Friday, September 5, 2014

EC 413 / God’s War
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Speaking of War Subjectively 3

While I am not into numerology, I cannot fail to notice that this year, 2014, is the centennial year since the 1st World War ; a war said to be one of the most senseless, and ounce for ounce most costly in human lives. As Americans ought to know, the senselessness of WW1 was preceded by their own allegedly sensical(?) Civil War, which was fought on behalf of urban capitalism in order to eliminate rural capitalism , and which (under the guise of freeing black slaves of the south) the urban north won.

The victory of the Union army of Lincoln, though Lincoln himself was assassinated (1863) by Confederacy and ruralist supporter  Booth , confirmed the defeat of the Ludites (~1812) in England, and set the stage—by many intermediate stages—for the war in the Ukraine today. We may note that Booth’s main reason for assassinating Lincoln was Lincoln’s desire to form a Union. This ‘union’ may be likened to the desire of capitalist powers today to form a European Union, which, lacking broad based public support in Europe, is attempting to corral such support by fostering (with the help of America and its Trojan horse in Europe--NATO) a war of ‘liberty’ in Ukraine. Ukraine’s role to Europe is roughly the same as the Confederate role vis a vis the America Unionists some hundred fifty years ago.

The problem for the supporters of the European Union today is that Ukraine is supported by Russia, which has had a presence there for many centuries. While one may argue that Russia remains largely a rural power, it nevertheless has nuclear weapons, which draw an equal (=) sign between East (Ukraine) and West (Ukraine + EU and NATO) when we speak in military terms. A victory for a federated EU means loss of sovereignty to many heretofore sovereign nations. This compares, roughly, with the loss of importance of the original 13 colonies of America which had secured independence from the British raj in a War of Independence. Whatever their earlier ideas about sovereignty (especially New York and Vermont) there may have been, following the Civil War the 13 colonies were forgotten.

As I write (September 4, 2014), a two day conference of EU and NATO nations is gathering in Wales, England . As the conference gains traction, a war monger, the  former Danish PM Fogh Rassmussen attempts to fix everyone’s attention on the exceptionality and righteousness of the West by letting a professional liar,  the oligarch PM of Ukraina present his fascist war as a righteous war.

The Kenyan born President of the U.S., Barrack Obama, makes his case that Russia is engaged in “brazen aggression”, and that Moscow is attempting to redraw borders "at the barrel of a gun". As for the American ludi, they may have weapons, but their voice is like that of the castrati.

The Bilderberger attempt to remake the face of America puzzled when they chose a man of uncertain origin and credentials as the President for the U.S. However, the wide open gates between Mexico and the U.S. show just what the cabal of the oligarchs had in mind: the remaking of the American population (over the long-term) into that of the mestizos who prevails in Latin America. This allows the princes of the West all the greater ‘free hand’ or sovereign power to manipulate a disenfranchised citizenry a la ‘naked’ or ‘bare’ man as perceived by Georgio Agamben .

While Agamben appears to delimit sovereign power the state and does not consider it for the likes of ‘bare man’, my own view is that as much as I agree with his point that the state has a tendency to create society in the image of a culture domiciled in a concentration camp, my effort has been to try find an escape from such an entrapment of the bare man by means self-sacrifice as defined by none other than him- or herself. Indeed, the potential for such an escape remains a core element of even neo-Christianity, in spite of the fact that it accepts taxation as a Deus ex machine in the service of the State, the very instrument that reduces all the rest of a state’s inhabitants to the level of mere monkey in the city .

Anyway, yes, the war in Ukraine—it’s all about the expansion of an unnatural limb of the U.S. into Europe!—if need be with the aid of nuclear devices.

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