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EC 416 / God’s War
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The Rue of Runes

The tenets of proto-Christianity are embedded in ancient languages. So-called ‘holy scriptures’, which when all is said and done are sentimental stories, created out of stories of murder by a people forced to look on their sufferings in hindsight. The stories are not only sentimental, but as we see from the New Testament, have been written by a priesthood acting as an agent on behalf of taxation as if taxation were a God given law of nature.

Even so, there are to this day communities of Christians who reject any middle-man or -woman between them and God. While listening and taking in teachings of their predecessors and contemporaries, for these Christians the essence of spiritual experience is their own experience of God—no one shall stand between them and the Great Other.

However, with the arrival of written language, the word—unbeknownst to the people of the wood—underwent a great change: it became an object, a lie, which stood between one’s inner experience and the surround. Though the letter, the rune was at first perceived as magical, a gift from the world of the spirit, it soon changed its nature. This is why the story that was first perceived as a gift soon became a curse. As the story about the tablets of Moses proves, the letter, the story, the commandments, which were at first imagined as gifts from God, soon became two stories. One was a story about broken tablets told by the shamans, the other a story was of commandments told by Moses, who through the graces of powerful boyars became the unelected middleman of the ludi. Even the word ‘ludi’, meaning people, was changed to ‘yudi’, aka jude or jew, whereby—as we should know—lies a tale of exclusion of early Christianity from an elitist definition of humanity.

The materialists, or boyars, or ‘people of the court’—surely there were such even at an early time—presumed to differ from the people of the wood. They broke the tablets of Moses and wrote their own story—leaving out the eleventh commandment: Thou shall not tax and put government between the people and God. Instead, the cynics wrote not only a shorter version of the basic laws for the community, but after killing the opposition, wrote a story that incorporates taxation as an element instituted by a God stuffed into the skin of man.

For this very reason the war in Ukraine today is also a war to discredit the written word. I have already quoted (blog EC414) Paul Verilio, who describes our time as an “…’information war’ [which has—EAB] revealed itself for what it was: a war against history, an attempt to destroy our origins.” In short, we live at a time in which truth is not respected, but toyed with by governments, politicians, and the military in a game known as ‘information war’.

Of course, neither Verilio nor I are the only ones to perceive that the elites of our day are deliberately separating information into two parcels: one for the people at large, the other for their own inner circle. Anyone who cares to observe can see this in the stream of our daily news.

While the ‘information war’ heretofore was of one piece, because it was under the control of the West (which was presumed to represent the word of God imbedded in its earthly representative), re: secular government as represented by the ‘democratic’ government of the United States of America, the decision by that government to declare the people, the ludi, to be always under suspicion of being ‘terrorists’,  has divided ‘the West’ into two camps: the East and the West. I.e.: W=(E+W/2)=E+W=Ω.

The East perceives itself to be part of the ideology of the West still. The countries composing the ‘East’ within the ‘West’ are Russia, China, India, Brazil, and South Africa, aka the BRICS. The question is: For how long?  How long before this Glob(e) of One divides into Two?

This is where I see coming into play a renewed interest and reexamination of the history of the West. After all, the falsification of history is occurring right under our noses, what with the 9/11 WTC event a yet to be proved nuclear device event ; the Iraq war--an attack on a sovereign country because it had no nuclear devices but was conveniently presumed to have such ; and the current U.S. instigated coup d'état and war in the Ukraine, because the West wishes to secure its lying existence with the veto power of a threat of nuclear war .

My bet is that the history of the origins of our civilization will become known soon.


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