists’ in Afghanistan, Iraq, and perhaps over the home of anyone of us, and is happy to earn his keep as a killer. It is the same young man who dreams of making money by not working, but by financial speculation. The same is present in the figure of POTUS, as he, not in the least a credible ‘commander-in-chief’,  protects America from ‘terrorists’ .

While the focus on the nature of American adulthood is a recent phenomenon, the characteristics of the immature commander in chief are not. It goes as far back as the introduction of ‘democracy’ in Greek cities, a political system that replaced government by elders with glib orators, beginning with such as Pericles, praised by the historian Thucydides, and by no means ending with Hitler The immature commander in chief is present in the murderous Greek warrior Alexander ‘the Great’, not to mention the post-teen-aged soldiers, who make up the bulk of the military of our time.

As per Thierry Meyssan’s explanation , the current President of the United States is a post-9/11-coup-d’état president. Obama was chosen by the Bilderbergers precisely because he was not born in America, and is easily confused as being American-born by the racially discriminated segment of the American population and the indiscriminate, uncritical and immature consumerist population at large. The military take-over of America, foreseen as a necessity that ensures "continuity of government" in the event of a nuclear war, was prematurely and deliberately activated on 9/11 to capture America for the private banking interests of the ‘new princes’, the oligarchs, who, among other things, collectively own (since 1913) the Federal Reserve of the U.S., and who are the paymasters of the military . As US-Israeli citizen, Edward Luttwak in his book “Coup d’État. A Practical Handbook” explains, a good coup is one of which nobody is conscious because it keeps in power the same individuals, but imposes a new policy. As a Bilderberger implant in the American body politic Huckleberry Obama explains the Bilderberger policies become his own: .

Needless to say, the U.S. is not the only place where a coup has been imposed with but few conscious of it. The same was accomplished in my country Latvia, a post-Soviet Baltic state, with a number of no-time-to-waste on reflection on policies, the latest instance when its currency was switched from the lats to the euro. This move was executed without a Constitution mandated Referendum, and effectively surrendered the country’s sovereignty to the European Union. Since the surrender, the skies of Latvia are crisscrossed by NATO fighter planes, foreign boots, armored vehicles on uncalled for military maneuvers, and an impoverished country is prepared to further sacrifice its health and wealth for military arms. Not surprisingly, no voice of opposition is heard.
The worst offence of juvenile America, out on another Huckleberry adventure, however, is the reopening of the Crusades in Ukraine. While on the surface of it, a declaration of indirect war on ‘orthodox’ Russia is ridiculous, the ridiculous makes sense if we begin to understand that the words of Obama “…when individuals surrender their rights to an all powerful sovereign” are meant to inform us that the “all powerful sovereign”, POTUS, and the military that has put him in power, have decided to implement the goals of America’s Exceptionalist Empire by risking the use of nuclear weapons.

The mature individuals who are left and do not wish to surrender to a devious Hukleberry Obama out to belittle them have little choice but to express their disagreement in taking on a public death and hope it will result in an earthquake.

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