Wednesday, September 3, 2014

EC 411 / God’s War
© Eso A.B.

Speaking of War Subjectively

When physicists discovered that their presumed universe could not be explained without the assumption of the existence of a multiverse, i.e., quantum physics, they recreated God—much as they hate to admit it.

This does not mean that I know that God exists, but I know for sure that atheists are people with their heads in the sand and their arses raised high .

I am also sure that when the atheists get through spitting sand from their mouths, neither cloning nor sex among the unisexed will be in fashion.

If the above makes sense (you are free to think it doesn’t), then globalization—an attempt to universalize our civilization—will fall apart not only in our heads, but be dead there as well.

The dismissal of our ‘right to a sovereign community’ by the corporate state by means of a no holds barred ‘sale’ of our planet will crash before the creativity (of households of the ‘47’— or their like) that no ‘sovereign individual’ can match. Let us remember that the ‘creative designers’ of our desert-like cities have their precursors in neo-Christian monastics of the desert , which monastics, escaping from the woods that had become death traps due to Viking hunters collecting taxes (not only of animal furs but scalps of the ‘mongols’), fled to the deserts of Egypt and Syria, where their despair became a matter for the fantasies of the homunculoids  , who are populating the cities of our time.

The fears of the desert fathers fostered  the ideal that the body (once upon a time associated with the wood) become bodiless, and the bodiless refugee Christians become singular virtual beings. In some way their effort led to the abandonment of the right hemisphere of our brain in favor of the left hemisphere where language and mathematics predominates .

As the link explains, the story about the functions of the two hemispheres of the brain is a myth, nevertheless, the link fails to explain why the myth has found such wide acceptance among the homunculoids of our urbanized civilization. I venture to suggest it is because the myth contains (as per leads provided in the text above) an element of truth. This ‘truth’ may be defined as the subjectivity of the objective mind, a subjectivity the objective mind despises and ridicules, if only because what remains of the right hemisphere keeps pointing to the violence with which so-called objectivity continues to be achieved.  

Only yesterday, I was reminded by an acquaintance of the common saw that we use only some 10% of the capacity of our brain, while 90% is information goes to an unknown animal within us . This, too, is a myth, but yet again the wide credibility given it by the public goes unexplained. Indeed, the credibility gap may be due to the fact that unbeknown to it, the public is being informed of the credibility of the myth by the receiver of the 90% of knowledge that is hid from our consciousness, which we credit with objectivity.

As I am a long-time observer of my dreams, which I credit as reflecting elements of the 90% knowledge hid within the Other within myself, I continue to be amazed by the messages that I receive from it.

Last night, I found myself taken by a dream on a stealth mission. I was walking, accompanied with my cat Tiger (an orange tabby) of many years ago. We were walking through a wood; indeed, we were sneaking through the wood back to my house in the countryside. Tiger, my alter ego, came along only so far. When we came to a buddy ditch that ran through the middle of the wood, he refused to cross it and follow me any further. I continued on until I could see my house. To my surprise, the wingless body of a white drone was parked at the edge of the wood at the back of my house. I had no idea what it was doing there, except that it reminded me of Moby Dick. I guessed that it had been planted there by the government as a Trojan horse, i.e., that government agents could point to it as an excuse for breaking into my house. Indeed, as I approached the body of the airplane, I noticed that smoke was coming from the chimney of my house. Perhaps it was a signal the Vatican curia had gathered inside and was confirming to me that peace is kept only through deterrence.

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