Thursday, September 11, 2014

EC 415 / God’s War
© Eso A.B.
When There is No Hope Left
there is hope left in war. Today such a war is going on in Ukraine.
Because I have mentioned such words as ‘proto-Christianity’, ‘early Christianity’ and words of like meaning (as the naming of the present series as “God’s War”), I owe the reader a few explanations of what I mean, even though the context of my blogs ought to have made such explanations redundant. To begin,
I believe that humankind is a creature of the wood. Humankind began in the wood, it lived for millions of years in the wood, and we are destined—after enduring endless agonies—to escape the deserts of the cities and return to the wood. If you will, the wood is the real home of libertarians (lovers of freedom), because it is the only place where libertarianism is practiced.
Today we have become mostly a population of urban dwellers and believe that as such we are destined to travel to the Moon or Mars and establish more cities there. We believe that the Industrial Revolution which began about the year 1800, while undoubtedly a painful experience for most human beings who did not have roots in some form of privileged class, the breach birth (emerging from the womb feet first) was, nevertheless, a birth trauma that was inevitable and A REVOLUTION to be forever spelled all caps.
This writer considers himself fortunate for having been privileged to start out in life by having been born in a wealthy family, experienced death and separation of and from loved ones, depravations both material and spiritual, yet endured decades of life in relative comfort in a society glorifying itself and promoting ‘mass individualism’. Today at the end of a life that has lasted for eight decades, I find myself living by choice among humans forced to perceive themselves as living a near ‘naked’ existence over against a government elite that preaches ‘westernism’, exploits the wood, and presumes capital accumulation as one of life’s primary functions. In other words, I live under a government, which in someone’s words is little but a group of bandits marauding all over the landscape under a flag.
For all of the presumption of ‘achievement’ such cultures of marauders riding under a flag believe themselves to be heirs to and bedazzle themselves by pointing to whole deforested and urbanized continents,  it is no less mind boggling to see that the ‘achievement’ has been at the expense of exhausting our planets resources (built up over many millions of years) in only two hundred years.
Thus, when I write about proto-Christianity, what I have in mind is essentially a libertarian society living in the wood and sharing life with all the other life forms that live in the wood. This form of life cannot possibly imagine working in a factory in urban England as a hand at a conveyor belt to which one hangs chickens by their legs, and at the end of the day hears claim over 60,000 birds slaughtered.
The only place where such woods exist today as I have in mind are to be found in the Amazon, Alaska, Siberia , and a few other areas of our planet. The rarity of such woods and their distance from major cities is reason why we no longer can imagine living a life there. Yet, just because today we have been alienated from the wood, and the reindeer (and buffalo) herds became victims to a tax crazed sociopathic culture, does not mean that Earth cannot regenerate itself. And in that process regenerate a degenerate global scale civilization which has brought us government wreaked terror for over a thousand years.
The tenets of proto-Christianity are embedded in ancient languages, not so-called ‘holy scriptures’, which when all is said and done are sentimental stories, created out of stories of murder by a people forced to look on their past in hindsight. Thus, stories are not only tinged with nostalgia, but are sentimental, written by a priesthood acting as agent on behalf of taxation to make it seem as if it was part of a God given order of nature.
The corruption of native languages by urban and print oriented civilization is as callous of the spirit moving oral languages as that of the murder of people by the rockets of our governments. One example is my own native language—Latvian. The unique spiritual aspect of the Latvian language (one that imparts life in every animate and inanimate thing) is the endearing word. Yet in the urban environment of our time, the urban Latvians have no use for this feature of my language. In short, the Latvian language as it is today is a relic of what it once was.

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